Donald Penn No. 8

June 14th, 2011

Amid increasingly positive rumors that the asinine lockout may be over with in a matter of a few weeks — Joe will see it when he believes it — there is still a dearth of news from NFL camps.

So to fill the void, NFL writers from the four-letter network have decided to create lists of top 10 players in various positions. Football blogger Pat Yasinskas was also involved.

So when it came to choosing the top left tackles in the game, Bucs left tackle Donald Penn found his name on the list and came in tied for No. 8 with Marcus McNeill of San Diego.

The longest shot. Somewhere, former Tampa Bay general manager Bruce Allen and coach Jon Gruden are smiling at Penn’s name appearing on this list. It’s true, they headed the regime that signed Penn as a free agent in 2007 after he was cut by Minnesota in 2006. Then again, they were also the ones who signed Luke Petitgout, and Penn only got a chance to play because Petitgout turned out to be washed up. I used to subscribe to the theory that you needed to use a first-round pick to get a good left tackle. But Penn has shown that’s not necessary. In his case, he simply made the most of his shot at playing time and turned it into a $48 million contract as training camp started last year.

Well, actually the guy smiling the most is Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, for it was Penn who caught Dominik’s eye and it was Dominik who pushed for Chucky and Bruce Almighty to sign Penn.

Lord only knows what kind of turnstile would have been signed by Chucky or Bruce Almighty as a free agent if left to their own devices.

12 Responses to “Donald Penn No. 8”

  1. derek Says:

    so hes one of the worst on one site and one of the best on that one blah blah blah… people nfl wise got wayyyyyy to much free time on their hands

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    i know the article is about penn but i cant help but wonder how in the world bruce allen is still a gm in the nfl. 1/2 of our current starters probably wouldnt have seen the field under the former regime. i almost guarantee mcnaab would be our starter.

  3. derek Says:

    alot of allen being in dc is either because hes following after his father there or because the redskins have no idea how to run a team.. more so the latter probably

  4. Eric Says:

    A turnstile and championships.

    Those were the days………………………………..

  5. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Like it said in the article, these are the top ten but there aren’t 10 elite LTs in the NFL right now.

  6. Joe (different Joe) Says:

    Hello all, i am from west texas and taking a trip to tampa during my family vacation in orlando. Besides rj stadium, any other hot spots i should check out, preferably where i can have a chance to run into some players or raheem?

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Three weeks ago, I said Penn was easily a top ten LT, and had a Bunch if posters here pile on, saying no way. What are you guys watching? Penn is easily top ten. I think he’s in the top 4. He has gotten noticed by everyone around the NFL, is is probably cobsidered the best player on our team, right along with Freeman. Some of our young skill guys may keep producing, and fight for that spot, but right now I think Freeman and Penn are neck and neck for most talented Bucs.

    And if you had to pick a position for rare talent, it would probably be LT! Still can’t believe we got a guy that good, without spending a first ( any!) round pick on him! Judging by last year, I think Dominick has a rare talent for finding O-Linemen, although he looks like he’s pretty good at assessing every position so far!

  8. Joe Says:

    Different Joe:

    When are you coming into town?

    What do you consider “hot spots?” Beaches, bars, restaurants?

    Guessing since you are with family you don’t want to ogle over nubile twentysomethings.

  9. Joe C Says:

    Hello, headed into tampa hopefully noon today. Bars and resturants will work. Even where i can find a sports radio show. Thanks.

  10. Joe C Says:

    Might swing by muggs. Another spot i am looking for is where to find some bucs gear. Btw, agree Penn is top 4. I recall him only having one subpar game.

    Changed you to Joe C. There’s only one Joe around here. 🙂

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    What about Aqib Talib? He could be the best player on our team right? Just kidding buddy, I couldn’t resist!!!

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hawaiian Buc- is he on our team?? I thought he CB for the South Texas Penitentary Rump rangers? Lol.