Bucs Draft Rambo?

April 28th, 2011

Now Joe must say up front here that he’s leaving room for the possibility that he just heard Raheem Morris incorrectly, but Raheem’s comment made Joe laugh and it’s likely Raheem really said it, so Joe’s going with it.

In an interview on Buccaneers.com moments after the Adrian Clayborn pick tonight, Raheem talked about Clayborn briefly, “I felt we got a guy we consider a Rambo type of guy,” Raheem said “… he plays tough and physical against the run.”

Let’s hope Rambo Clayborn leaves the combat knives at home and doesn’t let Aqib Talib anywhere near the rocket launcher.

Mark Dominik said the Clayborn pick was “unanimous in our draft room. …Those are the type you like the best.” And Dominik cited Clayborn’s improvement as a player, even if his stats didn’t show that.

Joe will have plenty more to come through the night.

Update: 10:39 p.m. — Yes, Raheem repeated the Rambo comment in an interview with Justin Pawlowski on WDAE-AM 620. So there it is, the Bucs drafted Rambo. Sacks = kills.

15 Responses to “Bucs Draft Rambo?”

  1. Jerry Says:

    This is NOT a solid pick. This is a high risk, high reward pick.

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Adrian will be a long term starter for Tampa like he was at Iowa. I had him as being long gone before number 20. There are still lots of quality players left, maybe we trade up ?

  3. WeNeedDefense Says:

    He is faster than stylez. BTW, stylez, you gonna have to switch to LDE buddy, or say goodbye.

  4. Fear The Glo Says:

    Its not who I wanted but hes a Buc now so we can only hope for the best. Rambo Clayborn.

    LOL did anyone just see Gruden get hit with a crumpled up piece of paper on live tv?

  5. Tuggz Says:

    Fantastic work Joe. I JUST heard this on 620. You’re on the ball man

  6. Gavster Says:

    high risk? as in…. methinks it was a damn good pick with Bennet on the other side.

  7. Patrick Says:

    Bennett?? Like he’s actually been a good player?

  8. Number 41 Says:

    He can’t be Rambo — Rambo clearly has the use of both his arms and could play LDE if necessary.

    Can’t say the same about Clayborn.

  9. Gavster Says:

    Oh cause bennett cant become better. your right patrick. we should judge young players based off such a small sample size. all i know is he was our best rusher.

  10. gitarlvr Says:

    Clayborn was the right pick with Kerrigan gone. Jordan would have been a left defensive end and the Bucs can get a left end later OR they can have Clayborn play be a dynamic and rare pass rushing left end while they draft a Dontay Moch or Chris Carter in rounds 2 or 3 to be their situational pass rushing right end. The fact is I trust in Ranhminik and if they passed on Bowers, Jordan, Ayers, and Houston then the rumors of Clayborns erbs palsy being an issue must be greatly exaggerated.

    For anyone that hates this pick just go on youtube and watch the tape of Clayborn. You will see more impact plays than any other DE in the draft. Aldon Smith and Robert Quinn might have more raw speed but they don’t have as much positive tape as Clayborn even considering Clayborn’s lesser 2010 season. Clayborn was SOOOOO dominant in 2009 that its worth the gamble that he just had a lesser year in 2010 because teams keyed on him. WATCH THE TAPE!!!!!

  11. Number 41 Says:


    High risk, as in:

    1. Punched a cab driver in college (character concerns)

    2. Production fell off the table in his senior year when he actually had to work due to chips and blocking schemes (which he’ll face every week in the NFL).

    3. Ability to play around the line diminished due to his Erb’s Palsy, which limits the use of his right arm.

  12. Number 41 Says:


    You mean WATCH THE TAPE OF HIS JUNIOR YEAR, because the dude was invisible for the majority of his senior year.

  13. New Era Bucs Says:

    As Steve white has repeatedly mentioned in past articles, Bennett has a ton of potential. He could be a big sleeper this season at LDE. Solid start to the draft.

  14. Gavster Says:

    Wait so you guys don’t trust dominik by now? you really think if this was a huge risk he would get picked? these people do their homework. I trust dominik and they would not have picked him if the punching thin was a concern or if his production was a concern. He worked his ass off he was double teamed and RBs always were there to chip at him. so… im not concerned

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Number 41:

    Maybe you should take a lesson in football. If your DE is being schemed against in the NFL, that is a good thing. It frees up everyone else on the line. His numbers may not be great as a result, but the rest of the team will reap the rewards. If you are having to double team someone, guess what happens to everyone else – they are not being double teamed! And no, not everyone in the NFL gets schemed against, that’s silly talk. Yeah, I’m sure those teams sure were scheming against Stylez White last year!!!

    Do you even know what happened with the cab driver? Do you know the whole story? I doubt it. Look it up. Aqib Talib he is not. He wasn’t disciplined by the Iowa coach (who is a tough disciplinarian), and he was a 2-time team captain. That right there tells you all you need to know. There are no character issues.

    How has that Erb’s Palsy limited him so far? He’s dealt with it his whole life (contrary to Funky Munkey’s claim that he just got it during his senior year, lmao) and he’s done pretty well. Again, watch the guy play a couple full games before you go around pretending like you know what you are talking about.