Aqib Talib And His Days At Kansas

April 4th, 2011

Filing from Texas, Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times had a story trying to paint a picture of why Aqib Talib is the way he is and why he (allegedly) tried to pistol whip and then shoot at a fleeing man.

In the article, Joe’s interest was piqued when Talib’s former defensive coordinator outed Talib, the University of Kansas or former coach Mark Mangino.

“He tries to do that whole street thing, but don’t let that fool you,” said former University of Kansas co-defensive coordinator Clint Bowen. “He’s very smart. I don’t think he ever went to a single class, but he still got a 2.7 (GPA) at Kansas.”

Joe doesn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or to be outraged, not at Talib though.

Joe is a sick college football fan but also believes — maybe naively — that if you are in college on a free ride you should at least attempt to fake it and go to class. Joe simply finds it difficult to believe that a guy could pull damned near a B average and never go to class.

More to the point, Joe finds it outrageous that that walrus who coached the Jayhawks would turn a blind eye that his players aren’t even going to class, much less the administration which tacidly approved of this behavior if Bowen’s charge is accurate.

Whatever happened the Bob Knights of the world? Knight would hire team managers at Indiana and if those managers did not drive players to their morning classes each day, they were terminated on the spot.

Hey, if a guy can pull off getting a B-average without going to class, more power to him. But the gall that Bowen would brag about such a thing when he is also responsible for students with scholarships on the public’s dime to attend classes.

6 Responses to “Aqib Talib And His Days At Kansas”

  1. Derf Says:

    Wow that says a LOT about the QUALITY of classes at Kansas!

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’m sure some dumb co- Ed was doing his work. Picture of Talib just keeps getting better. ” he tries to do the street thing!”. Yeah, great. We are aware of that. Now just need for everyone else to realize who he is, cut him, and get a guy in here who is smart enough to win a Superbowl.

    Freeman, McCoy, and alot of other key players on this team have high standards and character. Many are Christian. They are gonna get tired of having Aqib the thug throw away the opportunities that they are gonna achieve- thru their hard work! Talib is talented, but wont fit it with decent, hard working guys like we are gathering.

    All of the thugs defenders need to wise up. He needs to go, before he damages the work ethic Freeman and McCoy are establishing here.

  3. m.wesley Says:

    sure would like to hear what freeman and mccoy has to say

  4. IMHO Says:

    Are u tha team chaplin? Are “thugs” exempt from religion?

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Me too, Mike. Not the public stuff, but how they really feel. I believe Freeman thinks this team is a contender. I believe him. Talib has set us back. No time for going backwards over one guys stupidity.

  6. Pete 422 Says:

    It’s time for our society to take education more seriously. I see so many “thug types” in the school I teach at who are smart kids, but instead of pushing them, demanding production and good citizenship, the school just “puts in” special classes. It’s sad. If they are given the value of education and work ethic at the lower level, that would translate to higher education and a more productive working community. The list of benefits for society and the country goes on and on. This is a bright group so you guys follow me.