Gerald McCoy Should Blow Up

February 17th, 2011

Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik hit on just about every draft pick last year that is still a full-time football player. Still, some agitated Bucs fans point to Dominik’s first two picks of 2010, defensive tackles Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, as being non-factors and perhaps bad picks.

This is preposterous. Rare is a defensive tackle who shines in his first year in the NFL and yes, manbeast Ndamukong Suh is that rare beast. (likely multimedia savant Scott Smith) re-ran an interview with Dominik that originally appeared on the team’s site prior to the Bucs final game against the Saints. In it, Dominik explains how GMC was turning the corner when he was injured.

How pleased were you with the play of Gerald McCoy before he suffered his season-ending injury? Did he look like he was becoming the player you expected him to be when you drafted him third overall?

It’s unfortunate, his injury and what happened, because he was playing his best football, and he had been for almost four straight weeks where he was consistently playing at a high level. I think it was just understanding and just getting his mind and feet wet in the National Football League and what actually happens inside and how tough it is to play in there. A lot of times you’re not sure what a defensive tackle can do in his first year, but he was playing at a really high level, having multiple-sack games, and making a lot of tackles. It was disappointing, but I’ve been proud of how Gerald has handled the injury. I think that’s the one thing that should be most encouraging. He’s tuned in and he loves the Bucs. We’re looking forward to him coming back next year.

Dominik nails it again. There is no question that GMC struggled. But when he finally went public with his frustrations with then-defensive line coach Todd Wash and threw his hands up and promised to just play by instinct, GMC’s play spiked. In fact, in the four games prior to his injury, GMC’s numbers were better than Suh’s.

Now with a new defensive line coach Keith Millard (with the blessing of one Warren Sapp), GMC should really blow up. Joe’s expecting big things from GMC this season.

If there is a season.

52 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Should Blow Up”

  1. Gary Says:

    I’m expecting big things from the line this year. Wash didn’t get much out of them. Hopefully Millard/Stretz can start cranking up some heat on QB’s. If our pass rush improves even 20%, our secondary will look even better.

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    If there is a season. I am really hoping to see major improvements in all of the D-lineman. The new coaches are a big part of it. Everyone getting experience is a bigger part. It ussually takes defensive lineman 2-3 years to “get-it”. McCoy, Price, and Miller are gonna be great. The ones that I think could surprise are Magee, Bennett,Crowder, and Okam. Wanna see how Woods and Worthington. And unlike most, I am not ready to give up on Kyle Moore just yet, although he has shown nothing so far. Playing time makes the big difference.

  3. Gary Says:

    cue the scurge of JBF with mindblowing revelations that GMC sucks in 3..2..1..

  4. Dave Says:

    I agree about McCoy. Those that are down on him obviously have no clue what they were looking at if they even watched the games. He was getting better and better. Hopefully the new coaches are everything Sapp says and GMC does blow up.

    Even though is Price’s rookie year coming up, since he missed all of last year, I expect him to blow up as well. Remember, he was the one dominating in preseason.

    If they can add one FA DE and draft a couple (Greg ROMEUS in round 3-4.. pleeease!), it could be a huge difference. Add to that a CONSISTENT playmaking LB….

    they are on the verge

  5. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    . . blastoff!

    Capt Tim: “The ones that I think could surprise are Magee, Bennett,Crowder, and Okam.” Agreed – those four outplayed Miller and GMC very obviously.

    What do you expect Dom to say? GMC stunk (except for 2 games), he has a big investment in this guy. They announced that he was “the best player in the draft” – wrong! They said he was the “face of the defense” – wrong at least for 2010.

    Joe how can you say that Dom hit on just about every pick? Noone with a brain will say that GMC has lived up to expectations, Noone knows what Price brings, Benn showed some flashes but look at his numbers, he appears to have hit on williams, Myron Lewis sisnt do anything and can’t beat out Elbert Mack, Grimm is a good run support safety unclear re pass defense (but a great pick for a 7th rounder), the punter is gone, Lorig? we dont even know what position he plays.

    Williams and Grimm are they only two that we know that Dom “hit on” last year. I would place Benn in the probable category but the knee injury is a question. Even if GMC turns it a round and Price ends up being good, it was still idiotic to draft those two players back-to-back if you think Miller is any good. That (which SGW agrees with) was one of the worst moves in recent draft memory.

    There were so many D ends available including Carlos Dunlap who had a great year for the Bengals.

  6. OB Says:

    Last time I looked the defense had more than one person on the line, when the next season is played, we will see more than one person on the line. If you don’t have faith in a team that has improved in every game in all areas posssible, you are just one of those people that bitches all of the time and does nothing. At least go to some other team site and bitch, we don’t need any.

  7. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Joe, what do you think the likelihood is of the Bucs getting at least one vet DE for the new DL coaches?

  8. Joe Says:


    Noone with a brain will say that GMC has lived up to expectations,

    Joe will suggest anyone with a brain would say GMC lived up to expectations.

    Not every draft pick is going to be a Hall of Fame player in their rookie year.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    BTW, I think McCoy, Price and Miller are going to be awesome.

  10. Joe Says:

    Pete Dutcher:

    Until there is a CBA, there’s no way of predicting what the Bucs or any team will do. If the Bucs do sign a vet defensive lineman, Dominik isn’t going to break the bank on the guy.

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Darn it…that CBA issue is warping my own thinking! We should have a contest on who comes up with the best solutions between the players and owners, lol.

  12. Joe Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    Williams and Grimm are they only two that we know that Dom “hit on” last year. I would place Benn in the probable category but the knee injury is a question.

    You can’t blame Dominik on a guy blowing out his knee, come on now. That’s crazy talk.

  13. nick Says:

    Thomas, that’s two more than Chucky and Brucie “hit on”, especially in the late rounds

  14. Jo_mama Says:


    Every First picked tight end has been a can’t miss player for the last 10 years.

    Also the bulk of them will probably make the ballot for the Hall of Fame.

    None of them had any serious injuries, besides winslow, and all contribued right away.

    GMC and Brice may be great, but they did not live up to expectations last year.

    Being drafted #3, he blamed his poor play on his “Line Coach” sounds bush league to me.

  15. Joe Says:


    Feel free to document all the defensive tackles drafted in the first round who put up Hall of Fame numbers their rookie years.

    While you are at it, make sure to include Warren Sapp’s rookie numbers.

  16. Joe Says:


    Every First picked tight end has been a can’t miss player for the last 10 years.

    The Bungles selected Jermaine Gresham as the first tight end drafted last year, first round. He had all of four touchdowns.

    Call Canton!

  17. m.wesley Says:

    And to think the end of Freemans rookie season he was a failure and a bust to many

  18. Jo_mama Says:


    You Said:
    “If you don’t have faith in a team that has improved in every game in all areas posssible, you are just one of those people that bitches all of the time and does nothing.”

    We went from 28th Ranked offense in 2009 to the 20th ranked offense in 2010

    We went from the 27th Ranked defense in 2009 to the 9th ranked defense in 2010

    Even though they did improve on Offense they are still worse than 60% of the teams out there. Our focus needs to be on the Offense this year.

    Especially if everyone thinks that GMC and Price are going to be awesome this year.

  19. m.wesley Says:

    And joe dont forget about that garbage guy they had at the Vikings at defensive tackle John Randle ,first year was worst than GMC .B.J.Raja looked descent this year what did he do last year as a rookie?

  20. Jo_mama Says:


    Draft Rank Team Rec Yds Tds

    Jermaine Gresham 21 Cincy 52 471 4

    He also averaged almost 7 yards of YAC.

    He also played with Ochocinco and TO

    I would say that his stats were a can’t miss for a first round pick, Cincy got their money’s worth in 2010.

    He had more of an impact (stat wise) than GMC.

    Here is the list of past #1 Tight Ends drafted the last 10 years.

    Todd Heap 2001 5,492 Yards 41 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Jeremy Shockey 2002 5,688 Yards 33 Tds 7 Fumbles
    Dallas Clark 2003 4,535 Yards 44 Tds 2 Fumbles
    Kellen Winslow 2004 4,073 Yards 21 Tds 2 Fumbles
    Heath Miller 2005 3,323 Yards 29 Tds 2 Fumbles
    Vernon Davis 2006 3,011 Yards 29 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Greg Olsen 2007 1,981 Yards 20 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Dustin Keller 2008 1,744 Yards 10 Tds 1 Fumble
    Brandon Pettigrew 2009 1,068 Yards 6 Tds 0 fumbles

    If he played for the Bucs he would be the Number 3 receiver in scoring touchdowns. One behind Winslow.

    4 Touchdowns is actually pretty good for a first year tight end

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    DT’s and WR’s both usually take 2 or 3 years to develop, Mike Williams was the exception and he put up 1st round production. I would say that Cody Grimm put up 2nd round production. Myron Lewis was looking like he was finally getting it toward the end of the year and if you basically consider that it was EJ Biggers first year, he put up 2nd or 3rd round production.
    Dominik has gotten more production out of the bottom half of his drafts than the previous regime got out of their first half. Plus, he drafted a franchise QB with his first pick ever and seems to have found a franchise RB in a undrafted FA.
    Why don’t we just give it 2 or 3 more years and then these last two draft classes will hit max potential and maybe our resident troll will go back under his bridge forever. Cross your fingers everybody.

  22. Jo_mama Says:


    The only failure we had in freemans rookie year was Raheem not playing him from game 1.

  23. gotbbucs Says:

    Jo_mama, why in the hell are you talking about TE’s? There isn’t a single TE in this class that’s worth taking before 3/4 of the way through the 2nd round.

  24. oar Says:

    TEs do more than just catch!? Atleast, the really good ones should!

  25. gotbbucs Says:

    Jo_mama, your arguement is pretty pointless since we have one of the TE’s on your list, and according to your thought proccess we can just wait until Winslow is done and then draft a TE in the 1st round and we’re guaraneed no drop off in production.
    So, what’s your point again?

  26. oar Says:

    As for McCoy and rookie DTs(shoot even DEs), I have to agree! They do not have Hall of Fame rookie years!

  27. Joe Says:


    Two points:

    1) So you fully expect every rookie drafted to put up Hall of Fame numbers, is that right?

    2) Where are those defensive tackle numbers Joe asked for?

    (Hint: Roy Miller put up better numbers his rookie year than all but one defensive tackle picked ahead of him.)

  28. m.wesley Says:

    Jo mama who knows when was the right time to start him just glad to have him,but looking at the way he studies those games he sat might have been the best thing

  29. Matt Says:

    Do I really need to post Sapp’s rookie numbers again Thomas?

    And, yeah, anyone who thinks that McCoy wasn’t our best defensive lineman for the majority of the year last year is an idiot.

  30. The D Says:

    So Jo_Mama, since youre going on about TEs, how should the Bucs solve your problem? FA? Draft? And who should they target?

  31. RustyRhino Says:

    Look at our new DL Coaches Rookie Stats

    16 games 11 sacks
    Now that is impressive.

  32. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    As for your point re DT’s: Suh and Dunlap both had great rookie years – Suh wasn’t an option Dunlap was.

    I agree that most DT’s dont have great rookie years but McCoy was sold by this org as the next great thing, better than Suh and the face of the defense – I don’t believe that he is any of things, and may not ever be.

    McCoy’s stats:
    t s a sacks
    1 CLE 3 3 0 0.0
    2 @CAR 2 1 1 0.0
    3 PIT 0 0 0 0.0
    4 Bye Week
    5 @CIN 0 0 0 0.0
    6 NO 3 3 0 0.0
    7 STL 2 1 1 0.0
    8 @ARI 4 3 1 0.0
    9 @ATL 2 1 1 0.0
    10 CAR 5 5 0 0.0
    11 @SF 3 1 2 1.0
    12 @BAL 3 3 0 2.0
    13 ATL 0 0 0 0.0
    14 @WSH 1 1 0 0.0

    Everbody says that McCoy was coming on late, look at that stat line against Atlanta week 13 loss – 0-0-0. His two solid games were carolina and baltimore. He went back-to-back weeks with Pitt and Cincy with zips.

    He was very underwhelming – not a Suh.

  33. gitarlvr Says:

    Jomama- WTF are you talking about dude? This topic is not on the draft or tight ends at all. Why are you blabbering about tight ends again? Shove your tight end research up your rectum.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “You can’t blame Dominik on a guy blowing out his knee, come on now. That’s crazy talk.”


    That’s where you are dead wrong Joe. Thomas will blame Dominik and Morris for everything, including blackouts, the weather, the economy, and global warming. That’s what he does.

    Thomas, if you think GMC only played well the last 2 games, then you weren’t watching the games. That point is even worth arguing. But McCoy obviously slept with your wife or something, because you will never give him credit for anything. It’s pretty pathetic to hate on a young kid the way you do, especially when he is a good kid playing a position which almost never has an immediate impact (I know, Suh did). But then again, I would expect nothing less from Mr. Positive.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You see everyone, it has now been proven that stats really are for losers!

  36. gitarlvr Says:

    Gerald McCoy got more QB pressures per snap than Ndamukong Suh. Thats per the stats at pro football focus, which I trust. You can argue with their veracity if you want. They also considered Suh worse against the run than McCoy. Suh was better at finishing his rushes in 2010…there is no doubt about that. Thats exactly why the term Suh is production…McCoy is disruption arose during the predraft process for those guys. Meaning that McCoy is actually better at getting consistent pressure even if Suh turns more of his pressures into actual sacks. Now of course Thomas will show his lack of football knowledge and claim that sacks are all that matter. But clearly that is not the case. Getting consistent pressures is just as important as getting sacks. For instance, pressures result in interceptions. Sacks don’t. There is a reason some scouts believed Gerald McCoy had more upside than Suh. Suh may be a more finished product as a rusher coming out of college but when McCoy puts it altogether he still has the chance to be the most disruptive, game changing undertackle in the NFL because of how often he will hurry and hit the QB in addition to his sacks. Its not all about sacks. How many sacks did Albert Haynesworth have when he had the most dominant pass rushing season(2008) of any DT since Sapp’s prime? 8.5 sacks. Not even double digit. But it was all the pressures he got on top of those sacks that made him dominant. McCoy may always lag behind Suh in sacks numbers but that won’t tell the whole story. Gerald McCoy is on pace to be every bit the beast we hoped he would be. Thomas doesn’t think so because he is not a Bucs fan. Why is he here posting everyday? Only his psychiatrist can answer that question. Clearly he’s not on the right meds.

  37. gitarlvr Says:

    Hawaiian- McCoy slept with Thomas wife? You actually think Thomas has a wife?????? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Dave Says:

    Thomas 2.2 Says:

    “Look at the stat line” Seriously?

    Is this fantasy football or baseball? Anyone with half a brain who aatched the Bucs last year saw mcCoy getting noticeably better and better as the season went on.

    You can have your stats when it comes to football. Give me wins.
    Just like Jo-Mama tauting drafting a TE in round 1. Whatever.

    The BUCS NEED to stop the run and get after the QB. They have a bunch of young DTs who should improve.

    Time for DEs and LBs

  39. K1ngAdroc Says:

    @Dave nicely said!

  40. thomas 2.2 Says:

    gitarlvr: I thought stats were for losers? How about these? Suh: first team all-pro, pro bowl starter, rookie of the year. mccoy – at least won the GOY and Hoy awards – Gitarlvr and Hawaiian rookie of the year awards.

    Tim: No, I am not saying that McCoy was only good in the last two games, just two games all season. This is not based on sacks as his best game was a sackless game. I am not a guy who bases my opinion of a DT on sacks, never have been, but it most cases sacks are indicative of number of quality pressures – and it does in the comparison between suh and mccoy.

    Your stats are wrong: Suh led all NFL interior line in hits on the qb (more than 1 per gaame) and sacks 11. McCoy had 9 qb hits and 3 sacks in 12 games – those numbers are not comparable. Suh had 65 tackles in 16 games, McCoy 28 in 12. Tackles for Loss: Suh -13; McCoy -7.

    Except for those two games (and two plays against Cleveland), the only thing that McCoy disrupted was the Bucs ability to stop the run and pressure the qb.

    Noboody should being trying to argue that McCoy compares to Suh – he doesnt.
    The question is will McCoy be what he was advertised as: I say it appears no and we would have been better off not drafting both McCoy and Price (my point all along). Doesnt mean McCoy wont be decent, but to call him the face of the franchise before a practice was idiotic (and b.s. that you sheep fell for).

    Joe and others: of course I am not blaming Dom for Benn blowing out his knee, just saying that it was far from a certainty that Benn would be worthy of an early 2nd round pick before he blew his knee out, add in the injury, what Benn will become nobody knows (I wass enccouraged though). Joe said Dom “hit on just about” all picks last year and I think that you can’t say that. McCoy Price Benn Lewis Lorig all have huge question marks.

    BTW – I think Dom has done a decent job since taking over, mostly because of the drafting of freeman, but also his ability to identify talent even FA talent. Rah’s defense and the Glazer’s frugality now – well I wont get into that.

    I don’t hate the bucs, just the depths that this organization has fallen to b/c of the Glazers. I only reaffirm this b/c u all keep saying that Eric, I and others hate the bucs – fans can complain – it is not in violation of some fan rule to say that McCoy did not live up to the hype last year. That is called – A FACT.

  41. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Oh and Dave: Explain this: If the stat line above indicates that McCoy improved all year. How do McCoy’s stats in the falcon game (his last full game) which were zeros across the board suggest improvement?

  42. gotbbucs Says:

    thomas, its hard for me to say what you expect out of rookies but i think its fair to say that you expect too much. we got some form of good production out of all but one of our picks and won while doing so.

  43. gitarlvr Says:

    Thomas- Explain how you are not a complete nutcase for coming here to comment on a team whose coaches and players you hate? Why has your shrink not changed your meds yet to something that works? Can you explain that?

  44. eric Says:

    Suh did play better, but that doesnt mean GMC wont pan out. Yet to be determined.

    Pretty much have to disregard the rookie season.

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Seriously, Eric. All this agreeing with you is scaring me.

  46. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The simple fact of the matter is all athletes develop at different rates. That is true from pee wee football all the way to the pros, in any sport. Obviously, Thomas never played any sports, or he would know that. The NFL is full of pro bowl players that didn’t do sh!t their rookie years, especially on the defensive lines. I get it Thomas, you don’t like him. You’ve said it at minimum 50 times already. Reality is you don’t know sh!t about how he is going to develop. Hell, people who get paid for a living to scout talent can’t always tell how players are going to develop (hence the high number of draft busts and draft steals every year), so who died and made you the almighty on player development? You just think you know what you are talking about, and confuse that with reality. It’s just humorous how strong your convictions are, even after you are proven wrong time and time again. I guess if there was an award for being a negative, hard-headed, ignorant S.O.B., you would take home the trophy. Congratulations.

    As for me, I am rightfully giving McCoy time to develop. To do anything else is, well, Thomas-like. I’ve never said he was great last year, but I didn’t expect him to be. I’ve watched enough football in my life to know better. Was he better than Suh, no. Suh had a remarkable season, no one can doubt that. But it’s just one year. However, there is no way to know how McCoy’s going to turn out. At least give the man 3 years before you label him a bust. But I know that this request will either be ignored or met by more meaningless stats and ignorant reasoning. The only question to me is which one.

  47. MOBucs Says:

    Didn’t Warren Sapp take a couple years to develop? Good thing the Bucs didn’t give up on him after his first season! I think Thomas just hates the fact that Dom has drafted more long-term starters than Bruce Allen did in 7 years, so he’s gotta at least try to discredit Dom’s drafting ability.

  48. oar Says:

    Hawaiian and Eric,
    I think, I just saw a pig fly by my office window!

  49. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    I think your points are legitimate, including yours Hawaiian, that GMC did not have a good rookie year but that doesnt mean anything yet. I agree.

    I argued pre-draft that DT is a position that you rarely get Suh-like production in the first year. Many of you argued with me on that point saying that McCoy was already better than Hovan, Wilkerson etc.

    I am not writing McCoy off as a player, that would be absurd. What I am pointing out is that McCoy as a rookie was not “the face of the franchise” that he was sold and forced to be, and that drafting McCoy, Price and Miller early in consecutive years was idiotic. That is all.

    I saw more promise from Price before injury.

  50. MOBucs Says:

    McCoy was more productive than Hovan and Wilkerson combined.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Okay Thomas, but that’s not what you said. But fair enough if that’s what you are saying now. I would say without much hesitation that he played

  52. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    better than Hovan and Wilkerson, but that is not saying much. He was actually playing very well the second half of the season, regardless of what your stats show.