Video Highlights Of Da’Quan Bowers

April 29th, 2011

So you didn’t think Joe could find some video highlights of new defensive end Da’Quan Bowers? What’s the matter with you?

In this NFL Network video, a variety of highlights and description of Bowers’ talents are provided.

Next up is Mike Mayock’s report from Bowers’ Pro Day at Clemson. Mayock says something very telling: “If you love the tape on Bowers, you’ll still love the kid. Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik is a big tape guy.

In yet another NFL Network video, Bowers talks about what gets his motor in gear and about where he grew up.

8 Responses to “Video Highlights Of Da’Quan Bowers”

  1. Weneeddefense Says:

    Bowers will need to diet hard becaused he needs to keep the weight down, and he cant do it exercising the legs. He should swim in the deep end too. The thinner he is the better off he will be. Think about it, he needs to keep the weight off his knees.

  2. Hector Says:

    Joe, do you think the bucs are done with drafting DE’s? I am hoping for a LB like the MLB form Ill. or Justin Houston, however is their an offensive player still out there that the bucs might go after? (Marcus Cannon) (TCU)?

  3. Joe Says:


    Joe agrees. Time to load up on linebacker and secondary.

    Colin McCarthy anyone?

  4. Hector Says:


    I like McCarthy, i just don’t like what he did to my Terps. (speaking of his play). how about a pass russing DE coming behind Clayborn or Bowers, can you picture that? what CB do you see left that can make an impact on the team?

  5. Hector Says:

    sorry i meant a pass rushing OLB.

  6. Hector Says:

    I guess I can live with Ruud with if the DL does a better job against the run. then all Ruud would have to do is just cleanup the run.

  7. Dave Says:


    I am pretty sure the Bucs traiing staff will have him doing the right things.

  8. BuccoBill Says:

    After watching the first video I had to chuckle Joe. It looks as if Cam Newton already knows Bowers quite well! I bet he’s hoping that the knee is worse, not better than projected.