Mock Draft II

March 10th, 2011

The savior of the Bucs' D-Line?

The Commish, Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620, has cranked out another one of his manbeast mock drafts. All part of the daily draft coverage on Crack open a cold one or order some takeout from Mugs Grill & Bar and enjoy.

Feel free to tell The Commish what you think in the comments.

1st Round

1.       Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton – QB – Auburn
                6’5’’ – 248 lbs – 4.59
                Needs: CB, DT, DE, WR, QB

                Commish’s Take: All indications point to the Panthers taking Newton.  Head coach Ron Rivera went to Auburn’s pro day and paid most of his attention to Newton and not Fairley. I wouldn’t discount a possible smokescreen here to try and get a team to pay a hefty price to trade up for Newton.

2.       Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus – DT – Alabama

                6’3’’ – 319 lbs – 4.92
                Needs: DT, DE, CB, S

                Commish’s Take:  John Fox seems ok with Dumerville and Ayers as his ends in Denver’s revamped 4-3 defense.  Recent releases by the Broncos put a big red flag up at the defensive tackle position. Reports out now say that if the Broncos go with a defensive tackle, they’ll go with Dareus. I think Dareus is a good fit for Jon Fox’s defense and will be what Kris Jenkins was in Carolina.

3.       Buffalo Bills – JJ Watt – DE – Wisconsin

                6’5’’ – 290 lbs – 4.82
                Needs: DE, QB, WR, LB

                Commish’s Take: Surprised? You have to shake it up a bit. If my mock draft looked like everyone else’s, I’d be as bad as everyone else. Watt is a very good fit for the Bills if Newton is gone and they aren’t sold on Gabbert. The Bills had an absolutely terrible run defense in 2010. Watt should step right in and start for the Bills.

4.       Cincinnati Bengals – AJ Green – WR – Georgia

                6’4’’ – 211 lbs – 4.50
                Needs: WR, QB, DT

                Commish’s Take:  No change with this pick. I know the popular pick for the Bengals now is Blaine Gabbert, but I think the Bengals should still be able to get a good quarterback at the top of the 2nd round.  Instead of risking it all with Gabbert, I thought the Bengals would be better of getting an outstanding receiver for their 2nd round quarterback to throw to.

5.       Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller – OLB – Texas A&M

                6’3’’ – 246 lbs – 4.49
                Needs: OLB, CB, OT, QB

                Commish’s Take:  This is a pick that I just can’t change. The only way I see the Cardinals not getting Miller is if some team in the top-4 takes him, which could happen.  Miller is outstanding off the edge, and a great fit for the Cardinals 3-4 defense. 

6.       Cleveland Browns – Julio Jones – WR – Alabama

                6’3’’ – 220 lbs – 4.39
                Needs: WR, DE, OLB, TE, NT

                Commish’s Take: There have been rumblings that the Browns want a defensive lineman with this pick, but with Mike Holmgren in charge and the hiring of an offensive mind in Pat Shurmur as head coach, I find it hard for the Browns to pass on Jones.  Shurmur’s offense featured many quick passes with the Rams last year, which would be best suited for a big receiver like Jones.

7.       San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson – CB – LSU

                6’0’’ – 219 lbs – 4.34
                Needs: QB, DE, OLB, CB, S

                Commish’s Take: With a lack of big need for a corner in the top-6 picks, the 49ers benefit from a falling Peterson. Peterson might be the safest pick in the draft. Not only could he be a shutdown corner for years, but he’ll be a nice contributor on special teams as well.

8.       Tennessee Titans – Nick Fairley – DT – Auburn

                6’4’’ – 291 – 4.87
                Needs: DT, CB, QB, OG

                Commish’s Take: The Titans have a big need at quarterback, but Fairley will be nice in the middle of the Titans’ defensive line that already has a huge hole. To beat the Colts, you must apply constant pressure on Peyton Manning.  The Titans will hope that Fairley and last year’s 1st round pick, Derrick Morgan, give them that pressure.

9.       Dallas Cowboys – Da’Quan Bowers – DE – Clemson

                6’3’’ – 280 lbs – DNP
                Needs: DE, OT, OG, CB, S

                Commish’s Take: Bowers’ health is one of the biggest questions in the draft world right now. Other then being an unofficial Polish holiday, April Fool’s Day will be a huge day in the draft process as that is the day of Da’Quan Bowers pro day. If he’s healthy and performs the way he did all year, he’ll be in the running for the 1st overall pick.  If not, he might start to plummet. Right now, I like him to the Cowboys to spice up their defensive line.

10.   Washington Redskins – Robert Quinn – DE – North Carolina

                6’4’’ – 265 lbs – 4.70
                Needs: QB, WR, DE, OLB

                Commish’s Take: The recent release of Andre Carter opened up a small enough crack for the Redskins to consider filling that void in the draft.  Brian Orakpo paired with Robert Quinn could end up being hell on opposing quarterbacks.  Speaking of quarterbacks, Mike Shanahan could still target QBs like Colin Kaepernick or Andy Daulton in the next couple rounds.

11.   Houston Texans – Prince Amukamara – CB – Nebraska

                6’0’’ – 206 lbs – 4.43
                Needs: OLB, DE, CB, WR

                Commish’s Take:  Aldon Smith would make a lot of sense here as an outside linebacker for the   Texans new 3-4 defense, but there wasn’t even close to a worse pass defense in the NFL last year.  Amukamara silenced critics of his speed at the combine by running in the 4.4’s. 

12.   Minnesota Vikings – Blaine Gabbert – QB – Missouri

                6’4’’ – 234 lbs – 4.62
                Needs: QB, DE, OT, OG

                Commish’s Take:  A little bit of a slide for Gabbert, but this seems about the right slot for him to  go.  He is a talented quarterback, but wouldn’t grade out as high in other years against other quarterbacks. The Vikings have an obvious need for a quarterback, and Gabbert would have an opportunity to start right away. Whatever QB the Vikings do draft will have an excellent chance to succeed right away with the weapons already in place.

13.   Detroit Lions – Tyron Smith – OT – USC

                6’5’’ – 307 lbs – DNP
                Needs: OT, CB, OLB, DE

                Commish’s Take: The Lions have big needs at both offensive tackle positions. Tyron Smith is starting to distance himself as the draft’s top offensive lineman. Smith has excellent technique, long arms, and bulked up to 307 lbs. The Lions need to start protecting their investment in Matthew Stafford and not allow him to get injured anymore.

14.   St. Louis Rams – Aldon Smith – DE – Missouri

                6’4’’ – 263 lbs – 4.78
                Needs: WR, TE, DE, DT

                Commish’s Take: Smith is the prototypical defensive lineman that Steve Spagnuolo has gone after since his days as the Giants defensive coordinator.  Smith is tall, lean, and with long arms. Much like Jason Pierre-Paul last year, Smith is a raw pass rusher with a ton of potential. Hell, he’s even a local product.

15.   Miami Dolphins – Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin

                6’7’’ – 314 lbs – 5.27
Needs: RB, OT, NT, QB

                Commish’s Take: What?!?!? Where the hell is Mark Ingram? Well, Ingram has been the popular pick here, but when are teams going to wisen up and realize that running backs can be had later on in the draft. I know Bill Parcells is gone, but his mentality has not gone from the Dolphins front office or coaching staff.  They want big, mean, and nasty players who are willing to work hard.  Carimi could come right in and play right tackle while moving Vernon Carey inside to guard.  With Jake Long at left tackle, the Dolphins would have a very big and talented offensive line.

16.   Jacksonville Jaguars – Cameron Jordan – DE – Cal.

                6’4’’ – 287 lbs – 4.78
                Needs: DE, OLB, S, WR, OG

                Commish’s Take:  Last year, the Jaguars shocked everyone with their selection of Tyson Alualu  from Cal. This year, they could shock everyone by taking a quarterback like Christian Ponder here. Instead, I have them getting Alualu’s teammate from Cal, Cameron Jordan.  Jordan was great at the Senior Bowl and will finally give the Jaguars the end they’ve been looking for.

17.   N. E. Patriots (via OAK) – Muhammad Wilkerson – DE – Temple

                6’4’’ – 315 lbs – 4.93
                Needs: DE, OLB, WR, RB, OL

                Commish’s Take: The Patriots have a ton of picks, so they are going to be able to load up on positions that need some improving. Wilkerson’s stock is on the rise, and some scouts absolutely love him at end in a 3-4 defense.  Wilkerson should fit right into the rotation for the Patriots.  He has a similar body type to Richard Seymour and other ends the Patriots have had.

18.   San Diego Chargers – Akeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA

                6’2’’ – 254 lbs – 4.80
                Needs: LB, DE, RT, WR

                Commish’s Take: The Chargers have major questions at all their linebacker spots.  Ayers took some heat for a slow 40-yard dash at the combine, but he can play and is a good fit for a 3-4 defense. I think Ayers could play inside or outside linebacker right away for the Chargers’ defense.

19.   New York Giants – Anthony Castonzo – OT – Boston College

                6’7’’ – 311 lbs – 5.23
                Needs: OT, MLB, OG

                Commish’s Take:  David Diehl is better at guard, so the Giants need to find another tackle to pair with William Beatty.  Castonzo has great potential and the work ethic to reach that potential. He lacks in lower body strength, but his technique and quickness are great.  I think Castonzo will be a good fit at left tackle over time for the Giants.  Also, Tom Coughlin has a special place in his heart for players from Boston College.

20.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Martez Wilson – LB – Illinois

                6’4’’ – 250 lbs – 4.49
                Needs: DE, LB, CB, OT, OG

                Commish’s Take:  The bullets will be flying with this pick. How could I have the Bucs passing on a defensive end?  I absolutely think Ryan Kerrigan and Justin Houston will be in the discussion here along with players from other positions, but haven’t you seen enough mock drafts with the Bucs taking one of those players. Somebody needed the balls to give the Bucs someone different, and that someone is me! The overwhelming consensus is that Martez Wilson is the top middle linebacker in this class by far. Sure, it’s a poor group of middle linebackers, but the size and speed combination that Wilson has would look very nice to a lot of people in the middle of the Bucs defense. If Barrett Ruud, who’s a free agent, is indeed on his way out, who do you think will take over for him?  Adam Hayward?  Wilson is great at blitzing and obviously has the speed to get to the deep middle in the “Tampa 2.” As a bonus, Wilson could line up as an outside rush backer when the Bucs go to a 3-4 defense. Wilson’s probably rated as a late 1st or  early 2nd round player, but if the Bucs want a player like this, they’ll have to grab him here.

21.   Kansas City Chiefs – Brooks Reed – OLB – Arizona

                6’2’’ – 263 lbs – 4.68
                Needs: OLB, NT, OT,WR, OG

                Commish’s Take:  Reed is on the rise after a great combine and because he looks so much like Clay Matthews. I like Reed off the edge and a team like the Chiefs fits perfect for him. Some people might think that this is a little high for Reed, but I bet his stock continues to rise all the way till draft day.  This seems like a classic Scott Pioli pick.

22.   Indianapolis Colts – Mike Pouncey – OG – Florida

                6’5’’ – 303 lbs – 5.28
                Needs: OL, CB, LB

                Commish’s Take:  The Colts need to just take the best offensive lineman available. Pouncey can come in right away and play guard for the Colts. He could then eventually take over at center,  after learning how to shotgun snap, of course.

23.   Philadelphia Eagles – Jimmy Smith – CB – Colorado

                6’2’’ – 211 lbs – 4.46
                Needs: CB, OT, OG, OLB

                Commish’s Take:  Jimmy Smith reminds me a lot of Aqib Talib. He’s got all the talent in the world, but he also has a ton of baggage. The Eagles have a huge need at corner, so this seems like a good place for the Eagles to take a risk on a player that could give you a big reward.

24.   New Orleans Saints – Ryan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue

                6’4’’ – 267 lbs – 4.71
                Needs: DE, OLB

                Commish’s Take:  I really have little doubt that the Saints will look to improve their front 7 on defense in the first cuple rounds of this draft.  They already brought in Shaun Rogers this offseason, but they do have a need at end opposite of Will Smith.  Since Smith already plays right end, I eliminated Adrian Clayborn from this pick, since he can only play right end due to his right arm being smaller than his left arm. Kerrigan could come in and play wherever Gregg Williams wanted him to play.

25.   Seattle Seahawks – Jake Locker – QB – Washington

                6’2’’ – 231 lbs – 4.59
                Needs: QB, OG, DE, DT, CB

                Commish’s Take:  There have been recent reports that the Seahawks do not like Locker. Does anyone smell anything? It might be BS coming from the Seahawks. Why would you float a story like that out there?  Anyways, I’ll stick with the Seahawks keeping Locker home and taking over for the departing Matt Hasselbeck.

26.   Baltimore Ravens – Titus Young – WR – Boise St.

                5’11’’ – 174 lbs – 4.53
                Needs: CB, WR(speed), OC, S

                Commish’s Take:  The Ravens have a huge need for a speed receiver. Their receiving corps last year might have been one of the slowest groups the NFL has seen in years.  You can go ahead and pick your poison here.  Speed receivers in this draft include Young, Torrey Smith (from Maryland), Leonard Hankerson, Randall Cobb, and Jerel Jernigan. I like Jernigan a lot but think Young is the flashy player the Ravens are seeking. Any of the aforementioned receivers could go with this pick though.

27.   Atlanta Falcons – Justin Houston – DE – Georgia

                6’3’’ – 270 lbs – 4.68
                Needs: DT, DE, WR, TE

                Commish’s Take:  The Falcons need someone that can get to the quarterback other than John Abraham.  Justin Houston is a local product that can come in and contribute immediately. He needs to learn better technique and more moves as a pass rusher, but he has a lot of natural ability.  If Houston continues to think he can just win with speed off the edge, he’ll go on to be a bust from this draft.

28.   New England Patriots – Mark Ingram – RB – Alabama

                5’9’’ – 215 lbs – 4.62
                Needs: see above

                Commish’s Take: This seems like the right spot for a player like Ingram. Could we look back and  say, “wow, I can’t believe he lasted that long?”  Well, sure. However, in this day and age in the NFL, you can pick up a running back off the street, like Arian Foster, and he goes on to win the rushing title.  There just isn’t a high value on running backs in the draft anymore.  Ingram is a very good back with great vision. I think he’ll be a great addition for the Patriots. 

29.   Chicago Bears – Corey Liugett – DT – Illinois

                6’2’’ – 298 lbs – 4.99
                Needs: OT, OG, WR, DT

                Commish’s Take: The Bears have big needs along the offensive line, but instead replace the recently departed Tommie Harris with a local product. Liugett is very solid against the run and as pass rusher.

30.   New York Jets – Phil Taylor – NT – Baylor

                6’3’’ – 334 lbs – 5.20
                Needs: NT, DE, CB, WR

                Commish’s Take: Phil Taylor is big and mean. The Jets need more toughness and youth along their defensive line. Seems like a good fit to me. Taylor can play nose tackle or end.

31.   Pittsburgh Steelers – Marcus Cannon – OT – TCU

                6’5’’ – 358 lbs – 5.26
                Needs: CB, OT, OG

                Commish’s Take:  Cannon just has the look of a Steelers massive offensive lineman. Flozell Adams seems to be safe for another year, but Cannon could come in and play guard for a year before moving to right tackle.

32. Green Bay Packers – Nate Solder – OT – Colorado

                6’8’’ – 307 lbs – 5.05
                Needs: OT, DE, OLB

                Commish’s Take: After getting Bryan Bulaga after he fell last year, the Packers get another offensive tackle that fell this year. There are concerns that Solder might have a tough time keeping weight on his tall body, but that’s nothing beer and brats won’t fix!

Round 2:

1 (33). N. E. Patriots (via CAR) – Stefan Wisniewski – OC/OG – Penn St.

                Commish’s Take:  The Patriots have to start looking to their interior line. Wisniewski is ready to come in and play immediately.

2 (34). Buffalo Bills – Ryan Mallett – QB – Arkansas

                Commish’s Take:  The Bills need a quarterback with a strong enough arm to throw through the elements.

3 (35). Cincinnati Bengals – Christian Ponder – QB – FSU

                Commish’s Take: Ponder is ideal fit for Jay Gruden’s west-coast style of offense.  He also has a great receiver to throw to now in AJ Green.

4 (36). Denver Broncos – Mikel Leshoure – RB – Illinois

                Commish’s Take:  Yep, the Broncos have Knowshon Moreno, but John Fox has never been afraid to have two running backs.  Leshoure will be to Moreno what Jonathon Stewart was to DeAngelo Williams.

5 (37). Cleveland Browns – Cameron Heyward – DE – Ohio St.

                Commish’s Take:  The Browns stay local and get a big boost for their defensive line.  If he stays healthy, Heyward could become great for the Browns.

6 (38). Arizona Cardinals – Brandon Harris – CB – Miami

                Commish’s Take:  The Cardinals need a corner opposite of Rogers-Cromartie.  Harris is a man-to-man corner who should thrive in the Cardinals type of 3-4 defense.

7 (39). Tennessee Titans – Danny Watkins – OG – Baylor

                Commish’s Take:  Mike Munchak takes over as head coach and doesn’t get an offensive lineman?  Look for the Titans to target Andy Daulton in the 3rd round.

8 (40). Dallas Cowboys – Derek Sherrod – OT – Miss. St.

                Commish’s Take:  The Cowboys get a gift with Sherrod falling to them in the 2nd round.  Sherrod could come in and compete for a starting job right away.

9 (41). Washington Redskins – Colin Kaepernick – QB – Nevada

                Commish’s Take:  Mike Shanahan gets a quarterback with a ton of mobility and possibly the strongest arm in the draft. Kaepernick is a good quarterback for Shanahan to mold.

10 (42). Houston Texans – Dontay Moch – LB – Nevada

                Commish’s Take: The Texans need a threat off the edge. Moch played end at Nevada, but at 248 lbs, he’s best in the NFL at outside linebacker especially in a 3-4 defense.

11 (43). Minnesota Vikings – Marvin Austin – DT – North Carolina

                Commish’s Take: Austin wowed everyone at the combine. He’ll be a great replacement for Pat Williams.

12 (44). Detroit Lions – Adrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa

                Commish’s Take: Clayborn slides because of concerns, but continues to help the Lions build a great defensive line.

13 (45). San Francisco 49ers – Christian Ballard – DE – Iowa

                Commish’s Take: The 49ers failed with Kentwan Balmer, so they need someone to come in and man the end position in their 3-4 defense. Ballard was nearly unblockable at the Senior Bowl.

14 (46). Denver Broncos (via MIA) – Aaron Williams – CB – Texas

                Commish’s Take: With needs at corner and safety, why not grab a guy that could potentially play either.  Williams might slip because teams don’t know if he’s a corner or a safety, but a team that has needs for both will take a shot on him.

15 (47). St. Louis Rams – Jonathon Baldwin – WR – Pitt.

                Commish’s Take: The Rams get their big time receiver for Bradford. Baldwin has to fine tune his game, but this is great value for him.

16 (48). Oakland Raiders – Ras-I Dowling – CB – Virginia

                Commish’s Take:  What’s that you say?  Dowling is not worth a 2nd round pick?  Well, when has the Raiders taken a player that was worth where they were drafted?  Dowling is big and fast. Enough said!

17 (49). Jacksonville Jaguars – Rodney Hudson – OC/OG – FSU

                Commish’s Take: Hudson could come in and play guard or center for the Jaguars.

18 (50). San Diego Chargers – Benjamin Ijalana – OT/OG – Villanova

                Commish’s Take: The Chargers get help along their offensive line. Ijalana would be a nice fit at right tackle.

19 (51). Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jabaal Sheard – DE – Pitt

                Commish’s Take: Sheard is a technician as a pass rusher with many different moves to get to the quarterback. He should develop well. I think the Bucs should target his college teammate, Greg Romeus, in the 3rd round.

20 (52). New York Giants – Bruce Carter – LB – North Carolina

                Commish’s Take:  The Giants get Carter who could come in and play outside or inside linebacker for them. Injuries are a concern with Carter.

21 (53). Indianapolis Colts – Rahim Moore – S – UCLA

                Commish’s Take: With Bob Sanders gone, the Colts get a chance to grab the draft’s top safety.  Unfortunately, with this class of safeties, that’s not saying much.

22 (54). Philadelphia Eagles – Jason Pinkston – OT/OG – Pitt.

                Commish’s Take: You knew Andy Reid had to get an offensive lineman. Pinkston can play guard or tackle.

23 (55). Kansas City Chiefs – Leonard Hankerson – WR – Miami

                Commish’s Take: The Chiefs get another regular wide out to play opposite of Dwayne Bowe.

24 (56). New Orleans Saints – Mason Foster – LB – Washington

                Commish’s Take: Continuing to bolster their front 7 on defense, Mason Foster is a sure tackler who’s also a good blitzer for Gregg Williams defense.

25 (57). Seattle Seahawks – Stephen Paea – DT – Oregon St.

                Commish’s Take: Paea set a record on the bench press at the combine. I’m sure many thought he’d go higher, but as you can see, this draft has better depth in the first three rounds than first anticipated.

26 (58). Baltimore Ravens – Curtis Marsh – CB – Utah St.

                Commish’s Take: The Ravens need a corner and Marsh has kind of flown under the radar so far. He has a good combination of size and speed.

27 (59). Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Rudolph – TE – Notre Dame

                Commish’s Take: If Rudolph checks out healthy at his pro day, his stock will rise. Right now, the Falcons get their heir to Tony Gonzalez.

28 (60). New England Patriots – Randall Cobb – WR – Kentucky

                Commish’s Take: The Patriots need to get Tom Brady some weapons to work with in the passing game. I picked Cobb for the Patriots here because he is a better route runner than the receivers left. He seems like a Patriots receiver already.

29 (61). San Diego Chargers (via NYJ) – Jerel Jernigan – WR – Troy

                Commish’s Take: I think the Chargers could use a little flash on offense and in special teams.  When I watch Jernigan on film, there is just something special about him. Don’t be shocked if he does end up going much earlier than this.

30 (62). Chicago Bears – Greg Little – WR – North Carolina

                Commish’s Take:  Little has some character concerns, but also has everything you want from a No. 1 receiver. This is exactly what the Bears need.

31 (63). Pittsburgh Steelers – Curtis Brown – CB – Texas

                Commish’s Take: The Steelers pass defense was a little shaky in 2010. Brown might have been  overshadowed at Texas by Aaron Williams, but he should be a good fit in man coverage run by Pittsburgh.

32 (64). Green Bay Packers – Torrey Smith – WR – Maryland

                Commish’s Take: The Packers are in a good position because they just don’t have many needs. What the hell, let’s give them one of the fastest receivers in the draft. I think the Packers might need a little more speed in their receiving corps.

33 Responses to “Mock Draft II”

  1. HFXBUC Says:

    no way Watt goes that high and before Von Miller…I don’t disagree with the Martez Wilson pick but not at 20. I’m expecting them to trade back (20 is a good spot to trade out of) and still get their guy at 23, 25 or 26, whether it’s Wilson, Houston, Kerrigan or Reed

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    How pissed would people on here be if Kerrigan or Houston is still available and the Bucs took Wilson? I understand the Wilson pick if those guys are off the board, but not if they are available.

  3. Posey99 Says:

    If Ryan Kerrigan is availible and we pick someone else… I will be floored.

  4. Blounts Says:

    I love the pick. I think we need to let barrett go, and focus on re-signing caddy and davin. There’s plenty of d-ends available later in the draft that seem to bring more of a physicality and toughness that raheem covets. No doubt Kerrigan was impressive in college, but I dont think there’s anything special about him that’s going to make him dominant at the NFL level.

    It’s already clear Blount is the lead back, he’s going to get more carries. Caddy and Graham are more than capable of taking the load of Blount. Plus with Huggins back, it at least gives him another chance to show us in the regular season what we see in the preseason. Let Barrett go, trade down if we can, and grab Martez in the first round.

  5. Dylan Says:

    Martez Wilson!!!


    I see the Bucs trading up to get their DE, whether it’s Watt, Kerrigan or Quinn.

    But, I agree with Cmdr. Commish that if the Bucs stay at 20, they won’t take a DE. They’ll either select a OG or ILB.

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    a fast 40 shouldnt be enough to raise a guys draft stock by 20 picks, especially when his game tape doesnt match it.

  8. cjackson Says:

    i really dont like this mock and i normally like your mocks commish

  9. Hunter Says:

    Torrey Smith is very easily a 1st-very early 2nd round pick.

  10. IMHO... Says:

    it all starts up front. Go with Pouncey or tha best DE available.

  11. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Nice. But if we are taking a Lb, I like Reed mire than Martinez. Also think you are right about Sheard.buuut still believe It’s Clayborn in the first, unless we can trade up to Cameron Jordan-who has become our other new darling in the first round.

    I also think Sam and Wil are bigger concerns than MLB. I know alot of people will disagree, but with our problems stopping the run, those two spots have to upgraded- if we resign black or not. If we resign Ruud, he is more than capable of doing his job in our defense. I still expect him to leave- again, he is worth more to alot of other teams than he is to us. We don’t feature the MLB in Tampa.

    Nice work again Justin. Keep it coming. Really like some of your” outside the norm” evaluations- like Reed and Sheard. Think you are on the mark also!!

  12. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Spell check strikes- should be “Martez” as in Martez Wilson

  13. Mr. Hill Says:

    I like the wilson pick. Getting the 5th or 6th best DE in the first round is a questionable call. Especially when you look at the history of first round des and their extremely high bust rate (Gaines Adams anyone, or how about Derrick Harvey two can’t miss DEs who are now selling used cars (one in heaven)) Better to draft the best at a position of need

  14. Hunter Says:

    I totally disagree with Brooks Reed. I honestly would be mad if we drafted him in the second round. I don’t think he’s worth a pick before the 3rd or 4th round.

  15. Hunter Says:

    Also, Martez Wilson will be more of an outside linebacker than middle in the NFL.

  16. Matt Says:

    At some point it feels like you are just picking people to cause a reaction.

    Not going to happen.

  17. gotbbucs Says:

    Matt, that’s exactly what he was doing and he admited to doing it for no other reason than to be different.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’d bet Dom knows everything about all of these guys including the name of their first grade teacher, Pop Warner coach’s name, and what their grades were from day one, as well as their 40 time in high school. Oh yeah, favorite food, song, and color which has to be red.

  19. JDouble Says:

    Worst mock I have seen. The Bucs picks made me throw up in mouth a little. The rest just made me laugh.

  20. gitarlvr Says:

    I seriously would love for the Bucs to get Martez Wilson. If they want him it will probably have to be at #20. Quite frankly its now possible he may be off the board even before then. His perfomance combined with Akeem Ayers absolutely atrocious combine could actually have a team that was targeting Ayers somewhere 10-20 now targeting Wilson instead.

  21. Travis Says:

    Combine over-reactions as always. Martez wont be a 1st rounder, and Ayers wont drop out of the 1st.

  22. Dory Says:

    Mission accomplished, Commish. 😉

  23. gitarlvr Says:

    Ayers was pretty bad Travis. From what I saw he had the worst 3 cone time of ALL linebackers. That means dudes might not even be drafted had better times than him in that drill. Not something you want to say about your first round pick. It wasn’t just his 40 time. He also had one of the poorer bench reps despite being one of the biggest linebackers. Im not saying he drops out of the first round. Just that Martez Wilson has an outside chance of going ahead of him now. Martez Wilson WILL be a first rounder. He was flirting with it before the combine and that super elite 40 time will surely put him over the top.

  24. gitarlvr Says:

    Hunter- I agree Wilson would probably be the SAM for the Bucs since they also use the SAM as their “redskin” 3-3-5 rush linebacker and Wilson is a good blitzer. Probably more of a replacement for Quincy Black than Barrett Ruud.

  25. gitarlvr Says:

    Capt. Tim- You sure love you some Adrian Clayborn man. That erbs palsy deal doesn’t scare the bejeesus out of you???? Of course the funny thing is if Clayborn has overcome that disability and he just had a down year then whoever drafts him will have the steal of the draft. It wouldnt be the first time a great DE had a down year and then rebounded big time. What a crapshoot man 🙂

  26. WeNeedDefense Says:

    How about Ayers in round 2?

    I can see him drop to round 2 very easily.

  27. espo Says:

    Why would the panthers pick another QB? They have 3 up and comers.

  28. Leighroy Says:

    Because none of them have the potential as both a player and as a bargaining chip in a trade, espo. Martez Wilson isnt a bad pick, but if you’re gunna release ruud and draft a guy to play MLB this year, you’re only treading water for the next 2-3 years until he really learns the system. Why do that?

    I still think we take an O-lineman or a DE with the first round pick. Even if there is a run on DE’s and we’re taking the 5th-7th DE on the board, I think thats still an upgrade you have to make considering the personnel on our team.

    Also, MLB replacements not named Adam Hayward also include Tyrone McKenzie. I know this kid was a backup, but his upside seems to be there. I just don’t know that we have to knee jerk react to drafting a MLB in the 1st round in our system if we let Ruud walk is all I’m saying. Not like Jamie Duncan, Shelton Quarels or even Ruud were first round picks.

  29. Hunter Says:

    I really don’t know if you can replace Ruud in any way next season without a trade. He’s the “quarterback” of our defense, and losing him would make the defense worse. Right now, if we lose Barrett Ruud, forget about the Super Bowl if we make the playoffs…

  30. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Gitarlvr- not me, I’m just predicting who they’ll pick. I’d trade up and try to get Quinn or Jordan if it was me. But at 20- I’m predicting the Bucs take Clayborn. I do think he will be a great DE in this league. He has a fast jump off the line, and super quick hands, that you can’t teach. Think he will be 3rd best 4-3 DE at least!

  31. espo Says:

    The Panthers had an all around crappy team. I wouldn’t call their QBs busts yet.

    Back to the important team. Don’t the middle linebackers get a headset? I think we’re putting too much thought into our QB of the D knowing the assignments. Martez Wilson will make rookie mistakes, but I can accept them a lot easier than Barrett Ruud making rookie mistakes. I’m perfectly fine making that switch as long as we still somehow find a pass rush. Otherwise, its McKenzie’s turn in the middle and we draft a DE 1st.

    Either way, why is football so far away??!?!?! I’m having cannon withdrawals.

  32. McBuc Says:

    Espo…When is Ruud making rookie mistakes? Not being a smart arse, just really asking a legit question. Does he get beat at time? of course, but so does every football player on the planet.

  33. Predator Says:

    Awful pick for the Bucs.