James Lee Sees Physical Upside To Lockout

May 12th, 2011

Before this post gets going, Joe must say that he had a great chat with classy Bucs right tackle James Lee yesterday. The man currently is working tirelessly on charitable efforts and training hard to be ready for the 2011 season. Joe will have a much more extensive story about Lee later today.

It seems the lockout, for now, could be a blessing for some Buccaneers.

James Lee told JoeBucsFan.com that he’s been working out religously every Monday through Thursday at a Tampa training facility with Davin Joseph, Adam Hayward, Corey Lynch and a personal trainer the four are sharing since the start of the NFL lockout.

“There’s some positive to it versus being with the team. It’s a smaller group and we’re getting more one-on-one, and we’re still doing football work outside,” Lee said.

Months ago, rockstar general manager Mark Dominik scoffed at the popular notion that the young Bucs roster would be hurt by the lack of supervision and organized workouts during a lockout. Dominik said he thought youth would prevail because his guys were more likely to stay in top shape.

Of course, time will tell whether Dominik is wrong or right, and the lockout surely hasn’t been good for Alex Magee or Aqib Talib, but Joe was uplifted after learning of the dedicaton of Lee, Joseph, Lynch and Hayward.

5 Responses to “James Lee Sees Physical Upside To Lockout”

  1. Amar Says:

    Where’s the like button?

  2. dan Says:

    i love this.. our team isnt staging organized workouts like eli manning or dree brees we are working out like we draft… in pods!

  3. Bucbeliever Says:

    Gotta love it!!!

  4. derek Says:

    its great to hear davin joseph is still working with the team even though he doesnt have a contract right now. thats part of the reason he will probably have a job here and the former greg white wont

  5. Tuggz Says:

    Joseph is working out hard to get paid, period. Not necessarily paid here.