The Budding Bromance

June 15th, 2011

Hat tip to the great Cork Gaines, curator, founder and chief guru over at for this video.

Last night, Cork noted the maturing “bromance” between Raheem Morris and Joe Maddon, who are shown together following the Rays smothering of the Red Sux last night. There’s clearly love and admiration in both men’s eyes. Their relationship has been written about by Joe many times.

Hey, Raheem gets love all over town. On Monday, Joe brushed elbows with Raheem at a V.I.P. event in Palm Harbor. Raheem graciously accomodated fans’ autographs and pictures throughout the three hours Joe saw him there. He may even be challenging Mark Dominik for the rockstar tag.

  • 7 Responses to “The Budding Bromance”

    1. Tampa2 Says:

      come on Joe, Morris is simply giddy to be sitting next to a real Coach!

    2. buddhaboy Says:

      You know what, i think it is cool. Joe Madden is a quirky guy with good ideas. Raheem is a budding talented coach.. At least Ra is out there in the community and staying involved in sports

    3. SHIVVER Says:

      Look at Rah all blinged out with those diamond stud earrings!

    4. Capt.Tim Says:

      Raheem is fast becoming a person of national interest. He uses terms like Core Values, and principles. And they really seem important to Jim. He has shown the willingness to admit and correct mistakes early. He has stuck to the things he believes in, and has shown some real integrity and accountability. I’ve really grown to like and respect him. Furthermore, I think he is a good coach, that can get his team to buy in on his ideas. That’s half the battle in today’s NFL. Glad to see him out in the community, rallying a Lil support for the Rays. Just another class act, from a guy who makes it a habit to show class.

      Sorry Thomas 2.2, I know that was painful for you. Just sit down, and take deep breaths. Try to relax. Think about Gruden . . . Gruden . .

    5. Brad Says:

      What a great thing for the bay area to have all our coaches hanging out and liking each other. That is cool. There’s no doubt Rah can learn some things from Maddon on how to conduct one self. Nothing wrong with that. And I’m sure Maddon’s not so self absorbed he can learn some things from Rah. What a great way to grow the community and create interest. Where is Guy?

    6. Meh Says:

      Stickball sucks. Keep this site about real sports please.

    7. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

      I think it is great for Raheem to be out in the community.