Tiki-To-Bucs Talk Is Asinine

March 9th, 2011

Joe’s been enjoying all the reaction to Raheem Morris politely answering a reporter questioning him yesterday about bringing philanderer running back Tiki Barber to the Bucs.

If Joe’s sees another take about what a great mentor to LeGarrette Blount that Barber would be, Joe’s going to vomit.

Obviously, Cadillac Williams and Earnest Graham did a phenomenal job with that — and they don’t carry any of Barber’s baggage.

About considering Barber, Morris ripped off a tactful yet flimsy maybe to Rick Stroud, of the St. Pete Times. Here’s an excerpt:

“You know me, we always discuss those guys who can help us. Obviously, we haven’t been going in that direction and coming off the layoff and all that stuff and where it’s going to go, where our young football team is, I don’t know if we have the ability to do that. I’m sure he can help someone, if not us, if it ever came to that.”

Translation: I’d talk about it over some fruit. But this team doesn’t bring in ancient players who’ve been couchbound for the last four years. We don’t go there. That’s not in our core beliefs. Maybe if LeGarrette got hit by a bus. 

Raheem went on to say he considers any player that could help the Bucs, which for Joe was a welcome break from Raheem and Mark Dominik’s typical public comments that refer to any big name free agent as Satan himself.

Tiki Barber was a phenomenal running back , but the Bucs don’t need his old, sucked-up-to-Meridith-Vieira ass to carry the rock.

You’re going to take carries from one of the best young running backs in the game to feed Tiki’s ego and hope he can pull off a miracle comeback? Joe would sooner see the Bucs sign a real free agent, like a guy in his prime that can stuff the run or has a pile of sacks in his resume.

Back to Cadillac Williams, Joe can’t express enough how revered he is in the Bucs locker room. His drive and success to return healthy from multiple injuries is legendary, and he was extremely effective during the second half of the 2010 season.

Not paying that guy and bringing in camera-loving Tiki would teach the young Bucs an ugly, demoralizing lesson in stupidity.

30 Responses to “Tiki-To-Bucs Talk Is Asinine”

  1. JDouble Says:

    No article….just a title….and I agree 100%

    Small technical glitch there. All fixed. –Joe

  2. McBuc Says:

    I thought the same thing JDouble. I thought it was brilliant though, kind of a statement by Joe.. One line says it all. The glitch is still in place Joe.

  3. McBuc Says:

    Joe, the glictch was fixed as I typed that! I agree 100% as well. The headline only would have been awsome though, just from a creative point of view.

  4. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Positive that Rock Riley said Tiki had signed a one year deal with the Bucs! It wouldn’t make alot of sense to me, either. I know Ronde and Tiki always wanted to play together in the NFL, but 4 yrs away is an eternity!

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I would not be opposed to him coming to the Bucs Training Camp for a tryout. The Bucs have nothing to lose, and there would be no commitment to sign him.

    It would also get tons of media coverage. Even if he did get a contract it would be for one year at league minimum.

    And I see nothing wrong with him wanting to come back…it’s his life, he can make his own choices. He says he’s in shape. I believe him. Is it football shape? Wouldn’t a training camp determine that?

    As for Caddy, he is well-loved by the community, but lets face facts…he has limited time left on this team. I’m in no way saying Tiki should replace him…not at all, because at this moment I think Caddy is more valuable to us. BUT…a tryout at camp…till the first round of cuts?

    I see absolutely no problem there. The media would jump on it getting the Bucs a ton of positive coverage…twins in the same camp and all that. They would follow Tiki like crazy, hoping for a comeback story.

    And…on the off-chance that he can survive camp and get signed (very little chance), he might actually find a role here (though I doubt it).

    I personally think this is all about getting his name back in the spotlight so networks might want to hire him again, although I think league minimum is more than he could make for a network.

  6. Matt Says:

    The only reason Tiki would possibly ever become a Buc is:

    (1) If Ronde has Raheem’s ear and lobbies REALLY hard
    (2) They decide he’ll sell some tickets.

    But as far as actually producing? Highly doubt it.

  7. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Sports illustrated. Com had an article on where Tiki may land. They listed t
    Tampa” where his brother Ronde has played SAFETY for 14 years”

    Gawd!! Don’t they have editors anymore? Proofreaders? Everytime I read a sports article, there are glaring inaccuracies! What the hell has happened to sports reporting!!!

  8. Fire Greg Olson! Says:



    There are far too many readers on this site that put entirely too much stock in Veterans “teaching” younger players. There is a coaching staff people. Players play and coaches coach.

  9. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Tiki left his pregnant wife of 11 years, who was 8 months pregnant for a 23 year old intern.

    NBC let him go after this moral disaster.

    This would be the mistakes of mistakes.

    You wanna call J Stevens a dirtbag, well you better start calling this guy something worse.

  10. DailyRich Says:

    Antonio Pierce said Tiki does NOTHING for the locker room, so bringing him in as a mentor makes even less sense than bringing him in as a player.

  11. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Agreed DailyRich.

    Tiki trashed his team, and the QB, and that team and that QB won the Super Bowl the next year. LOL!

    He said Manning had no leadership, yet Eli lead that team through the NFC playoffs and on to a Super Bowl win. In fact, if it wasn’t for Tiki, I don’t think Eli and the Giants would have had that same fire.

  12. McBuc Says:

    Fire Greg Olsen…What happened? Are you back on the firing, or just logged into an old device? I agree on your players vs coaches stance BTW.

  13. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    Yeah, old device. You’re quite the sleuth.

  14. oar Says:

    So Sapp shouldn’t advise/help out McCoy or Price? Funny, I guess the coaches listened to Sapp about hiring Millard!
    Caddy shouldn’t advise/help Blount, which BTW he has given props to that very occurance?
    Or Brooks shouldn’t have listened to Hardy?
    I’m sure Ronde hasn’t helped out any of the young guys?
    Look, I’m not totally disagreeing, but I’m sure they do help out young players, even if not directly.(ie see Ronde)

  15. oar Says:

    As for Tiki? Nah! Sorry Ronde, but the only tiki’s the Bucs need are torches for thier after-winning-parties!

  16. Pete Dutcher Says:

    WeNeedDefense Says:

    March 9th, 2011 at 10:06 am
    Tiki left his pregnant wife of 11 years, who was 8 months pregnant for a 23 year old intern.

    NBC let him go after this moral disaster.

    This would be the mistakes of mistakes.

    You wanna call J Stevens a dirtbag, well you better start calling this guy something worse.

    That’s going a bit far…and is very shortsighted. Tiki and his wife had issues for years, and there are rumors that his wife and he were planning to seperate. Even so, he cheated on his pregnant wife with another woman. It’s wrong but not nearly as bad as Stevens.

    Stevens actually RAPED a woman and got away with it. Forgot about that, didn’t you?

    Regardless, I believe Tiki should get a second chance…even if it is just attending a training camp. He played remarkable football. Probably never will again, but you never know, and it’s not like he’s a rapist or smacking cabbie in the head or smoking pot.

    Many men cheat on their wives, pregnant or not. It isn’t right, but it doesn’t deserve complete condemnation either.

  17. WeNeedDefense Says:

    “That’s going a bit far…”



    Tiki left his pregnant wife of 11 years, who was 8 months pregnant for a 23 year old intern.

    NBC let him go after this moral disaster.

    How is the TRUTH going a bit far?

  18. eric Says:

    They “discuss” guys that might help.

    Discuss, not sign.

    Passing on Tiki makes sense. Passing on free agency entirely does not IMO.

  19. Ray Bucbolt Says:

    How is this even a story? There is NO WAY Dom would even consider this.

  20. MOBucs Says:

    Only reason to bring him in would be if Caddy is not re-signed. But 4 years removed from football would be a lot for a young player to rebound from, let alone a 36 year old RB. If Caddy moves on, I don’t see the harm in bringing him in to see if he can be serviceable as a 3rd-down back. He was great at catching out of the backfield.

  21. Dave Says:


    The Bucs have Blount who needs the ball 20+ times a game. Then they need to get the 3rd down back (Caddy or Huggins or a rookie possibly)8+ more times a game.

    Tiki would do nothing but be insurance if someone gets injured OR if they play him he would take away from Blount and HUggins or a rookie.

    On top of that, they need special teams players and I highly doubt Tiki wants to do that.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Are you trying to become the new “King Idiot” of JBF? If so, you are working your way up the ladder quickly. Leaving your pregnant wife is a moral issue. Raping a woman is a legal issue. If you don’t understand the difference, then you need help.

    I don’t know what was really going on with Tiki and his wife, nor do I really care. I’m not condoning it, but I’m not going to prosecute him for it either. If you don’t think that type of thing happens every day all over the world, then you are very naive. If you want to eliminate players who make bad moral decisions from the team, then we are going to have a hard time fielding a team of 53.

    I would be shocked if Tiki played for the Bucs. I just don’t see where he would fit. The only way I can see it happening is if Ronde really pushes the issue, he gets a workout, he lights it up in the workout, and he’s willing to play for the minimum. All of those things are very unlikely to happen.

  23. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Knowing that Tiki left his wife @ 8 months into her pregnancy, something that got him let go from NBC, is all the Glazers need to know to not sign this loser.

    If you don’t think Tiki is a loser than you are not a man. Take care of your got damn children like a real man!

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And you are assuming he doesn’t take care of his children why? He was at the hospital for their birth, and he pays $150 K per month in child support. Believe it or not, it is possible to take care of your children even if you are not married to the mother.

  25. m.wesley Says:

    Every since the Tiger incident alot of guys have become great husbands that never cheat on their wives,think about some guys that did it in the 70s,80s and you may not have a sports hero at all.Hawaiian,I agree with you 100%but I had to say this do you know cheating on your wife was a crime with a hundred dollar bond?I saw it on a bond sheet in Sarasota county in 1986.adultery-bond one hundred dollars

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    If Sports Illustrated said it, it ‘must’ be true, Tiki to Tampa !
    2 Super Bowl winning brothers play for Tampa in dream reunification, and Caddy is left on the side of the road, w/o AAA.
    How absurd.

  27. Pete Dutcher Says:

    WeNeedDefense Says:

    March 9th, 2011 at 6:06 pm
    Knowing that Tiki left his wife @ 8 months into her pregnancy…

    I can see it now…every one of your posts will contain a statement like that.

    Tell me, if there is no love between them, even if she is pregnant, why should they stay together in the worlds eyes?

    I am a firm believer in a sanctity of marriage. I am married myself and have and will never cheat on my wife. But it happens with a lot of people. It’s wrong, but it’s not disasterous…and he is certainly not deserving of the hatred you seem to feel toward him.

    I find it doubtful that you would submit yourself to the same form of judgement you render on others. Clearly, you are not a man of God, because true men of God understand it isn’t about condemnation, but about salvation. About taking off the old coat and putting on a new one.

    God Himself gives us nearly unlimited chances to change, yet you think you are justified in passing such judgement on another human being. Interesting.

  28. eric Says:

    I could care less about the wife situation. Maybe she deserved it, who knows. None of you know.

    Point is, it is unlikely the man can still play football.

    If he was the Tiki Barber of a few years ago, heck yes he would be a big help.

    But if the queen had balls she would be king.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    As much as it pains me to say this, I agree with Eric 100%.

  30. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Eric- lol. Exactly. I don’t care if he comes to camp. Just can’t count on him for anything until he proves he can do something! It seems like his motivation for a comeback is all wrong. His media career didn’t pan out, and sounds like he’s broke. He was a great player, but his body hasn’t been getting hit for 4 years. Its not toughened anymore. Even our cream puff linebackers may be enough to weaken his resolve after that may years of soft living.