Fourth Quarter Josh Freeman

June 20th, 2011

There’s a lot to like about Josh Freeman. Dude is big, works hard, and is the Bucs unquestioned team leader.

But “The Professor,” John Clayton of BSPN, suggests there is something else to like about Freeman. It’s his fourth quarter savvy.

In this case, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit it big. Freeman was the 17th pick in the 2009 draft. Expectations weren’t as high. Wisely, the Bucs didn’t rush him into a starting job. They waited until the ninth week of the 2009 season to make him a starter and made the transition in a bye week.

Like most rookies, he struggled. He completed 54.5 percent of his throws, a typical percentage for a first-year starter. But he had a flair for picking up his game in the fourth quarter. By his second season, he was a master of fourth-quarter passing.

His 97.4 quarterback rating in fourth quarters was the seventh-best in the league. He completed 62.6 percent of his fourth-quarter throws. Top NFL quarterbacks earn their money with their ability to move an offense in the fourth quarter. Freeman has that.

This is all really good to read but Joe just wonders how much better both Freeman and the Bucs would be in 2011 with a full offseason program. Bucs coach Raheem Morris stated that the transition from a rookie to a second-year player is so critical and the Bucs sure had their share of stud rookies.

Damn this asinine lockout!

6 Responses to “Fourth Quarter Josh Freeman”

  1. espo Says:

    We won’t need any comebacks next year, just insurance points.

  2. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Great article to start the day! positive energizing and zero negetivity.

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    I agree with the fact that Freeman has been super in the fourth quarter. It would be nice if our Defense could start taking over some games so Freeman doesn’t have to come in and save thier butts. It seemed like we had to come from behind almost every single game last year. I’m not sure about the stats, but I’m sure we were behind the majority of the time.

  4. Macabee Says:

    If there is any one area I would like to see the Bucs improve in 2011, it’s their ability to get a fast start and to score 1st qtr and 1st half points. To have the lead going into the 3rd or 4th qtr, signinicantly changes a team’s game plan and takes pressure off the defense to stop the run. This is where our secondary shines – when the opposing team has to rely on their passing game. With the number of teams we play with new QBs and new head coaches, it could be a turkey shoot!

  5. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Bucnjim The Bucs were only in the lead the entire game for three games in 2010 i.e. both Carolina games and the San Francisco game.

  6. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Did the Professor steal from my comments in the freeman v. ryan thread? How about some attribution?