Will Tension Swirl Around Chucky’s Return?

April 20th, 2011

Whether Tampa Bay’s return to Monday Night Football in October is blacked out locally or not, Chucky will still call the game for a national TV audience on BSPN.

Chucky: “That guy Spurlock, you want a talk about a kid who loves football, it’s this guy. I’ve always loved that guy. He was a quarterback, you know, and I have a soft spot for those guys. He took one to the house for me that broke the Bucs’ famous streak of no kick returns for touchdowns.”

Jaws: “Yeah, but didn’t you cut him and then Mark Dominik and Raheem pulled him off the couch and utilized his receiving talent?”

With Chucky on the broadcast crew, that means during the week of the game he would get to walk around Bucs practice and One Buc Palace and talk to Buccaneers, and talk game plan with Raheem Morris and his protoge Greg Olson.

“Olie, man, that’s my fuc*ing playbook. I should get royalties on that beast. Damn, if I had LeGarrette Blount and Freeman, I’d have a top 5 offense. You gotta step up your game, Olie. And what’s with all these young receivers, I hate kids.”

Hmm, how awkward might that be, considering Chucky was fired in a surprising move weeks after a 9-7 season and has not been one to say anything much about the Bucs or Team Glazer, despite his prominent role in the media. Chucky sure comes off as bitter in Joe’s eyes.

Will Team Glazer authorize officially welcoming Chucky back to the stadium via the public address system? 

Personally, given Chucky’s stunning firing in Tampa, his close ties with Saints head coach Sean Payton, and the Saints playing the Bucs two weeks after the Colts, Joe would advise Raheem and company to feed Chucky a bunch of lies and smokescreens when they meet.

There’s no way the Bucs should trust Chucky. Of course, Raheem is probably way to classy for such shenanigans, but Joe doesn’t like the idea of Chucky having intimate knowledge of the Bucs more than he already does.

35 Responses to “Will Tension Swirl Around Chucky’s Return?”

  1. Derf Says:

    Darn it Joe you’re just a hater aren’t you?

  2. Derf Says:

    Joe wrote: “Chucky’s sure comes off as bitter in Joe’s eyes.”


    I don’t recall any bitter statements that Chucky said/wrote about the Glazers.

    Are you sure you aren’t confusing Eric with Chucky?

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Derf – First, Chucky’s silence about his departure from the Bucs speaks volumes. Joe tried to talk to him about it in 2009, long after he was fired, and Gruden shut him down. He’s never been candid about it. There’s no way the guy wasn’t bitter, and stunned, his staff sure was. The guy might have been the first coach with long term contract in league history dumped after a 9-7 season with a team that wasn’t loaded with first-rate talent.

  4. jvato24 Says:

    Im not sure how awkward it will be .. He has been getting checks with 6 zeros anually from One Buc for the last 3 years .. Plus Chucky liked Raheem quite a bit.

  5. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    He is the President of the F.F.C.A.! (Fired Football Coaches Association) When I first heard Gruden say that I about fell on the floor! He even had shirts and hats made with F.F.C.A. on them, and is giving them to the QB’s he has had on the show. Gruden bitter? Nah….

  6. Tuggz Says:

    I cannot calculate how bitter or not Chucky is with either the Glazers or the organization as a whole, but isn’t it true that he coaches his son’s football team in Hillsborough? I assume that means he has a home in the area. This would lead me to believe that he does not possess ill-will against the residents of Tampa Bay. After all, many people are STILL protesting the fact that he was fired and replaced by Raheem Morris & Co.

    That being said, when he was fired, that does mean that all ties have been cut from the Buccaneers outside of his contractual paychecks. There is no incentive at all to give him any inside information on what the Bucs plans are, nor is it worth the risk to do so even on friendly grounds.

  7. jvato24 Says:

    Why no mention of the Bucs latest Front Office DUI ??

  8. Joe Says:


    Joe doesn’t think whatever the hell a secretary does short of a felony or caught banging a cheerleader on his desk is news for a football site much less a newspaper. This person not only isn’t a public figure, but has zero impact on the day-to-day operations of the Bucs. Joe’s ashamed any newspaper would consider this news.

    What, so we are going to start writing about janitors at One Buc Palace getting popped for DUIs?

  9. bucyea Says:

    spot on about dui arrest…of the local, buc hatin’ media, will act like its a murder charge, and the bucs are gangsters. as for chucky, thank god he’s gone, great talker, but cannot develop a team or at least hasn’t so far. It’s all about him and winning right now, with no regard for future as he knows he’ll be skippin to next “on the cusp” team, talk all credit for winning, then destroy the future of the team, with has draft prowess.

  10. Deputy Buc Says:

    I agree Joe. Dude has not impact on the team. Sometimes in today’s society there is too much “news”

  11. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe, chucky has publicly been very classy with handling his firing. He is contractually prevented from conduct detrimental which criticism could be construed as.

  12. Gary Says:

    Rejoice clowns! Eric, Thomas, and the rest of the girls can put on their prettiest dresses and wait in CITS for their lord Gruden’s return.

  13. bucyea Says:

    sorry for few spelling errors, in a major hurry but, i think you get my point.

  14. Joe Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    Joe, chucky has publicly been very classy with handling his firing. He is contractually prevented from conduct detrimental which criticism could be construed as.

    Joe’s sure of that.

  15. Joe Says:

    LOL You’re cool bucyea.

  16. nick Says:

    How long into the game do you think Chucky will say “Man, that Josh Freeman. I wish I had a qb like that when i was here”

  17. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe: I agree in isolation this recent DUI is no big deal. The Fab Sports Broad just said that this is the 10th Buc arrest since Jan 2010 or the last 16 months if you include all employees and players. Clearly, this is becoming a problem. This also is the Great Rah Rah’s designated driver – even though Rah Rah was reportedly not in the car.

  18. MVPFreeman Says:

    Ive been waiting two years for this moment. Now Raheem ‘The Dream’ will do what Chucky couldn’t, beat the Colts on primetime.

    I hope Gru throws a fit on national TV hahaha.

  19. OAR Says:

    Atleast, we’re giving the Ben-gals a run for the money as champs in arrests!

  20. OAR Says:

    Since there’s a lockout and looking at his duties, I guess you are right about the arrest.
    From the Bucs website: Kaiser manages several elements of Morris’s off-field agenda, including the day-to-day agenda, player and staff communications and the football calendar, including the offseason programs, mini-camps and training camp..

  21. OAR Says:

    Spurlock was cut and quickly signed to the Bucs practice squad in 2008. We did have Byrant. It was actually Raheem that did not sign him in 2009. He ended up signing with San Fransico, because of the Carbtree holdout. He played in 4 games for them, before re-signing with us the rest of the season. I also believe, he also played for the Tuskers in 2009. I’m glad Spur is on the team, regardless!

  22. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    I appreciate your take on the front office DUI, Joe.

    Covering it would be ridiculous (I’m looking at you ProFootballTalk.com).

  23. Dave Says:

    Awkward or not, trust him or not, like him or not…. they SHOULD acknowledge him some how due to the fact that the guy brought a SB to Tampa!

  24. jfgobucs Says:

    Dude…won me a Superbowl..and I’ll never forget it…

  25. Joe Says:


    Thanks. If the person who got busted for a DUI was someone of significance in the front office on the football side, a scout, a coach or a player, sure, that’s news.

    People who work in the front office who have zero input or impact on the football side of operations for the Bucs are not public figures. To Joe, this guy is no more relevant to the Bucs than Joe’s next door neighbor.

  26. Joe Says:


    Awkward or not, trust him or not, like him or not…. they SHOULD acknowledge him some how due to the fact that the guy brought a SB to Tampa!

    Totally agree!

    Father Dungy, for reasons unknown to Joe, is worshiped in many areas of this town. He never won a Super Bowl.

  27. Joe Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    If a janitor at One Buc Palace gets popped this weekend for a DUI, should we hang Rah for it?

    Joe will say it one last time. This guy is not a public figure.

  28. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Gruden won Tampa a Super Bowl, like him or not. He brought home the Bacon. I like him on MNF, and think he may have found his niche ? Evidently, many in America like him too, or he would not be back on MNF. One can only wonder what he may have been able to do with Mark Dominik finding the talent he has. Not to take anything away from Raheem.

  29. gitarlvr Says:

    I cant wait to hear Gruden call the Bucs game. Im sure he will shower the Bucs players and coaches with the same hyperbole he does every team and player. Whatever bitterness he might have towards the Glazers, he just won’t be able to stop himself.

  30. ScottB Says:


    There’s a statue of Chucky at One Buc Place along with others from the Super Bowl champs

  31. WeNeedDefense Says:

    “There’s a statue of Chucky at One Buc Place along with others from the Super Bowl champs”

    Yes there is… which makes Joe’s story the hyperbole.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think it is a little awkward. Chucky is still carrying around this FFCA crap. It was funny 2-1/2 years ago, but it’s getting a little stale now. Jon’s entire schtick is getting a little stale. I also don’t trust Jon when it comes to Sean Payton, so I’d make him wait out front during practice and let him admire his statue. Jon is the one that cost Jon is job. I may have handled it a little differently at the time, but it’s over now, and I wouldn’t let him anywhere close to the facility. He can Schtick it. Tell ESHPN to send Jaws or Dilfer instead. Hit the road Jack and don’t cha come back.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I would imagine it would be awkward for everyone, including Jon Gruden. Hopefully, wounds have healed enough where it won’t be, but that is probably wishful thinking. Regardless, it will sure make for an interesting week of preparation. I would guess it will make the game a little bigger than a regular MNF game. It will be a great test for our young team to deal with a major distraction, not to mention having to play one of the best teams in the league.

  34. espo Says:

    Gruden is always here anyways. This is his home. This was his home before he became our coach. I think it was only a matter of time before he crossed paths with Bucs personnel and probably has already.

  35. Peter Says:

    This is why sometimes I don’t like reading Joes stuff. He gets to personal. Gruden is happy and laughing all the way to the bank.
    He promoted Raheem remember that.
    Go Bucs!,,