Ronde Flashes Bitterness At Media

June 7th, 2011

Some of Ronde Barber’s ongoing frustration with the media has bubbled up to the surface this week.

It was almost two years ago that Barber unleashed an unprecedented tirade on local media during a Total Access show on WDAE-AM 620. Here’s an excerpt from back in September 2009.

Then an annoyed and passionate Barber said he dislikes the barrage of negativity from the Bucs beat writers even during good Bucs seasons and asked, “To our beat guys, ‘Do you just want us to fail?’”

Barber went on to say he embraces positive thinking and that constant negativity from the media is part of “what’s wrong with society.”

This week, Barber sat down for a great interview on and expressed more bitterness about the regular scribes and multimedia fellows on the Bucs beat. He says some (perhaps all?) think he’s a bad football player. 

You have a Super Bowl ring, and your career numbers will stack up with the best. But you’ve played on many teams — especially later in your career — that didn’t win. Does that take the luster off your career?
RB: It’s nice that you asked that question, because my career didn’t start that way, it started off on winning teams. From 1997-2001, we were perennial (winners). But for the next 6 to 7 years we made the playoffs once or twice. So maybe it has. Tampa is not a huge market. A lot of things I’ve done in my career have gone pretty unheralded. People who cover us don’t even believe I’m a good player, and that stings sometimes. The fact I’ve done it for 15 years, and done things not a lot of guys have done, should speak for itself. But sometimes it doesn’t. All I can do is go out there and continue to prove who I am and who I’ve always been. The people who love me, love me, and that’s all I care about. Hopefully history judges me favorably.

Joe can say honestly say he doesn’t know any Bucs beat guys that “don’t believe I’m a good player,” as Barber put it.

Whoever these mysterious and misguided haters are, Barber seems to know their names.

Frankly, Joe believes Barber is just a type of  guy who is fueled by negative press — even if it’s not there. The guy has admitted to working angry with a chip on his shoulder from the day he was drafted lower than he thought was right.

Hey, if paranoia helps Barber make splash players and stay healthy, Joe’s all for it.

26 Responses to “Ronde Flashes Bitterness At Media”

  1. Theodore Says:

    You suck, Ronde!

  2. McBuc Says:

    Joe, I think he is talking about all the times the locals say he is not a future HOF corner, and they always say it is because he is a “system” guy, which really should not matter. Why not play in a system that best fits you, are not all players system guys of some sort? I have also heard people say he is not great, he is good but not great, and they always use the same argument. I wish I could come up with when and where I have heard these things, but the forgetory is better than the memory.

  3. jesse j Says:

    Micheal Jordan was famous for drawing inspiration from sometimes false guided perceptions. Whatever it takes to keep that edge.

  4. BucFan941 Says:

    He’s not lying ..he never been talked about as one of the best..ppl said Kelly was better in 2001…was he ever the best CB on our team(any year) at any point ?….i ask cuz no one ever said he was..

  5. BucFan941 Says:

    The numbers say HOF…btw imo

  6. McBuc Says:


  7. Keith Says:

    Dude has issues. We should fill RJS with “Ronde Sucks” signs, just to get him going.

  8. OB Says:

    No the “Rhonde Sucks, We are just kidding” signs should be at his HOF induction. He goes with Brooks, Sapp, and Lynch. They should also be in the “Circle of Honor” or whatever they call it at the Bucs Stadium and they should all go in at the same time.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    If anyone was ever brave enough to stand in front of me, and say Ronde wasn’t a great player player, I’d hit’em on the head with a stick, Cartman style!!
    ” Bad mr. Buc Fan! Respect Ronde’s AUTHORITAY!!!

  10. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Rhonde has every right to be pissed- the media does not give him the credit he deserves.

  11. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Joe, paranoia would assume his reaction and feelings are irrational and baseless. You don’t know the names of people he is talking about so you just call him paranoid? That is kinda weak, bro.

  12. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Ronde Barber is a great player and Hall of Famer. Period. I love Ronde and appreciate his 15 years of service.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Well said Thomas.

  14. McBuc Says:

    Thomas 2.2…Right on!

  15. King Says:

    I imagine he is fueling much of that a few years back when a couple of writers, and a couple of thousand blogs were voicing for his retirement due to a couple of missed assignments during the heinous Jim Bates experiment.

    But beyond that time period, I have seen nothing but love and respect for the guy. I remember hearing something a while back (rumor not a verified story) when they were tearing the old Philly stadium down a few seasons ago, a fan was trying to by the actual long strip of turf that Ronde ran down when he made the INT during the NFC Championship on our way to the Super Bowl. If thats not love for #20, I don’t know what is.

  16. Adam Says:

    “Paranoia, they destroy ya” – the Kinks. This must be set on replay on Ronde’s (note I didn’t misspell it like the rest of you clowns by putting an “h” after the “R”) I-pod.

  17. Espo Says:

    I agree with McBuc way up top. There is no reason for everyone to say he is just a product of the system

  18. Bucnjim Says:

    After looking at his entire career; yes the guy has been taken for granted by a lot of people including fans and media. Not to mention the fact that he is a total CLASS ACT! Ronde we’re all proud of your 15 years with the team & when you retire; I’ll retire my #20 jersey as well.

    5× Pro Bowl selection (2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008)
    3× First-Team All-Pro selection (2001, 2004, 2005)
    2× Second-Team All-Pro selection (2002, 2006)
    Super Bowl champion (XXXVII)
    NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
    20/20 Club
    Most consecutive starts by a NFL cornerback
    Most quarterback sacks by a NFL cornerback
    Buccaneers Interceptions (All-Time)
    Led the NFL in interceptions in 2001
    Led the NFL in interception touchdowns in 2006

    Career NFL statistics as of 2010
    Tackles 1165
    Sacks 26.0
    Interceptions 40

  19. passthebuc Says:

    Writers write to sell stories. If people are stupid enough to listen to the content and believe it has merit, well then, so much for logic. Is Barber the type of player that can carry the team on his back alone. No, and never has. However is he good, the answer is yes and probably should command a 90% lifetime grade.

  20. MOBucs Says:

    In my opinion, Barber is a lock to be a HOFamer. I think he should have first ballot consideration as well. After seeing him last night on Access, he will
    have a seamless transition into either broadcasting or analyzing, if he so chooses.

  21. Bucnjim Says:

    Another interesting video is The Bucs Top 10 Defensive Plays for 2010. Barber is the star in this highlight video! Even after all these years; he is still a fantastic player.

  22. gotbbucs Says:

    just go back and watch the philly nfc championship, the whole game is on youtube. he owned that game

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    I love Ronde too, all the way………… but let’s go ahead and sign Nnamdi anyway. It just makes too much sense.

    Capt Tim, you’ve convinced me that we need Nnamdi, even is Aqib stays.

  24. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Personally I think that Rhonde reads and all those comments calling for Asnnamdi – that’s where Rhonde thinks that he isn’t getting any love.

    BTW I think that Tikki was the better looking Barber!

  25. JoshBucsFan Says:

    Ronde Barber is no doubt hof worthy. I agree with ring of honor too. The guy never received much recognition but in terms of production he’s one of the best. Could we say he’s the best cb I’m Tampa history?

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    BigMacAttack- thanks! Ronnie Lott and Kenny Easley- both hall of Fame CBs, deigned to free safety- and both say it extended their careers several years. Best case- Talib and Nnamdi at CB, Ronde plays slot( as always), maybe plays ball hawk on 1st or 2nd down. But 75% of time we play 3 CBS. Atlanta and New Orleans base offense us a 3 receiver set. With those 3, we’re good!
    Worst case- if no Aqib, or an injury, we have Barber, Nnamdi, Lewis- Biggers in reserve

    Better prepared than we are now. And we can afford it.