Raheem Compares Freeman To Doug Williams

June 11th, 2011

Call Joe a sucker, but Joe’s a compulsive Bucs junkie that actually paid $12 to read a story about Doug Williams and Raheem Morris yesterday.

Yes, Joe forked over the cash to the esteemed Ruston Daily Leader, a newspaper covering the area around Grambling State University, in order to read a feature behind the cloak of paid content. The story seemed to promise revealing and exciting news of Raheem’s participation at Williams’ charity event in the area last weekend.

Well, it wasn’t that exciting. However, during a speech at the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, Raheem did compare Josh Freeman to Williams, and Raheem offered a new spin on the “stats are for losers” mentality.

“Josh is much like Doug was when he played for Tampa Bay and in the NFL,” Morris said. “He’s a tough competitor and a great leader who believes that, no matter what, his team is capable of winning.

“That’s the type of quarterback you want leading your team.”

A former defensive back at Hofstra, where he later served as a graduate assistant and secondary coach, Morris is hopeful of the Bucs continuing their “I believe” attitude this season.

“I want our goals to be really more about how we look at things mentally than statistically,” he said.

Joe thinks it great that Raheem headed on up to the middle of nowhere Louisiana to help Williams’ charitable foundation. And Williams heaped high praise on Raheem’s altruism in a recent Shreveport Times story.

In this video from the charity golf tournament associated with the weekend festivities, Bucs fans can catch a look a Raheem’s golf swing and putting style, plus hear Richard Dent give his take on whether Doug Williams should be a Hall of Famer.

11 Responses to “Raheem Compares Freeman To Doug Williams”

  1. James Pearls Says:

    @JOE, how much room do you think there actually is for freeman to statistically improve this season? I mean it would be a step to get the team to the playoffs, but how much better than 25TDs and 6INTs (or whatever it was) can he actually do? – short of putting up 2010 Brady-esque numbers

  2. Achetti813 Says:

    I know you directed that to Joe but personally i think he has plenty of room to grow. If he can run the no huddle like winslow said that could be a plus. If you remember back to last year we had a tough time in the first half finding strides offensively and i think we can improve on that. He played with young receivers and if the defense gets better that will be more time for freeman to have the ball. Plus an extra year under the offensive coordinator and experience. Anything 30+ tds 10- ints and 3800+ yards would be a solid improvement for josh not including his legs

  3. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Comparing Williams to Freeman is giving Williams way too much credit.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    book soon to follow…….”HalfBlack”

  5. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    Jimmy Giles, there’s a namedrop

  6. jlynch Says:

    Dont compare freeman to williams he is not a self centered illittirate complainer. thats morris self centered illiterate..

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Dont compare freeman to williams he is not a self centered illittirate complainer. thats morris self centered illiterate..”


    Really? I know it’s kind of petty to criticize people’s spelling and grammar, but in this case I think it’s warranted. Are you actually calling someone else illiterate with all the errors in those sentences (I use the word sentence very loosely)? You spelled the same word two different ways!!! That’s kind of like Jeff Garcia criticizing Freeman’s lack of arm strength. Hello pot, meet kettle.

  8. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Hawaiiann Buc lol He wrote of someone being illiterate while misspelling illiterate! hahaha Not that horrific grammar and spelling equate illiteracy, but I do find it ironic nonetheless.

  9. jlynch Says:

    guess I need SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. below me Says:

    Mr Doug Williams, I played with Josh Freeman, I knew Josh Freeman, Josh Freeman was a friend of mine. Sir, you’re no Josh Freeman.

  11. BucFan941 Says:

    why ask joe ask your self..u are a fan right joe knows as much as anyone me or you