Welcome Back, Stylez, Stovall, Joseph?

April 27th, 2011

Perhaps the greatest what-if moment of the 2010 season. Oh, the agony.

As the courts, the NFL and its players sort out the legal mess of the lockout being lifted (for now), the chance of the 2011 season being played under the labor rules of the 2010 season seems to have increased quite a bit.

And there’s a decent chance those rules could take effect by the end of the week.

For those who forgot, it was widely reported the Bucs slapped restricted free agent tenders on a pile of players in February, including Stylez White, Jeremy Trueblood, Quincy Black, Davin Joseph, Tim Crowder and Maurice Stovall. It was sort of a just-in-case move if the NFL was going to continue to only recognize players with six years of service as unsrestricted free agents. Two months ago that seemed unlikely, as both sides were negotiating and there wasn’t much chatter about the lockout eventually being lifted by the courts.

So if the 2010 rules are put into place to govern the NFL while the owners and players continue to work on a new labor agreement and slug out their lawsuits in court, it’s likely those restricted free agents would have guaranteed contracts with the Bucs for 2011, unless other teams matched the Bucs’ price and gave up compensation to sign the player. 

Right now, Joe can’t stomach writing about a return of Stovall. After his brutal let up/missed tackle against Atlanta that set up a kickoff return for a touchdown, Joe’s still in agony over that season-changing play.

Crowder and Stylez’s return with a guaranteed deal would be a bit more interesting, especially given the Bucs’ likely picking a defensive end or two in the draft. With a rookie DE or two, Crowder, Stylez, Michael Bennett and Alex Magee, it sure seems like Kyle Moore is a longshot for the 2011 roster.

As Joe has written before, Joe knows fans like to point to Stylez’s sack totals and then point him to the nearest Greyhound bus out of town, but Joe can’t go there. A veteran who has proven to be extremely durable (one missed game in four years) and extremely effective as a role player, Stylez has value.

Joe prefers Stylez’s 24 sacks in four years over Kyle Moore’s zero sacks in two years.

4 Responses to “Welcome Back, Stylez, Stovall, Joseph?”

  1. Meh Says:

    Stylez would be fine as depth. It is him starting that makes me miserable.

  2. espo Says:

    Meh, I agree with bringing back Stylez for depth, maybe even rotate him occasionally.

    Joe, Stovall’s play on Weems was atrocious but he has already proven himself a very competent special teams player. Plays like that are not the norm for him. That play didn’t solely lose that game for us. I’d like to blame a 3rd and long conversion that should never happen, and an interception to Brent Grimes that didn’t happen. I think we should keep him, although its hard to justify with all the depth we have at receiver.

  3. derek Says:

    white is fine for depth but I just cant get over his lack of work ethic and his arrogance especially for someone who hasnt ever done crap. hopefully his selfishness doesnt spread

  4. Patrick Says:

    I have nothing against keeping Stylez. He’s ok as a backup, brings a veteran presence to the team, and knows the defense well. Hey he’s still the best DE we currently have.

    Glad we’re bringing Joseph back. He’s one of our key players.

    I don’t know exactly what to think about Stovall coming back. Great guy, good special teams player, but he doesn’t really contribute as a receiver.