McCoy Tweets Of Domestic Dispute

February 8th, 2011

Acting more like Shepard Smith at an earthquake scene than concerned citizen, Gerald McCoy was Twittering last night about a domestic dispute turned ugly.

Apparently while inside his condo in San Diego, where McCoy is rehabbing his torn bicep with a renowned training guru, McCoy did some Twitter play-by-play of an ugly situation he heard unfolding through the walls with a male and female neighbor.

Joe’s partners at WDAE-AM 620 captured McCoy’s Tweets before they were taken down from his Twitter page. Per, one of McCoy’s final Tweets was as follows:

Dang he pulled her by her hair and threw her down. She just said that. He’s doing too much now.

Per Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620, McCoy took down the Tweets and did not call authorities.

Joe chalks up McCoy’s apparent inaction to a young man not understanding the severity of the situation. Surely, instead of Tweeting, McCoy should have dialed 911. He could have remained anonymous.

Joe hopes the woman wasn’t hurt seriously.

39 Responses to “McCoy Tweets Of Domestic Dispute”



    Snitches get stitches…


  2. jvato24 Says:

    Dang GMC .. go next door and whoop some a** .. CMON MAN

  3. nick Says:

    Twittering like a little school girl

  4. nick Says:

    …or is it twatting

  5. buc_realist Says:

    I guess this is what gets reported on the radio when you don’t do an interview for a certain radio host at the super bowl.

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    I guess this is what gets reported on the radio when you don’t do an interview for a certain radio host at the super bowl.

  7. gruss222 Says:


    Off subject but the Bucs just hired Keith Millard and Grady Stretz as co-defensive line coaches

  8. oar Says:

    Two D-line coaches? Might be one to many?
    But, didn’t Millard coach Sapp at Oakland? And, the only D-line to produce 8+ sacks by three different linemen in a year with Denver? If that’s the same ex-Viking player, then he sounds like a good pick up!

  9. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Not good…..the excuse that he is young and doesnt know better, not buying that, he is not a 12 year old boy.

  10. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    I don’t quite understand why he didn’t do anything. The least he could have done was call 911, come on Gerald.

  11. Joe Says:

    Joe knows gruss. Been in meetings and other non-Joe work related stuff away from computer. Joe got the text before his good friend “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig broke the news.

    Sadly, Joe can’t update this site on a Blackberry.

  12. oar Says:

    We don’t know the whole story!? Plus, he wasn’t alone, according to this, what about the trainer? I mean, McCoy is recovering from a biscep tear. Maybe, his trainer should have done something? Maybe, it was a loud movie or porn? I need more to info, before I call out McCoy!

  13. scholty Says:

    From reading his tweets they were fighting and it was funny to him – until it got to the hair pulling. Apparently the guy left right after – so why would he call 911 AFTER the situation is over?

    If this went on for longer though there are no excuses NOT to call 911.

  14. Joe Says:


    It was out there for the world to see. Joe saw it this morning and wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not and let it be. Then moments later, the posts vanished. Joe only assumes it was very real or why were they deleted?

  15. JDouble Says:

    wut a dumars

  16. BUCSorDIE!!! Says:

    Well you know what they say snitches get stitches and not in the britches…

  17. the_buc_realist Says:

    @ Joe

    I was trying to tie in your last article
    Funny how IF players give access to interviews that they get into the hall of fame on the first vote. Or not have a whole show about tweets about your neighbor’s arguments.

  18. BuccoBill Says:

    It sounds to me that it was just verbal up untill the last tweet. And at that point he says “Dang he pulled her by her hair and threw her down. She just said that. He’s doing too much now.”, which sounds to me like he was about to take action. My neighbors fight all the time and no one, including myself calls the cops on them because it never gets physical. Just alot of name calling and it get’s pretty rediculous at times. If he ever hit her I would be on the phone to the cops in a second but back when I was 20 something I would have forwent the call to 911 and just went over to beat his ass. It sounds to me like GMC was headed that way. Maybe that is why the guy left so quickly. JMO.

  19. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    This just in from the ap. Apparently the man who was abusing the woman happened to be a quarterback and gmc was not familiar with what to do to apprehend a qb. Also he would have had difficulty with double team if she turned on gmc. Lol!

  20. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I of course hope that she is ok and gmc has a reason for not helping.

  21. scholty Says:

    FYI – people need to dig more into stories such as this before reporting. Looks like McCoy never got the opportunity to do something about this:

    Look at @iBEZone’s tweets to McCoy…

    BeZone ZONE
    @GK_McCoy go help that girl foo!

    to which he replies:
    @iBeZone No way, he left!

    iBeZone ZONE
    @GK_McCoy lol were u nervous bro!?

    @iBeZone Man naw, I didn’t know he was doing her like that

    iBeZone ZONE
    @GK_McCoy i feel u… best way is to stay out of all that boss… n uh u aint followin a nigga back though? mannnnn

    then McCoy to everyone: Thank God he left

  22. espo Says:

    Apparently he Tweeted after the fact. This didn’t last long, and the male left right away. I don’t blame him for minding his own.

  23. MOBucs Says:

    NOBODY knows the circumstances surrounding this “situation” so it’s irresponsible to jump to silly conclusions. Equally, McCoy needs to think before posting tweets of this nature. It’s setting him up for ridicule like this, whether justified or not. His agent had better be getting in his ear about this.

  24. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    For a minute there, I thought I was on…

    How does Duemig know he didn’t call 911? How does one verify that?

    I wouldn’t tweet about calling 911. That’s just calling in the nutjobs to come retaliate. In other words, I would not be the least bit surprised if GMC DID call 911.

    Sillyness abounds.

  25. MOBucs Says:

    Where’s the jump to conclusions mat?

  26. MVPFreeman Says:


  27. Pete 422 Says:

    A real man doesn’t hit a woman. If I hear it through my walls, it becomes my business.

  28. Architek Says:

    Domestic disputes are always the hardest situations to handle so I too remain out of it. Just call the police and stay away. People lose their lives when it comes to that stuff, emotions and confrontation would be stupid on McCoy’s behalf. He did right, he is property of himself, the Bucs, and the NFL.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Unless you were there, you really can’t say what you think he should have done. You don’t know the circumstances. One thing is for sure, you never get involved in another couple’s domestic dispute, so I’m glad he didn’t go over there and get involved. That’s a really good way to get yourself killed. Second, if the guy had already left, why should he call the cops? Trust me, police don’t come flying to the scene quickly on a domestic dispute anyway. 9 times out of 10 by the time the cop gets there, it’s all over. Probably McCoy’s biggest mistake was tweeting about it in the first place. He probably realized it, which is why he deleted the posts.

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “This just in from the ap. Apparently the man who was abusing the woman happened to be a quarterback and gmc was not familiar with what to do to apprehend a qb.”


    This just in from the AP. Apparently a similar situation occurred a while back with Thomas 2.2. Thomas, enraged with anger and wanting to lend a helping hand, quickly went over and kicked down their door to come to the rescue. However, when he realized that it was a real woman, he didn’t know what to do, since he was not familiar with what to do with a woman standing so close to him. Luckily, as he fell to the ground unconscious, the distraction enabled the woman to escape unharmed.

  31. Justin Says:

    I follow him on twitter I was reading the tweets last night as they were happening. The first text makes it sound like they fight almost everyday and usually fights between a husband and wife aren’t easy to fix sually the women always takes the husbands side mccoy may have seen this beofre where the woman just keeps taking the man back at that point it becomes like watching worlds wildest fights

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Seriously? The only thing sillier than “tweeting” about two nimrods arguing, is posting about it, and trying to turn it into a matter of national security!

  33. tommy Says:

    im sure mcoy getting shot would have been a better outcome…..young guy with bad judgement is no need to pile on the guy we live in a sick world know, which is a shame, sometimes calling 911 will get you in a bad spot….no excuse i know but duemig did pile on a little much, just my opinion!!!

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    In my younger band days days, that sounded like foreplay in my house. Relax guys. Its the slow season, but not that slow. Did ya see who signed RB Thomas Jones this week? Strange, huh?

  35. MVPFreeman Says:


    “Surely, instead of Tweeting, McCoy should have dialed 911. He could have remained anonymous.

    Joe hopes the woman wasn’t hurt seriously.”

    Noone should have to help these people out. They can call the police themselves. Or better yet, they can get out of the relationship. You would be suprised at the number of people who are in abusive relationships that have a milion chances to end it, but every time they go crawling back on their own hands and knees.

    No sympathy here. These people need to do something for THEMSELVES. They are not children.

  36. oar Says:

    No, I didnt see who Jones signed with, but the “Phil Simms wants to fist fight Desmond Howard” story is HILARIOUS! Phil had his feelings hurt, about non-complimentary statements sbout his son’s(Matt not Chris, but sure could have been) football qualities!

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol . I thought that story was cool. Guess Desmond gotta be careful who he puts the bad mouth on!

  38. Kevin Says:

    After the way all of you railed against the police on this site (Joe Included)…Please dont call them with your domestic disputes, Im being robbed, my child is missing, help I was just in a crash etc…Leave the fat lazy, racist , crooked, gold parachute pension, tax freeloading cops alone. GMC, thank you, you did the right thing. Oh, and God bless the two widows and their children who lost theirt crooked racist husbands in St. Pete.

  39. oar Says:

    “After the way all of you railed against the police on this site (Joe Included)…”
    I’m sorry, but your statement is way too general and I take offense to it! I for one, was not one of them! I have a nephew that is TPD, and understand what they do and what they are willing to lose.
    BTW being pulled over for speeding, then wrongly accused of DUI and possible domestic distrubance are to different things.