Might Raheem Be Attracted To Burress — Again?

March 7th, 2011

A man who caught the adoring eyes of Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik — before they were rock star and coach of the year — is getting out of jail in early June, per ProFootballTalk.com.

That would be “The Lone Gunman,” Plaxico Burress. He’s the guy with sick talent who made a habit of getting fined, sued and pulled over, topped off by shooting himself, spending a couple years in the hole and being known as a questionable teammate (although Hines Ward said he wants the Steelers to re-sign him). 

Despite Burress’ flaws, the Bucs were one of two teams interested him a couple of years ago shortly after the shooting, back when the plan was a two-gap defense, Jeff Jagodzinski simplifying the offense, and Byron Leftwich winning games while Derrick Ward ran downhill and Josh Freeman watched and learned.

Back then there was no denial from the Bucs’ regime about their interest in Burress, so noted Tampa Tribune beat writer Woody Cummings in a 2009 story. It was a story that lingered for several days.

Though he didn’t get into specifics, Bucs coach Raheem Morris sounded Thursday like a coach who would jump at the chance to add Burress to his roster if Burress can clear himself from his legal issues.

“He’s a great player,’’ Morris said of the former Giants and Steelers standout. “Anytime you have an opportunity to get a great player you’d love to see a great player come to Tampa.’’

Would Dominik and Raheem be interested again? Especially with the uncertainty of Arrelious Benn’s health?

Joe doubts it (and can’t recommend it), but the Bucs were enticed once and Burress probably would come cheap. If the Bucs have to meet a new salary cap floor, signing Burress could be a miniscule risk. They could always cut him.

Regardless, Joe was intrigued looking back at the Plaxico-Bucs stories because of the Bucs’ mindset at the time. Raheem and Dominik used to talk about improving the Bucs at all costs and looking at every player, as evidenced by the quote above (and others in that Tribune story).

Now they don’t talk like that. Publicly, everything’s not on the table anymore. Now it’s about draft picks and doing it the “right way” without free agents. 

Some call it the evolution of a quality front office. Others aren’t so sure.

11 Responses to “Might Raheem Be Attracted To Burress — Again?”

  1. lakeland bob Says:

    If he comes out of jail enlightened like Vick did then I say hell yes,sign him.

  2. RIBucBall Says:

    No thanks, I would rather give dez brisco the oppertunity over a 30 something ex con, who has had a sense of entitlement for his entire career.

  3. Dave Says:


    I agree. I think they are set at WR with Williams, Benn, Stroughter, Spurlock, Briscoe, and Parker.

    Everyone seems to overlook Parker, but that kid could be the flyer many crave to stretch the defense now & then.

    On top of that, I don’t really think a so-called speed demon on the outside is really necessary. Benn and Williams are plenty fast and, more importantly, are physical and go up and get the ball. In truth, that is all you really need from a guy you send deep.

  4. Mike Says:

    agreed..no need to add burres

  5. Patrick Says:

    Plaxico is not a bad person or a cancer to the locker room. He just made a stupid mistake that’s all. He never even had any on or off the field issues before the gun incident. Other than that, there’s no list of criminal records for him at all. I wouldn’t consider him to be a risk. It’s not like he was trying to hurt anybody or cause any chaos. Like I said, he made a mistake.

    If he’s healthy and reasonable, I’d sign him in a flash. Pair him with Williams and Benn and we’ll have a dangerous WR core in 2011.

  6. gruss222 Says:


    Really? Plaxico refused to show up for mandatory team meetings, would come and go at his leisure, was fined and suspended from the team on numerous occasions as a result. Really? Not making caos?

    I agree with Dave. We have the WRs on the roster. Let them grow.

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    If he learned his lesson, go get him. Tampa can never have enough good receivers, and Plaxico is one of the best.

  8. eric Says:

    If your talking league minimum with no risk, why not? Could be another AB 08 type player.

    I think he is more possession than a burner though.

  9. oar Says:

    Only if he takes a how to use firearms course!

  10. McBuc Says:

    Plenty of those going on in FL OAR. A local pizza joint in Tarpon offers a class. I think we would have to start by showing him a holster vs the waist band of sweat pants…

  11. Patrick Says:

    Being as rich as he was, does he really need to carry a gun?! Hire a bodyguard.