“Business As Usual” For Raheem Morris

March 11th, 2011

For a guy who has been in the business for quite a while, the world of journalism sometimes brings a chuckle to Joe.

For the past two weeks, hordes of press, new media, old media, electronic, print, you name it, have spent countless hours and breathless accounts giving blow-by-blow, minute-by-minute accounts of the ongoing quarrel between NFL owners and the NFLPA.

You know what, after two weeks, we’re all still at square-one.

So it’s refreshing in a sense to learn Bucs head coach Raheem Morris has tuned all this out (like Joe has tried to do the past week). Joe has even gone so far as to listen to a grand total of perhaps 30 minutes max of Sirius NFL Radio, 25 minutes of which Joe has consumed just this morning on “The Opening Drive” with co-hosts Bob Papa and Derrick Brooks.

Raheem knows, like Joe, this is totally out of his hands and there’s no sense in wasting time worrying about it, so he told Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times.

“Those things are not really in my control. I do feel good about it with everything that’s going on,” Morris said. “It is what it is. To me, it’s about the draft.

“It’s business as usual for us. There’s nothing going on as you guys can see on SportsCenter. You guys can follow it just like me. To me, it’s all about getting ready for the draft, finding out what’s going to be next, how you’re going to move, what we want to do, what’s our priority. Sitting down with (general manager) Mark Dominik, sitting down with (college scouting director) Dennis Hickey and being ready to deal.”

Joe is beyond weary of all the CBA chatter. Thankfully he has other options to turn to on Sirius and of course, March Madness really heats us this weekend, and there’s spring training baseball.

In the meantime, Joe knows there will be football this fall. That is an absolute given. No need for the Chris Mortensons of the world to give Joe hourly updates of professed confidential meetings.

Just wake Joe up when there’s an agreement.

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