Are YOU Ready For A New Defensive End?

March 15th, 2011

Joe gets crazy with this look at defensive ends in the 2011 draft from the always unpredictable JoeBucsFan TV studios.

There are even special effects in this must-watch video! You must watch it to the end.

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    1. JDouble Says:


    2. cjackson Says:

      haha i enjoyed this a lot more than the other episodes

    3. phil s Says:

      Too funny. Enjoyed the x and o’s stuff a lot too. Looking forward to the next stuff.

    4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      It’s funny to watch people on drugs . Just kidding, funny stuff.

    5. Tommy Boy Says:

      Would much rather read what JP has to say. His voice sounds like he has a mouth full of marshmallows and his face is stupid. Definitely should be read only. Not seen or heard.

    6. Dave Says:

      I want Kerrigan, but the negativity surrounding Clayborn is wearing off of me. I would be pleased if they got him, I think he will prove alot of people wrong.

      I do really hope they get Romeus.

      I did a mock draft online (still going to pick in round 6 & 7) and this is what I did:
      ROUND 1: DE RYAN KERRIGAN Purdue – traded away rd 3 pick and Ruud and got another 4th to move up to get Kerrigan

      ROUND 2: BRUCE CARTER OLB UNC – I think the best all around LB in the draft

      ROUND 4: AHMED BLACK S UF (too good a value to pass up and Romeus was gone)

      ROUND 4: NATE IRVING ILB NCST – traded Josh Johnson for the pick -will compete with McKenzie in the middle with Ruud gone

      ROUND 4: DEMARCUS LOVE OT/OG Arkansas – another great value and diverse

      ROUND 5: RICKY ELMORE DE AZ wanted Derrick Locke RB UK, but another DE was imperative

      Have not picked these yet:
      ROUND 6: HOPING for Locke or might go QB
      ROUND 7: QB or BPA that can help special teams

    7. JDouble Says:

      2011 Draft Class

      1. RE Ryan Kerrigan – He might end up being our LE down the road, but this year he will be our RE and that is an upgrade over anyone on our roster. There isn’t much bust factor here. He’s just a hard working guy with good instincts and good fundamentals. His love for the game and his work ethic make him a solid pick that should provide 8+ sacks a year and improve our run defense.

      2. CB Ras I Dowling – This guy is a Talib clone but a better tackler and he is a very well mannered intelligent guy. He won’t be punching any cab drivers or teamates. Even if Barber returns he will only be a one year stop gap, and Lewis/Biggers are solid depth for nickel and dime packages or in case of injury, but I’m not convinced either is a play making starter. Right now they both appear to be more on the level of Phillip Buchanon, which is nice, but not ideal. With Dowling we could have two shut down physcial corners that are also good in run defense. Biggers, and Lewis still play an important role in Nickel and Dime formations, as well as providing great depth in case of injury. No more Mack.

      3. DE/OLB Chris Carter – This guy is a bit raw and a bit undersized foe a DE but he has great lean and is a natural pass rusher. Needs time to develope as a SLB but could immediatley contribute as a pass rusher on passing downs.

      4. MLB Nate Irving – Probably not ready to step in immediatly and be our MLB and lead our defense, but he has everything you want in a MLB. Leadership, size, strength, instincts, a hard hitting mean streak. He does well in coverage, but his strength is his ability to shed blocks to stop the run and rush the passer. He is as quick/fast as Ruud, but lacks the top end speed to be our WLB. He’ll need to improve his tackling fundamentals too, but he’ll be ready to be a stud MLB for us in 2012 and beyond. This year he would provide good depth and see spot duty at MLB and/or SLB.

      5. RB Allen Bradford – We need another big power back to fill in for Blount when he needs rest or is injured. Bradford is that man. He also could be Caddies replacment as 3rd down back. (This is the compensatory pick for Antonio Bryant)

      6. TE Julius Thomas – Big physical ex basket ball player with great potential as a recieving TE. Needs experience to learn how to get open in zone, but is already an outstanding blocker with some nastiness to him.

      6b. MLB Mario Harvey – Under rated. Only 5’11” but 250lbs. Has great instincts and strength. More production than any of the top ranked MLBs in this draft. Solid depth if not a starter for us. I could see him competing with McKenzie and Black for the starting MLB spot this year. Could also play SLB.

      7. RB Chad Spann – Change of pace speedy back. Only 5’8″ but 200lbs. Very underrated. This kid is awesome. Caddie and Lumpkin are out. Bradford and Spann are in.

      Undrafted Free Agent Rookies

      OLB Mike Gee – Small school but big time player. Great rushing LB with perfect size and speed. Great depth or eventual starter at strong side. He is also from a small town in Jersey just blocks from where Rah grew up.

      ILB Tressor Baptiste – Hard to judge guys in division II, but he looks promising. He looks good when pass rushing and stopping the run, but what really caught my eye is his abilities in coverage. Really seems to enjoy big hits

      DE/OLB Marc Schiechl – Another division ll guy that has great motor, athletism, and instincts. Thanks Yuc!

      Free Agents

      LB Justin Durant – Can play all three LB positions in a 4-3. Not exactly an explosive game changer, but always consistantly good and while young, he is an experienced vet. Had a bad 2010 due to an ankle injury and could be somewhat cheap.

      DE Ray Edwards or Charles Johnson – I like Johnson and Edwards equally. Both will require a pretty penny to sign but both are worth it. Either guy would compliment Kerrigan and it wouldn’t really matter who was LE and who was RE.

      TE Kevin Boss – Not as big a name as Zach Miller or Mercedese Lewis, but he has quietly been very good for the Giants. Excels in run blocking but also has great hands and the ability to quickly find the soft spot in coverages. He is a better blocker than reciever, but solid all around.

      Our Free Agents

      G Davin Joseph – He’s not as good as many think, but he is still good. Now is not the time to try and upgrade over him.

      T Jeremy Trueblood* – He was actually pretty good last year and didn’t have a lot of penalties like year’s past. He isn’t a guaranteed starter anymore, but would create good competition with Lee and Dotson.

      CB Ronde Barber – Already signed, sealed, and delivered. Ras-I Dowling could learn a lot from one year with Barber.

    8. WeNeedDefense Says:

      Seriously? WTF was that? And why is this guy even considered a ‘guru’?

      LMAO, that was terrible.

      This whole website is going off the deep end.

      May as well rename it to CharlieSheenBucFan dot com.

    9. Snook Says:

      I get the Gaines Adams heebie jeebies when I see Powers from Clemson. Same school, same jersey number in college…

    10. BigMacAttack Says:

      … “And with the 20’th pick in the 2011′ Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: Mike Pouncy, Offensive Lineman, Florida.”

      Yeah!!!! and the crowd goes wild!!!!

      And the Jets fans continue to “Boooooooo!!!!”

    11. Architek Says:

      I would not be mad if they drafted Pouncey and turn around and draft two DE’s 2nd and 3rd round. Then get a stud speed back/STs player in the 4th and a TE with the 5th pick. 6th and 7th can just be great value picks.

    12. bucnoleguy22 Says:

      Architek i love how ur thinkin man..would love to see that…could of done w/out the last 10 seconds of the vidoe but JP knows his shizz, i would listen to what he has to say..

    13. Architek Says:

      I just believe that we cannot lose at 20 if we go with the most talented player on the board at that time. Down the road it will pay dividends. Imagine AP in a Tampa uniform right now…

    14. tiki the doodoo head Says:

      all that acting the fool at the end makes it a bit difficult to take anything pupu says seriously

    15. Macabee Says:

      I am not advocating this, just providing another point-of-view FYI.

    16. Matt B Says:

      It’s probably been said before but Justin IS the shoeshine guy on NBC’s Parks & Recreation. Right?

    17. Fernando Says:

      Joe you have a great website, but this self proclaimed draft guru IT’S HORRIBLE!!! Pleas spare us his crap.

    18. Architek79 Says:

      I completely disagree, you have to get the humor and angle of Justin’s role. Joe’s site is all about simplicity, friendly to the common, sophisticated enough for the diehards, and consistent with the flow of Bucs information with some relative NFL chatter. Joe, correct me if I am wrong but last year Justin’s information was not free but Joe stated (paraphrasing),” as a gift to the increasing fans of the site” he would make it a free offered service. Last year the site was still good but the draft chatter was limited. If anything you should thank Justin for sharing this in-depth insight. I have been to several of draft sites and they are insuffucient as they post 40 times from college and have no pro relation or comparisons. Fernando, I don’t know about you but I dont know the skinny on every player in the draft so why not enjoy someone else research? Its free. It’s respectable. It’s better than watching the stupid play60 Falclowns commercial on NFL Network 24/7 or Fox News Channel (oops I mean ESPN).

      I like how Justin got down to the facts of each DE and made it clear that everyone is so fixated on a DE in the first. Do not be surprised if the Bucs take a Guard or some other position and then turn around and go on a DE tear back to back. I love Kerrigan but if he is gone I will not be at all upset with Pouncey because a talented lineman can be as lethal as a WR also.

    19. Stankhornia Says:

      Hahaaa Justin is great!! Those of you morons that don’t like him can eat a dick! Keep doing your thing Commish…..

    20. Weneeddefense Says:

      What idiot would pay for that crap?

      And yes, this guy is Parks and Recreations nameless shoe shiner’s long lost goofier brother.

    21. oar Says:

      If any of you really want to know who’s drafting who? Just download the magic-eightball app, guys! It’s easy, fun, and spot on…err usually!
      Seriously, I have to agree with Architek and we really can’t miss with the #20 pick. Pouncey or Kerrigan would be fine by me!

    22. oar Says:

      I think there’s a reason, Joe had comments off on Justins other threads?

    23. oar Says:

      Off topic, but what’s with the new player banners pulled down(missing) at the stadium? Is it in conjunction with the CBA lockout? My dang magic-eightball keeps coming up “check again later”!

    24. Matt Says:

      Wow. Just, wow.

    25. BigMacAttack Says:

      Belicheat apparently showed a great deal of interest in “Big Mike” at his pro-day, and he picks before us. The king cheater loves Gators and this could be another to add to his collection. I thought our young mostly backup O Line did an amazing job last year and should be better this season.

    26. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      Look fellas, Joe loves feedback. But there will be 7,000+ visits to the site today and everyone has different taste, different sense of humor and a different level of interest in the draft. Justin’s analysis is sound and his knowledge of the draft is thorough and complete — has been for many years.

    27. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      @Oar – Joe recalls shutting off comments once on a fantasy football video Justin did this fall just to drive some of the hatrs crazy. Joe used to post those on Friday/Saturday at midnight. Sometimes Joe likes to mess with the drunks. You should see the e-mail Joe gets in the wee hours.

    28. oar Says:

      I can only imagine!
      And, keep everything coming! Variety is a good thing!

    29. Buc N' A Says:

      … “And with the 20′th pick in the 2011′ Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: Mike Pouncy, Offensive Lineman, Florida.”

      I would LOVE this. If this draft is as deep at DE as they say, then taking 2 later will be fine. The elite DE’s will be off the board anyway. Take the best player. Like Dominick says, getting weapons and protection for Freeman is KEY. Man, it sure does suck that this promising young team may not be able to roll out of the shop this year. Why couldn’t 2009 be the locked out year!! ; )

    30. colby Says:

      No Aldon Smith?

    31. Steve From Oregon Says:

      Joe…I’m a big fan of your site; however, the content of this update was lacking. Saying that guy has one arm longer then the other, but not going into detail on how or why he would be a good fit for the bucs….like I said, it just lacked for me.

    32. Dave Says:

      Do Not see them taking Pouncey at all UNLESS Davin Joseph goes elsewhere.

      Otherwise they have Joseph and Larsen and Hardman and Carter and Faine and Zuttah

      That’s 6 guys with, very good starters in 3 spots. OG is not needed. OT is needed in the later rounds….

      all posturing. It will be 2 DEs and 2 LBs in the first 4-5 rounds

    33. JDouble Says:

      Those of you saying take a DE in the 2nd and 3rd because the draft is deep at DE….are clueless. The draft is top heavy with DEs, not deep. There are around 8 DEs with 1st round grades, maybe 3 with 2nd round grades, and maybe 3 with 3rd round grades. It’s loaded at the top and then a very, very steep drop off.

    34. Fernando Says:

      Great website, but Justin stinks!!!?

    35. Fernando Says:

      I don’t need to be guru to know we need a DE, a 5th old knows that.

    36. BuccoBill Says:

      Did he call us “assholes”?

    37. Joe Says:


      Will all apologies to you and the other haters, Joe thinks the world of Justin who Joe knows stays up until the wee hours of the morning doing research for his draft analysis.

      For those that think they can do better, Joe kindly suggests they can start their own blogs, book production time at a TV studio and educate the masses with their knowledge of the draft.

      (Joe vividly remembers last year when the Bucs drafted Mike Williams Justin said that was perhaps the steal of the draft and Justin also flogged Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik for not drafting LeGarrette Blount. Odd, Joe never noticed anyone patting Justin on the back for his wise comments then?)

      Justin is Tampa Bay’s very own Mike Mayock. If you don’t like or respect his work, don’t read/view it. Real simple.

    38. Joe Says: