What’s The Deal With Nnamdi Asomugha?

January 18th, 2011

Sometimes Bucs fans crack Joe up.

The race to 10 was barely hours old and all of a sudden the name Nnamdi Asomugha started appearing in the comments of this here site as if the man himself said he’d work for free in Tampa Bay.

Joe’s not sure how it got started, where it got start or who started it, but it’s now like a runaway train, despite the premise being as logical as Joe choosing the lucky lady between Rachel Watson, Jamie Hanna or Nina Stauffer who he will bed with tonight.

This crazy rumor has even reached the e-mail in-box of Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune who similarly dismissed the notion, as well he should.

Q: Should the bucs get Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency to play along side Aqib Talib I then think they would have two shut down cornorbacks. then I think you could put more in the box to help the run defense

Eddie Turks, Alton, Ill.

A: Adding Asomugha would be great, but the Bucs believe they have two very good young corners in E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis. There’s also a good chance they’ll have Ronde Barber back for next year, so I don’t see them making a play for Asomugha.

— Woody Cummings

Joe just doesn’t know where to start with this rumor. Generally, if a team is going to throw a wad of cash at a player, it’s generally a position of need. Secondary may be the Bucs’ deepest position on the team. Only Matt Millen would go out of his way to get a stud free agent at a position said player is not needed.

As Cummings points out, if Barber comes back, where does Asomugha play, is Aqib Talib to be benched?

The Bucs need help — some would suggest dire help — at linebacker and there is no question defensive end is an area of concern. Cornerback is not one of these areas.

Also, when is the last time Team Glazer broke the bank for a young free agent, Simeon Rice? How many years has that been, nine, 10?

Additionally — for reasons unknown to Joe  —  fans just will not accept it and choose to ignore it despite it being the elephant in the room — it’s foolish to go all George Steinbrenner on a player if no one knows what the salary cap will be when the CBA is agreed upon. Foolish unless one doesn’t have a problem painting themselves into a salary cap corner.

Sure, Dan Snyder will go out and throw his bankrupt Six Flags money at a player — is this the type of owner Team Glazer should pattern itself after? When’s the last time Dan Snyder’s team won a playoff game despite him throwing money all over creation?

Jerry Jones is also unafraid to spend money on free agents. When has he last won a playoff game?

The Steelers don’t go out and buy free agents. All that team does is win Lombardi trophies.

If one still believes the Bucs will sign Asomugha, Joe will let you have the leftovers between the three aforementioned lasses when Joe’s through with them.

35 Responses to “What’s The Deal With Nnamdi Asomugha?”

  1. Ash Says:

    If my memory serves me correct Joe, they didnt even break the bank for Simeon to get him. He was on a one year prove it type deal and then we resigned him after his first year with us.

  2. sunrisejeff Says:

    I know Vacation man had brought up the Bucs being potential players for Nnamdi Joe so I think that’s where some people are getting it from. If we are going to go out and spend the money on a free agent I personally would much rather see us pursue a David Harris, Logan Mankins or Ray Edwards rather than a corner. Not saying he isnt a GREAT player because he no doubt is but definetly not our greatest need.

  3. Gary Says:

    We aren’t getting him or anyone else.. this will be a very boring FA period for us. Call me crazy, but banking on another miracle draft is unwise. Yes, we know Rah and Dom can do it, but banking on that is very risky.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    I don’t see us paying that kind of money for a guy, but I also think we explore the possibility. Yes, our young guys are doing well and we’re pretty deep there, but Ronde will only be 1 more year at most and Mack is not the answer. So long term, you have Talib on 1 side(if he stays healthy and out of trouble), Biggers on the other side (or Lewis), and one of the latter two as nickel. I don’t think it is completely out of the realm of possibility we could add Asomugha. Maybe the team appeals to him more than the money. Talib and Aso? With Biggers and Lewis as nickel and dime DB’s? What offense is going to seriously challenge that? Nobody.

  5. snook Says:

    He’ll be 30 when the season starts. No thanks. Keep drafting strong, Bucs.

  6. Larry Says:

    Seems to me that the Buc’s are going to have a problem with where to spend all of that cash when a salary cap is re-introduced. If so, I’d much rather find a way to sign a “Clay Matthews” type linebacker then we will be fine.
    Oh and if Nina is “leftover”, she’d be my choice!

  7. feel Says:

    Not entirely on the subject, but related to what you said.

    If no CBA is done by the end of the league year, no free agents will be signed until a CBA is done. In this case, nobody at all will be “going George Steinbrenner,” whether they are inclined to or not. I suppose if the union does go ahead and decertify, it would be *possible* to sign free agents, but that is a highly unlikely scenario.

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Dear God, please DO NOT let the Bucs sign Asomugha – or any other star NFL defensive secondary player! PLEASE!!!!!

    Don’t you people understand what would happen? If the Bucs had a top 5 secondary that would force opposing teams to do what….


    Didn’t we get run on enough this year? Why improve the secondary and force teams to run MORE?????

    Oh the pain….the pain……

  9. d-money Says:

    “Also, when is the last time Team Glazer broke the bank for a young free agent, Simeon Rice? How many years has that been, nine, 10?”

    Even then the Bucs didn’t break the bank. They gave Simeon a one year deal for something like $1 million and then after he proved himself they gave him a big deal.

  10. d-money Says:

    Just noticed that Ash had already said what I just wrote.

  11. aldo Says:

    if we are gonna pay for a FA, i will just consider osi umenyiora at DE and logan mankins at OG, if there´s a guy who really worth it, is mankins, that will fill for one of the biggest needs we got

  12. Matt Says:

    First, I agree with you on Asomugha.

    A few points:

    1) No, no one is suggesting Talib be benching. They’re probably assuming that either Barber would retire or he’d become our permanent nickel back. If he does retire, it’s not INCONCEIVABLE that the Bucs could make Biggers our permanent nickel back and move Lewis to the safety position, where many said he’d project to in the NFL, ala Malcolm Jenkins.

    2) Just curious, would you feel the same if Asomugha was one of the best DEs in the league (ala Peppers last year)?

    3) But the main reason people suggest it is because it’s fun. Fans gotta dream, ya know 😛

  13. bucfanjeff Says:

    I didn’t realize Aso was almost 30…brain fart I guess, I though he was younger.
    So nevermind…not gonna, and shouldn’t, happen.

  14. Pete 422 Says:

    I see the Bucs signing a solid player at DE or LB & sticking to the plan & drafting well. I have a feeling there is a DE/LB in the draft they have targeted as “their guy.” Think about it, a healthy Bucs team this year would have made the playoffs & maybe won a game or two. The plan is build a team that will win long term. Plus they will have to sign these guys when the o otial contracts will be up. Patience guys.

  15. Joe Says:


    2) Just curious, would you feel the same if Asomugha was one of the best DEs in the league (ala Peppers last year)?


    The Bucs, Mark Dominik in particular, has said time and again — countless times — he won’t sign a big-name free agent unless it’s to fill a specific hole for a Super Bowl run.

    It just isn’t happening.

    So far Dominik’s philosophy is working out fine.

  16. Joe Says:


    I know Vacation man had brought up the Bucs being potential players for Nnamdi Joe so I think that’s where some people are getting it from.

    That explains a lot. 🙁 Thanks for the tip.

  17. Pete 422 Says:

    “Initial” contracts in that last post. Sorry for the typo guys, I’m on my iPhone.

  18. OB Says:

    Pete 422 you are mostly correct except that I bet they have a herd of DE/LB in sight in the draft and unsigned. I still don’t know who all the players were in the last two games and they destroyed those two teams. Yes we need some players, but the ones we have after the off season, OTA, training camp, and some practice games are going to be fun to watch.

  19. d-money Says:

    7th Ranked pass defense.

    28th ranked run defense.

    I don’t think signing an expensive free agent corner is Doms most pressing need.

  20. Pete 422 Says:

    @OB we are pretty much on the same page. As Rah & Dom have stated, getting after their QB & protecting ours is the priority this off season. Those guys we were watching will be fun to watch, but we need an impact player among them, a difference maker. One will come in the draft, the question is what will happen in Free Agency.

  21. Joe Says:


    7th Ranked pass defense.

    And that’s with a mostly invisible pass rush!

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    No Spit, Spurlock.

  23. Matt Says:

    @Joe: I didn’t ask what you thought Dom would do. I think we can all agree that that is his plan and he’s sticking it.

    I asked if you yourself would be beating the drum for a top DE. What if Mario Williams was available?

    I personally would be. A top 2 talent at the position. An honest good character for the locker room. A guy that could help us, easily, for the next 5 years. A perennial Pro Bowler. You make the exception for those guys.

    (Again, I’m not for signing the CB. But I’d be on board with the DE.)

  24. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    I think our 7th ranked pass defense may be a little ambiguous. When your team has an abysmal rush defense, teams tend to pass on you less. And I don’t think our team’s CB’s rank is THAT deep. If Ronde retires, which is a real possibility, then we could use another corner. E.J. Biggers is good, but beyond that I’m not so sure. Myron Lewis I’ve seen make a few good plays, but not consistent enough that I think going after a corner would be ridiculous. Elbert Mack, not a big fan. He should never have been manned up on him in the first place, but he was getting burned against Detroit a lot playing Calvin Johnson. I know CJ is one of if not the best in the league, but I don’t see how signing Asomugha is a bad idea? Do I expect it to happen? Hell no. But it’s fun to dream.

  25. Joe Says:


    Would Joe love to have Mario Williams? Provided the Bucs couldn’t get a defensive end in the draft, certainly.

    Would Joe go after one if he was Dominik? Not until Joe knew what the salary cap will be.

    To date, no one knows what the salary cap will be.

  26. Dave Says:

    I agree completely. Signing big name free agents to bloated contracts is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overrated. They rarely turn out well.

    That said, with the salary FLOOR coming, I could see the Bucs signing a young DE as well as drafting one.

  27. Matt Says:

    @Joe: Salary CAP? Really?

    There is absolutely no chance the CAP is less than 100 Million dollars. None.

    So since our current payroll is ~60M, there is little to no chance of us having any problems with the cap the next 3-4 years.

    (Although I do understand your point that in 3 years or so, we’ll potentially be paying big contracts to guys like Talib, Freeman, Williams, etc.)

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think signing the RIGHT FA, once you’ve built your core, is the way to go. And so does this team. Ken Dilger, Jeff Christy, Kenan McCardell, Keyshawn Johnson, Simeon Rice, Hardy Nickerson, Cato June, Phillip Buchanon. All FA brought in by the Glazers. Most Expensive. All to win the Superbowl with our dominant Defense. Worked out perfectly. We are in a much better posistion now than we were then. We have the elusive Franchise QB, plus young WR,Rb, Dt, Etc. We have the franchise LT and CB. This is the year to get a great young DE, Guard, and safety thru free agency. They play together this year, get rthrir feet wet in the playoffs- next year we are a serious Superbowl favorite. Ya still draft a DE, but it’ ll take him 2-3 years to really contribute. With a Qb like Josh- you play to win every year he plays

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    Dominick isnt going to tip his hand. If he is going to sign FA, absolutely no advantage for him to say so. Although we would love to know! You don’t want the Falcons, Saint, or Panthers to know what your plans for this team are. I think we will be busy in FA, just based on what we did last time to win the Superbowl

  30. Derf Says:

    I just figured out the Glazer scheme:

    1. No Free Agents
    2. 60 million payroll freeing up $40 million that MUST be spent for CBA guidelines
    3. FREE TICKETS for BUCS HOME GAMES, well at least $40 million worth


  31. Derf Says:

    Oh in that scenario Beers at CITS are $10 a piece and parking is $50 – but hey the games are FREE!!!!!


  32. McBuc Says:

    MichiganBucsFan…M<aybe a little, but how would you explain the high int rate?

  33. quiet8302 Says:

    Joe this is the kind of answer us bucs fans r lookn 4. We need Nnamdi Asomugha so we can make a serious run next yr. This response came from a female sports writer from cbssports.com who covers the bucs.

    @quiet8302 Bucs certainly have the $ to get him. Could be heir to Ronde although I think he’ll be back. Talib’s injury opens the door too

    What you think about what she said Joe?

  34. Joe Says:


    Please re-read Joe’s entire take. Joe’s perfectly clear.

  35. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    McBuc, please don’t misunderstand

    I’m not trying to say our secondary is only average or mediocre, but I am saying its not “untouchable” for an upgrade

    I’d like to see more splash plays from our safety position… I’m looking at you Sean Jones