Raheem Changed Free Agency Lyrics

March 23rd, 2011

"Dear Mom, Easter is coming and I want to buy a violent, run-stuffing beast of a linebacker."

The day after the 2010 season ended, Raheem Morris essentially said free agency is the wrong way to build a team and the Bucs were only interested in make the right calls in the NFL draft and then re-signing those players.

Joe took detailed notes.

And since then, rock star general manager Mark Dominik also has been firm in saying that he believes a lasting contender is built through the draft and that diving into free agency was not the Bucs way.

Well, now it seems the song has changed.

Tampa Tribune scribe eye-RAH! Kaufman caught up to Raheem at the NFL owners meetings Tuesday and the head coach/defensive mastermind talked in detail about how the Bucs master plan includes scoring targeted talent in free agency.

And (gasp), that checkbook-busting day may be here right now.

“We wanted to accumulate talent throughout the draft and it was no different in 2002 and 2001, when our ownership went out and got a Simeon Rice, a Brad Johnson or a Keenan McCardell in order to push that team over the top and help the draft classes of Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, John Lynch and Ronde Barber,” Morris said. “We may be nearing that plateau. As soon as the free agency season is able to be open, some of those discussions will be more realistic.

“You’re talking about adding components, getting the right guy, a good fit, and a lot of it is having the guys in your program to make guys fall in place. You watch a Rodney Harrison go to the Patriots a few years ago and really be a part of their system, I watch great organizations and how they are run. You’ve got a bunch of different examples. You’ve got a Darren Sharper going to the Saints two years ago.

“You’ve got a good idea who you want to target. You can’t close the door on free agency. (Safety) Sean Jones worked out great for us last year. Derrick Ward was not a great fit for us. You get a certain value on a player and you evaluate. You’ll never hit 100 percent in free agency, the draft or in life … you just want to be more right than wrong.”

Joe has to confess. There’s disagreement at the JoeBucsFan.com headquarters regarding the Bucs going after a big time free agent.

This “Joe” thinks it’s time to go for it. The Bucs were 10-6 last season with a pile of young, emerging players. If that doesn’t represent the window of opportunity to push your chips all in and buy a couple of key upgrades to the team, then when the hell is the right time?

The “other Joe” would prefer to see the Bucs stay much closer to the build-through-the draft path executed so well by the Steelers and Packers, for example.

Of course, there’s no perfect answer. But the offseason just got a lot more interesting.

28 Responses to “Raheem Changed Free Agency Lyrics”

  1. Gary Says:

    Finally.. what many of us have been saying for a while now. We are at a level where a few key free agents can push us over the top.

    The time is now, we aren’t rebuilding anymore. Besides, we could use some veteran leadership.

  2. Nick2 Says:

    Joe it is time this year for the Glazers to put their money where their mouths are. Every Superbowl team has a few key free agent aquisitions. If Mark Dominick is such a rock star he will find the ones with value and target key positions. There is something to be said for veteran leadership which we have very little of now. So when our young guns hit the playoffs they won’t look like deers in the headlights. A big time pass rusher or perhaps a stud O lineman or fullback to open holes for Blount. The Glazers want to win? Just a fraction of their Man U payroll should be shifted if they want the Tampa Bay community to fall in love with them again. Glazer boys are you listening? We are close! Get us over the hump!!!!

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I agree with the other “Joe”.

    I don’t think Morris was saying they will spend though. I think he’s waiting to see how the draft goes. If they fill a couple important holes through the draft, then we might really be only a player or two away from contending.

    Either way, the Bucs are looking at a huge challenge once they can start training camp. With all the rookies doing so well last year, and a new draft class coming in, there is not a lot of room left for the new guys.

    So, if they get Defensive Ends in the draft, we will likely see them start and see the current dudes cut.

    But it doesn’t end there. What about hte other positions? Who gets cut to make room?

  4. Buckeyebob Says:

    Rah is just talking…..my guess is that Mark D is going to stick with his plan to build thru the draft, add talent off of practice squads etc. He is not going to abandon the plan.

  5. jvato24 Says:

    Joe, Your argument for a good FA is fair,, But who is out there that could really help this team as far as this FA class ??

    I just dont see any blue chip players .. They all get the Franchise Tag

    If the Bucs a Premier Defender, they may seek a trade.

    Offensively if they sign Davin Joseph he would be a top tier FA this year other than Logan Mankins.

    Who do you like in the FA market that can help us on Defense ??

  6. Dave Says:

    I think the message has been the same since day 1:

    1. Build through the draft because it si the ONLY proven way to be a lasting contender.
    2. Add some parts in FA but don’t go crazy and don’t overspend. Save the money to spend on your own guys.
    3. When the team is on the verge, maybe go after that 1-2 guys needed (DE Kiwanuka or Edwards maybe…. hopefully)

    I get the concept of generating interest for this site and many others, I just think much of the time people are reading WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too far between the lines because so far they have pretty much done exactly what they said they were going to.

    Even if they go out and spend BIG on 2 free agents it does not change the fact that they built this team through the draft and this draft will play a big part in that as well

  7. Dave Says:

    Pete Dutcher

    Being deep in spots is NEVER a problem. Some guys will have to be cut, maybe some can turn into 2012 4th thru 7th round draft picks in a trade. The more picks the merrier

  8. SkookumSmitty Says:

    JOE FIGHT!!!!

  9. K1ngAdroc Says:

    nearing that plateau – love that… I’m mean, who wants to plateau? We only need one or two impact FA’s for depth and playmaking.

    Dom and Ra are right on track!

  10. Buc N' A Says:

    Joe – You’re dreams have come true!! HAHAHA You must be loving life. I think we are still building regardless of our record last year. We still have holes. We are still a year or so away from being constant Super Bowl threat. As for being a constant playoff threat. That day is now. I’m not saying we can’t win the Super Bowl this year, it’s just highly unlikely. We did well with young pups last year. YES, bringing in some veteran talent will (or hopefully will upgrade the team, but I do not think we need to go out and overpay someone like Ashomugha. Pay the players you need most of all. (Jospeh, Caddy) I don’t think another Simeon Rice situation will ever happen again. And MeShawn Johnson cost us too much (all the draft picks) even though he did catch every damn ball in sight. I wasn’t a big Me-Shanwn fan, but the dude produced. To make a long story endless. Get a few free agents, but don’t break the bank and keep adding that young hungry talent. We have good college talent evaluators now, that’s KEY, we must keep using that. Keep us young but sprinkle in some “TEAM” player veterans and watch what happens. We do not want to mess with this awesome team chemistry we have building. GO BUCS!! Damn this CBA stuff pisses me off. Just give us football you rich b*stards. Sorry for the language Joe. I get excitable sometimes.

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think I’m seeing the problem with all this free agency talk. The minute anyone brings up “Free Agency”, it instantly turns into “what IMPACT free agent we can bring in”. Well, that’s not always how free agency works. Sometimes it’s not about bringing in the impact guy, but bringing in the depth guy or the positional competition guy. Sean Jones was not an “impact” free agent, but he did compete for a position, won the starting job, and was serviceable. Everyone instantly turns to the biggest names in free agency in hopes we “win the free agency lottery”. Well, that’s unlikely to happen. Like Raheem said, it’s about the fit. You find guys that hopefully fit what you’re doing. Sean Jones fit, Derrick Ward didn’t. Impact player or not, they’ve gotta fit what you’re doing.

    Does Asomugha fit? Hard to say. He’d instantly improve an already pretty good secondary, but he’d detract from the progression of two young CBs already on the roster. How about Ray Edwards? Does he fit? Again, hard to say. He’s played well with the Williams Wall and Jared Allen, but there’s no saying he can be “the man” for a D-line without that kind of talent. It’s a crap shoot with all the free agent players. You can go after the top guys and spend top money, or go after the middle guys, spend less, and maybe get just as much impact out of them.

  12. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    You add Jason Babin and Namdi Asomugha and this D immediately becomes one of the best in the league. Also gives Dom flexibility in the draft to maybe add another weapon for Freeman a little earlier than he might have otherwise.

    Time to take the next step.

  13. eric Says:

    I don’t think they have the slightest inclination to engage in FA in any sort of meaningful way.

    And last years record gives them plenty of cover.

    After that doesn’t work they may be forced to make some apparent adjustments the following year.

    Ultimately, their heart is not in it and their wallets are in Al Gore’s lock box.

  14. Derf Says:

    Creamsicle wrote, “You add Jason Babin and Namdi Asomugha and this D immediately becomes one of the best in the league. Also gives Dom flexibility in the draft to maybe add another weapon for Freeman a little earlier than he might have otherwise.

    Time to take the next step.”


    Best in the league???? Try stopping the run FIRST agasint GOOD teams THEN you can mouth off like that.

    The FREAKIN DETROIT LIONS knocked you out of playoff contention!

  15. Derf Says:

    Draft first – FA secondly; assuming a CBA is in place.

  16. Travis Says:

    Babin is no good, just a 1 year wonder who excelled with a great coaching from Jim Washburn and was put in the right place at the right time to get sacks.

    He will have 4 next year and no one will remember him AGAIN.

  17. jarrett Says:

    Charles johnson from carolina and darren sproles would help this team immediately, they both will be available. just sayin

  18. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Draft First
    Trade Second
    Third Get Free Agents

    Trades can be as pricey as Free Agents, but they bring in younger talent.

  19. gotbbucs Says:

    nothing that raheem said makes me think they will splurge. the rodney harrison line told me exactly what they are hoping to do. find guys that didnt quite fit in the system that they were in and plug them into a better system for their skill set.

  20. Lucas Jackson Says:

    “other Joe”

  21. m.wesley Says:

    Derf,you said” you lost to the Lions”dont you me welost to the Lions?

  22. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Expect a DE, LB, S, CB, TE, and guard to be added in Free agency. Biggest free agent class ever, and we have the most money to shop with! Dominick has said all along that he is following our previous SuperBowl team as a model. Build a strong core thru draft (done), then add Free agents. It’s Free agent time. No surprises here.

  23. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    I wrote that same FA prediction several months ago here. The Bucs Management has always signed/ pursued free agents. From Albert Haynesworth to Derrick Ward. Teams have to sign free agents. They changed the draft from 12 rounds to 7. Teams went from 48 to 53. Would take 8 years to restock team, and that’s if every pick hit. Used to be 4 years. Bucs will be busy during free agency.

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Could you repeat that in English? lol

    @Capt. Troll killer
    That Bucs have NEVER been big movers in free agency, not even under Gruden. You’re predicting they will add 6 positions in Free Agency…there is no way that will happen, unless it’s undrafted free agents or 1-2 year guys.

    But they will NOT sign more than one big name guy, if they even get one. Sure, they pursued Haynesworth and lost, but they also saw the results that the skins got from him, and are thanking their luck stars that they did not get him.

    They’re not likely to take a risk like that again.

    Plus, you mention 6 positions…if we need that many guys, then this team is not ready to dive into Free Agnecy at all. Free Agency is used to plug up the final 1-2 holes, not 6 holes.

    Let’s just wait and see where the Bucs stand AFTER the draft and then consider making predictions. It’s entirely possible that 3-4 of those holes could be plugged before Free Agency even starts.

  25. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Pete- were you here during the SuperBowl?? How did we aquire Ken Dilger? Keenan McCardell? Roman Oben? Cato June? Philip Buchanon? Simeon Rice? Brad Johnson? Michael Pittman? Keyshawn Johnson? Ike Hilliard? Who were the owners during all that time? Yup, the Glazers! And despite what some of you think, they are planning to do so again- as I said months ago!!!

  26. OAR Says:

    Were you paying attention to the SuperBowl roster? Cato June, Ike Hilliard and Phillip Buchanon(he actually was on the opposing Raiders then) came after the SuperBowl.
    Also, those others you mention weren’t signed in one year. There was a span of several years. Keyshawn was 1 year before Brad. Brad and Simeon were a year before Pittman, McCardell, Oben, etc. My point is, I doubt they will sign 6 or 7 FA’s in one year.

  27. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Oar- I wasn’t talking to you- I was answering Pete. I also dint say Hilliard was on the Supervowl team. I asked if Pere was here during the SuperBowl – because we we free agent signing rascals.

    English comprehension classes are signing up now- join up! Lol

  28. OAR Says:

    The way you wrote that post, starting with the superbowl year question, then the signings, sure made it sound like that was the year we signed all those players.
    Writing comprehension classes were skipped, huh? LOL!
    BTW It’s not like you have never replyed to someone that wasn’t communicating directly with you?! Sorry to but in, though.