Steve Smith For A Third Round Pick?

February 26th, 2011

Can the Bucs count on Arrelious Benn for the 2011 season? No.

Might Benn be ready? Sure, but it’s hardly certain after tearing his ACL in December.

Esteemed NFL writer eye-RAH Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune thinks the Bucs might be interested in a Grade A insurance policy for Benn — fist-flailing, potential Hall of Fame receiver Steve Smith of the Panthers, so Kaufman wrote on

If the Bucs can pry Smith loose for a third-round draft choice, Dominik and head coach Raheem Morris will have to consider their options. Arrelious Benn is coming off a torn ACL and the Bucs lack proven wide receivers beyond Williams.

Smith is under contract with the Panthers, and he didn’t have much of a season last year. But with Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore throwing him the ball, he sure wasn’t working with much.

Smith having a solid season in Tampa could be enough to push the Bucs into the playoffs. For that reason alone he might be worth the gamble. But with Smith’s history of attacking teammates, Joe’s not sure he’d be the best fit with Aqib Talib covering him in practice.

The Bucs need to do what they can to make sure Talib isn’t tempted to swing his helmet in practice again.  

28 Responses to “Steve Smith For A Third Round Pick?”

  1. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    I don’t know why we’d give up anything right now for Smith since the Panthers have already said they were going to cut him loose. Sure making the trade would ensure we get him where after he’s cut he goes to the open market.

    But giving up a third round pick sounds pretty asinine to me

  2. james from dunedin Says:

    Talented and proven receiver for a third rounder seems fair and could put the Bucs into the playoffs. If he can keep his attitude in check it could benefit both parties. I can also see this turning into a complete disaster.

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Just think, Steve Smith and LeGarrette Blount on the same team! Don’t mess with Tampa!

  4. OB Says:

    I say pass, he is not a team player and the one thing the Bucs have now is a team attitude. You did not need insurance with a bankrupt attitude.

    Use the third round pick for a real need. We have young receivers like Parker and Briscoe (sp) waiting for the off season, OTAs, and training camp. If they go to Josh’s training camp – look out.

  5. Cannon Says:

    Mike Williams, Steve Smith, Arrelious Benn, Kellen Winslow and Legarrette Blount… that’s a mean sounding offense right there…

  6. Lucas Jackson Says:


  7. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    I wouldn’t give up a third rounder. Think I’d rather see Briscoe, Parker, Spurlock and Stroughter continue their development. If we could sign him, without the trade,why not? Although I’m a little worried about him and Talib together. Don’t wanna unhinge our turbulent shutdown corner!

  8. espo Says:

    A 3rd rounder would be fair but isn’t he expected to be released? If Dom isn’t going to sign any free agents then why give up a draft pick.

    Off topic, but does anyone else here think the Panthers would be best off developing Tony Pike? He seems to be more of a prototype pocket passer and I think he’ll pan out more quickly than Clausen.

  9. Theodore Says:

    Somebody needs to knock some sense into Tanard Jackson.

  10. Joke Says:


  11. moore0316 Says:

    no thanks. his best years are behind him unless he can get back on the juice. bad attitude and he smells funny.

  12. adam from ny Says:


    what does that mean he smell funny?

    adam from ny

    ps smith is an itriguing off season thought you can go either way on….however, he could screw with leadership and chemistry on this team possibly

  13. Architek79 Says:

    No. Draft a speed WR. No issues from other teams.

  14. William Says:

    I’m with you Architek79.

    I like what DOMRAH are creating here. We can do without Steve Smith. Brisco will have to step it up. I like what he did when he got his shot. Brisco would have had a 2nd TD agaisnt NO if the pass would have been on the money.

    I rather focus on a replacement for Cadi but only if there is one avialble on the draft.

    Command Owners and Player Union get this contract signed on time!
    Go Bucs!

  15. moore0316 Says:

    adam from ny,

    couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say, so i just added that he smells funny (allegedly). i do agree with you that the thought of adding smith is intriguing from a fan’s perspective. after all we are starving for ANY buccaneer news. i just think a 3rd rounder is way too high for an older wr, plus he just seems like an arsehole (allegedly).

  16. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Sad part is,” New England Ira” didn’t research this. He didn’t talk to Antony with the Bucs. He doesn’t really follow the Bucs. He woke up in the middle Of the night, with indigestion from some clam chowder or Boston baked beans, and decided just to make some crap up. I mean- it’s not about Brady or bellucheat, so it can’t be important. Just throw anything to the Tampa Fans, right?
    I thought they fired him, and he went home to his beloved patriots.

  17. RastaMon Says:


  18. kenflo Says:

    i say stick to wat we got but steve smith would make defenses look twice….and a speed wr or a good back in the draft would kick butt….

  19. gitarlvr Says:

    What makes this idiot think the Panthers would even remotely entertain trading a pro bowl player within the division? Stupidest thing I’ve heard all offseason.

  20. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    One posisitive spin on the lock out. A shortened season will give Benn, Grimm, Price,and the rest time to heal. McCoy will get his strength back.
    Plus meybe the paper can replace New England IRA with a Buc Reporter
    Gotta try and find an upside!

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:


    This is what I hate about the off season. Kaufman is generating news because there’s nothing out there to report.

  22. Fire Greg Olson! Says:


    McBabb was traded within the division as a pro bowler….

  23. gitarlvr Says:

    Yeah McNabb was no longer capable of playing at a pro bowl level and Philly knew it. That just shows how stupid the Redskins are that they actually thought their division rival would just hand over a marquee QB to them like that. Just further proof that the Redskins are the most incompetent organization in football. As if any further proof of that was needed at this point. Teams just don’t make moves that will benefit their division rivals. Its common sense. If the Panthers were willing to trade Steve Smith to the Bucs then some serious kicking of the tires would be in order. If the guy is still an elite WR they aren’t just going to go ahead and help the Bucs out like that. They will trade him to a team outside of the division.

  24. Rich Says:

    There is now way we get Smith, unless 30 other teams offer the Panthers a 4th rounder. We don’t need him, we won’t pursue him, we wouldn’t get him in the (very unrealistic) case we did want him. Smith is on the downside of his career. Personally, I don’t want his punk ass on our impressionable team.

  25. Teddy Says:

    gitarlvr, I think you just made the point of why this isn’t a good idea very clear. Obviously if the Panthers are entertaining the idea of dangling Smith for a third-round pick, even to someone in the division, they clearly don’t think he’s able to perform at a Pro-Bowl level anymore either. In that event, much like the Iggles did with McNabb, it almost MAKES SENSE to trade such a player within the division. They’ll know that they’re basically weakening the other team by trading a player that is toast to a division rival who doesn’t yet know he’s toast. You’re giving up damaged goods to your division rivals while potentially acquiring a more valuable asset in the third-round pick.

  26. gitarlvr Says:

    Teddy- Luckily Bruce Allen is in Washington now and not here so we don’t have to worry that the Bucs would fall for something like that 🙂

  27. Fish Says:

    Stupid idea. People are just getting bored and these ridiculous theories prove it.

  28. Dave Says:


    I want 2 DEs, 2 LBs and a speedy RB in the first 5 picks.

    THe only trades I want to see should land them MORE draft picks.

    Personally, I like Williams and Benn for the next 8 years, not Smith & Talib fighting