Hovan Shot A Wildebeest

July 26th, 2011

Former Bucs defensive tackle Chris Hovan, the renowned face painter who blew out his back in a few short moments while on the St. Louis Rams last year, is looking for a new job — in the NFL.

Hovan joined The Fabulous Sports Babe Show today on 1040 AM to talk all things football, free agency and more.

Asked whether he wears face paint around the house, Hovan said, ‘No.’ But he did say he sometimes paints up during a good old fashioned animal hunt. In fact, Hovan said he was donning face paint recently when he shot a wildebeest. And Hovan went on to say he slightly likens hunting to the kill-or-be-killed mindset needed on the football field.

This took Joe back a bit. To the best of Joe’s knowledge, the wildebeest only patrols the African terrain. Joe’s just trying to get a visual of Hovan bringing face paint through customs, or shopping for it among the locals in, say, Tanzania.

Now that Joe’s got that off his chest, Hovan went on to say the Bucs’ young defensive line is just a bunch of “puppies.” He said Roy Miller, his former Bucs teammate, is a very hard worker, but Hovan doesn’t see anyone on the line being able to step up this year and solve the Bucs’ woes against the run.

24 Responses to “Hovan Shot A Wildebeest”

  1. CalicoJack Says:

    Busch Gardens is missing one of it’s herd?

  2. Travis Says:

    Miller is about the only one on the d-line he still knows… His opinion is crap
    Hovan sucked since he left Minnesota, now no one wants him so he is bitter

  3. Dan Says:

    pulling a tiki?

  4. JamesJR@maherchevy Says:

    With all of the internet activity claiming that the Bucs have made an offer to Nnamdi Asomahga this is the report you provide us? I’d prefer a “Nnamdi offer just a rumor” post over this foolishness.

    Hell, post the cheerleader lineup…

  5. Chris FWC :) Says:

    LOL @ Calico

    ‘he slightly likens hunting to the kill-or-be-killed’ cuz that’s exactly what happens when hunting. Hov, ever hear of a deer using a 12 guage to take someone out?

    In Tanzania they use dung for face paint.

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @JamesJR@maherchevy — We’ve written about Nnamdi quite a bit over the past week or so. We try to mix in a little fun here once in a while. Joe writes what he thinks is interesting. There will be 12 to 14 posts here today. Nothing wrong with hearing from Hovan.

    Also, we don’t run with rumors here, unless they are reports from incredibly respected sources. Not seeing that yet anywhere on Nnamdi.

  7. BOb Says:

    Yo jamesjr, where you seeing this namdi rumor at?

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Hovan is exactly right. This D Line sucks right now. Miller is horrible, GMC was a 40 million dollar embarrassment last year and these 2 d ends are purely unknown quantities.

    You sheep who think that just because a player was rafted fairly early in the draft will automatically mean an improvement over the player in that position the year before are dreaming.

    Nearly all rookies have some period of adjustment. Freeman looked very average as a rookie, Benn had one good game, GMC 2 good games, Price 0, Kyle Moore 0 in three years – Bowers was a producer but with no practice and injury questions how does anyone know what he will do. Clayborn didn’t produce in the Big 10 last year so to think that he will arrive on the scene with little practice against nfl quality players and out-produce what he did in College is fantasy.

    This defensive front will be one of the worst, if not the worst, in the NFL for 2011.

    This is about an 8 win team based on continued improvement of the offense and Free’s continued 4th quarter heroics, Give or take a win based on luck/schedule/etc. If Free gets hurt it is back to a 3-5 win team.

    With a head coach who has this team horribly prepared going into virtually every game (they are out-game-planned by the opposing staff as evidenced by the team’s performance in the first half week after week) placing pressure on Freeman to bring the team back in the 4th which has been excellent at. Can it continue with this bad of a defense? I hope so bu doubt it.

    Maybe Free, Olson, Williams, Blount, DJ and DP can prove me wrong.

  9. MVPFreeman Says:

    I thought the lockout was over.

    Ive heard enough of this guiys comments.

  10. Dave Says:

    THOMAS… go away. Calling everyone here sheep????? really?

    You are the one who thinks raheem sucks. You have blasted freeman and thinks he sucked.

    So far you are completely wrong.

    You think McCoy will amount to nothing… we shall see.
    Clayborne, Bowers, Foster, etc… we do not know yet, we shall see.

    So far Raheem and Mark D’s track record is pretty damn good.
    the players love them both and love playing for Raheem.

    As much as you trash everyone on the defense and Raheem, explain how such a lousy coach managed a 10-6 record?
    Explain how he mananaged a middle of the pack defensive ranking with a team that could not stop the run and had their best DBs not playing?

    The guy is on the fast track to being a GREAT coach with a GREAT GM and a GREAT QB.

    Yet you remain negative, pessimistic and an overall asss-wipe every time you post something.

    Just go away

  11. Vic Says:

    @Jameschevyguy — Not seeing any Nnamdi rumor like that. And there’s no way the Bucs sign that guy. Care to provide a link?? Joe wouldn’t run with some BS Bleacher Report or mesage board garbage.

  12. McBuc Says:

    Thomas 2.2…How come you, Jack Ass, keep talking about how great Julie Jones is then? Just another example of how you are not a Bucs fan. They game planned better than 10 teams last year, the game has two halves in it. To be able to make adjustments is pretty nice don’t you think. Please, just tell us who your true team is, I am thinking Atlanta. All of us “sheep” can keep the hope alive, and you “jack asses” can go away with your stubborn repetitive BS.

  13. Fear The Glow Says:

    That headline cracked me up. I come on to check the Bucs news and see that Dominik is having a press conference.


    Scroll down….

    Hovan Shot A Wildebeest

    lol wtf!

  14. Mauha Deeb Says:

    “Joe’s just trying to get a visual of Hovan bringing face paint through customs, or shopping for it among the locals in, say, Tanzania.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was great!

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    McBuc: my team is the bucs. I try to be realistic, and not fanatical, about the team. It is not a crime to voice displeasure about a non-playoff team that you feel is deficient in many areas.

    Dave: the team won 10 games last year in part due to great play by Free, but more importantly an unusually soft schedule filled with 2nd, 3rd, journeyman and rookie qb’s. The bucs were fortunate and drew the Cardinals with Max Hall, 49ers with Troy Smith, Panthers with Clausen and Moore, Browns with Delhomme instead of Colt McCoy, Bradford before he matured etc etc.

    The teams scoring defense was statistically benefitted because of the horrid run defense which shortens the game by running the clock allowing for fewer plays which keeps scoring down. It happens, look it up.

    The defense was near or at the bottom in run d and pass pressure stats. That means your front 7 sucks – they are not better this year.

    I have not blasted Free since post-draft when I, Like many others who followed him in College, thought that he was more of a project. I have been a fan since and most here will support me on this. Yes, I think that GMC was terible last year (especially for draft position and $), he better improve this year or he will be worse than I predicted.

  16. Chris FWC :) Says:

    I don’t think GMC was terrible last season.

    Rook + bad coaching = not-so-great-production.

    He will get better. All the great DT’s do.

    From looking at GMC’s pics his body has changed in the past year. Not much ‘baby fat’ on him now. He now looks like a pit bull to me.

  17. SkookumSmitty Says:

    If he shot it on a game farm, here in the states: Wussy move.

    If he shot one in Africa: Still a wussy move. Wildebeest are ridiculously easy to shoot, no danger at all to the hunter.

    Overall: Wussy moves.

  18. nick Says:

    Can we put Thomas in a wildebeast costume and let him roam the plains of Tanzania?

  19. Chris FWC :) Says:

    LOL @ Nick

  20. Patrick Says:

    @Thomas 2.2

    I almost agree with you on Miller, but damn, you’re really being unfair to GMC. Would you have been attacking Warren Sapp after the 1995 season? He didn’t have a great rookie year either.

    It’s not very common for rookie DT’s to have good first years. Even with his rookie year, we still had a decent season, so I’m not that worried.

  21. Oahubuc Says:

    Tanzania? Ha. More like Texas. 80% sure it was a canned hunt.

  22. TopDoggie Says:

    Thomas the site you were looking for is JoeIthinkMyTeamSucks.com


    I have been a great fan of this blog site fo several years and i dont post very often. But this guy 2.2 is a REAL D!CK. And i think he really gets off on other peoples DISDAIN for his comments. In psychology there is a disorder where people enjoy the abuses, loathing or pain that is directed at them but i cant recall what it is called. I really feel for you and hope you get the help that you need.


    Wildebeast travel in big herds and dont bother anybody.Just shoot in the crowd and see one of them fall. That is not very sporting… If he really wants a challenge, go bear huting with a pocket knife and him covered in honey and see how that works out!!!! Or shark fishing on a surfboard shaped like a seal.

  24. Eric Says:

    Not sure, but i almost took one of those home saturday night………and dang near married one in the 80’s.

    Why hate on Hovan? Man was a warrior. Not greatly talented, but a warrior.