Bucs Get No Love In Local Polls

May 31st, 2011

Update 12:49 p.m.: Josh Freeman, Ronde Barber, Mark Dominik and other Bucs are now leading in their respective categories. It seems Joe’s readers were outraged. Well done.

Once upon a time, the Tampa Bay area was a football town. Really. Joe swears.

Now Joe’s not too big on Internet polls, but sometimes they can tell a story, especially when there are six polls together and the Bucs are at the bottom of all of them. This is the case right now at TampaBay.com.

TampaBay.com asked readers to vote for one identified player among the Bucs, Rays and Lightning from the following categories:

Best owner
Best general manager
Best coach
Best young player
Best old player
Best import (free agent pickup)

The Bucs came in last place in every category. Now Joe understands that the Bucs are out of season and a little out of mind for some people, but to come in last across the board is outrageous.

Under “Best old player,” Ronde Barber is far behind Marty St. Louis and Johnny Damon. Ronde Barber? A true Bucs icon that can still play? Damon is batting .276 and can’t play the field.

Under “Best import,” Matt Joyce and Dwayne Roloson have a huge lead on LeGarrette Blount. Once a upon a time a 1,000-yard bruising rookie rusher that only started seven games would have been idolized in this town.

Joe is shaking his head.

22 Responses to “Bucs Get No Love In Local Polls”

  1. MVPFreeman Says:

    We best young player in the bag.

    Im wondering how the heck are the Rays’ owners more liked than the Glazers? I understand the Glazers are not very popular but at least they are not trying to move the Bucs out of the Tampa Bay area. Further, They did not purposely cut payroll because they were not selling out home games.

    Strange, very strange.

  2. Gary Says:

    I know the lightning are front and center now but how can a southern warm weather city like ice hockey more than football?

  3. MVPFreeman Says:

    LaBlount just took first

  4. MVPFreeman Says:

    Morris and Dominik too

  5. MVPFreeman Says:

    ..yeah i think joe was a bit premature, we ARE a football town.

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @MVPFreeman – More like Joe’s readers changed the game. Very cool, folks.

  7. Champ Says:

    It is all about the sample audience. The only people who saw the poll before it was linked from here are the doofuses who read tampabay.com for their primary source of news. Those are the same folks who eat up all the negative crap that local beat writers churn out about the Bucs.

  8. MVPFreeman Says:

    Joe, your site undoubtedly made an impact.

    I wish the same could have been said back when we were voting for rookie of the week/year. Must be too difficult to influence the national market with a local website.

  9. MVPFreeman Says:

    Freeman currently voted best young player @ 70%

  10. Joe Says:


    The Rays want to stay in the area but they are being squeezed by the locals.

    The Rays had a helluva plan for a new stadium, but the village idiots in St. Petersburg were able to con the citizens taxes would go up with a new stadium, which was patently false. The measure was roundly defeated and the message sent: We don’t want baseball.

    Then the myopic mayor of St. Petersburg is trying to strongarm the Rays into staying in that dump of a stadium where people — for reasons that are truly unfathomable — will not drive across a bridge to watch and which greatly limits revenue.

    The Rays took a team from the worst owner professional sports has ever known, and within a few months during it into a model franchise on a shoestring budget. How could people not like them?

    The people and more specifically Foster have put the Rays in a no-win situation. Joe can’t blame them for looking to move to the northeast.

  11. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    The Bucs are NOW leading in every poll category.

  12. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Wow! The JoeBucsFan gang destroyed that poll! Those numbers changed immediately after the post lol

  13. Dave Says:

    Best owner = Lightning
    Best general manager = Bucs
    Best coach = Joe Maddon
    Best young player = Josh Freeman
    Best old player = Ronde Barber
    Best import (free agent pickup) = Roloson

  14. Ash Says:

    Bucs are my fav team but no way is Ronde the Best Old Player. Has Ronde ever won MVP or heck even Defensive Player of the Year?
    Marty has a championship and a MVP and is on the ballot for MVP this year. Ronde I love him but his game has slipped a bit where Martys hasnt

  15. Kevin Says:

    Best owner = Vinik
    Best general manager = Dominik
    Best coach = Boucher
    Best young player = Josh Freeman
    Best old player = Martin St. Louis
    Best import (free agent pickup) = Blount

  16. Jonny Says:

    I agree with all the results there, but come on, Morris better than Maddon? Not yet!

  17. Bill Says:

    Best Owner-Vinik
    Best GM-Dominik (Give Stevie Y a couple more years and he may pass him)
    Best Coach-Maddon (Until Morris or Boucher get as close as Joe did to a Championship)
    Best Young Player-Steven Stamkos(All Star, Top NHL Goal scorer over the last 2 years)Josh a very close second, then David Price.
    Best Old Player-Barber and St.Louis tie (each had big plays in Championship runs and can still play)
    Best Import- For a lack of anything better right now have to go with Blount.

  18. Bill Says:

    And lets not forget the Marty St. Louis was also a free agent, released by the Flames.

  19. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe its simple – The Glazers sponsored this poll in order to present to the CBA/PAA that fans are dropping off. It’s a total sham but it will accomplish what the NFL owners want…..

  20. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Best owner is now with the Bucs, as are all the polls.

    @Mr. Lucky
    Check again…no fan drop off, friend.


    The Rays want to stay in the area but they are being squeezed by the locals.

    Personally, I have nothing against the Rays in general, but as a guy that cannot stand baseball I could care less if the Rays left.

    I would take a minor system for the NFL over baseball any time. Have minor games in the off season…man that would be sweet!

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Bill Says:

    May 31st, 2011 at 8:02 pm
    And lets not forget the Marty St. Louis was also a free agent, released by the Flames.

    Really? I admit, I love watching hockey, but I don’t know the second thing about it. The penalties completely confuse me.

    But I thought St Louis was here last year?

  22. Bill Says:


    I didn’t see the pole, i was basing it off of what was on here. Marty has been here several years, but we did sign him as a free agent. If the pole was only for free agents prior to the last season my apologies, i misunderstood.