Photos From Day 1 Of Josh Freeman’s Minicamp

June 29th, 2011

Josh Freeman does a standup with Fox Sports's Whitney Blaine.

WFTS-TV sports anchor Tom Korun tries to finish a standup before lightning strikes at day's end.

Josh Freeman does a sit down with NFL Network's Steve Wyche.

Ed Werder braces for the coming storm. Poor guy must have been the brunt of a cruel joke. He got bad directions to Valley Ranch and found himself at the IMG Academies.

Free agent Michael Clayton watches his former teammates practice.

A Josh Freeman pass looks to thread the needle.

Josh Freeman lets a pass loose.

Sammy Stroughter goes up for a Josh Freeman pass.

Josh Freeman gets set to fire a pass.

Josh Freeman audibles before a play.

Josh Freeman tosses a pass to the left flat.

Rudy Carpenter gets set to make a handoff.

Michael Clayton has his eyes on a pass.

Josh Johnson drops back to hand the ball off.

Jeremy Trueblood watches Davin Joseph's footwork during a blocking drill.

Jeremy Trueblood goes after Jeff Faine and Davin Joseph in a blocking drill.

Gerald McCoy demonstrates a move.

Gerald McCoy takes a break to chat up the many sports reporters watching nearby.

Gerald McCoy shows Adrian Clayborn how to work a dummy.

Gerald McCoy hurts a tackling dummy.

Gerald McCoy coaches up Adrian Clayborn as Roy Miller listens.

Gerald McCoy has a teaching moment with Bucs first round draft pick Adrian Clayborn.

Gerald McCoy gives Adrian Clayborn a few pointers.

Gerald McCoy demonstrates a move for Roy Miller.

Poor tackling dummy.

Davin Joseph and Jeff Faine during an offensive line drill.

Donald Penn, Jeremy Zuttah and Jeff Faine work out.

Jeremy Trueblood, Jeremy Zuttah, Davin Joseph and Jeff Faine lead the offensive linemen.

Loose ball drills were part of Tuesday's workout.

Tip drill.

Mason Foster proving he's got hands

After running through dummies, running backs and wide receivers had to catch a pass.

Yeah, this is Quincy Black all piped up.

Keep your eyes on the ball, Mr. Hayward.

Weaving through the cones was a drill running backs and wide receivers had to run through early in the minicamp.

Footwork and hands were the focus of this drill.

This drill dictated that the ball had to be in the air before linebackers could break out of the dummies


48 Responses to “Photos From Day 1 Of Josh Freeman’s Minicamp”

  1. Max Says:

    Wow! Real football! Even if it’s only a player organized minicamp it sure is great to see the bucs out on the field.

  2. Hunter Says:

    These captions are wrong! The guy with the purple head wear is Mason Foster…. The one where you said Allen Bradford is really Quincy Black…… on these three: “After running through dummies, running backs and wide receivers had to catch a pass.” “Weaving through the cones was a drill running backs and wide receivers had to run through early in the minicamp.” “The ball is in the air before a running back can exit the dummies.” they are linebackers not running backs and receivers…

  3. Captain Stagger Says:

    Thought that looked like Foster…..:)…..great stuff Joe loves to see Clayborn out there. I really think he will be a stand out. Despite being the # 20 pick he still seems to be in Jordans shadow…..but watch him blow up and be a strong leader of this D for years to come.

  4. Joe Says:


    Sure looks like Allen Bradford to Joe.

    Thanks much for your support for Joe’s six hours of work putting this together. Maybe you should be out there trying to figure out who the hell is who without numbers.

    Joe’s thinking of canceling his trip and the TV reports planned for today if this is the reaction from people.

    Just can’t god damned win.

  5. Hunter Says:

    @Joe: I appreciate the photos and everything…..just trying to correct the mistakes. And that is Quincy Black…

  6. Joe Says:


    Well, Joe just looked at pictures of Quincy Black and Allen Bradford. Sure looks more like Allen Bradford to Joe.

    Thanks for the help and the feedback.

  7. Macabee Says:

    Just say it ain’t so Joe! It’s the lockout. Don’t let Capt. Tim’s zombies or Thomas 2.2’s sheep get to you. Take a deep breath and get back in the trenches. Some of us appreciate the effort. Have a nice day!!

  8. Hunter Says:


    Look at the tattoos on Bradford’s arm:

    Quincy Black’s arm:

  9. Heather Lynn Says:


    Thank you for this, I am not home in Tampa anymore so this makes me much happier to know my boys are out there working together to be a bad ass team this coming season.

    Holy GMC, he looks amazing!!! Lost the fat and put on muscle, hopefully he will move faster and be meaner, hell yeah!

    That could be either Bradford or Black, only reason I am leaning towards Black is the size of his arms, Black has a ridiculous body like that, but honestly, I can’t even tell.

    Why is Clayton working with the team?

    I miss my football, hurry up season, I want to see my Bucs prove everyone wrong again this year.

  10. Joe Says:



    Don’t even want to go out there this morning now. Freaking bust my tail all day yesterday and last night putting something together that is better than anyone else put together and damned near the very first comment is someone b!tching about it.

    What’s the point of busting your tail when people pick it apart?

  11. Dave Says:

    Joe – You got the best site around. Don’t let anyone under your skin. But that is Quincy Black. Us groupies can see it immediately.

  12. Joe Says:


    Why is Clayton working with the team?

    Clayton has been working out with Freeman all summer. He’s a man without a team currently.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Capt. Tim’s Zombies? Lol! What’s dat?

    Man, loving the photos. Sometimes we are all over critical of these young men. But when you see them out there, working together as at team, ya don’t wanna see any of them play anywhere but here. Is Talib out there practicing also? Sure would make me continue to soften my stance on the lil’ trouble maker!

    I’m sure I’m the only one, but when I saw that picture of Clayton sitting, watching his former teammates, did anyone feel a lol pang of sympathy for the guy? Meybe I’m getting soft, but I still think it’s cool that he’s out there, helping the young guys who ” took his Job”. Class, Mr. Clayton, Class.

    That doesnt mean I wanna see Sabby running around out there!!

  14. Amar Says:

    love the pics, joe!

    “Michael Clayton has his eyes on a pass.” LOLLLL!!

    I guess that’s better than a picture of him on the ground trying to catch his own deflection.

  15. Bucbob Says:

    Thanks for the great pictures and info.
    By far the best coverage of the workouts anywhere.
    Keep up the hard work.
    Being from Scotland, your info is the best way to keep us fans upto date with all the latest news.

  16. Joe Says:

    Bucsbob, Amar: Thanks! Much appreciated.

  17. Vic Says:

    Uhh, being from Westchase, not Scotland, this is the best to stay up to date. Feel like I was there Joe.

  18. lmao1234 Says:

    Thats allen bradford!!!! Everyones wrong joes right!!!

  19. TBSwarm Says:

    I’ve never seen any close ups of Allen Bradford before … damn he is jacked up!

  20. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Really is Quincy Black.

    Here’s Bradford:

    and Joe – great stuff… Love all the pics.

  21. Kevin Says:

    Joe: Haters gonna hate. For the love of all that is decent and holy, get out there today. You’re our only decent conduit for us to get our Bucs fix during the lockout.

  22. flmike Says:

    Awesome, thanks for the coverage and pics.

  23. Chris FWC :) Says:

    I know it was hot as h e double hockey stix yesterday. Great job Joe!

  24. Travis Says:

    Good work Joe the pics are awesome, who cares if you cant make out who is who, us diehards will figure it out anywho.

    The reason we know its Quincy Black, is because the drills that they are doing are Lineback drills, If you look at your pics prior and after that pic they are all linebackers.

    The previous pic shows Dakota Watson and Mason Foster watching (two linebackers)
    And the pic right after is Adam Heyward doing the same drill (linebacker)

  25. BurGi Says:

    Great picks. There are some beasts running around! Watch out!

  26. Baz Says:

    All hail Joe, King of Bucs’ coverage! FANTASTIC pics and information!! This is just one of the reasons I always have a tab open to your site and am constantly refreshing it… unprecedented pics/information, and we appreciate it Joe, thank you!

    And wow, GMC more than passes the eyeball test, wow!

  27. Vince Says:

    Great work Joe! Screw the critics and keep up the fantastic work.

  28. Teflon Don Says:

    Nice pics joe! thanks for that.. although they do kinda look alike that is Quincy Black

  29. JK Says:

    Awesome pics, love to see the team together finally. I am more than ready for some football!

    Keep up the great work!

  30. bucsfan593 Says:

    Awsome Stuff here Joe!!! Hope You dont let some know it all stop you from attending today’s practice

  31. Jrock Says:

    If that’s Quincy, I still didn’t know he was that jacked. Holy crap batman!

    These are friggin awesome photo’s. Honestly this has got to be the best editorial I’ve seen about football since the lockout. As a collection, they even beat the morning cup of joe picture today, daaaaamn

  32. Macabee Says:

    You know Clayton is kinda like that dog that follows you home and just want go away. You just start to feel for him in some way. The guy loves the Bucs and I’m sure feels bad about the way things ended up. If the NFL increases the camp roster size to 90 as many experts expect, I would bring the guy in to at least let other teams get another look and he may catch on somewhere. It’s my heart talking, not my head!

  33. PWNASAURUS Says:

    What? No Thumb ass 2.2 hate on GMC Now???? Cause GMC would destroy his punk ass.

  34. Bradenton Bucs Fan Says:

    joe thanks for the awesome pics and the good coverage you put out…

  35. OAR Says:

    Great coverage and pictures! Keep it up!
    Are you sure that’s Faine in those others? LOL! I thought he said he didn’t want to block air? Great to see him out there too!
    GMC = Got Muscles Covered!

  36. OAR Says:

    BTW Haven’t seen those kinds of bisceps since Pittman!

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    Missed a post yesterday, talking about Talib leading the Secondary.

    Damn, I really would like to see him succeed. He obviously comes from a rough background. It’s just that everytime I’ve defended him, he does it again . . Hope this is the last time, and he sees the light.

  38. HFXBUC Says:

    Keep it up Joe…I’m so far away from Tampa that I can’t even spell Labour, Favourite, Gruelling, Honour or Marvellous correctly so all I will say is that the daily updates and especially the photos of the workouts is most appreciated…I almost feel like I’m in Tampa…

    As a coach myself I love seeing the players coaching other players…it’s amazing how much you learn about your sport and technique by coaching it, observing them apply your advice and then correcting them and explaining the technique in a different way…McCoy coaching is going to prove big….he’s a lean machine this year as well

  39. jvato24 Says:

    Awesome Pictures … McCoy lookin alot bigger .. He said he lost weight ???

  40. SkookumSmitty Says:

    GREAT job on the workout pics! This practice/camp has me more excited than I expected to be…It is not just some guys out chucking the ball around.

  41. Bucnjim Says:

    Excellent job! Not only did you give us these great pictures; you brought us some good news about the lockout as well. If this doesn’t get your blood flowing nothing will. Thanks!

  42. Funky Munkey Says:

    Quincy looks like a freaking beast. My god, maybe him Foster, and a resigned Rudd will give us a very solid LB core

  43. derek Says:

    its good to see clayton is on the bench where he needs to be and people arnt kidding mccoy looks huge in the upper body. I heard alex smith was there also I dunno why we got rid of him in the first place he was a nice player

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You think Quincy Black works out?

  45. Matt B Says:

    Just wanted to say Thanks, Joe. We do appreciate the hard work and the end results.


    Quincy’s got GUNZ!!!

  47. J-ROCK Says:


    Great pics, it’s nice to see some Bucs running around doing work! Looked like a lot of work putting it together….the die hard fans appreciate it!

  48. Brandon Says:

    I wasn’t going to comment but Joe is complaining he gets no love for his hours of work. I’ve never posted on here before but here goes, thank you, Joe. Your hard work is appreciated. Try not to be too sensitive, there are some people that are never happy. Don’t worry about them, instead focus on the people that you’ve made very happy.