Stylez Battling To Stay Motivated

April 19th, 2011

Known for his brutal public honesty on Twitter and Facebook, leading the Bucs in sacks over the past four seasons, and loads of charity work in the Tampa Bay area, Stylez White is also known for his dislike of practice.

And Stylez Tweeted this morning that he’s dealing with the challenges surely facing many locked out NFL players.

@StylezWhite – At the car wash.. Man its Hard working out by yourself tryn to stay motivated… Dang! #Keepitmoving

First, Joe would advise Stylez not to fire off a Tweet like this when he might be an unrestricted free agent in a matter of days. Not the kinda thing to holla out there, even if you’re winning the internal fight to stay fit.

It’s going to be interesting to see how many players fall off the conditioning wagon during the lockout. No doubt there will be some surprises when teams eventually report, and Joe suspects it’ll be a lot more glaring than the mysterious few pounds Derrick Ward put on last year.

18 Responses to “Stylez Battling To Stay Motivated”

  1. Gary Says:

    Awww poor Stylez… I know exactly how you feel buddy. Its hard to stay motivated to work out yet I still manage to do so because I want to lose some weight.

    I see how it would be much harder to stay motivated if millions of dollars were on the line for me.

    What a tool. Practically everyone on the planet agree both DEs need to be replaced this year and this idiot can’t find the motivation?!

    Cut this scrub immediately (when we can).

  2. Dave Says:

    I’m worried about Penn.

    On that note, I am sure most teams are worried about an offensive lineman or three

  3. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Should of changed his name to Four Sacks.

  4. Oahubuc Says:

    The more the draft points to ditching this bum, the better I’ll feel.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bestbuy, Bestbuy, Bestbuy.

    They’re calling you Stylez.

  6. Fernando Says:

    I see someone wearing 91 next year it’s not you Stylez.

  7. gitarlvr Says:

    Its time for Greg White(im done dignifying his idiotic, classless name change by acknowledging it) to go. He is effective as a backup when his lack of conditioning isn’t exposed due to his limited snaps. But at this point I am against them resigning him, even as a backup. Despite the fact that he is capable of racking up a handful of sacks in limited playing time, the Bucs just don’t need to be fostering the attitude of laziness Greg White brings. Its unfortunate enough that the team may feel forced to keep guys like Talib and Jackson on the roster because of their immense talent but “Greg” brings no with him no such enticement to be kept around in light of his attittude. When I think of how hard guys like Larsen, Hardman, Okam, Woods etc. etc. must have busted their asses in workouts and practices last year to make it off the practice squad and onto the field gameday(where they performed as well as or better as could be expected) it makes all the more apparent that there is no room in the new Bucs team culture for an old, underachieving, lazy ass like Greg White.

  8. RastaMon Says:

    ‘Stylez Battling To Stay Motivated”……
    perhaps another name change will inspire him as “the League” passes him by…as an added benefit the name change will buy him time duck’n & dodge’n his bill collectors….

  9. WeNeedDefense Says:

    At first I was going to say Joe was being too hard on him.

    Then i thought about it and re-read what he wrote.

    Okay, so ALL he has to do, HIS ONLY JOB is to work out. That’s IT!

    The guy is at the car wash not working, but getting his car washed… complaining about working out… WHEN THAT IS ALL HE HAS TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a tough life.

  10. derek Says:

    white is a bum and all he does is tweet all day and gives you the impression of how great he is,how busy he is,etc needless to say he was unfollowed pretty quickly

  11. Architek Says:

    Keep him for depth thats all.

  12. gitarlvr Says:

    architek- There is no need to keep him even for depth. The Bucs can keep younger, hungrier guys like Alex Magee, Tim Crowder and this years eventual undrafted free agent signees for depth. There is absolutely no need for White.

  13. Micronole Says:

    Too bad for him. He actually could have been damn good player, had he had the work ethic to continue to improve once he made the NFL. Now, he’ll probably end up as one of those flat broke, down and out former jocks we often read about.

  14. Patrick Says:

    Stylez has underachieved but it’s true he’s had almost zero help from the rest of the line since he came here in 07.

    I agree. Keep him for depth and still get a DE high in the draft. Then maybe get another one in the 2nd round/3rd round or go for a proven guy like Ray Edwards if the CBA issue is resolved.

  15. K1ngAdroc Says:

    he is motivated to do stuff during the off season… but none of it is football related.

    hmmmm, I wonder what Crowder, Bennett or Magee are up to these days. Think they’re motivated?

  16. Amar Says:

    I don’t make millions of dollars yet I still hit the gym 5 days a week sometimes 6. This guy is a freakin’ scrub. Release this bum!

    Working out is a lifestyle and you do it because you enjoy it, this idiot obviously doesn’t and it shows how much passion he has for the game…none if any.

    SMH…..freakin idiot.

  17. Tuggz Says:

    lol this whole article is just said. For God’s sake, he’s not even motivated enough to work out.


  18. Tuggz Says: