Raheem Morris Not Among NFL “Power” Coaches

April 5th, 2011

It seems the Bristol Bolsheviks of BSPN decided to rank the top coaches in the NFL.

With the lockout grinding non-draft news to a virtual halt, sans player scrapes with the law, guess the commies who do their best to dictate how right-thinking Americans are supposed to think, watch and like had to give their comrades something to do, all for the party of course.

For reasons unknown, BSPN only listed its top 12 coaches ranked by its writers/bloggers. Raheem Morris is not on the list.

Yet Mike Smith, a guy who has just as many playoff wins as Morris, is on the list. Strange. Also included is Mike Shanahan, who has done little since John Elway retired.

The list begins with Bill Belicheat and ends with Jim Caldwell.

Blogger Pat Yasinskas confessed he did not vote for Morris.

93 Responses to “Raheem Morris Not Among NFL “Power” Coaches”

  1. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Raheem is ranked 32nd.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Mike Smith actually has the same amount of playoff wins as Raheem

  3. Joe Says:

    Thanks Andrew, corrected.

  4. Horice Says:

    There will come a time soon that Rah will command there respect..

  5. Gary Says:

    Pat’s reasoning is sound. He is impressed with Rah but he only had 2 seasons. Can’t really complain. If we make the playoffs next year, nobody will deny he is an elite coach.

  6. Derf Says:

    Joe are you SURPRISED that Raheem isn’t on this list?

    Please tell me WHY a coach with a lifetime record of 13-19 DESERVES to be on the list?

    Mike Smith has ONLY led the Falcons to three (3) winning seasons in a row – team record.

    Mike Smith ONLY has a team record of 33-15 with a winning percentage of .688

    Mike Smith ONLY had a NFC South Conference Title

    Maybe once Raheem has accomplished just ONE of the above he MIGHT make it to the top half of the list. However when you allow the Detroit Lions to knock you out of the playoff hunt….just sad

  7. m.wesley Says:

    I agree with the list for now all but Shanahan.W.T.F

  8. Derf Says:

    Joe is surprised that Mike Shanahan is on the list?????

    Let’s see in the 14 seasons at Denver Mike Shanahan did the following:

    138 wins to 86 losses for a winning percentage of .616 compared to Rah:
    13 wins to 19 losses for a winning percentage of .406

    Mike Shanahan has two (2) Super Bowl wins compared to Rah:
    Raheem Morris has zero, nada, zilch, no Super Bowl wins

    Mike Shanahan has won three (3) division titles compared to Rah:
    Raheem Morris has zero, nada, zilch, no division titles

    Mike Shanahan has a playoff record of 8-5 for .615 winning percentage
    Raheem Morris has a playoff record of 0-0 for .000 winning percentage

    Let’s compare apples to apples shall we – the WHOLE body of work and not just meaningless wins….

  9. IMHO Says:

    @ Derf
    Mike Shanahan was a top 10 coach, 10 yrs ago. What has he done since Elway?

  10. Derf Says:

    Jeff Fisher should have been on the list – at least once he lands on a new team!

  11. Derf Says:

    IMHO – Are you SERIOUS????

    Shanahan’s record – AFTER Elway 1999-2008

    91 wins to 69 losses
    4 playoff appearances
    1 Division Title

    Yeah Shanahan’s a real scrub!

    Of course last year Mike Shanahan coached the absymal Redskins to a 6-10 record which was a lot better than Raheem’s first year record of 3-13!

  12. Derf Says:

    You people are such hypocrits – slamming Mike Shanahan and Mike Smith for making the top 10 list but defending Raheem Morris with a 13-19 record!

    Maybe this site should be renamed HomerBucsfan.com ?????

  13. Joe Says:


    If Shanahan was the greatest thing since sliced bread, why did Denver fire him?

  14. Derf Says:

    BTW Homer’s

    Mike Shanahan inherited a Redskins team in 2009 that was 4-12 and he went 6-10

    Raheem Morris inherited a Bucs team in 2009 that was 9-7 and took them to 3-13!

  15. Joe Says:


    Raheem Morris inherited a Bucs team in 2009 that was 9-7 and took them to 3-13!

    That’s like saying Chucky won with Father Dungy’s team.

  16. Derf Says:

    I NEVER said Shanahan was the greatest thing since sliced bread – YOU did Joe; however compared to Raheem Morris……

    I was merely pointing to FACTS about why Mike Shanahan deserves to be in the top 10 active NFL coaches list and why Raheem Morris doesn’t deserve a spot.

    As for WHY Denver fired Shanahan – probably for the same reason the Glazers fired Chucky!

    BTW – ask Denver fans how Josh McDaniels worked out… 😉

  17. Derf Says:

    Joe wrote: ‘That’s like saying Chucky won with Father Dungy’s team.’

    Joe YOU wrote that – not me. I NEVER said that.

    Funny how you like to SPIN and divert from the FACTS that were presented:

    Bucs were 9-7 in 2008 before Morris and 3-13 in 2009 after hiring Raheem; FACT!

    Redskins were 4-12 in 2009 before Shanahan and 6-10 after hiring Mike – FACT!

  18. IMHO Says:

    1 Div title-2005, 1-4 in tha playoffs. Thats one more playoff win than Rah. Abysmal. They have talent, an unlimited checkbook and he goes 6-10. Yah!Lets throw a party. How on tha earth can u compare Rahs 1st season in his career 2 Shanny’s 1st season in Washington?

    P.S. I agree with u on Jeff Fisher

  19. IMHO Says:

    @ Derf
    You fail 2 mention that tha 2009 Bucs were gutted and butted b4 Rah took over. What significant changes did Washington have?

  20. Joe Says:


    These are your exact words:

    Mike Shanahan inherited a Redskins team in 2009 that was 4-12 and he went 6-10

    Raheem Morris inherited a Bucs team in 2009 that was 9-7 and took them to 3-13!

    Joe did not write that; you did.

    Your comment is as crazy as anyone who says Chucky won with Father Dungy’s team.

    And Joe did write the previous sentence.

  21. Joe Says:


    What significant changes did Washington have?

    The Redskins only added a Pro Bowl quarterback who Shanahan couldn’t figure out how to use and had to resort to Rex Grossman.

  22. New Era Bucs Says:

    Have to agree that Fisher definitely should have made that list over Shanahan. That guy is overrated. After another season Raheem should prove he is the real deal. Now go get some pass rushers.

  23. Derf Says:

    No way guys this is the NFL, this isn’t intermurals.

    Records count…Playoff appearances count…Super Bowl appearances count.

    THAT’S why some coaches like Mike Smith and Mike Shanahan are on the active top 10 list….AND

    THAT’S why some coaches like Raheem Morris AREN’T

    Potential don’t mean NOTHING – you cant’ win a Super Bowl if you don’t make the playoffs and you don’t make the playoffs losing to the Detroit Lions!

  24. bucyou51 Says:

    derf stats are for losers

  25. Derf Says:

    Mike Shanahan’s over-rated but Raheem’s not?

    In the past 2 years Shanahan is 14-18 while Raheem is 13-19?

    Shanahan has an 8-5 Post season record compared to Raheem’s 0-0?


  26. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Only the wins count for Rah, not the losses. Raheem is 13-0 with two of the greatest wins in Buccaneers history coming in against New Orleans. AMAZING. Talk about second half adjustments, and pay no attention to the first halves because wins are the only stat that means anything.

    In fact, any loss in his tenure lies on the shoulders of either Gruden, Jim Bates, Sabby Piscatellie, Barrett Ruud or the referees.

    And don’t you forget that!

  27. Derf Says:

    Bucyou stats are different that a team’s record.

    Stat’s ‘can’ be meaningless and manipulated but a teams record?

    Ok if stats are for losers how DO you judge the coaches – playoff wins?- Super Bowl wins?

    If that’s your criteria than Raheem can’t hold a candle to Mike Shanahan.

    However if you use the following:
    How many of your players get arrested?

    Then I guess he’s an up & coming HC!

  28. Achetti813 Says:

    Someone get Derf out of here. we were a 9-7 team that lost the last 4 games of the seaon to miss the playoffs. Fired the coach over it and brought in a new qb and drafted a qb

  29. Derf Says:

    Joe wrote: “Also included is Mike Shanahan, who has done little since John Elway retired.”

    Joe didn’t research his FACTS:

    Shanahan’s record – AFTER Elway 1999-2008

    91 wins to 69 losses 0.568
    4 playoff appearances
    1 Division Title

    If Joe’s not impressed with that I wonder how impressed Joe is with Raheem’s 3-13 and zero playoff appearances…

    Oh wait I know coming in 3rd in the NFC South was an improvement over coming in 4th the previous year.

    What a yardstick to measure a team’s growth!

  30. IMHO Says:

    @ Derf
    I see u like avoiding tha truth. You were probably All-World in elementary dodgeball. Why are u comparing what New Era said about Shanny being overrated and applying that 2 Rah? If records meant 2 Pat Bowlen what they meant 2 u then Shanny would still be employed there.

  31. MrGone Says:

    Maybe I missed it, but not one person posting above claimed that Rah should be on the list. Joe possibly alluded to it, just to get a rise from the haters, soWeneeddefense and Derf, well, derf you both.

  32. Derf Says:


    Wow so 9-7 and missing the playoffs is really bad and get’s you fired but 3-13 is ok?

    News Flash 10-6 wasn’t good enough for a playoff appearance either! When your playoff quest is squashed by Detroit!

  33. IMHO Says:

    Last time I checked there’s only 1 winner every season. Teams don’t get custom rings fitted 4 being Div Champs.

  34. Derf Says:

    MrGone – No one said Raheem should be on the top 10 coaches list; there isn’t enough Flavor-Aid for that.

    What Joe wrote was that Mike Smith and Mike Shanahan were on the list ahead of Raheem and Joe was puzzled….

    Thankfully I pointed out the FACTS of WHY those coaches are ON the list and why Raheem Morris is NOT on the list.

    I also pointed out the hyprocrisy for those who say, ‘our guys’ getting snubbed’ when in fact Raheem has yet to prove himself to the NFL.

    Remember last season when the Bucs were doing well but not getting any national media love? Remember the beat down the Falcons gave the Bucs in Atlanta?

    Be a fan, love the team – got that. Just keep it REAL.

  35. Derf Says:

    IMHO – you can’t win the Super Bowl if you don’t get to the playoffs! Haven’t you been paying attention?

    Teams that are ‘on the cusp’ or on the verge of ‘greatness’ usually appear in playoff games…and they don’t lose to Detroit!

  36. OAR Says:

    Maybe Raheem doesn’t belong on the bottom, but he doesn’t fit into the top 10 or even this top 12 list!
    I agree with the list, maybe not that exact order, but looks similar to what I would have come up with.
    What would your guys top 10 list look like?

  37. m.wesley Says:

    I only stated that Shanahahan shouldnt be on this list, what are you talking about but i see what you are talking about,so Tiki Barber should be on list for runningbacks look at what he did come on man thats history what you are talking about. what did Shanahan do his first two years oh he got fired and still became a good coach get over this hate stuff and just get another team if its so bad to have him as your coach .All the crying was over by most wait until he actually does something wrong before you crabs start pinching him

  38. Joe Says:


    What Joe wrote was that Mike Smith and Mike Shanahan were on the list ahead of Raheem and Joe was puzzled….

    Joe never wrote any such thing. Re-read the post.

  39. Derf Says:

    Wes I simply wrote WHY Mike Shanahan SHOULD be on the top 10 list.

    I’m NOT complaining about Raheem – I’m just pointing out that people who speak highly of Raheem being an up and coming coach in the same breath claim that Mike Smith and Mike Shanahan don’t deserve that honor.

    Why are you bringing in a retired running back into a discussion about NFL coaches?

    Then you start talking about ‘hate’ – are you reading something that I’m not writing? There is not one paragraph of hate on this blog entry and anyone who thinks otherwise is incorrect.

  40. Jamie Says:

    I do not agree with this reasoning, but it should be noted that Mike Shanahan has as many Super Bowl rings as Raheem Morris has seasons of coaching experience. The man is no good right now, but he once was, and that weighs heavily on the minds of these institutionalized voters. These polls should be done according to current value, not lifetime achievement. We have the Hall of Fame for that.

    That said, Raheem doesn’t even approach this list yet. He needs to string together successive winning seasons, and win a playoff game or three.

  41. Derf Says:

    Joe wrote: “Raheem Morris is not on the list. Yet Mike Smith, a guy who has just as many playoff wins as Morris, is on the list. Strange.”

    Derf interpreted the above as Joe being puzzled. Maybe Derf should have used the word(s):


    Derf would not have used the word strange. Derf would have written:
    Mike Smith, a guy who has just as many playoff wins as Morris, is one the list. Deservingly so.

  42. Jo Mama Says:


    I guess when you are putting out stuff every day you can’t hit a home run or even get hit by the pitch with every story….

    Do you have an Eject Button which enables you to delete the story due to Epic Fail?

    How is a 34 year old coach going to be a power broker? You should have just let this story slide.

  43. Derf Says:

    Jamie – I understand your point but how can someone simply ignore a person’s work history and work ethic?

    Saying Shanahan is no good right now? REALLY?

    I like how Shanahan handled Haynesworth. I disagreeded on how he handled the whole Donavan McNabb situation but I think that a coach needs to be given 2-3 years to totally integrate their system(s).

    Using your standard Raheem would have been let go after year 1…

  44. Stanglassman Says:

    This is an evolving league and I believe Mike smith and Rah are elite coaches moving forward and both are deserving to be on this list. Mike Shanahan is move like Joe Gibbs maybe once a great coach but the game has just passed them by.

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody doubts Raheem. No surprise there. Rah is Rah, at first I hated him, but now I love him. The guy grows on you and his players love him. I have always felt a good way to help evaluate a leader is to ask his subordinates their opinion, and not just his boss. No coach did more with less in 2010′ than Raheem. So I could care less where Rah is ranked, he is our coach, and my number 1, and I don’t want another coach. I am happy and this team is on the right path. I think Rah is a reflection of his team, The Bucs ended the season as a top 10 team in my eyes. The pass interference call with Lions is about the only thing that changed that. I see a top 10 coach with a top 10 team, and moving up.

  46. Joe Says:

    Jo Mama:

    Joe doesn’t believe anywhere in this post where the term “power broker” was used.

  47. MOBucs Says:

    I agree with ESPN’s take. Raheem is definately on the rise but needs to show that the Bucs are consistent winners. Oh and a division championship or playoff birth would really help his cause. I think he could be on this list in a season or two, but not yet.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I interpret the list as the top current coaches. If that is the criteria, I would put Raheem over Shanahan. If it is body of work, obviously Shanahan would be ahead of Raheem. Shanahan let his ego destroy a team unlike I have seen in recent memory.

    I am sick and tired of hearing ignorant haters continue to point to Raheem’s career record as if that proves anything. He was given a gutted team that Vince Lombardi couldn’t have won with. Only a complete moron could believe otherwise. How do you know he is a good coach? First of all, they never quit, even when they were 1-12. Second, he won with a record number of rookie starters last year. They also won with an absurd amount of KEY injuries, as well as with a bunch of undrafted players. Finally, 10 dash 6, enough said. Haters will try to discount all those points, but anybody with any common sense knows it’s true.

    I really don’t care if Raheem isn’t on the list. Who really cares? Let’s revisit this in a couple years. I have a feeling the list will change.

  49. gotbbucs Says:

    even raheem would agree that he doesnt belong anywhere close to the top 10 in any list right now. his due will come when its earned and in the nfl thats by winning playoff games which i think will come very soon.

  50. Derf Says:

    Hawaiian – my aren’t we crabby today?

    Haters??? Who but you said anything about haters???

    I don’t hate Raheem in the slightest. I point to his career record of 13-19 and say that justifies him NOT being on the list – at this time.

    I also had to point out that two members of the list – Mike Smith and Mike Shanahan have a better record than Raheem and their body of work, including playoff appearances justifies their ranking.

    Obviously you don’t like Freedom of Speech because when you read something that disagrees with your point you cry: “Haters…haters”. Sorry but I won’t let that slide; it’s called disagreement.

    Two more 10-6 seasons and throw in a playoff appearance and yes Raheem may make the list

  51. Derf Says:

    Joe if YOU were allowed to vote in the top 10 ACTIVE coaches poll what would YOUR ranking be? Curious……

  52. WeNeedDefense Says:

    “I am sick and tired of hearing ignorant haters continue to point to Raheem’s career record as if that proves anything. ”


    If you don’t start with the record, THEN WHAT DO YOU START WITH??? Slanted perspectives based on nut hugging bias?

    When it comes to Raheem, stats are meaningless.
    And now, his career record is meaningless, EXCEPT for last year.

  53. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Again, Raheem is 13-0 according to all the nut huggers.

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Derf, I wasn’t calling you out. I was referring to those who are critical of Raheem no matter what he does. I honestly wasn’t even thinking of you. Again, I don’t have a problem with him not being on the list. I could care less.

    As for the career record, he was given practically nothing his first year. Everyone knew we were going to be horrible, regardless of the coach. You have to allow a regime to instill their own system and let their players develop before you can judge them fairly. If you don’t understand that, I don’t know what to tell you.

  55. Joe Says:


    I would have to think about it. But if one is going to include Mike Smith and Mike Shannhan (this isn’t the 1990s), Raheem Morris shouldn’t be completely dismissed.

    Granted, Raheem has only been around two yeare — one more than Mike Smith. But last year was pretty impressive.

  56. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Question to those of you who dismiss ‘stats’

    Who’s the better coach – Pete Carroll or Raheem Morris?

    Remember that Seattle was 1-1 in the playoffs last year – beating the Saints…..

  57. Mr. Lucky Says:

    How about Todd Haley? Wouldn’t he be on the up and coming list as well?

  58. m.wesley Says:

    Like I said i agree with the list all but Shanahan which means I agree with Morris not being on there yet,I talked about old runningbacks because you taiked about superbowls that Shanahan won years ago,he just got back and did less than Morris Tiki just got back so why not do the same for him that you did for Shanahan so by your words Tiki should be in the top ten he had better stats than most the guys on the list ,right?

  59. thomas 2.2 Says:

    First of all Joe, Rah did take a 9-7 team to 3-13. He hired and fired both coordinators which set the team back. He chose to go with Lefty experiment and Josh Johnson experiment before Free which even John Lynch was saying was a bad idea that would set the team back in the pre-season.

    That 09 season was a debacle purely b/c of horrible, thats right embarrassingly horrible, coaching, organization etc. After 2009, Rah was 32nd on the list of top coaches.

    Now Free improved dramatically during the 09 and 10 off-season; the bucs had an amazingly favorable schedule not just in teams played but when they drew them with back-up and third string qb’s; additionally, the offense got more talented thanks to Dom and Olson – none of that has anything to do with RAh.

    The defense stunk in 2009, stunk in 2010 with the league’s worst fron 7 if you combine run-stopping and qb pressure stats – that is the HC/DC responsibility.

    Yes, Rah probably moved up from 32nd after 2010 but how far is surely up for debate.

    I know you sheep are desperate to prop up this guy who is 13-19, and never has finished better than 3rd in the division – those stats don’t lie.

    I would never want Free to be injured b/c he is a star in the making – but I would like to see this team play without – there are very few teams that anyone would expect them to beat.

    Rah is an excitable kid who is a fine d backs coach who tries to treat these guys like his buddies, which they love I admit, but this team improved last year in spite of him not because of him. If there is football next yeatr it will be telling.

    If they step backwards you guys will have some excuses for Rah Rah, they had injuries(like everyone), or the schedule was tough, or the division was tough, or they are young . . . bla bla bla. The requirement is making the playoffs around here – or at least it was for the two prior regimes.

    B/c these guys have fooled the public by setting the bar so low in 2009, you guys celebrate missing the playoffs and third in the division as if it comes with a Lombardi trophy – pathetic.

    I don’t understand why someone would attack derf for pointing out Rah’s record. When you guys were bashing Gruden I would here: he is barely a .500 coach around here (and you would fail to remember or accept the excuse re: the year we won 5 games b/c Simms and Griese were both out for the year and we played with Gradkowski)

    RAh is responsible for 2009 for the coordinators debacle, going with Leftwich and Johnson, trying to move Phillips to LInebacker and then back, changing the defense away from the Tampa 2 and on and on and on. How quickly you sheep want to forget.

  60. McBuc Says:

    Derf…It is not what you are saying, but how you are saying it. You come off bitter for some reason.

    BTW, welcome back, I have not seen you post in a long time. Welcome back…

    That being said, I agree with BigMac and Hawiian on the list…who cares.

  61. m.wesley Says:

    Morris is doing the same thing Dungy had to do not what Gruden had to do I am not going to sit here and tell you that because you already know this is ridiculous you know all of that and dont know why Gruden was fired,but you crabs main thing to do is play dumb and hope the progress this man made wont continue.Thats sad.

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    I see 3 things here today: Stupid, Dumb & Blind, but that is because I am on one side, and I will not compromise my beliefs.

    Some arguments are pointless because it doesn’t matter what you say, the other side will never get it, much less listen and that goes both ways. There appears to be a positive and a negative side based on the comments alone. One view of Raheem & his team is optimistic and the other is pessimistic. The likely outcome should be decided in the not too distant future, where one side should emerge victorious and the other will likely go down in Flames. When that happens, another paradigm shift may occur. Some people just hate Raheem for the sake of hating Raheem. I have said this before, but I would much rather be wrong and win, than be right and lose. Think about it, you morons.

  63. gotbbucs Says:

    you are absolutely right thomas. im sure our general manager had no hand in hiring jagz, bates, or leftwich. morris and dom were both 1st timers who made some mistakes, realized it, and immediately fixed them. .what else do you want them to do?

  64. gotbbucs Says:

    That pretty much sums it up BigMac. There seems to be no middle ground on these comments boards. There are those like me who can see that good things lay ahead and that this thing is going to take time and then there’s the radicals who here Morris and Dominik’s name and immediately run and grab their torches and pitch forks and prepair to storm the castle.
    I mean seriously, a stupid ESPN coach ranking and three or four guys actually took the time to argue about this for most of the afternoon. Really?

    Of course Morris isn’t going to be ranked in the top 10 or 12 or whatever it is. He hasn’t even been to the playoffs yet and this team isn’t a finished product yet and neither is he as a coach. I truely beleive he will be considered a top 10 coach at some point, but what’s more important is whether or not Freeman becomes a Top 5 QB in this league. Morris can do and say whatever he wants, but the bottom line is this team will go as far as Freeman can take it. Morris and his staff need to keep developing young talent and Dominik needs to keep feeding good players into the system.
    As far as I could tell all three of those things were taking place last year so what the hell exactly is the problem? Sit back, shut up, and enjoy the show!!

  65. Ish Says:

    It just pisses me off that a man who admitted to cheating, said he had a long record and history of cheating, and showed no remorse for cheating is named the best coach.

  66. Achetti813 Says:

    Derf, you do seem quite angry as if Raheem snubbed you a spot on the practice squad or took your girlfriend to dinner. No one is saying that Raheem is a top 10 coach at the moment but this is this years ratings which should take into account what a team did moving forward into last year and what they are doing moving forward into next year. Mike Smith was fired, he should not be on this list. Raheem took the youngest team in FB to not only a winning record but a 10-6 record knocking on the door of the playoffs in the only division that had 3 teams go 10-6 or better. Yes we lost to the lions without our only shut down corner. If you watched the game calvin johnson completed 1st down after first down not to mention the pass interference on kellen that was bogus. Raheem has us in the right direction faster than we hoped so for that he shows potential of a top 10 coach. THIS IS A BUCS FAN WEBSITE IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SUPPORT THE TEAM DONT COMMENT ON HERE.

  67. Achetti813 Says:

    Also the bucs had the most 2nd half defensive shut outs in the NFL last year meaning the team came out of the locker room and did not give up a single point. Raheem is not only our HC but our Defensive Coordination. hmmm….

  68. Joe Says:

    thomas 2.2:

    First of all Joe, Rah did take a 9-7 team to 3-13.


    How many tackles did Derrick Brooks make… or Cato June? How many passes did Philop Buchanan grab? How many touchdowns did Jeff Garcia throw? How many touches did Warrick Dunn have? How many catches did Ike Hilliard make?

    Take your time. Feel free to explain the above questions in great detail.

    To suggest Raheem took a 9-7 team to 3-13 may be stupider than claiming Chucky won the Super Bowl with Father Dungy’s teams.

    About the only thing the same with the Bucs from 2008 to 2009 was the uniform colors.

  69. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Exactly Joe. Thomas probably blames Raheem for that too. But I’d be willing to bet he won’t post again on this topic, because there is really nothing he can say to argue your point. He’s definitely not man enough to admit he was wrong. That has been proven over and over again.

  70. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m actually fine with Raheem being left off this list for a couple reasons:

    1) He really hasn’t earned it…yet. Sure, to us he’s probably one of the best coaches we’ll ever have, or well on his way to being so. But in the grand scheme of things in the NFL right now, he’s only just beginning.

    2) It will drive him. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but when the media says Raheem isn’t going to do something or that he isn’t good enough to be something, he rises to the challenge. He is a very challenge driven coach.

    3) And finally, the purely selfish reason…I can’t wait to read all these guys in the media changing their tunes and acting like they never failed to acknowledge Raheem and the Bucs, except in negative ways.

    At the beginning of last season, they all said the Bucs were terrible. Predictions of 2-14 or 5-11 were all over the place. But as the season ticked away, they all changed their tunes. Only Peter King admitted hiis mistake.

    After the season was over, they all started making negative predictions again, saying the Bucs had an easy schedule and that they could not do 10 wins again.

    Raheem has already made his own bold prediction…11 wins. That’s his goal this season.

    He loves a challenge, and he always increases the difficulty of one. I’m going to enjoy this show. Yes I am.

  71. Derf Says:


    Don’t be such a HOMER dude. First get your FACTS straight:

    1. Mike Smith is HC of the Atlanta Falcons and wasn’t fired
    2. The Bucs had the 2nd youngest team last year – Green Bay was younger
    3. This IS a Bucs fans site but that doesn’t mean you can’t discuss topics.

    The fact of the matter is JOE found it STRANGE that Mike Smith and Mike Shanahan made the top 10 list – I didn’t.

    The IMPLICATION from Joe was that Raheem Morris is as good as the aforementioned coaches – I don’t (at least not yet)

    2009 was an unmitigated disaster while 2010 was a 180 degree turnaround. The ultimate question is this – what will 2011 bring? I hope that the team will expound on the advances of 2010 but I’m still on the fence about the HC – I don’t dislike him and I’m rooting for the best.

    However at the same time I have to keep it real and acknowled that yes there were improvements and the team appears to be moving in the right direction.

    But dude if you think that being a ‘fan’ means not looking at both the positive and negative you’re delusional.

  72. Derf Says:

    Pete I’ve got to say that I’m with you 100% on your prior post – use this list (as well as others) as locker room material to motivate the team!

    11 wins is a mighty high goal – I’d be happy with 10 because 85% of the time 10 wins will get you into the playoff hunt.

  73. Weneeddefense Says:

    If you havent recognized by now that Raheem isnt on the NFL top 10 coaching list, then you are conpletely delusional. Raheem may never even get there.

  74. Joe Says:


    The fact of the matter is JOE found it STRANGE that Mike Smith and Mike Shanahan made the top 10 list – I didn’t.

    Yup. Joe firmly believes Raheem should be in the same discussion as Mike Shanahan and Mike Smith; it’s not that much of a stretch.

  75. Derf Says:

    Joe wrote: “Yup. Joe firmly believes Raheem should be in the same discussion as Mike Shanahan and Mike Smith; it’s not that much of a stretch.”


    Joe I admit that 2010 was a great season but it was just ONE season. Mike Smith has had 3 great seasons and to come into Atlanta after the Mike Vick fiasco…no brainer on that one.

    As for Mike Shanahan – I think I’ve made my case that he should be in the top 10.

    I would have included Jeff Fisher but since he’s not working I understand the snub. What I don’t get is the exclusion of Norv Turner? What’s with that?

    In his last 4 years with SD he’s gone 41-23 and had 3 playoff appearances!

  76. Joe Says:


    Mike Smith has had 3 great seasons

    Joe fails to see how anyone can classify three seasons as “great” if only twice said team reached the playoffs and said coach is still searching for his first playoff win.

  77. Gary Says:


    Please just chill out. We dont need 100 posts from you. Nobody is arguing with you. We all agree. It’s just Joe’s opinion that Rah deserves to be on that list. So what?

    Also, you claim to be a fan, but you made the ultimate freudian slip and the cardinal sin in my eyes… referring to the Bucs and “your” team:

    “News Flash 10-6 wasn’t good enough for a playoff appearance either! When your playoff quest is squashed by Detroit!”

    Thats all I need to see to know what type of fan you are. I have never, ever referred to a painful memory of any of my teams with that language. Its pain you should feel as a fan, not someone else’s pain.

    See thats what happens when you post garbage repeatedly. Your true colors shine through.

  78. Joe Says:


    Joe didn’t write that Raheem should be or should not be in the Top 12. Joe wrote that if one is to include Mike Shanahan and Mike Smith, Raheem should also be in the discussion. Nothing more, nothing less.

  79. m.wesley Says:

    Joe ,Thats all I said,Iagree with the list all but Shanahan,he does not belong there I think Smith makes it because there are not enough coaches that have been with their teams long enough,Ijust dont see 6-10 his first season back and you have Norv which I dont like and if you add Shanahan why not the guy in Arizona two of his last three seasons were great,I dont know just my opinion

  80. Derf Says:

    Joe wrote: “Joe fails to see how anyone can classify three seasons as “great” if only twice said team reached the playoffs and said coach is still searching for his first playoff win.”

    Another WOW!!!!

    in 2008 he was coach of the year taking over a team in disarray thanks to Michael Vick. He lost in the playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl team

    In 2009 he coaches the team to 9-7

    In 2010 he coaches the team to 13-3, wins the NFC South and loses to the eventual Super Bowl team

    The team record over that time was 33-15 0.689 winning percentage!

    Ok so they went 0-2 in the playoffs disappointing I admit but if Raheem could take the Bucs to the playoffs 2 years out of every 3 I’d put him in that league.

    If you don’t think that Mike Smith’s record, especially considering what he walked into, isn’t great then I’m just stunned!

  81. Joe Says:

    Sorry Derf, Joe reserves the word “great” for teams that actually win hardware.

    “Good” does not equate “great.”

  82. Weneeddefense Says:

    I myself disagree with that thought process joe. Not to the level derf does, but I mean come on, Shanny won Super Bowls, made playoffs, has a ton of wins. Raheem shouldnt even be IN the conversation. Period.

    In fact, it really appears that you are catering to the Raheem crowd for assurance that you are a Bucs fan, just in case they keep winning.

    But again, im not heated like Derf about it, just thought Id point out the obvious.

  83. Joe Says:


    but I mean come on, Shanny won Super Bowls, made playoffs, has a ton of wins. Raheem shouldnt even be IN the conversation. Period.

    Those Super Bowls came nearly 15 years ago.

    Seriously, without Elway, Mike Shanahan isn’t any better than Jack Del Rio or Ken Whisenhunt.

    I mean, he benched Donovan McNabb halfway through the season for Rex Grossman claiming McNabb didn’t know the two-minute offense, really? Whose fault is that?

  84. New Era Bucs Says:

    The best part about
    Mike Smith is huffy puffy, red faced sideline temper tantrums he pulls about every other game. Now that’s some funny stuff!

  85. Joe Says:

    New Era Bucs:

    Mike Smith is huffy puffy, red faced sideline temper tantrums he pulls about every other game. Now that’s some funny stuff!

    Not when he’s on the school bus!

  86. Derf Says:

    Joe I’ll grant you that the word ‘great’ may have been an overstatement; in hindsight very good is what I would have used.

    So what vocabulary word would Joe use to describe the Bucs 2010 season?

    Good….Very Good…Average….

    I mean if you only equate the 13-3 Falcons, who won the NFC South and got a home playoff game as good…..

  87. Joe Says:

    So what vocabulary word would Joe use to describe the Bucs 2010 season?


  88. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    The reason the team was different from 08-09 was rah’s respons. If u look back at his pre and early season quotes, he thought that they were better than 08. He didnt accept that they stunk until 0-7, then it became a rebuild. Many of you have short and convenient memories.

  89. Joe Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    Joe will bite.

    Let’s say — as you suggest — Raheem was responsible for turning a 9-7 team into a 3-13 team.

    Then who pray tell was responsible for turning a 3-13 team into a 10-6 team this past season?

  90. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So you think Raheem should have set we are going to stink from the beginning? That would have gone over well. You really need to think about your comments before you make them.

    Joe, I’ll go ahead and answer that for him. Everyone but the Glazers and Raheem. He really somehow believes that!!! It is comical that he blames Raheem for everything, yet refuses to give him an ounce of credit for drafting and developing the only true franchise QB we have ever had. Apparently he believes Raheem doesn’t coach Freeman at all.

  91. Joe Says:

    Well, whattya know? Joe’s not the only one.

  92. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Should be “said” not “set”. Stupid iPhone.

  93. BigMacAttack Says:

    At least Raheem beat the mediocre teams, something Washington could not do. Shanahan’s players hate him, and not just Fat Albert. You guys can have your Top 10 list and all of those coaches. I’ll take Raheem, and right now I would have to rank Mike McCarthy’s Staff as the #1 coaches in the NFL, for obvious reasons. Win the Lombardi, and you’re #1. I would say Tomlin’s Staff is #2 with 2 Lombardis(current) and an NFC Championship this year, but after that things start to get mixed up a little.