Welcome To JoeBucsFan TV

February 9th, 2011

In case you missed it …A work in progress to be sure, JoeBucsFan TV is out of the gate!

All Joe can promise you is that every episode will be different, and that Joe is hard at work interviewing scantily clad women for your viewing pleasure.

In this take, Joe talks about Internet maggots, Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson with former Bucs QB Jeff Carlson.

48 Responses to “Welcome To JoeBucsFan TV”

  1. STampaBucs Says:

    Way better than I thought Joe. I’ll give you that. Can’t wait to see the Pessimist. …Going to go back now and look at Freeman on video to see when he brings the ball down.

  2. Joe Says:


    Can’t wait to see the Pessimist.

    LOL Not even Joe can coerce The Pessimist out of his hole. 🙂

  3. Jrock Says:


    A+ for your video debut. I wasn’t expecting top notch production quality right off the bat, and that’s what I feel I get here! I was thinking we were going to see a dude in his garage, or his spare room made Buc’s HQ (no offense to the gentleman who also does videos on your site in such a room).

    I very much agree with you and Jeff on seeing more JJ in wildcats or just on the field as a receiver. I take what Jeff said about faking a quick pass to him on the edge, and maybe coming right back to the opposite side of the field for a screen pass to Benn. There’s just a lot of options that would open up. Good video bud, looking forward to the next one.

  4. Pewter Plank Says:

    Hahaha, Carlson should have had a word with Big Ben and more recently Mark Sanchez about the ladies just being trouble. Kind of makes you feel good that Freeman is watching game-film while Sanchez is trolling for ladies at high school parties.

  5. Dave Says:

    I can’t see the video’s at work… firewall 🙁

    From the comments, I have to disagree about Josh Johnson. If he is the backup, use him as such and don’t risk the injury. If they like Carpenter alot, then trade JJ if he has value OR use him as a WR if he is usch an amzing athlete.

    Personally, I have not seen what he can bring at WR that is any better than any of the WRs they currently have.

    I hate the idea of using more wildcat. to me, that is a ploy of a formation, that defenses are catching up to, designed by a team that didn’t have a QB (Dolphins) and HAD to run.

  6. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Looks good, Joe!

  7. Matt Says:

    Blocked at my work too :-/

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow- great start Joe. Congrats.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    A couple things..Pros: impressive for a debut, not too long, good content. Cons: Audio volumes were off…Jeff was loud and clear, Joe was low and clear. Maybe mic levels were off, but it was more than just vocal tones. Not a complaint, just an observation as I had to turn up the volume to hear Joe.

    As for Jeff, I like him and I’m sure he has high level contacts or past coaching – BUT –
    To keep JJ on the field more that means you have to take one of these guys off the field more: Williams, Benn, Blount, Briscoe or Winslow. I can assure you he doesn’t scare any defense. Not that some packages couldn’t be successful, but it may do more harm than good. Also, if Carlson is going to site examples of how to use JJ and refer to said example as Brad What’s-his-name (Smith, by the way), then at least know of whom you’re talking. It makes me think he’s out of touch.

    Adjust the volumes and you get an A+, oh, and put a smile on that serious face Joe. Maybe you were concentrating on a scantily clad Rachael Clark over Jeff’s shoulder.

  10. MichiganBucsFan Says:


    The advantage of having Josh Johnson at WR is as a decoy of sorts. I know that might not sound very effective at face value but consider this. If Josh Johnson is on the field for an entire drive, instead of just one play, the defense has to acknowledge his ability to throw the ball and account for it on every play, because they don’t know when he is going to get it, if ever. It works well in terms of putting certain defenders in disadvantaging (is that a real word?) positions and getting the most out of every play. Using Josh Johnson on 2 or 3 drives in a game would be a great idea. He’s like a triple threat in basketball, he could get the ball on a reverse and run, or throw it, plus he could run out and catch a pass. That would cause problems for defenses.

  11. Feaster Says:

    Never understood taking Freeman off the field myself. Both on has to be much more scary.

    Great job, Joe. You figure you’ll only get better and this is the first one —or the first one you’re airing. I’ll second the guy who said he thought this was going to look like some sort of garage/YouTube production like that stuff Old School does. Miles better.

  12. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

    What Old School lacks in production he more than makes up for in content.

  13. BamBamBuc Says:

    Nice work, Joe. Well done production. I think it helps to actually hear what Carlson is talking about than to just read it in a column. Not that he doesn’t write well, but sometimes it’s just easier to get the “feel” of it by hearing it rather than reading it.

    I’m on the fence about using JJ more. Yes, the wildcat is a gimmick offense that defenses are catching up to. But, I also think that JJ was successful more often than not this past season, gaining good chunks of yards, and that added aspect of him being able to throw effectively in any situation I think will cause defenses fits. It’s not like they have Ronnie Brown back there and the D knows they’ll run the ball left, right or middle. Defenses must also be aware of the pass when JJ is on the field and it will keep Safeties out of the box as much. When Miami runs the wildcat, defenses stack 10 in the box a LOT. Do that against JJ and he’ll loft one up for Williams or Benn. I don’t know if I’d have both QBs on the field though. I know people don’t want to see Freeman coming off the field in favor of JJ and the wildcat, but taking Freeman off gives them more threats on the field for those plays and could give Freeman a chance to talk with Olsen for a play to plan out the next wave of attack.

  14. Joe Says:


    Nice work, Joe. Well done production. I think it helps to actually hear what Carlson is talking about than to just read it in a column. Not that he doesn’t write well, but sometimes it’s just easier to get the “feel” of it by hearing it rather than reading it.

    Thanks for the kind words. Too bad Jeff didn’t have a football with him to demonstrate Freeman’s glitch in his throwing motion. Eh, it’s the first video. Joe is learning.

  15. Joe Says:

    Thanks Capt.Tim.

  16. Joe Says:

    Thanks SkookomSmitty.

  17. Guest#27 Says:

    Whats with the pron music at the end there?

    I never watch vlogs, but I watched this one. Compared to other self serving vlogs, this setup is good, interviews and conversation is far better than the solo act.

    Sadly though, after seeing Jeff live and knowing he played for Webber State I have less of an opinion of him… and I don’t know why!

    But I agree with all he said… I have noticed during Freemans struggles he does overthrow guys a lot, as if he isn’t following through and finishing his throws.

    Joe keep getting good interviews like this from guys who have been there or even well known media pundits and your vlogs will be the best in town. Take advantage of your contacts.

    Get Steve White, JBF readers would like that as well Im sure. If you have to bury the hatchet for an interview .

  18. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Great Work Joe…as I have told you before, being out on the West Coast your site is what keeps me up to date on my team.

    Can’t wait to see more updates from you!

  19. Joe Says:


    Thanks. Would love for Steve to come by some time.

    One of the reasons Joe went to Dallas was to develop contacts. Joe plans to use them periodically after the draft and through what looks to be a very long offseason.

  20. Joe Says:

    Thanks Steve. Joe aims to please.

  21. Dew Says:

    Looks good. Congrats. It would be nice if the next guest is Steve White talking about who he sees making the front five next season and backups.

  22. Joe Says:


    Joe would love to have Steve drop by some day for a taping.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  23. lightningbuc Says:


    I hope Rachel likes receding hair lines. Sorry, I couldn’t resist (besides, mine is the same way)! Seriously, very cool!

  24. oar Says:

    Great start to the new video venture!

  25. Denny Says:

    I agree with a few other guys… To me the WIldcat is used by teams that don’t have anything else to go to. I don’t feel the Bucs are in that position. Taking Freeman off the field and running Johnson, just seems like a waste of a play. I know when some people break it down you can get mismatches, but everyone in the stadium knows it is coming !!! It’s like the option. It creates mismatches but if you know it’s coming then you can defend it.

    I say no to the WIldcat, but yes to the Videos.

  26. BamBamBuc Says:


    Teams may know it’s coming, but we actually had pretty good success with it this past year. Whether Freeman and JJ were on the field together or Freeman was out and JJ was in. From what I’ve seen these past couple weeks watching the games again, JJ ran at least twice for first downs and about 10 yard gains. He also ran the option once with Stroughter getting the toss and the first down. The biggest difference is his ability to throw the ball. That’s what makes this different from the “normal” wildcat. It’s almost a triple option pass. JJ can hand it off, take off and run himself, option to a WR, or drop back and throw. That’s why it would be more difficult to defend, but also why Freeman needs to come to the sideline on those plays. We’ll need the most weapons in the game if he’s gonna have an option to throw. It’s not a package I see getting used for more than 2 to 3 plays per game, so won’t keep Freeman off the field much anyway.

  27. Fear The Glo Says:

    Good stuff. Definitely try to get Steve White to come on.

    Ever think of doing some kind of live broadcast for the draft or other events?

  28. Joe Says:

    Fear the Glo:

    Ever think of doing some kind of live broadcast for the draft or other events?

    Joe’s pretty confident his good friends at WDAE-AM 620 along with the NFL Network will so their normal solid work on the draft. Besides, Joe doesn’t have near the budget to hire a production staff and buy air time for something that huge. A project like that would easily cost five-figures.

  29. MOBucs Says:

    Awesome first show Joe. You ought to give us a sneak peek at what’s in store for the next show so we know what to look forward to.

  30. DieHard Bob Says:

    Good job Joe . . . will be looking for the next one!

  31. Joe Says:


    Either Jeff Carlson breaking down plays or Sarah Tyson, but certainly one of the two. Depends which video gets edited next.

  32. William Says:

    Good job Joe!

    Looking forward to Jeff Carlson breaking down plays.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, maybe you can get Steve White on for an update, when he gets settled in to his new adventure. I thought you did a good job. Let’s get both Joes involved.

    I don’t think Carlson takes too bad of a beating here, but I like how he nicely said stick it. I like reading Carlson and think he knows a lot more than he gets credit for.

    I also saw on Bucs email that Byron Storer is on staff as a Special Teams Asst coach. I liked Storer and am glad they have kept him around.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Great job Joe, very well done. Since video production is what I do for a living, I can say that and actually know what I’m talking about (unlike football, lol). The camera work, lighting, audio, background, and editing were all very well done. The only thing that couple probably be improved would be to add in some video clips showing what the guest is speaking of (in this case, showing Freeman holding the ball high as well as low). Those cutaways add so much value to the interview, but I’m not sure if you are even allowed to do that with the NFL.

  35. gitarlvr Says:

    Nice video. Joe has good on camera personality. Very interesting idea from Carlson about the WR run\pass option.

  36. Pete 422 Says:

    Great start, keep up the good work.

  37. Joe Says:

    Hawaiian Buc:

    Appreciate the feedback from a pro. Thanks.

    Hey, Joe wants to thank all for the kind comments. The next video will either be Jeff Carlson breaking down plays or Joe being interviewed by TV journalist Sarah Tyson. Certainly one of the two.

  38. Kyle K. Says:

    Never commented before but I’ve got to chime in. This was very tight. There’s so much crap on the Internet from much bigger websites. This was actually interesting and funny. Hope you find a way to keep this going. Imagine this will be a popular thing for you. … You should do viewer mail.

  39. Gary Says:

    Awesome Joe. Better than I expected.

  40. JDouble Says:

    Wow. I actually like Jeff now. I agreed with everything he said. Especially the concern over Freeman burning out, and under utilizing Josh Johnson. Good stuff.

    Also, I had no idea one of the Joes was Joe Pesci. Lol.

  41. OB Says:

    Great first show.

    Some technical comments, first, as others have said, the sound miked was off, you too low, guest correct, probably placement of the mike, should be higher on you.

    Second is the moving background, takes the eye off the people and adds nothing but distraction. Background should be background. Lighting was good and so was definition of the camera.

    If possible, have the names of the people show up more and a little longer. Give more background on guest, for example, how long was Jeff a pro and when and where, what does he do now and why is he your guest.

    My thought and keep up the good work.

  42. Guest#27 Says:

    “Second is the moving background, takes the eye off the people and adds nothing but distraction.”

    I disagree with that 100%… I thought the moving backgorund was cool and provided a little visual stimulant while listening to the stammering at times. If there was a bland, boring, still background then it may as well be done in his apartment bed room.

    Hopefully, Joe will be able to project video in that anumated background when needed… highlights while talking would be sick!

  43. Guest#27 Says:


  44. Guest#27 Says:

    One last thing, I really don’t want to hear Joe 🙂 , so i didn’t notice his voice was low. Makes sense to not have the host overbearring anyway.

  45. Joe Says:

    “Second is the moving background, takes the eye off the people and adds nothing but distraction.”

    I disagree with that 100%… I thought the moving backgorund was cool and provided a little visual stimulant while listening to the stammering at times. If there was a bland, boring, still background then it may as well be done in his apartment bed room.

    Absolutely Guest. Interviews on TV, sans a hot babe, no matter how great the content, are generally boring. Especially after a couple of minutes. The animated background helps break it up.

    Think about it: What interviewee would you rather watch, Charlie Rose or Howard Stern?

  46. admin Says:

    Thanks guys for all the kind words and suggestions. Much appreciated.

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Absolutely correct Joe (and Guest #27). The moving background is an absolute plus, especially if you do not have cutaway shots. Looks like you were only shooting this with 3 cameras, so you need something to break up the monotony of all studio shots. The only alternative is to perhaps shoot in a 360 degree format, but that is definitely a lot tougher to shoot and edit.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    One more thing Joe. Especially if you are shooting in HD, you might want to use Vimeo as the hosting site for your videos (it is free). The quality is much better, as it is primarily used by professionals. Just a thought.