What To Do With Barrett Ruud?

February 8th, 2011

Joe has stated for weeks if not months that he has tried to keep an open mind about Barrett Ruud, through the wailing of those with loud forums.

After chatting with Pat Kirwan last week, Joe’s mind is no longer open when it comes to Ruud. The current make up of the Bucs means it is vital he returns.

But what options does Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik have when it comes to signing Ruud, or finding another safety middle linebacker?

In this TBO Bucs vlog, video star Anwar Richardson and Woody Cummings, both colleagues at the Tampa Tribune, explore what options Dominik has at his disposal when it comes to dealing with Ruud.

Monitor the video and let Joe know what you think of the duo’s thoughts.

23 Responses to “What To Do With Barrett Ruud?”

  1. Gary Says:

    I hope Anwar is right. They should see where we are after FA and the draft, then sign him before the season if needed.

    Besides, if we sign him eventually I want it to be obvious to everyone we tried to look elsewhere. That way Ruud knows for sure his play needs to improve.

  2. JDouble Says:

    Ruud sucks.

  3. Formerbuc Says:

    Joe has beat this Ruud horse to death as of late, but i’ll bite one last time. Look, the prototypical MLB in the Monte’s scheme does have pass responsibilities, that is true. How it works is after formation is set, the ball is snapped and the MLB has to commit (either bail for pass/contain or commit to the run). Barrett does a great job in coverage. Agreed. But if you want to see the standard for MLB’s in the Cover 2, Hardy Nickerson was the only film you need to review.
    Stat: In five years of playing beside 11 time pro bowl D Brooks, only ONCE did Derrick beat Nic in tackles. Why? Not because DB was a slouch! Because when Hardy commited to run he was phenomenal at shedding the block and getting to the tackle. Period! He had rip moves, spin moves, everything. Teams had to iso a lineman, end, or back to take him out of the play.
    I personally like Barrett. Ive met him at a function and he’s very congenial. But there’s two aspects to his game i’d love to see improve..shedding blocks quicker and being more of a vocal on field leader. (I.E. see Nickerson, Hardy Otto)

  4. Formerbuc Says:

    BTW, for those of you old schoolers who want to know, here’s a clip of what my good friend Nic has been up to lately. Dude’s just an all around winner at everything he does!

  5. 2 Buc Bill Says:

    i don’t get why Pat Kirwan slobs Ruud and all of the sudden he’s a perennial pro-bowler. Just put the film back on and reality should set back in. Ruud is a soft MLB built like a safety who can’t shed a block to save his life…I’ll take my chances with anybody else.


    Funny How Cummings really really really wants Ruud back(because Ruud is his source) and Anwar says not so fast my friend. With Cummings it’s more like a guy trying to help his friend. He had the audacity to say that Dominick almost came out and said that they were gonna bring back Ruud. Almost. LMAO @ Roy. What a tool.

  7. jvato24 Says:

    I think it is just ridiculous to keep a player as our starting MLB because the players dont know how to line up .. Give me a f*ing break .. Then the coach isnt doing his job, but I believe the coach is doing his job.

    Everyone says he is the quarterback of the Defense .. Cmon .. He for the most part is adjusting weak side and strong side protections and Line Stunts .. I dont think this is impossible for any other MLB to do

    The Bucs are high on Tyrone Mackenzie although he has done nothing yet .. they constantly harp on how sharp he is meaning they have faith he can handle the mental part.

    Plus a Safety can make those adjustments and with Cody Grimms instincts I wouldnt be afraid to see him make the calls.

    Ruud is not terrible. He just doesnt fit what this team needs as MLB. This is no longer a Tampa 2 team, accept for in principle off running to the football and tackling.

  8. k_bassuka Says:

    When most WR can effectively block your MLB that’s a big problem, one that needs to be fix. Ruud is a capable player and I won’t argue that he’s the best LB as of today that we have, but that’s not saying much. I hope we can get a high draft pick for him and let him walk. The notion that if Ruud is not here the players won’t line up correctly is just funny and stupid at the same time. If that’s the case then we need to get rid off those players, cause is very likely Ruud will miss time due to injury and I hope one day they learn where they supposed to be on their own that alone is not a good reason to sign him.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    I Am pretty certain Ruud will leave. Mackenzie will replace him. I think he will do a fine job. When the QB changes the play at the line of Scrimmage,Ruud is great out countering the QB. That is rare. But I Think Ronde can help Tyrone, til he gets a feel for it.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Formerbuc, thank you for that piece.

    Hardy has the right stuff all the way to be a great coach. I don’t think it will be long before Colleges or the NFL comes knocking on his door. That was more entertaining than another Ruud conversation. I would like to see Ruud get locked in the weight room, add 15 lbs of muscle, and run bleachers with ankle weights for a few months. I think if you could combine Geno Hayes, Quincy Black & Barrett Ruud into one player, you might have something.

  11. Dave Says:

    Ruud should take the money and sign with another team.

    Personally, I don’t care how good a defensive QB he was, Black or McKenzie or any of the OLB would develop into that guy; PLUS make a tackle better, shred blocks better, be an emotional leader….

    remember who the Bucs LOVED in the draft last year and wanted to take in round 2 if he was there: Brandon Spikes: decent short yardage cover guy, run stuffer, shreds blocks, emotional leader

    the anti-Ruud.

    They may already have their guy in Tyrone McKenzie. Don’t be surprised to see him as the starting MLB this year at some point.

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    The one argument I’ve heard that is truly valid against Ruud is the “He’s not a vocal leader” one. That’s true, he’s not a vocal leader. Other than that, I must say that I’ve watched each game multiple times, and he does shed blocks, he does fill his gap, he does make tackles everywhere on the field including at and behind the line of scrimmage, he does pretty well in coverage, and it is important to have a guy that calls the adjustments for the front 7 (typically a Safety calls the coverages for the DBs). The times that people see him making a tackle 7 yards downfield from behind and get “dragged” for a couple more yards is because he was either on the other side of the field in coverage and had to come completely back across the field to clean up what other players missed, or because he filled his gap and the back ran through someones gap on the other side and he had to recover and make the tackle. He does a good job of tackling sideline to sideline. I hate to say it, but even Ray Lewis can’t be expected to make a tackle within 2 yards of the line of scrimmage when the play is run to the opposite side of the field than what he is responsible for. Ray Lewis would make the tackle, from behind, and about 5 to 7 yards downfield, and may even be dragged a yard or two BECAUSE it’s a tackle from behind. There were very FEW instances where Ruud was “stood up” by running backs in a head on situation. The Ivory run is the one that stands out. I have the recordings, so name another game, another runner that did the same thing. It’s hard to pick one out because it didn’t happen that often.

  13. m.wesley Says:

    ruud is no better than any other linebacker we have or had that played with brooks,brooks made ruud look great he seemed to be a good all around player until brooks got hurt his final season.one have to be special and the other two linebackers can get away with what all three did last year,with ray lewis at mlb,black and hayes would be fine.with brooks at wlb black and ruud would be fine

  14. Architek79 Says:

    Us Bucs fans are so riddled with fear. We always want better but we are afraid of change. Ruud is who he is and that’s no problem but with his inability to stop the run, shed blocks and lack of speed I question what asset does he bring outside of lining players up. You can teach a smart player the system but you can’t teach contact and physicality. If the regime wants Ruud back then fine but I’m not crying if he’s gone and I’m not saying wew are lost! I personally don’t care for his play and antics about his contract.if he thought he was so good, go ask Chris Ivory if he’s a good MLB…we all remember that play

  15. McBuc Says:

    BamBam…I guess you, Steve White, and me are the only ones that see this. You are 100% correct. Hardy also had a better defensive line. Hardy is one of my all-time FAV Bucs, but he had a better supporting cast. I believe Ruud will never be a Hardy, and the vocal leadership thing is a big reason why. Someone else may step up into that role, maybe GMC with a year under his belt. No offense formerbuc your breakdown of Hardy is spot on, but without knowing who you are I will stick with Steve White for my ex-player perspective.

  16. gitarlvr Says:

    Once again someone mentions replacing Ruud by making Quincy “the hollow man” Black the new MLB. People destroy all credibility they have at criticising Ruud when they think sliding Black over there will be an upgrade. Give me a break. We don’t know what we have in Mckenzie yet but we certainly do know Quincy Black doesn’t make a good SAM let alone a good MLB. I have to agree with the CApt. about the bigger need to upgrade the OLB’s. And we cant draft a new will or sam in the first two rounds if we have to spend one of those picks on MLB. It seems like their is more talent available at DE and OLB then MLB. If Ruud goes then it makes it much more likely the Bucs feel the need to reach on an MLB early. And reaching for need sucks.

  17. gitarlvr Says:

    People need to stop pointing to the Chris Ivory posterization. Judging a player on one play is idiotic. Especially considering how he totally redeemed himself on I believe it was the same drive when he SHED A BLOCK to make a beautiful FORCED FUMBLE hit. I know people think they have seen Barrett Ruud miss lots of tackles but that is something they are making up in their heads to justify their incorrect perception of Ruud. The dude might not hit big but he rarely fails to wrap guys up when its his responsibility. Too many posters on here are simply ignorant of the way defense works and think that because a d-lineman loses gap integrity and Ruud fails to come from wherever he is on the field to make a big hit then its Ruuds fault. And as far as him having trouble shedding blocks(which happens of course when blockers get to the second level after d-line fails to penetrate) most 240ish or less NFL 4-3 linebackers struggle to some degree shedding blocks. If you want linebackers that are great at shedding blocks you need to move to the 3-4 defense and get yourself a Lamarr Woodley or Terrell Suggs.

  18. McBuc Says:

    OK, I will add Gitarlvr to the list. Your point is spot on.

  19. jvato24 Says:

    Ok then for all the Ruud supporters .. Lets be realistic for a moment .. So Ruud is your guy .. How much are you paying to keep him ?? 4 Yrs/36 Million ?? 5 Yrs/45 Million ??? That has been rumored the money he wants …

    To say he is worth that type of money to me is .. well .. Gross

    4 Yrs/25 Mill .. A little better .. but still I feel he is a just above average player.

    And like someone else said, It is well known had Brandon Spikes fallen to our pick in Rd 3 .. Ruud would be on his way out without a doubt

    And what does it tell you if Spikes is virtually the opposite of Ruud.

    One last thing .. If Ruud walks the Bucs probably get a compensatory extra 4th round pick next year.

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    Think Spikes would have been our Sam backer

  21. gitarlvr Says:

    jvato24- obviously the Bucs don’t seem like they are willing to break the bank on retaining any of their own current free agents of they get really big offers elsewhere. But doesn’t the fact that Ruud thinks he can get that kind of money tell you that maybe he is more highly regarded around the league than he is in his own town? I suppose its possible that Ruud and his agent are both delusional as to his value but when guys like Kirwan and Steve White seem to have the same opinion of him I doubt it. Its not just Kirwan and White either. Those are just the guys I give the most credibility too. The fact is whenever I hear ANYONE outside of local fans or media talking about Ruud it is always to PRAISE him as one of the best 4-3 MLB’s in the NFL. I GUARANTEE you that fans on other teams right now that are sick of their MLB’s(whether its warranted or not) have Ruud’s name right there near the top of their MLB free agent wish list. I think there is a big case of the grass is always greener going on here in Tampa right now.

  22. gitarlvr Says:

    And realistically Jvato, unless Mckenzie is the real deal, they are best off paying Ruud what they have to sign him. I really dont want to see them reaching for a MLB high in a draft that is relatively weak at that spot compared to others. Have you though about that?

  23. gitarlvr Says:

    Let me put it crytal clear- Right now Martez Wilson of Illinois is the ONLY 4-3 MLB in the Top 50 of some draftniks big boards. Greg Jones is starting to fall off the map(because wait for it…he can’t even shed blocks from college players) Wilson is NOT a first round caliber talent. But what if Wilson is gone before the Bucs pick in the second? They reach for a Greg Jones who could be even worse than Barrett Ruud at shedding blocks? Im not quite sure what some people think the options are for replacing Barrett Ruud at this point. If the Bucs are iffy about paying Barrett Ruud what he’s worth they certainly aren’t going to pay even more a different free agent MLB and they certainly can’t count on the one draftee(Wilson) who looks like an upgrade from Ruud being there in round 2. And Wilson would probably be worse in coverage than Ruud. At 6’4″ and 250 lbs. he might be a 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL and not a 4-3 MLB. Sorry folks but there aint no Rolando McClain in this draft and I guarantee you McClain isn’t a better coverage backer than Ruud either. So lets look at free agency then, despite the fact that the Bucs probably aren’t looking to go that route. Paul Posluzny is really the only 4-3 MLB who will be a free agent that will be able to handle the coverage responsibilities AND be a surefire upgrade against the run from Ruud. But Posluzny is fragile. Too big of a gamble. How about tackle machine Kirk Morrison? He gets the same accusation as Ruud(again probably not warranted). Always making the tackle 5+ yards downfield.
    Now some of you will howl to sign a guy like Minnesota’s Chad Greenway. Well guess what he’s an outside backer and you guys need to stop assuming that every 4-3 OLB is capable of being a great MLB too. I know Quarles moved over for the Bucs but that doesn’t mean everyone can.
    So I say again folks. What really are the legitimate options for replacing Ruud? I guess you would have us assume Tyrone Mckenzie is the man or have us potentially reach for a MLB in the draft. I think resigning Barrett Ruud is the nice safe choice for this young defense.