Team Glazer Shares In The Works?

June 12th, 2011

Big financial publications and various Euro sports sites are abuzz this morning regarding a credible English newspaper’s report that claims Team Glazer is preparing to take Manchester United public for (drumroll) a $2.8 billion valuation.

The report claims Team Glazer has done some diligence with the Hong Kong stock exchange.

So what does Team Glazer’s kickball team have to do with the Bucs? Take your pick: probably nothing, possibly a lot, or you couldn’t care less.

Regardless, Joe hopes Team Glazer takes the team public. They’d be flush with more cash, which surely can’t hurt the Bucs, and Joe could buy some shares just to say Team Glazer reports to him — a shareholder.

And speaking of kickball, the beloved football shrine of the Bucs was invaded by 27,000+ kickball lovers last night. These fans paid top dollar for a chance to see the house that Brooks built desecrated by diving Panamanian sissies playing the wrong sport on a field stripped of its rightful football lines.

To make matters worse, the Panamanian sissies beat and disgraced the United States team, whose fans littered the C.I.T.S. field with smokebombs throughout the game.

Yes, Joe was there, humiliated for his country, his Bucs, and by the college kid sitting behind Joe who vomited bile and Bud Light on Joe’s back.

Joe can’t wait for real football season.

11 Responses to “Team Glazer Shares In The Works?”

  1. Amar Says:


    On another note out of curiosity, well we’ve heard all of our draft picks speak except TE Luke Stocker. Anyway you could find something on him? I’m extremely excited about this kid but he’s been completely invisible.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    I’ve always had the G Boyz back……I love their long range strategies
    hope their Pop is doing OK……a really sad and private story

  3. K24u Says:

    Do we really know the Malcolm story is so sad? All we’ve heard is rumors.

  4. Nate Says:

    I was at the the soccer game.. The Ref was the worst Id ever seen!

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Hillsborough County Florida needs to become the major shareholder in Manchester United, so we can scare the Glazers with relocation, like they did to Tampa.
    Seriously, more cash for the Glazers ,means more money for Tampa Football!

  6. SkookumSmitty Says:

    1) The choice of the Hong Kong market is interesting…There is a HUGE hunger for western brands, there. Not just the merchandise, but the stocks as well. I bet their IPO on that exchange would dwarf an open in England or the NYSE.

    2) You know, Joe. Being a soccer fan is no longer really anything to be ashamed of. You should come out of the closet, and wear a rainbow shirt. Chant it with me “We’re mans! We’re (footy) fans! Get USED to it!”

    3) As the puky kid said, “I’m good, now!”

    4) We are so bad at soccer love, we repeatedly smokebombed our OWN TEAM’S Goalie. WTH??

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, at least that kid had your back.

    I hope the Glazers do it because it makes sense. If they sell 49%, pay off all the debt, pocket about the same amount, they’re all good. It would be an awesome thing for the Brits to be able to own stock in their favorite team. If the market was to crash in the future, they could buy all the shares back for a fraction of what they sold them for. Another Win-Win for the Golden Sperm Club. These guys are really stupid. Yeah right.

    I’m curious to see what Thomas has to say about it.

  8. RahWillBringBackRuud Says:

    Short the stock

  9. Gringo Dave Says:

    Its curious that the Glazers would resort to a massive fraud like this again. The Glazers once used this subterfuge to buy the Bucs. A couple of the sons created a internet company to rival Yahoo during the dotcom bubble era. I forget exactly what it was called, something like They raised quite a bit of money with the IPO. [That’s a bit much Gringo Dave. You may be upset for reasons unknown but to suggest there was a criminal act that took place is a reach. — Joe] he had a deal to move the Bucs to Baltimore and receive $50 million from the city. When they approached Art Modell who was the head of the NFL re-location committee for permission to move to Baltimore, Modell stole the deal and moved the Brownies. This caught the Glazers in a precarious predicament, [Again, no need to imply illegal acts took place. — Joe].

    Now, they’re up to their old tricks again.


  10. Ravelston Says:

    The Glazers purchased the Bucs in 1995. The losing bidder in the sale, Pete Angelos, had intended to move the franchise to Baltimore. The Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996. was founded in 1999. By my calculation that would be 4 years after the Glazers bought the Bucs. It’s hard to see the relationship.

  11. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Gringo Dave: Your rambling, inaccurate post reminded me I need to buy stock in Alcoa aluminum…The amount of tinfoil you use must be great for the market.