“Hard Knocks” Not “Fair” To Players

June 2nd, 2011

A lot of Bucs fans were aggravated with Bucs management after it was open to the HBO series “Hard Knocks” coming to One Buc Palace this summer but turned down HBO’s request when the team finally received it.

No one knows for sure why the Bucs suddenly turned a cold shoulder to HBO, much like a Bucs cheerleader would to Joe at a trendy, south Tampa late night hotspot.

But it seems that some perceive the HBO series as not “fair” to players, thus why so many teams want nothing to do with the popular annual peek inside a team’s training camp inner-workings.

That’s the word from NFL analyst Pat Kirwan in a recent NFL.com chat.

Pat, why do you think so many teams are reluctant to do Hard Knocks?

Pat Kirwan, NFL.com
I had this discussion with Bill Cowher — he turned down Hard knocks multiple times. I believe, as does Bill, there is a sensitivity between player and coach that isn’t for public consumption. The fan might find it interesting watching a player get cut. But I don’t find it fair to the player. I also think other teams can learn too much about you on the show. Example: New England watched and learned a lot more about Danny Woodhead than they would have known without the show.

Kirwan did go on to write that he is a fan of the show and if the Jets can’t be on again, he’d hope the Packers would agree to be the subject of this season’s series.

Being unfair to a player is an interesting take that Joe never thought of: One of the more voyeurish elements of the show is when a team basically tells a player his dream is over and his services are unwanted.

It’s creepy watching that. Sure, it can be entertaining, but flip your shoes to the young man’s position. Is that a moment in your life that you want rebroadcast every year on NFL Network for the nation to see?

Joe remembers years ago being assigned to cover a minor league baseball game in the Chicago suburbs and a pitcher who was hanging on by the skin of his teeth had an awful outing, scorched worse than batting practice.

Said pitcher, a half-hour after the game ended, was alone in the corner of the clubhouse, his uniform still on, head buried in his hands likely knowing his career was over, his dreams shattered.

It was a jarring scene for Joe and the memory vivid as if it happened this morning. The pitcher couldn’t have felt worse if he learned his mother had passed.

Joe can understand why many teams wouldn’t want that scene broadcast. It’s uncomfortable enough for Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik to break that news to a young man. Joe can understand why he wouldn’t want to make a bad scene worse.

10 Responses to ““Hard Knocks” Not “Fair” To Players”

  1. RustyRhino Says:

    I am happy we turned down “hard knocks” I agree that it would be good national publicity, but at what price? Having a young team who all are very loyal to their coach would make the “network” get creative in how we see the teams interaction with each other and management work behind the scenes.
    I have heard enough of the nit-picking of our coaches and gm. Think about how hard it is going to be to make this team, like Joe stated play that 3-4 times in the next 3 years. It might cause some player to go off the deep end, then talk about hard knocks….

  2. RustyRhino Says:

    For those who care, I now live 1.5 miles from falcons head quarters. And their facility parking is / has been empty since I got here in 2nd week of march… not that I’m staking out the place.. but I do dump my garbage across the street several times a week….


    ESPN gave Danny Woodhead some prime time exposure pre-draft. I doubt New England, one of the best franchises in the NFL, didn’t know who Danny Woodhead was until Hard Knocks. But I see where Cowher is coming from…


    Oh and the fact that Danny Woodhead spent 2009 as a Jet….

  5. Espo Says:

    Again, Duh….

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Boo Hoo, I just got cut….Gve me a freakin break. Crap like that happens in REAL LIFE – ALL THE TIME.

    How about the kid who wants to go to college and gets rejection letters and now their only option is HCC?

    What about the kids on American Idol that made it past interview after interview only to be cut on national TV?

    What about the man/woman who find one of them is sterile and they can’t have a child?

    What about the soldier that learns they didn’t get into Ranger school or worse yet lost their buddy to an IED?

    Getting cut from a football team is NOT the end of the world! Considering the payoff/potential reward it’s a small price to pay.

    Sorry Joe but I don’t have a lot of pity of sympathy because most of these young men have been there. Making a team or not is just a part of the game – yes it IS emotional but look at the flip side.

    What about the kids who against all odds overcome and MAKE the team? Why focus on the losers?

  7. Bob Ross Says:

    It’s simpler than all that. The presence of a camera alters everything in its view. These “reality TV” producers say they are unobtrusive, but it’s a lie. Any scientist knows that the act of observing a phenomenon affects the outcome in unpredictable ways.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    I totally agree with the Decission. It would be far to much opportunity for some young players to try and become “personalities”(yuck) rather than football players. Let them back in here in 6 years. It’ll be a veteran team, fulla players instead of potential. Right now the distractions would be very detrimental to player and team growth, IMO

  9. Buc N' A Says:

    Mr. Lucky. You sir, are a giant d*uche. You will no doubt defend yourself by saying how tough you are and everyone else is just a bunch of whimps because that is what an ignorant, selfish and insecure person does, but I would bet you any monetary amount (p.s. that’s money dumb*ss) that you would not like the moment you find out your dreams are crushed be recorded and screened for all the world to see. That’s if you are even capable of pursuing dreams. You probably have zero talent in anything, therefore, you have never tried to do anything with your pathetic life and you think everyone else’s misfortune in life is fair game for your low IQ entertainment.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Buc N’A. Wow. Ok, well now we know how ya feel about Mr. Lucky.

    Damn, dat was both barrels, at close range. Although I agree with you, it was a fast, Cooooold Shot!