Doug Williams Changes Colors

April 22nd, 2011

This isn’t a Bucs story, but it sure feels like one.

Buccaneers quarterback icon and former Tampa Bay personnel executive Doug Williams, now head coach at Grambling State University, will be in New York next weekend to step to the NFL Draft podium and announce the Washington Redskins’ second round draft pick, so reports the Washington Post.  The NFL is having big-name team alumni call the second round picks. John Lynch will handle the Bucs’ honors, first reported by

Now Williams is a storied Redskins player, as well, leading them to a Super Bowl win in the 1980s. But Williams still feels like Tampa Bay’s beloved guy, even if he had a sour exit from the organization last year.

Joe hates that Williams seems to be on crappy terms with the Bucs. And it feels dirty that Bruce Allen invited Williams to bond with the Skins next week.

Joe wouldn’t mind one bit if Williams is the 2011 pick for the Buccaneers Ring of Honor.  Frankly, the guys who already were inducted into the team’s Krewe of Honor demolished with the old Tampa Stadium — Ricky Bell, Doug Williams, John McKay and Lee Roy Selmon — should get in ASAP.

14 Responses to “Doug Williams Changes Colors”

  1. OAR Says:

    Hey Joe,
    Any word on Freeman and any of his teammates getting together?
    BTW I heard the Redskins had 32 players get together for practice! Impressive, if true? I also read, Colt McCoy got 6 of his wide recievers together too.
    Get it done, Freeman! Get it done!

  2. OAR Says:

    oops….receivers….for those teachers out there!

  3. Joe Says:


    Any word on Freeman and any of his teammates getting together?

    No, and Joe doubts there will be word beforehand. Otherwise, there will be a mobscene at whatever high school practice field they use.

  4. OAR Says:

    Very true! I didn’t think about that. Dang it though, would be nice to hear they already did!

  5. Joke Says:

    Wait, the guys in the “Krewe of Honor” aren’t also in the “Ring of Honor”? That’s ludicrous.

  6. Theodore Says:

    Joe – When writing a comment, how do you format a quote like that?

  7. Joe Says:

    < then write "blockquote" > insert quote < "/blockquote" >

    No spaces there. Joe had to put the spaces in otherwise you wouldn’t see it.

  8. aldo Says:

    i will not be shocked if freeman and the guys have already worked couple of times, is not like all he does needs to be on newspapers or the media, i trust on him and all the new guys… dont worry about number 5

  9. aldo Says:

    and for doug, im not surprised about this, he was a buc, but his better years were in DC, i know culverhouse was a factor but still, and for the record is ten times better john lynch than doug, at least i see it that way

  10. Atrain WD40 Says:

    aldo I agree!

  11. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    This team basically canned him b/c he was voicing diagreement with a lot of what was going on in and around 2009. I believe he does not have a ton of professional respect for Dom (from trading card business to professional scout) being that he never played and Dom’s mom said in a Times article that he didn’t play football b/c he was basically afraid of contact.

    Doug was treated terribly by these kids and I don’t blame him for not wanting to represent the Bucs at this time. Should Bruce Allen, John Gruden, Jags, Bates, the O Line coach etc be thrilled to represent the bucs today?

  12. Joe Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    Feel free to document the football playing careers of Kevin Colbert and Bill Polian.

    (Interestingly before taking a job as a scout — Polian did not play professional or college football — Polian was an ad salesman for a farming magazine.)

    Playing football — even at a high level — is not a prerequisite for being a good front office man. Or perhaps you never heard of Matt Millen?

    For ever Ozzie Newsome, there are two or three Millens.

    Scott Pioli never played above Division-II level football, which is sorta like saying you played for St. Thomas Aquinas.

  13. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    First, i never said u must play or at a high level to be a good talent evaluator. There are exceptions to everything. Most good evaluators at least played in high school. My general point was that williams had issues with rah and dom, a comparable lack of experience was reported to be an issue.

    However, i have said that i think dom has done okay drafting, but terrible with free agency, i.e. Clayton Ward nugent bryant crowell mccown leftwich etc. Add that wasted money up.

  14. Joe Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    Totally agree with Dominik’s dipping of the toe into free agency, which is one reason Joe champions Dominik’s aversion to free agency. Dominik’s strength is the draft. Stay with your strength.

    Also, you forgot how Dominik came “this close” to landing Facestomper Haynesworth.

    You’re slipping man.