Joe’s At Media Day… In Theory

February 1st, 2011

As Joe has done since he launched this little home of his on the interwebs, Joe has gone to Super Bowl Media Day each year to load up on interviews with big wig media types on Bucs related subjects Joe uses through the offseason.

Oh, Joe also likes to get unique photos as well.

Joe arrived yesterday in Dallas and all was good. Made a dry run to a very high rent horse track literally in the middle of the north Texas country where the NFL has set up offices so media types can get their credentials. Sadly, Joe couldn’t coerce the NFL to let Joe have his media pass yesterday afternoon.

That’s proving costly now.

Because Joe is now stranded in his hotel room due to the snow/ice storm that hit Dallas early this morning. His rental car is caked with ice and no scraper in hand. The roads are so miserable, local authorities have closed schools and county offices, even the airports are shutdown as local government officials are begging people not to get on the streets.

And Roger Goodell expects Joe to drive on winding country roads to get his credentials? Joe grew up in the Midwest and knows better than to drive country roads in an ice storm. That’s begging for trouble in a riceburning compact piece of aluminum.

Joe hopes to make it to the Super Bowl Media Center to talk to some people on radio row and get some photos. Hopes to.

Joe will still have to navigate those country roads to obtain his pass. But going to Jerry’s World, as the locals call the new Cowboys Stadium, looks to be out for Joe, who was all geeked to see the inside of Amercia’s sports Taj Mahal.

Update: Here’s a picture of downtown Dallas Interstate I-35E at 8:20 a.m. looking outside Joe’s hotel window. You can see the city — except for NFL Media Day — is shut down.

21 Responses to “Joe’s At Media Day… In Theory”

  1. Dew Says:

    Just pray your internet connection continues to work. πŸ™‚

  2. Dew Says:

    Now that I’ve seen the forecast for Dallas I suggest you find a scrapper. It’s not going to get above freezing until Friday. Wow. Good news though. Sunday is going to be nice. LOL

  3. Joe Says:

    Dallas airports just got shut down. It’s bad here.

    Hope to make it to radio row for you guys.

  4. Teddy Says:

    Joe, here’s hoping the weather clears up a bit so you can get to the Taj de Jerry. I’ve been on a tour of the place, and it’s simply amazing, even to a devout Cowboys hater like I am. Walking on the field under the big screen is a bit surreal. Even got to kick a few field goals (made the first one, but shanked the rest).

    Hell, even the cheerleaders’ locker room is awesome. I haven’t seen so many mirrors in one room since my last trip to Amsterdam, but that’s a story for another day…

  5. Joe Says:

    Joe, here’s hoping the weather clears up a bit so you can get to the Taj de Jerry.

    Ain’t happening. πŸ™

    Hope to make it to radio row. HOPE!

  6. ScottB Says:

    Sorry for the luck Joe, but when is the NFL going to wise up and stop having the Superbowl in cold weather cities. I truely hope that the Superbowl in NY/NJ is postponed a day or two. How much money would the NFL lose with a 6:30P game on a Tuesday? Anybody who lives in a city that’s hosted the Superbowl knows that for two weeks there are outdoor events every day leading up to the game.

  7. fanaticalbucsfan Says:

    Joe stop being such a tourist. Why did 5000 other media members some how make it to the stadium? If the bucs where playing I bet you would have walked to the stadium barefoot even though I think its uphill both ways. Enjoy the frigid cold it is almost pushing 80 here in tampa bay.

  8. wade Says:


    Come on, I’m here in dallas and drove all the way to arlington for work. I’m going home soon, it you get bored let me know and we can go find an bar in uptown dallas to drink a few caybrews and find some packer fans.

  9. scholty Says:


    Agree with Wade, it ain’t THAT bad around here.

    Maybe we can have a Buc’s fan get together while you are here?

    Believe it or not, there are a few of us here in Cowboy country.

    Why are your staying in Dallas anyhow? Arlington is so much more fun!

    Oh, and I-35 at 8:20am is usually bumper to bumper…

  10. wade Says:

    It doesn’t help that half the people on I-35 dont have car insurance either!!! I did see a guy this morning stuck in the middle of the interstate, get out of his car and completely flip on his face on the ice.

    3 inches of ice on the entire interstate and no state employees doing anything!!!!

    I need a caybrew

  11. scholty Says:


    I live close to the Stadium… There is no way I’m getting out in this mess. People don’t know how to drive in this mess! Are you going to the Flag football event tomorrow night? check for free tickets.

    Will be displaying my Alstott jersey proudly!

  12. Pious Says:

    WOW….I can’t wait for the Super Bowl in NY! Imagine if that was this year, with a huge blizzard about to hit during the week. AWESOME!!!

    Man the NFL is so stupid sometimes….

  13. wade Says:

    I checked that out, but its now sold out. Enjoy.

    Stay safe dallas!

  14. Joe Says:

    Why did 5000 other media members some how make it to the stadium?

    There wasn’t 5,000 at Media Day. There were 5,000 credentialed, but there were tons of people like Joe who got screwed by the weather. Joe made it to radio row this afternoon and talked to all kinds of people who said their collegues were supposed to be at Media Day but either couldn’t make it on the roads, or their flights were canceled.

  15. scholty Says:


    If you need transportation let me know. I’ll come fetch ya!

    German’s know how to drive in this crap!

    Wade, sorry to hear. I’ll try taking pictures.

  16. Joe Says:

    Thanks scholty.

    Hey, if any of the Dallas peeps that read Joe want to get together for a beer, Joe’s at the Sheraton Suites off Market Street, right off of I-35E downtown if anyone is interested. πŸ™‚

  17. RustyRhino Says:

    Thats only about 13 hours from me here in Tucson Joe.
    So Cheers!!
    Stay safe and off the ice if you don,t know how to drive in it.

  18. Patrick Says:

    They’re having media day right there at the world trade center?

  19. Architek Says:

    This seems to be what our city does to visitors of Jerry’s Death-Star. The NBA All-Star game was friggin cold and snowy too! I see I’m not the only Bucs fan in Dallas! EXCELLENT

  20. Patrick Says:

    Yep, I’m not that far away from Dallas either. San Antonio is just a 4 hour drive down I-35.

  21. scholty Says:


    Tons of fun at the Tazon Latino V flag football game. Got some pictures on the iphone from Mr. Derrick Brooks and Grammatica.

    Fun game and those guys were on fire. Might even have caught a touchdown or three.

    Let me know if you want some pics. Broadcast is Saturday at 3pm cst on Univision.