Is Raheem Inappropriately Talking To Players?

June 10th, 2011

The NFL, with its billions and a massive legal team, can’t stop unlawful streaming of games on the Internet, so Joe always thought it funny when the NFL instituted lockout rules that seemingly forbid team staff from communicating with players.

Yeah, right. Coaches aren’t going to be constantly texting or calling key players, especially those with 2011 contracts. Totally unrealistic.

In Joe’s opinion, there’s way too much at stake to have all these ultra competitive head coaches, at least half with crappy job security, simply waiting around for the lockout to end while they know iconic Bill Belicheat is crafting new ways to brazenly break rules.

What coach worth a damn isn’t going to stay connected with his team in some way?

During a great interview Wednesday with Steve Duemig on WDAE-AM 620, Raheem Morris said he talks to LeGarrette Blount, Sammie Stroughter and Dezmon Briscoe “all the time.” Possibly that was just a figure of speech, but it didn’t sound that way.

Here’s the verbatim transcription below: Raheem responded to a caller showering many Bucs with love for their influence on South Tampa youth athletes.

Caller: … LeGarrette Blount throws the football around right in the neighborhood. Right there by the little Lake {inaudible} football field. All the kids at the middle school come bragging about him.

Raheem Morris cuts off caller: You probably don’t realize who else is over there. You got Sammie Stroughter, Legarrette Blount, [Dezmon] Briscoe. They all go over there. They tell me about it all the time.

Steve Duemig: Do they live in the area in the offseason?

Raheem: Yes, they live right over by Jefferson [High School].

Caller: So they’re right over there. They’re making such a strong [impact with the kids]. …Those guys [and other Buccaneers] come out and put a lot of time into those boys.

Raheem: Hey listen. I talk to them all the time. I talk to those guys all the time. [Raheem then changes subject to address an earlier question.]

Joe will let readers make the call on Raheem’s comments. Frankly, Joe hopes Raheem is in constant contact with his key players. It’ll be damn hard to get caught — unless he keeps making similar public comments — and it’s probably worth the potential punishment.

153 Responses to “Is Raheem Inappropriately Talking To Players?”

  1. bob ross Says:

    Good for Raheem. How about videotaping the team’s off-site workouts so he can text them suggestions and comments? What are the owner-pigs going to do, fire him?

  2. Nick P Says:

    Can’t wait until this is re-posted on PFT resulting in a much less friendly readership clamoring for us to give up draft picks for improper contact.

  3. Cam Says:

    Not a smart move on Rah’s part spouting this out in a phone interview. My question is, Joe, why would you bring attention to this knowing that you have “thousands” of visitors to this site every day? Normally, i find your site informative and worth a few visits a day. Are you trying to get Rah in trouble? Come on man! I’m sure you could have written another great piece on ANYTHING else considering you’re usually good for at least 4-5 articles a day. If we’re docked draft picks, I blame Rah first for running his mouth, then you for circulating it to the “thousands” that didn’t hear the interview.

  4. pickett85 Says:

    They better be in constant contact. These kids need leadership. Look at all the arrests around the league. Checking up on guys isn’t exactly leading practices and film sessions. And let’s be honest here, every team/coaching staff is in contact with key players. I’d say it’s worth possible fines to keep this very young team together.

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Cam — Yes, Joe has many thousands of visitors to the site every day, and Joe is a massive Bucs fan. However, Joe has no interest in suppressing news for his readers, who come hear to learn everything and anything about the Bucs.

    Doubtful, but Raheem might have just using a figure of speech or exaggerating, or referring to something pre-lockout. Regardless, if he is communicating with players, Joe is proud of the head coach. It’s worth the gamble.

  6. Dre-Day Says:

    joe, i love you to death brother. your site is my favorite when it comes to bucs coverage. but the part of tampa that i’m from, this is called “dry snitching”. shame. report the news joe, don’t create it. even though you agree with him possibly contacting players, your headline alone just reeks of TMZ: “Is Raheem Inappropriately Talking To Players?”… if you are a real bucs fan, don’t ever pull crap like this again. please don’t put our coach at risk. if he gets into any unneccesary trouble over this, you need to change the name of the site to

  7. Hunter Says:

    @Joe: It’s not worth it if he gets caught, Goodell doesn’t play around with that kind of stuff……

    @Cam: I agree with you 100%

  8. OAR Says:

    “Is Raheem Inappropriately Talking To Players?”
    Well, he did say …”Take off your underwear and put on your big boy pads, and put your face on people!”

  9. BucFan941 Says:

    shhhhhhhhhhhh coach

  10. BucFan941 Says:

    joe is a snitch ….lets get really u should have sit on this one…dude no joke…

  11. OAR Says:

    Seriously, it’s a Catch-22 for the head coach and the players.

  12. dan Says:

    i think its up to wether or not it can be proven he tlaked about football business rather than where they are staying and how their lives are going, and wether or not he did the calling

  13. Theodore Says:

    If you guys want team approved news go to

    Personally, I rather read *all* team news. And if some of news is unenlightening to the team, I don’t blame the reporter.

  14. Kevin Says:

    Woodward and Bernstein should have kept quiet too… Rumor has it that their journalist efforts caused the US President to resign.

    If it’s news, it’s news and will (should) be reported. Do you really think that JBF is responsible for whether or not Goodell hears this news? (No offense, Joe…)

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Great article Joe.

    What an idiot (I mean that with all due respect). What good could come from his announcing this on the radio?
    No filter between thought and speech, very scary.

  16. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Sit on this, are you kidding? This story is gold worthy of National attention.

  17. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Dre-Day (or anyone else) — Call Joe a “snitch” all you want. This was heard by probably around 40,000 listeners on the top sports radio show in the market. ..Sorry, but Joe’s not asleep at the wheel when it comes to Bucs coverage like others who deliver Bucs news.

    Is Joe pounding the phones and e-mail trying to get all kinds of national coverage for Raheem’s comments? Absolutely not. Hell, if Joe was trying to milk this for personal gain, he would have run the story yesterday morning or Monday morning, as there’s more traffic on those days, versus on a summertime Friday.

    Regardless, it’s interesting to Joe, therefore Joe wrote about it. Again, it’s really not 110 percent clear what Raheem is talking about regarding the communication with players.

  18. eric Says:

    The good news is Rah is talking to the players.

    The bad news is Rah is talking to the players.

  19. Joe Says:


    Joe didn’t create the news, despite what Stephen Holder Twitters. If Joe did write fiction, this site wouldn’t have lasted 60 days much less three years and going strong.

    Raheem said this on one of the most powerful AM radio signals in the state of Florida on the most popular AM drive time sports radio show in the market, which is also archived on a podcast.

    This is hardly “snitching.”

  20. Cam Says:

    Personally, where I’m from, even if I wasn’t the one who started a rumor (Raheem on radio) If it was found out that I played a part in spreading info that was either false, or could get someone in trouble, I would expect to get punched in the mouth. I understand the “journalism” aspect and all that but I think Dre-Day would have a right to the “dry snitching” accusation. When you write articles like this, you should expect some type of backlash. To expect otherwise would be foolish. I said it once and will say it again, great site but I have no use for stories like this.

  21. eric Says:

    When this thing settles no one will care if Rah talked to players. Maybe an itty bitty slap on the wrist, if that.

    Human nature being what it is, all the coaches are talking to players in some fashion. To think otherwise is naive.

    What the heck is the harm anyhow?

  22. Kevin Says:

    @Cam –

    I respectfully disagree that you understand the journalism aspect to this… you put “journalism” in quotes. I’m not a journalist, nor have I had any communications training, but Raheem saying that he talks to players is news related to the Bucs. Good, bad, ugly – it’s news and will be reported. Are people talking about the Talib case? Of course they are – it’s news. Does all the attention have a potential negative impact on Talib’s career? I believe so. Will folks decide to ignore the Talib story because of the potential negative impact? I think it’s safe to say that we’re discussing it on regular basis. Thus, hiding a story because of potential negative impact isn’t going to happen in this world of 24/7 media coverage.

  23. OAR Says:

    dre-day and cam,
    Where you guys are from? Who cares! I can guess where from your posts, anyways.
    Please, if you guys think Joe would be the one reasonsible for Raheem’s trouble(if there is any), then I guess, it is, where you guys are from.
    Raheem was on the RADIO! He snitched on himself, if anything!

  24. Cam Says:


    I hear and respect your side of this debate. I think most people will agree that the Talib case vs. this issue is apples to oranges. Unless, of course one of these posters witnessed that fateful night in Texas. Even if that WAS the case, it should be taken up with authorities and not on this blog. With that being said, if I was a Giants fan and happened to spot Caughlin and Eli Manning having a secret meeting during the lockout, the fan in me would NEVER allow me to run to the nearest social network and report this. Plus, it sounds like this was a comment possibly spun in the wrong direction. We don’t need a microscope put on some comment made during a phone interview. If the NFL heard this and decides to investigate and the Bucs are punished, fine. If it was brought to their attention by this popular (understandably so) website, I couldn’t live with myself if I was Joe. Just sayin

  25. Cam Says:


    Already stated in first comment that I realize Rah snitched on himself, you must of missed that.

  26. jfgobucs Says:

    already on PTF

    Per, Morris recently told Steve Duemig of WDAE radio that Morris talks to players like LeGarrette Blount, Sammie Stroughter, and Dez Briscoe “all the time.”


  27. OAR Says:

    Yep, I did miss it. My apologises for that, but come on! I’m from the United States of America and respect it’s given freedoms! Hope I dont get punched in the mouth, for that?

  28. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Cam — Just to clarify for you. This was not a “phone interview” as you wrote. This was a highly publicized appearance of Morris in studio for an hour.

  29. OAR Says:

    You low down dry snitch, put that microscope down and step away from the computer! LOL!

  30. Cam Says:


    Your post is officially my fears come to fruition. Love to death but FAIL on this one.


    Something tells me that you would get punched in the mouth for much more than that

    Have a great friday everyone! Go Bucs! Stop Snitchin!

  31. Dre-Day Says:

    joe.. you know you’re wrong on this. if you’ve second-guessed yourself more than a single time on this subject, then you know deep down inside, that at the very least, the title of your headline was foul. i did not say that you are writing fiction. don’t try to spin this in that direction. you’re on the right track, but you’re ridin’ the wrong train. but even though coach said what he said, you really felt compelled to be the one to call him out on it? did you have to be first to report it? was that it? you ended up being the only one to do so. again, i’m a joe fan, and have been a fan for 2 years now. i’ve never, ever, felt compelled to post a comment, until you did this…. that should say alot right there.

    @ oar, your comment: “Where you guys are from? Who cares! I can guess where from your posts, anyways”….. what exactly are you trying to say? does that point you are trying to make have any relevance to this problem joe has created? oar, you’re talkin’ loud, sayin’ nothin’….

  32. Cam Says:


    Cosign. I guess some people don’t get it and never will. Oh well.

  33. Joe Says:

    Joe.. you know you’re wrong on this.

    Raheem already said it in a very public forum. It’s public record. How exactly is this wrong?

  34. Joe Says:


    Joe trusts you are going to call the Bucs’ own flagship station “a snitch” because the podcast with Raheem saying this is on their website.–%2520Bucs%2520Head%2520Coach%2520Raheem%2520Morris.mp3

  35. Rickets Says:

    What a lame ass blog post, you can do way better than this Joe.

  36. OAR Says:

    Does, where you are from, have any point or relevance to this article or excuse me “problem”? NO!
    As for what I’m exactly saying, is just that!

  37. Cam Says:


    On, is there an article suggesting that Raheem was speaking with Bucs illegally? Or just the recording of the podcast?

  38. Dre-Day Says:

    joe…..congrats :

    the sense of accomplishment must be overwhelming

    and for the record joe. i’m not your enemy. for the 3rd time, i’m a fan. and you trying to drag wdae in on this is unfortunate. they gave the interview, but they didn’t throw coach under the bus by raising the red flag like you did.

  39. OAR Says:

    You’re right! It would take much more than that, for me to get punched in the mouth! I think, you meant much less?

  40. Joe Says:


    We’ll disagree with this subject but Joe very much appreciates you being a fan (overall) of this site. Thanks.

  41. Joe Says:


    The podcast is ironclad documentation because the words you hear are coming out of Raheem’s own mouth.

  42. OAR Says:

    I’m telling you Joe, step away from the computer. I don’t want you punched in the mouth, either! LOL!

    Too F’n funny, now article titles are red flags?

  43. Jocko Says:

    probably time to delete the “fan” from who the hell publishes something that could get the team sanctions? A fan? Hell no.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    I would rather not have read it. Like Talib at the stadium last year. I hear ya Joe, but i’d rather have read another “Ruud is a great MLB” article, and argued with the Chuckleheads, than provide press for something that could ultimately cost us draft picks.

  45. Richard Dickson Says:

    I was under the impression there could be contact as long as it wasn’t football related.

  46. OAR Says:

    Damn you “dry snitch” Joe! Now the “red flag”, that you only reported on, are costing us draft picks? Wow, this is getting better and better with each post!

  47. Cam Says:


    Not what i asked you. Please answer the question.


    I was saying that there would be MORE reasons than that (as I would imagine) to punch you in the mouth. Way to hang on my every word in order to poorly attempt to come up with some type of arguement. “Hahaha he said more when he should have said less” tool

  48. Kennedy Says:

    Another first time poster here. This sucked me out of voyeur mode.

    Joe’s a pussy if he blows it off, and a jerk for publishing. Can’t have it both ways. I’ll take the site that calls it as it is every time. It’s not like Joe tracked down Raheem in some obscure place and quoted him talking to someone else. The guy was on radio at 5 o’clock. The bigger question is why nobody else reported it.

  49. Jocko Says:

    Hey OAR, this may be tough to comprehend, but since Joe refers to Goodell as a gestapo, and since Goodell has forbidden coaches to talk to players, and since Joe has just reported that Raheem may be “inappropriately talking to players,” and since PFT has now picked it up, yeah, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a hammer comes down. Not a result a fan would want, but then again, we’re not all fans, are we?

    PFT is run by a hypercritical, self-righteous galoot who frequently beats the drum for a particular cause (see physical contact during “voluntary” OTAs) until he gets a response from the league office. Since this is now a lead story on PFT in a down news cycle, yeah, it’s probably going to get some legs.

  50. Jocko Says:

    @ Kennedy:

    I disagree for two reasons.

    First, this was *making* news, not reporting it. Raheem’s an idiot for saying that in a podcast online, but until someone calls him on it, it’s not news. JBF just made it news.

    Second, this isn’t a newspaper, it’s a blog. And it’s not a blog like PFT, which presumably has no affinity for a particular team (though you’ll find some that disagree with that), it’s ostensibly a Bucs fan site (hey, it’s right there in the name).

    What sort of fan writes anything asking whether the head coach is “inappropriately” doing anything?

  51. Dre-Day Says: NFL lockout: Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris says he communicated with players “Despite lockout protocol forbidding him to do so, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris may be keeping in contact with his players, according to” “Here is a very interesting and potentially damaging discovery by when it comes to Raheem Morris, the coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the rules during the NFL lockout.”

  52. OAR Says:

    Thank you! Afterall, I am the sharpest tool in the box!
    And Who’s arguing? I said, you were right.
    BTW Try not writing something that can be taken differently, it helps us tools!

  53. Joe Says:

    First, this was *making* news, not reporting it. Raheem’s an idiot for saying that in a podcast online, but until someone calls him on it, it’s not news. JBF just made it news.

    Joe’s humbled to have Stephen Holder posting comments here. Thanks Stephen!

  54. Jocko Says:

    No problem, Joe, you’ve got too much time on your hands.

  55. Joe Says:


    Joe refers to Goodell as a gestapo.

    Joe has NEVER referred to Goodell as a gestapo agent.

    It’s an interesting thought but even that’s a bit much for Joe.

  56. Joe Says:

    No problem, Joe, you’ve got too much time on your hands.

    LOL 🙂

  57. Joe Says:


    Joe’s a pussy if he blows it off, and a jerk for publishing.

    Interesting point. And a fair point, too.

    The bigger question is why nobody else reported it.

    Joe knows why, but Joe’s taking the high road here. 🙂

  58. OAR Says:

    It actually, isn’t hard to comprehend at all! I just think its hilarious, you guys would put blame on Joe, for something Raheem did out of his own stupiditiy!
    And please explain, why you feel it necessary to imply I’m not a fan?

  59. Joe Says:

    Richard Dickson:

    I was under the impression there could be contact as long as it wasn’t football related.

    That’s just it Richard. For all we know, Raheem and the players could be talking about which Bucs cheerleader has the best rear end.

  60. Joseph Feldman Says:

    It doesn’t matter if he talked to them. As long as they were not talking about anything football related he is in the clear. It seems as though he has been talking to them about their living arrangements and personal things. Why is this big news?

  61. Dre-Day Says:

    joe…. i’m pretty sure you heard, the big dog just called what you did “disgraceful” “i think you stink, personally if you did that” “you wonder why you don’t get interviews” “why do you want to get somebody in trouble” “low-blow snitch”

  62. Jocko Says:

    @ Joe:

    In all seriousness, let’s assume the worst and the Bucs lose a draft pick or two because of what you reported. And in my hypothetical, no one else would have reported it. Do you feel vindicated as a journalist doing his job? Or saddened as a fan responsible for hurting his team?

    The Pewter Report monkeys claim not to be fans of the team, just reporters, which I’m sure the Tribune and Times folks would say too. But you’re supposedly a rabid fan representing fans, and what fan wants his team to get docked?

  63. OAR Says:

    You better call the Wahmbulance! You got a few men down!

  64. Joe Says:

    Nope, didn’t hear it Dre-Day.

  65. Jocko Says:

    @ Joe: “for all we know, Raheem and the players could be talking about which Bucs cheerleader has the best rear end.”

    I call BS. That’s not the headline you ran with, nor the angle that PFT is pursuing.

  66. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Jocko — You can re-read this story a dozen times. Your point is clear. That’s great. Joe stands by what’s written here.

    PFT is not affiliated with Joe. They monitor what Joe writes and Joe sends them stories of national interest, many of which don’t get published.

  67. admin Says:

    Joe here

    @Dre-Day — (This Joe), heard Duemig rip Joe, but not by name. Joe’s fine with it but, of course, does not agree.

    Joe grabbed multiple snippets from that interivew that Joe found interesting and posted them here. …Joe found Raheem’s comments interesting and, as Joe wrote numerous times above, Raheem may not be out of line in any way. Much has been written about what players can and can not say.

    Everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

  68. Greg Says:

    Duemig is pissed at you, Joe.

  69. Joe Says:


    If you have a problem with this, why don’t you call Clear Channel and ask them why they didn’t dump Raheem? If you have a problem with this, then call the Bucs own flagship and demand they pull the podcast.

    Why don’t you email Steve Jobs and tell him to take the recording off of iTunes?

    More importantly, why don’t you ask Raheem why he said this on a 50,000-watt frequency station that can be clearly heard from the Keys to Tallahassee during a widely popular PM drive time show?

    Joe isn’t Florio and doesn’t write for him.

    This is no different than if Joe notices a Bucs player getting a DUI from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s website and writes about it.

  70. Dre-Day Says:

    oar, you are still talking, but have not said a single thing yet… how is that possible?

    joe, i love this site, and will always look here every single day for my uplifting bucs stories i get from here. but what you did today, was indeed disgraceful. if you really want to take the high-road on this, use whatever contacts you have, find a way to make contact, and apologize to coach morris for tattle-telling on him like that. the rest of us do not need an apology, but i hope you do apologize to coach. and it doesn’t need to be public. but at least go man-to-man. we all make mistakes…. it takes a real man to make amends.

  71. Jocko Says:

    Hey Joe/Admin,

    You don’t want to substantively reply, that’s fine. I guess calling it like you see it means you don’t have to say anything other than you’re calling it like you see it.

  72. Joe Says:

    and apologize to coach morris for tattle-telling

    Joe has to apologize for something Raheem said????????????

    This is beyond the pale!

  73. Jocko Says:

    @ non-Admin Joe,

    Seriously? You think I should call up Clear Channel and Raheem and ask about it?

    Okay, but hey while I’m on hold, would you mind responding how you jive being a fan with being the only entity reporting that the bucs might be violating Goodell’s rules? I mean, you’re not the only entity now because other outlets are running your story. But here’s the shocker: those yahoos don’t have fan in their title.

  74. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Jocko — Joe plans to write up a take for Monday in response to this issue and Duemig’s distaste that matches some of yours.

    @Dre-Day — “make amends” …Funny

  75. Joe Says:


    If the Times and Tribune boys are sleeping, that’s not Joe’s problem.

  76. OAR Says:

    I’m not saying anything? You’re still reading them aren’t you? Here’s idea, catch a clue and grab a sense of humor while your at it!

  77. Buc'nAwesome Says:

    Is Joe pounding the phones and e-mail trying to get all kinds of national coverage for Raheem’s comments? Absolutely not. Hell, if Joe was trying to milk this for personal gain, he would have run the story yesterday morning or Monday morning, as there’s more traffic on those days, versus on a summertime Friday.

    So Joe, did you, or did you not forward your post onto PFT?

  78. Jocko Says:

    @ Admin/Joe: thanks, look forward to reading it. btw, I’m not Duemig either.

    @ Joe: again, that’s assuming you’re on the level of Times and Tribune – I don’t mean the pejoratively, I mean in terms of objectivity. You seem to still be struggling with distinguishing the fact that Raheem said something stupid that might open him up to sanctions and you reporting it when no one else had. I’d expect that from the Times and Tribune since they’re news media.

    I’m just wondering where you are on the spectrum – objective reporter of things that happen to be bucs, or bucs fan? Because I don’t see a *fan* making an issue of this when it might result in the team getting hit.

    That’s all, not trying to poke you in the eye, just curious.

  79. Cam Says:

    Joe doesn’t admit he is wrong. He will keep trying to divert attention and say “It’s not my fault Raheem said it”. Missing the point completely and STILL has not answered my question from earlier despite addressing several other posters here.

    Direct lie about Joe in this comment, which is addressed below. –Joe

  80. Jocko Says:

    Good news, it’s now in a second PFT story: If I know Florio (and, hey, I do!), he’s going to include a comment and link about this story every time he references the Bucs in a future story. It’s fun!

  81. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucNAwesome — Joe forwards any post of widespread interest to PFT. Joe has been doing that for two years. It’s done every day. Most are blown off. Sometimes PFT grabs Joe’s stories from or, which link to Joe on their own. Joe only sent this to PFT.

    @Cam — You are directly lying about Joe. Joe issues corrections is happy to say he’s wrong when he is. Joe does not answer every commenter question by any means. Joe defeinitely does not have the time. One more lie about Joe and you’ll be unable to comment.

    @Jocko — Read Joe’s archives and you can decide where Joe is on this “spectrum” you talk about. There is no other NFL site like this one in the country, so there really is no category to put joe in.

  82. Jocko Says:

    @ Joe: you sent this to PFT in the hopes it would get published and have a national audience?

    Wow, I guess that does answer my question about the spectrum.

  83. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I can’t believe anyone gives a crap about this.There is nothing in the rules that players and coaches can not have any contact. Just that they are not allowed to talk about the case between the NFLPA and the NFL. Goodell still talks to players. Owners still talk to players. Coaches still talk to players. There is nothing wrong with it. I think too many in here are assuming way too much from this. Leave the implications out of it. Raheem never said he talked about the NFL with them so he is innocent.
    Now, how anyone can be mad at Joe for posting the public words of Raheem is mind boggling. If you are gonna be upset with anyone, be upset with Raheem.

  84. Jocko Says:

    @ Mauha Deeb: “I think too many in here are assuming way too much from this. Leave the implications out of it.”

    the headline questions whether Raheem is “inappropriately talking to players,” and the story says that Raheem’s comment was “Possibly that was just a figure of speech, but it didn’t sound that way.”

    The implications are in the article.

  85. OAR Says:

    Mauha Deeb

  86. Kevin Says:

    I can’t believe this… If TBO reports a crime, are they responsible for the repercussions to the criminal?

    I honestly can’t understand why folks attacking JBF for posting news. I’m amazed that everyone thinks that if JBF didn’t report this that it’s like it never happened. Raheem said it – if he gets any infraction whatsoever, it’s on Raheem, not JBF.

    I mean, I like JBF as much as anyone, but you guys are assigning way too much influence to a media outlet. I certainly don’t want Raheem (and the Bucs) to have any heat for this, but if it happens, it’s certainly not Joe’s fault.

  87. Joe Says:

    Thanks Kevin.

  88. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Jocko Exactly! Leave the implications out of it.
    “Is Raheem inappropriately talking to players?” It was a question. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? He said something suspicious and we are supposed to question and think about it. I asked the question and feel Raheem didn’t say anything to endanger him or the team. Why is even questioning this frowned upon?
    “Possibly that was just a figure of speech, but it didn’t sound that way” It didn’t sound like a figure of speech at all. It sounded like “I talk to them all the time. I talk to those guys all the time.” Which means he is talking to them. I don’t see how Joe pointing out that fact is the bad thing.
    Like I said, if you are going to be upset with anyone, be upset with the man who said it. Don’t attack the messenger.

  89. Vic Says:

    Joe’s not even saying Raheem’s guilty of anything. Is he? There’s been a lot written about how coaches can and can’t communicate.

    Mom always said don’t shoot the messenger. Raheem made the comment, which i heard on the air myself. It was an eye opener. So what? I’m proud of the coach.

  90. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I’m guessing these are the same people who despise with ferocity wikileaks or those that question 9/11 official story. Seems like acquiring knowledge via questions are frowned upon while willful ignorance is glorified.
    Those who ask questions are ignorant for a day. Those who don’t are ignorant for a lifetime.

  91. Jocko Says:

    @ Mauha Deeb:

    What? The headline asks whether Raheem is inappropriately talking to players, and you’re chastising people for assuming that the talking was inappropriate. That’s, actually, the whole point of the article.

    “Possibly that was just a figure of speech, but it didn’t sound that way.” You seem to think I said that. The article (Joe) says that.

  92. Mauha Deeb Says:

    The article is not inappropriate. The article title was a question whether Morris’ words were inappropriate i.e. outside of the rules of the lockout.
    “Possibly that was just a figure of speech, but it didn’t sound that way” I am aware these were Joe’s words and I wrote about them as such.
    I am “chastising” those who are “chastising” Joe for writing what Raheem said and asking a question about it.

  93. Jocko Says:

    @ Mauha Deeb:

    “I’m guessing these are the same people who despise . . . those that question 9/11 official story.”

    No, I don’t despise you. I just think you’re not worth the tinfoil I’d have to buy to make a hat and join your club. Buddy, if you had just led off with that, I wouldn’t have responded to you. Carry on!

  94. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, your blushing!

    Great job Joe!

    This should help your numbers even more. JBF Nationwide, again, and again.

    As for Raheem, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission on anything. I believe Raheem maybe communicating through a 3’rd party that isn’t affiliated with the Bucs. A messenger of sorts. That could be interpreted as talking to them, but it is not Direct Communication as I see it.

  95. BigMacAttack Says:

    Raheem knows what he can and can’t do regarding the Lockout. I’m sure he is just skating on the fringe. He does have Balls though. I will say that.

  96. OAR Says:

    Balls of Pewter, baby!!

  97. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Jocko THis goes to show where you are coming from. I never said I questioned 9/11 nor wikileaks. You assume I did. I nearly stated how ridiculous it is to be upset with people for even asking questions. Then you attack me for something I never said or did. Which is exactly what I was referring to. Thanks for being “exhibit A”
    But, I suppose you are just using that “tinfoil” routine as and “out” of the argument because you realize you are failing to make relative sense.

  98. espo Says:

    I have to believe Raheem said this for a reason, trying to prove a point for something yet unknown. Its better than to believe he can possibly be stupid enough to risk draft picks over a pointless radio interview.

    Thanks Joe for reporting the truth. If Goodell’s minions wanted to find out about this, they would have regardless of you “tattling.” You actually have a pair and that is why I check this site daily instead of other sources.

    P.S. When can we look forward to the Joe and Joe vs Duemig cage match?

  99. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe Raheem is trying to purposely lose a Draft pick to force Dominick into signing Nnamdi.

  100. BigMacAttack Says:

    Just joking. Don’t get excited.

  101. BigMacAttack Says:

    Happy Friday Everybody!!

  102. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wow, there are a ton of comments on this one. I would have thought this was about Talib and Ruud with that many comments. I agree with some that I don’t see what is the big deal whatsoever. Joe’s headline is meant to grab attention, as are all headlines. Otherwise, many people would skip right past it. This is truly a non-story, at least from a potential punishment perspective. Even if they do investigate (which I would hope they wouldn’t because they are too busy negotiating the terms of the new CBA), they have nothing. He didn’t say what he is talking to them about, so how are they going to prove anything (unless they tap their phones, which I guess isn’t that far-fetched with Godell)?

  103. Brad Says:

    @Joe .. Are you still going to call Duemig a good friend and the dean of sports radio? No opinion here but he blasted this site and it’s actions. I’m guessing in the long run it will bring more to the site.

  104. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Brad — Absolutely. Joe has no beef with the Big Dog. Everyone has an opinion. As Duemig says on his show frequently, that’s what sports radio is all about. …Joe doesn’t have to agree.

  105. MOBucs Says:

    That’s kind of my take on the situation too Hawaiian Buc. I don’t see a lot coming from this. I may be wrong, but I thought as long the conversation wasn’t about football specifics, some contact was allowed. Jerry Jones just attended Romo’s wedding a couple weeks ago for example.

  106. Tuggz Says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs if this is what we’re talking about in June.

  107. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    That is the most true statement of all these comments.

  108. Tom Says:

    Yeah, the problem inherent is that the site is not or another journalistic site. The concept is that a fan, who happens to have contacts and a journalism background, has a blog…but this story could very well hurt the team that we are all fans of. So I ask myself whether Joe had an internal debate on whether he would get his “team” in trouble at expense of his journalistic instincts to report, or make*, the news.

    Raheem did say it, but Joe was the first one to report it. So if Raheem sees punishment for this he can take some solace that if Joe wasn’t such an astute “fan” of bucs content it might have been a story that never saw the light of day.

  109. eric Says:

    Rah can’t talk anyway!

    Might as well acuse a blind man of looking up a girls skirt.

  110. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Rah can’t talk anyway!

    Might as well acuse a blind man of looking up a girls skirt.”


    And Eric can’t spell, but we don’t hold that against you.

  111. K24u Says:

    Does anyone remember what it was like before JBF? We had some pretty lame media across the board on this team. Can’t believe some of you are shooting Joe on this one. There’s no proof of anything here other than Raheem needs to watch what he says and take more lessons from the PR staff. Great wakeup call. If I were Joe, I would write about this too.

    Stats are for losers. Not talking to players during lockout is for losers. We all know it. Raheem knows it. You show them, Raheem. Bring home the damn Lombardi. I got my season tickets. We’re with you. Godspeed.

  112. BucFan941 Says:

    well imo he should not reported this..i can say that right or cuz he is far right winger i cant…lol

  113. Jamais Vu Says:

    I’m another first time poster… Long time viewer.

    Honestly I am some one that is disappointed in the insinuating headline.

    Just because the article is clean and correct does not give a free pass on the perception the headline will generate.

    If I posted an article titled “Joe might be making up Buc news” and then posted an article about how Joe has an insightful blog and usually posts his sources but does not always substantiate all claims or opinions. Then lets say my article then got posted around the web with the title “Joe makes up news” I think I’d deserve some flak and owe Joe an apology.

    I for one hope Joe sees that some of us have the perception that since Joe is a Bucs “Fan” then he would not put speculative titles that paint the bucs in a negative light. (DUI arrests notwithstanding)

    Thank you for your efforts, but this is why I see some of us as being upset. I honestly will not be coming here and supporting you quite as much since I get the feeling you jumped on this for the spotlight it would serve you rather than consider how it might negatively paint the bucs. If you had titled the article: “Raheem keeps track of his players personal life as a means to stay connected with his players” or some such then I’d have no qualms with the article at all.

    ~ J

  114. BigMacAttack Says:

    Like anything the Big Dog says is going to hurt JBF’s popularity. That’s a laugh. It’s all about the content and the forums. Call the Big Dog, maybe you get on and maybe you don’t. If he disagrees with you, then look out, because here it comes. And just think, you called 100 times in a month, finally got through, and then he lights you up like a Christmas tree. No thanks, I listen to him about 2 times a year if JBF says something good is coming to his show. Here you can spout off almost anything, whenever you want, and often get a response from someone, anyone, Joe, or even the 2 trolls that patrol the site. I mean it’s better than freakin Disney World. So good luck taking Joe down, Steve. That ain’t happening anytime soon. We’re in the middle of Lockout/Strike/Whatever and JBF will probably have their busiest month to date.

  115. gotbbucs Says:

    what the hell is the big deal? if the rules state that he can talk to his players, just not about nfl football, then i saw nothing damning in what raheem said. joe, carry on with the great work as always.

  116. BigMacAttack Says:

    Talk Radio is great and all, but I’d rather listen to metal while I work, smoke, drink, lie and swear.

    Hey, have any of you guys heard Alestorm. This is the best Pirate Metal and perfect before any Buc Game. I wish they would play them at the CITS. Captain Morgan’s Revenge and Wenches and Mead.

  117. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @BigMacAttack Thank you so much for the suggestion. I now have new music to listen to on my nightly raids as I plunder through the city. Despoiling everything and one in sight.

  118. SebringSmitty Says:

    I may get banned from the site but…it’s the headline I have an issue with. If “Is Raheem Inappropriately Talking To Players?” is not ment to cause trouble, then why word it that way ? And yes PFT will run with this.. Fun , fun , fun……just saying

  119. Wienaman Says:

    Curious…if coaches/owners/etc. can have contact with players, why did Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones have to get league permission to attend Tony Romo’s wedding?

  120. Bucsnutt Says:

    This, to me, is the last straw. I have been a rather silent reader of JoeBucsFan for over two years now. The reporting has taken a decidedly different view on how bucs-related content is presented as of late. It seems that the TMZ model or the bombastic talking head “shock value” style have prevailed in lieu of the fan oriented journalism. This story, paired with the next entry of an inciteful Goodell biasedparrot act from earlier in the day have caused me to consider other sources for my bucs related news. I must say that I’m saddened by the new Joe content. I’ll miss the old Joe.

  121. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bucsnutt, it’s the middle of a lockout where football news is scarce at best. This is another example of a business fighting through hard times. Would you rather Joe just shut the whole thing down until the season starts? How Holy art thou? Hello?

    Raheem said it on the freakin radio. Let’s all just shoot the messenger at the same time. Better yet, let’s move to China where you don’t have to worry about news that isn’t approved first. WTF?

  122. BucFan941 Says:


  123. TopDoggie Says:

    I love you site Joe BUT I think the wording of this is going to rub the Wardens nose in it. I’m not happy but I will get over it if you post some cheer leaders to distract us.

  124. bucswin Says:

    Coaches are not forbidden from talking to players. They cannot talk about things that are FOOTBALL related. Hilarious that a former journalist didn’t know that.

    Non-story. But good job getting page views with your sensationalistic headline.–not-football–with-coaches-at-Detroit-Lions-Invitational-charity-golf-outing-.html?isap=1&nav=5017

    NFL employees aren’t allowed to communicate with players about football-related matters during the lockout.

  125. Mr. Tampa Says:

    Jocko makes a good point, joe’s actions show that he is a journalist(blogger) first and a “bucs” fan second. I find it pretty clear that joe magnified a situation that would have otherwise went unnoticed, how many people honestly heard this interview without the help of joe? As if this lockout didn’t suck enough… Good luck finding new visitors!

    -a disgusted buc’s fan

  126. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m just curious, did you expect this kind of backlash? When I initially read the article (right after you posted it), I had no idea so many readers would get so upset about it.

    I guess I kind of get where they are coming from, but at the same time I don’t think you did anything wrong. First of all (and most importantly), just because Raheem is talking to the players doesn’t mean it is a violation. Honestly, that should be the end of story right there. We are not going to get penalized from it, so it is irrelevant. Funny thing is, the article is actually a compliment to Raheem for bending the rules. I don’t think your intentions were to get the team in trouble, and even if you did, it wouldn’t work. Second, I can’t believe people are getting so upset over the title of a headline. That’s crazy to me. Read the paper, these type of over-dramatic headlines are there all the time. TV shows use a similar tactic as well to get you to tune into the next show. Just relax people, nothing will come of this.

    The only thing worse than the normal football off-season is when there is a lockout and there is no off-season (no signing rookies, FA’s, no OTA’s, etc.). I’m just happy you don’t bore me to tears with more lockout talk like PFT. It’s amazing to me how you find multiple articles to write every day, when there is basically nothing going on right now.

  127. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucsWin – Joe is aware of what’s been written about teams communication with players, which is why this headline has a question mark in it. You might want to re-read this post to see that Joe praised Raheem and explains that his comments simply expose the gray area of permissable and non-permissable communication. Hence the question mark in the headline.

    @Mr. Tampa — Joe’s here to serve the fans, entertain himself, and make a few bucks in the process — to free up Joe’s time to devote. Joe’s been walking the walk for nearly three years and 8,000 posts, far more Bucs-related content than you’d find in any other media outlet covering the Bucs during that time. You’re free to judge what Joe. But you won’t find a bigger Bucs fan than Joe.

    @BucsNutt — “Old Joe” is still here. As someone astutely commented after your whine, Joe’s still grinding it out here during the lockout. The lack of real football stuff going on has Joe writing more about other Bucs-related stuff. Don’t hang the lockout on Joe.

    @HawaiianBuc — You asked if Joe expected this kind of backlash. Of course not. Joe didn’t because Joe doesn’t invest time in wondering whether readers will like or won’t like a post. The radio broadcast probably was heard by 40,000+ listeners in that time slot. Raheem was eager to say he talks to these players. Joe wrote about it because it was interesting and because when Joe heard it his ears perked up. Joe doesn’t know if Raheem broke rules or not. But Joe’s proud of Raheem if he is working as hard as he can to give the Bucs an edge. Joe’s really not concerned about upsetting readers or anyone else. That would suck the fun out of this for Joe, and for the minimum wage Joe makes around here, Joe’s not about to do that.

  128. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Great work joe. Generating contentious debate on all sides of an issue is your job. You did it well with story. It shows the value of real journalism, reporting provocative and true objective stories that the public otherwise would be blind to.

    120 or so comments , congrats.

  129. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Kennedy Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Another first time poster here. This sucked me out of voyeur mode.

    “The bigger question is why nobody else reported it…”

    Very good question. Being a ‘media partner’ with ANY professional sports team immediately clouds your ethics.

    This is NEWS, people.

  130. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Tuggz Says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs if this is what we’re talking about in June.

    Hawaiian Buc Says:


    That is the most true statement of all these comments.


  131. Irwin Says:

    You are nothing more than a fat lazy snitch. Good luck getting anyone to talk to you, no wonder Bowers and others don’t give a rat’s behind if they ever interview with you. Why in the heck would you publish this garbage?

  132. BigMacAttack Says:

    nice post little buddy.

    You’re finally making minimum wage huh? I would call that the sign of a successful business owner. I’m still trying to get there and BTW, they just raised it to $7.31 / hr., hardly enough for beer, gas and cigarettes.

    I think the best part of this story is the bonding between Blount, Stroughter & Briscoe along with their mentoring of these young kids. What a great story all the way around.

  133. jarrett Says:

    130 something posts holy crap! ive gotta say something, Joe i have no problem with you writing this story and quoting what raheem said. The NFL offices know what raheem said, they probably had someone listening to the interview and probably already contacted raheem to warn him about what he says. My problem joe is the title, and the fact that you sent it to pft. The more attention this gets the more likely the warden errr goodell will have to do something about it. The title and the fact you sent it personally to pft make it attention seeking. The nfl already knew he said it but the rest of the world didnt.

    Now that i got that off my chest, i have to come to joes defense on the people saying that he will ban you if you diagree with him. He allows you to say what you want as long as you state your opinion with respect and do not lie about what he said. I have disagreed with joe many times on aqib articles and i think im still allowed to post. Joe much respect for that

  134. Joe Says:

    Thanks jarrett.

    People can bash Joe all they want (just look at this thread) so long as they don’t lie about Joe.

    I see several people call Joe “a snitch.” Funny, Raheem says this on a radio show with FAR more listeners than Joe has readers and Joe’s the snitch? How do you “snitch” when something is already out there??? Hell, even Stephen Holder Twittered last night he heard it on the radio. And Joe’s getting beat up over it? Wow. It wasn’t like Rah said this on some show that maybe gets 200 listeners.

    Also, last week TBO had an article where Dominik was talking to Jeff Faine. Joe has yet to hear or read ANYONE suggest the Tampa Tribune is a bunch of snitches.

    Seems like there are a lot of hypocrites running around.

  135. Joe Says:

    Thanks Mr. Tampa:

    I find it pretty clear that joe magnified a situation that would have otherwise went unnoticed, how many people honestly heard this interview without the help of joe?

    Stephen Holder of the Times last night Twittered he heard Rah say this on radio but passed on writing about it.

    As Joe said previously, he first was amused but is now starting to get angry about being called “a snitch.” The words came from Raheem’s own mouth on one of the most popular radio shows not just in this area but the state of Florida. These words came from Raheem on a show that has far more listeners than Joe has readers. It wasn’t like Rah said this on some show that has maybe 300 listeners.

    If Joe really was “a snitch” this entire Tampa Bay community would be floored with all the (feces) Joe has heard of and read on social media sites about the Bucs.

  136. BigMacAttack Says:

    Speaking of snitches, which Joe isn’t IMO, Rick Stroud was the one who personally blew the whistle on Aqib Talib for watching the Bucs’ game during his one game suspension. I believe he actually called The People’s Commissar’s office on him.

    Calling Joe a snitch for this blog is the equivalent of calling Obama a fiscal conservative. Sorry, I just had throw some fecal matter around.

  137. Brad Says:

    @Joe .. My question as reported by Duemig is why was the article or interview sent to PFT? In what I got out of the Big Dogs comments, this was the big issue that could attract negative attention on a national level vs local. And potentially cause issues for the team. As far as posting the article, I see no issue. Now having Thomas agree with you has to be a red flag that it could create an issue for Raheem which he would love..

  138. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Brad — Happy to answer. Every story posted here that’s arguably of widespread interest is sent off to PFT’s inbox with a link and a one-liner. That’s been going on several times a week for years. The majority are ignored by PFT. Why does Joe do that? Simple, it can help catch new readers. But as a point of note, very little traffic is generated here by any link on PFT because PFT typically writes every story out thoroughly and their readers have little or no interest in clicking through to Joe’s site. PFT is not in the business of sending readers away from its site.

    Keep in mind, at times PFT picks up a story from Joe without Joe passing it on to them. And and pick up stuff from Joe on their own. When they do, typically PFT will grab it from them.

    Joe’s hardly on an island here. There are many thousands of readers every day.

    Duemig stated Joe e-mailed the story to many websites. That was inaccurate. Frankly, if Joe was using this story as some sinister plot to gain eyeballs/readers, as many people think, Joe would have busted it out immediately on Wednesday night or Thursday (a higher traffic day) and tried to schedule a bunch of prime time sports radio interviews locally and around the country on Thursday and Friday to promote.

    Simply stated, Joe just followed his standard protocol: Duemig had the Raheem interview on Wednesday. And Joe fired off three takes from the interview — the three Joe found most interesting, which is how Joe runs this site. Two were on Thursday (Raheem on Hard Knocks, plus Raheem on second-year players). Plus Friday’s take on Raheem talking to players.

    Joe feels no shame in quoting the head coach in context and verbatim during a major interview that was heavily promoted. This was not a “gotcha” moment. Raheem’s comments were clear and thought out, and Duemig and likely Bucs staff was sitting right there monitoring. They could have dumped his comments, or asked Raheem to clarify if they thought something wasn’t kosher. If Raheem had retracted/changed his comments in some way, Joe would have let it go as a professional courtesy.

  139. Joe Says:


    Now having Thomas agree with you has to be a red flag that it could create an issue for Raheem which he would love..


    Also, on Raheem’s comments, here’s a question to ponder: If the Bucs flagship station — or even the Bucs themselves, remember, Morris was being monitored by Bucs representatives both in the Chris Thomas studio and at One Buc Palace — thought Raheem’s comments were so sinister, why then was the podcast not edited? It’s still up on the station’s website and iTunes for all to listen to.

  140. Patrick Says:

    Wow, 140 comments! This probably has to be a record for you Joe!

  141. Brad Says:

    @Joe .. Thank you for the detailed explanation. As the guy says to his friend on the motor oil commercial when trying to talk him out of using old oil…. I’m good…. With everything you did.. Keep up with the good work and trying to keep Bucs news flowing during this asinine lockout… I know you guys work hard in keeping us up to date. As far as the negative responses .. Just keep coming back. I know I will..

  142. TopDoggie Says:

    After reading 140 plus comments (wow). I have come to the conclusion that fans are starting to like Raheem. Not one was happy and calling for his head.

  143. Pete Dutcher Says:

    For everyone harping on Joe…shame on you. It’s not like this is some big secret. Even networks get daily radio updates for their stories. Odds are, that audio will end up on ESPN anyway.

    If I were the Bucs, I would invite to media to see me talk briefly to Freeman. What? It’s a $50,000 fine to the team itself? Big deal.

    It’s worth it to address needed issues with your guys.

    And I like Duemig, but if he is blaming Joe for something Morris said on syndicated radio…he’s out of line. Duemig tends to let his emotional impulses control him at times, and I think that’s the case here.

    Blame Morris for opening his mouth. He can always say he was being sarcastic though.

  144. Tampa2 Says:

    I don’t always agree with Joe’s articles or attitude, but he did nothing wrong reporting what was said out of Raheem’s own mouth. If anyone wants to “blame” someone, blame Raheem for “dry snitching” on himself during drive time radio. I remember awhile back when Joe threatened to ban a commentor for blasting Duemig for being a drunk. Now Duemig spent half of his show blasting JBF. Still do not agree with everything that you post, Joe. But I think it’s hilarious that over 100 posters blast you for reporting on what Raheem said on the Radio himself. Bet this makes you think twice before you defend Duemig again! Like it or not, at least your readers know that your articles haven’t been produced by spin Doctors like some Glazer loving Media have been.

  145. Brad Says:

    First of all Thomas, Duemig didn’t blast JBF for the article, he blasted him for sending it PFT..Joe above explained the reason for this and I believe once Duemig understands the reason it will be a non issue. Your just trying to stir the pot when it’s already simmered and been eaten.

  146. niko (The Optimist) Says:

    Being the Optimist that I am, I can see everyones point of view on this.

    1)Duemig- I understand why he wonders why anyone would call attention to this when it COULD, keyword COULD cause a problem for the very team Joe is a fan of.

    2)Joe- Joe didn’t say it, didn’t broadcast it either, he just wrote about what was said in his blog. People need to understand a blog is NOT a newspaper. Its someones opinion.

    3) Fans that for the most part, don’t want to see Raheem get in any trouble, and don’t understand why Joe would want to bring attention to it

    4) and finally, back to Joe, who is just repeating what was already said, and put up in a podcast for downloading.

  147. SebringSmitty Says:

    First and foremost I love joebucsfan ! It is my home page, But I just do not understand the headline.

  148. Ravelston Says:


    Me too. There was nothing in the story to justify the word “inappropriately” – seems just to have been attention seeking. I guess we all knew kids who’d shout out anything just to be the center of attention – hell, I was that kid. But most of us grew up and learned some judgement.

  149. Joe Says:


    And I like Duemig, but if he is blaming Joe for something Morris said on syndicated radio

    Morris did not say this on a syndicated show. Morris said this on Steve Duemig’s show broadcast locally.

  150. Ravelston Says:

    Of course the more sinister interpretation is that Joe and Thomas 2.2 are actually one and the same person. It isn’t the first time in the last few months that Joe has stretched in using a headline or slanting an article to try to put Raheem in a bad light. Perhaps there’s an agenda at work? Say it ain’t so Joe.

  151. Joe Says:


    Feel free to use Joe’s archives for every (what you perceive as) positive and negative story on Morris you can find the past year and see for yourself.

    If Joe has an agenda on Morris, it’s news to Joe.

  152. grotesktruth Says:

    WOW. You guys are overreacting a bit. First: as far as the title issue stands, i lean SLIGHTLY to the “yellow journalism” side. It does catch attention very well, but it’s not exactly the best way you could have said it, because the first thing people are going to think is negative, because the word “inappropriate” is negative. You should know that as a journalist, Joe. The question mark doesn’t matter, because your the majority of your readership is illiterate, as very well documented in these 150 posts. PLEASE PEOPLE, go back to school and learn English. Learn grammar. Learn sentence structure. Knowing the difference from “hear” and “here” wouldn’t hurt either. That is why we turn to our professional writers from the Times and Tribune (although they are prone to typos occasionally as well.) There’s (not THEIR’s OR THUR’s or w/e) really no point to that last part other than to point out the unprofessional opinions that run rampant across the internet. Secondly: Like I said, this is being way over-thought out. We’re not going to be punished, because everyone is doing it. You think Andy Reid is NOT talking to his players as he so righteously claims on PFT…PFFFT! My high school Cross Country coach at Winter Park held our workout over the summer, and that’s illegal in H.S. sports… and much less it at stake there. You really think, with how many job security issues coaches have, that they’ll just say, “whoa, hands off. God aka Goodell mandated it, so as it is written, it shall be done. I just gotta’ hope these guys know what they’re doing and can coach themselves even though that’s my job I’m putting in their unprofessional (coaching) hands.” How many coaches will be fired by 2011’s end? How many will be able to say, “Hey, no fair. The lockout prevented me from coaching my players.” This time is crucial, and they’re going to do what they can.
    All in all, though, I had my thoughts as to why Free was keeping workouts on the hush-hush, and I was hoping it was because there might be some illegitimate coaching going on, but those were high hopes. Now I feel not so off-base with my thoughts. THANKS JOE! Just please consider my first thought.

  153. grotesktruth Says:

    Yes that was a lot to say, because I sat through over 150 comments on the subject at hand, and my thoughts just kept snowballing. Lol, sorry if you don’t have the attention span to read it all!