Warren Sapp In Keith Millard’s Corner

February 9th, 2011

When former Bucs great and future Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp talks football, Joe listens.

Often on the NFL Network — available on televisions across the land owned by real men — Sapp waxes poetic on his former line coach with the Bucs. That’s current Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.

So last night after Joe learned of the hiring of new defensive line coach Keith Millard, Joe was doing some research and, while tooling around Millard’s website, Joe came across a testimony from Sapp on the virtues of Millard, who coached Sapp in Sapp’s final NFL days in Oakland.

“Keith Millard is one of only two coaches (Rod Marinelli- Bears) who has the knowledge and skill, plus the temperament to coach, teach and prepare the defensive lineman of today’s NFL landscape. Those looking for a teacher as well as a fellow hunter to attack offenses, just take a look and I guarantee you will love what you see. It was a pleasure to work with Keith for three years.”

That’s high praise coming from one of the game’s best. Joe has yet to find or come across anyone who played for Marinelli that doesn’t rave about the man. If Millard is in the same class, that’s very good news for the Bucs.

Could it be that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik hit yet another home run? Dude is encroaching Albert Pujols territory if he keeps this up.

24 Responses to “Warren Sapp In Keith Millard’s Corner”

  1. Amar Says:


    This should have you all fired up since it doesn’t take much for us Bucs fans:


  2. Travis Says:

    ^^^ the article above assured my feeling that the Bucs are going to be the preseason “sexy pick” among analysts and fans. Not that its a bad thing, but it just means we no longer are the underdog, rather the team everyone wants to prove themselves against.

    We better bring it in 2011-2012

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sapp is the Best of the best among D-Lineman. His opinion is the gold stamp. Sounds like Mark Dominick continues his phenomenal streak of winning decissions!! Man, we gotta get that guy signed to a Loooog term contract soon!! Millard being a former first round pick, plus the sack totals he racked up, gives him instant credibility with the young players. IF we have OTAs and the Mini Camps, I expect to see significant improvement in the line this season. Also hope Grady Stretz is able to stem the tide of Running backs gushing into the secondary. Wonder if the USC hire was partially to bring in a familiar face to work with Kyle Moore? I thought they had kinda given up on him.

  4. Dave Says:

    I was just looking at his website you linked to. Impressive.
    I remember him from his playing days as well.

    With the young DTs they have, add a couple DEs… this could be a DOMINANT unit for years


    Bucbeliever Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Sapp’s quote:

    “Keith Millard is one of only two coaches (Rod Marinelli) who has the knowledge and skill, plus the temperament to coach, teach and prepare the defensive lineman of today’s NFL landscape. Those looking for a teacher as well as a fellow hunter to attack offenses, just take a look and I guarantee you will love what you see. It was a pleasure to work with Keith for 3 years.”


    Bucbeliever beat you to it Joe. lol. Just messing with you..

  6. jvato24 Says:

    Very cool with the DLine coaches .. as far as the article above .. Steve Wyche was one of very few writers that predicted the Bucs would be greatly improved last season.

  7. Dew Says:

    Can only help. Sound like good hires.

    Hey Joe. Off topic but I just got an email saying Thursday is my last day to sign up for some Bucs payment plan to renew my season tickets. Since last year was the first time I bought them I’m not really sure of the process. But for sure I’m not signing up and paying for this year’s season tickets until I know there will be a season. Anyone know what happens if I don’t pay? I doubt there is a risk of the Bucs finding a new buyer for my seats soon.

  8. BuccoBill Says:

    “The Rams complete my NFC trifecta of longstanding bottom-feeders”.

    I sort of take offence to this statement by Wyche. Tampa has not been a “longstanding bottom feeder since the early 90’s. Granted, they have had some off years but if you look at all the seasons since Dungy came to town till the present, Tampa has been in the playoff conversation more often than not. I sometimes wonder if the Bucs will ever wash the stink of their first 2 decades (not including the late 70’s to early 80’s) off of them. Bottom feeder my ass.

  9. eric Says:

    I would imagine you have to GM your team to some sort of accomplishment (not in your own mind) before being considered to have hit a “home run”.

    If playoffs are first base, division title second , NFC Championship Game third, and Super Bowl a home run, Dom hasn’t even accomplished a bunt single yet.

  10. jvato24 Says:

    Ok Eric .. The Bucs lost in a tie-breaker to the Packers at 10-6 yet Domink didnt get a bunt yet .. Good Work man

  11. eric Says:

    No playoffs this year will be three straight, bucs haven’t done that since the Wyche era.

    But a lot of young players will ease the pain and feed the delusional thought that these chumps can get the job done, which they can’t.

  12. eric Says:

    Anybody got tickets to the “we lost the tiebreaker” parade?

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Millard was an excellent choice for the Bucs. Maybe Tampa will have a pass rush next year ?

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Seriously Eric, what is your problem? How are your posts helpful or valuable to the conversations? What is their purpose? Do you think it is funny? What do you want the organization to do, fire everyone? You are all talk, but no solution. Gruden and Brooks are not coming back. So the real question is, do you have tickets to the”I can’t forgive the organization because I’m a negative schmuck” parade?

  15. Pete 422 Says:

    The Sapp endorsement works for me. A teacher for the young guys is a must. Plus a beast like Millard will add a lot as far as attitude/swagger.

    Of subject, I heard on The Animal today that Carson Palmer is selling his house and demanding a trade. He says he will retire if the trade doesn’t happen. I could see him landing in Carolina with the kittens.

  16. eric Says:

    I just figured that before labels like rock star and genius are applicable one teenie weenie playoff appearance should be obtained.

    Or, a pro-bowler?

    Something beside sitting at home watching the playoffs having blown a golden opportunity vs. the lions?

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Again, Eric, what do you want to do about it, fire everyone? God forbid us be excited about the state of the franchise! Do you think we should all have the same piss poor attitude that you have? You come on to a Bucs site and constantly predict failure, even after a relatively good season. Yeah, I know, we didn’t make the playoffs, blah blah blah. Regardless, the team grew by leaps and bounds, any idiot can see that (I guess except for you). The question that I really wonder (which I’ve asked you before and you never have the onions to answer) is do you even want us to be successful, or do you enjoy b!tching so much that you prefer us to lose so you can be right? And you wonder why every time you bring up Gruden, people like to talk sh!t about him…

  18. BamBamBuc Says:


    Weren’t you watching? We did have a player in the Pro Bowl. Donald Penn. Sure, he was an alternate that only made it because Clifton was in the Super Bowl. We also had two other alternates that didn’t get to go in Freeman and Winslow. I know, alternate not playing is like missing the playoffs but doing well. Not good enough. But Penn did play. That makes him a Pro Bowl player.

    Besides, I don’t know how many Pro Bowlers or even alternates and playoff games you expected with a prediction of 1 to 3 wins this past year. Seriously, the team had to so exceed your expectations that you’re dumbfounded and must think you were dreaming and they really did go 3-13 again. Also, I’d rather have 3 alternates (1 actually play) than be the Cowboys and have a bunch of Pro Bowl players and not even be close to the playoffs. Even the Panthers had a guy in the Pro Bowl, but I wouldn’t change places with them.

    Keep going back to the Lions loss to rip the team, but there were other close games that could have put us in the playoffs as well. A 4th and a foot that Blount failed to get against Atlanta. An offensive pass interference call against Winslow that took a TD off the board that the NFL apologized for. We had chances against Atlanta twice and Baltimore as well as the game against the Lions. That’s about 4 more chances to get to the playoffs than you could have ever imagined, even though all 4 were losses. Any one of those games would have put us in the playoffs, but that’s life in the NFL. It all comes down to a play here or there.

  19. eric Says:

    I was watching.

    String of lucky victories against very weak teams and very close games.

    You guys like the direction of the team, knock yourself out.

    I am highly skeptical. Expecting a massive bubble bursting…………as reality sets in.

    As for Gruden bashing Mr. Hawaiianbuc, this town needs no help from me for that…………………

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Okay, Eric. Then explain the comments after both the Seattle game and the New Orleans game. They were very positive towards the team, and Raheem in particular. What exactly happened between then and now. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall us losing any games in that time period.

    I still can’t believe you are saying lucky victories. That is literally the stupidest thing a person can say. You sound so incredibly ignorant and pessimistic, it’s a true joke if you consider yourself knowledgeable.

    And once again, you still don’t answer my question. But by not answering it, you answered it.

  21. BamBamBuc Says:

    I can’t argue completely with the “lucky win” thought process, as a significant number of wins in the NFL have some factor of “luck” involved. I mean, let’s look back….

    Pittsburgh/TB: Cody Grimm, in his first game starting is in perfect position to make a play, but doesn’t get turned around in time, resulting in a TD. Could have been a pass defensed or an INT instead, but lucky for the Steelers it was a TD. Same game, Aqib Talib has an INT in his hands that bounces out into the Steelers hands for another TD. Before those two plays, the game was very close midway through the 2nd Qtr. If the game goes into the half at 7-6 Steelers or maybe 9-7 Bucs, the second half could have been entirely different.

    Atlanta/TB: Benn catches a long pass from Freeman and is ruled down at the 1. Many thought it should have been a TD, but as luck has it (bad luck), we weren’t able to score. I’d have to watch the game again. Can’t remember if that was when Freeman fumbled the snap or when they stopped Blount on 4th and a foot. A little luck and the Falcons win.

    Baltimore/TB: Another bit of bad luck. Talib intercepts a pass, but during the run back, Cody Grimm is lost for the season. Next Ravens possession, they take advantage of Sabby at FS and get a long TD to Heap.

    Did the Bucs get lucky in some of their wins? Absolutely. They played horrible on offense and defense against the Rams and still somehow came away with a win. Don’t know how, that was a BAD game. Of course, I was told before the season that it doesn’t matter how you win, so long as you win. Playing well and losing doesn’t matter. Getting lucky and winning is still ok, because you got the W. We got more W’s than L’s this year, and exceeded many “fans” expectations. Problem is, most of those “fans” are now proclaiming that it DOES matter how you win. You HAVE to win convincingly. Either that or you have to win lucky enough to make the playoffs. Making the playoffs would make winning lucky ok. Otherwise, lucky wins don’t count anymore. They keep changing the rules to suit their pessimism.

  22. eric Says:

    When you purport to build a dynasty playoffs are mandatory at some point, wouldn’t everyone agree?

    Or are we building an almost playoffs dynasty?

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Absolutely playoffs are mandatory at some point, but as they say at BSPN, “Come on Man!”. It’s been only 2 years after dismantling the team. You have got to be the most impatient person if you think you should be in the Super Bowl (or even playoffs) in that short of a time. We were 10-6, which 9 times out of 10 gets you in the playoffs (often even wins your division). It didn’t happen this year, which ultimately isn’t good enough, but the progress is there, as is the talent. But go ahead and keep on being a negative schmuck about everything, and continue to hope for the Bucs to lose so you can say “I told you so”. But don’t go around masquerading like you are some huge Bucs fan, because you are not. And don’t give that crap “I’ve been a Bucs fan since forever and I go to every game BS, because if you act the way you act, that is irrelevant. You might as well show up to every game wearing the other team’s jersey. And you still never answered my question.

    Eric = No Onions

  24. Pete 422 Says:

    Uh….I wouldn’t take those “titles” seriously. Seems like they are more for fun. It doesn’t seem like Joe is entirely “serious” with that stuff.