Team Glazer Says Ticket Sales Strong

March 21st, 2011

Might Joe have to retire the popular gameday Blackout Tour from Paradise Worldwide Transportation?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Per Tampa Tribune scribe eye-RAH! Kaufman, Team Glazer is fired up about 2011 ticket sales but isn’t yet counting on all local home games being televised. Kaufman enjoyed some rare, on-the-record face time with Joel Glazer at the NFL owners meetings Monday.

“I am so excited about where our team is at and where we’re headed,” Glazer said. “Ticket sales have been strong. They were strong in January, strong in February and they haven’t stopped. There’s going to be a 2011 season and our fans are excited about the Bucs. To top it off, we’ve got the youngest team in the NFL and people want to be part of it from the beginning and enjoy the ride.”

Glazer stopped short of guaranteeing an end to the blackouts that prevented each of Tampa Bay’s home games to be televised in the home market.

“Unemployment in Florida is first or second highest in the NFL,” he said, “and the economy is not what it’s been. I’ll never be embarrassed about our fans and their support. Tickets generate revenue, but we’re proceeding with our plan to build a championship football team. If we keep working hard and have continued success on the field, the problem will be rectified.”

Joe suggests you read the whole story linked above.

Of course, it’s great to hear Bucs ticket sales being characterized as “strong” by the big boss. Though Joe’s not getting his hopes up regarding blackouts. The Bucs have a ton of ticket-sales ground to make up.

Remember, critical December Bucs games had 20,000+ empty seats last year, and even the December prime time Maurice Stovall chokefest matchup against Atlanta had reams of unsold tickets.

Joe’s hoping for the best, but not expecting miracles given the still troubled local economy.

5 Responses to “Team Glazer Says Ticket Sales Strong”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Never been a better time to buy season tickets !
    The franchise has never in it’s history had a QB with the proven abilities and potential demonstrated by Freeman… thinks we are in for a wonderful ride…

  2. Gary Says:

    This is good to hear, maybe tampa isnt full of guys like thomas and eric but more like the rest of us.

    I thought it was interesting he said “I will never be embarrased about our fans and their support” which implies some are, I say with reason.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I wonder how Team Glazer feels about Stylez White and his comments?

  4. Elijah_Dukes Says:

    The team needs a more exciting offense to bring fans to the games.

    Buc Ball is boring to watch.

  5. james from dunedin Says:

    That can’t be that strong, they are still beating up my phone number.