“The Economic Problem Is Real”

January 23rd, 2011

Sometimes Joe understands the acronym that former Bucs defensive end Steve White often uses in his Twitterings.


(It stands for Shaking My Damn Head.)

The way Joe sees it, reading some of the comments on this here corner of the interwebs, Tampa Bay area residents should lose their homes to foreclosure, waste away their children’s college savings in order to stand for three full hours under the brutal Florida sun to “support the Bucs.”

Joe has written the following so many times he cannot count: People in this market at the present time simply cannot afford to shell outs hundreds if not thousands of dollars to buy season tickets.

Mark Dominik even agrees with Joe.

The Bucs rock star general manager spoke with Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune in detailing the gracious slashing of prices by Team Glazer for tickets in the upper deck of The CITS.

For a lot of people, even the lure of a rising, exciting young team was beyond their reach or simply not worth it.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who heard that.

“People talk to me all the time about this,” Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik said. “They’d love to come but they can’t afford it. That’s something I heard over and over again. They wanted to come but there was nothing in their price range.

“The economic problem is real.”

While this doesn’t make for good (or shall Joe type, “bad?”) sports radio fodder, people who believe otherwise simply have their heads buried in the sand.

With foreclosures at record paces, with 20 percent of Floridians behind in their mortgages, with unemployment at 12 percent, when sports fans are crunched for cash, season tickets are looked upon more often than not as a luxury.

People out there are hurting. The kind gesture by Team Glazer proves — just like they heard fans’ disgust with Chucky — the Bucs are again  hearing fans’ pleas.

53 Responses to ““The Economic Problem Is Real””


    i commend the Glazers for reducing prices in certain areas, but if they REALLY want more fans to come …. lower general admission and walk up tcket prices also.

  2. Pete 422 Says:

    If people REALLY want to go to a game or two why not do what some hockey and baseball season ticket holders do. Share their season with other people. A group goes in together for season tickets and each gets to go to say, two games.

    Just an idea, but other than what the Glaziers have already done to make tickets more affordable, I don’t know what else can be done.

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    I completely agree! Walk up tickets last year were $89. This is out of the price range for most individuals in the Tampa Bay area right now. Walk up to the ticket window: Can I have three endzone tickets for me and my two boys? Why sure that will be $300 sir! Ahhhhhh…O.K how much is a beer again? Like I’ve said before; this is only the beginning for the entire NFL not just the Tampa Bay area.

  4. Pete 422 Says:

    Excellent points guys. I heard people saying how Monster Jam sells out the Ray Jay, but the NFL can’t. Weeell, tickets for Monster Jam are $15, not 89 or 95!

    The average fan has been priced out and it’s too bad. Taking your kids to a game is part of the American culture, but that seems to be fading.

  5. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Uh oh. Glazers and “kind gesture” in the same article, an article that discusses (obvious) economic problems no less. Joe must be itching for a fight! Where are Thomas 2.1 and Buc You?

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    It is commendable of the Glazers to lower prices to help out. It really is. I don’t know if it will be enough. It’s just horrible out in the working world. And all the people I talk to that are in the “know”think it may still get worse . Then there is another obvious factor. The population is getting Older. The “Baby Boomers”, in addition to new money woes, are more comfortable watching there Hi-Def Big screen TV with Surround sound in the Ac. Hiking to the Stadium, and up and down stairs, might be an unappealing, or impossible option. These ate both problems the NFL must face. I think Football tickets have become horribly overpriced, league wide. And I also feel blackouts are going to alienate the fans. People will find an alternative. Hopefully they adress some of this in the new CBA. I know pay per view NFL would be a huge turnoff!

  7. Pete 422 Says:

    They might have to do away with the blackout rule and go to showing all games on TV like baseball and hockey. If they keep pricing people out, and the games aren’t on TV anymore people could lose interest and it could ruin the league.

  8. Bucked up Says:

    I for one appreciate the Glazers effort in this hard economic times and applaud them for being aware of the realities.
    I do have an interesting question however. Does the lowering of the the ticket price for the upper tier, often empty seats, also lower the price it would be for the Glazers or the local TV station to buy out a game and get it off the blackout list. Is the buyout of remaining tickets a percentage of the overall seat price? This move could have been a sound business strategy on multiple fronts.

  9. thomas Says:

    I can afford it. I refuse to support the Glazerouses until they support the franchise on a basis even with most other teams. They are last in player’s salaries.

    Their payroll and coaching staff salaries are 32nd out of 32, so is the overall quality of both.

    This ticket reduction that even Joe over-infaled is reducing prices of limited seats in the third deck – big-deal – that is after raising prices year after year for a decade.

    I would rather set my money on fire than give it to these guys. Think about it: They hit big on Free but what else do they have: Mike Williams was a 4th rounder who nobody wanted b/c he quit on his team and cheated in class so they got him for virtually no invvestment, Blount punched a player after the game annd got kicked off his team and went undrafted – again no investment.

    Yes both are talented but they are suspensions in waiting.

    Rah is a nice young guy who the players like b/c they view him as inferior to them and they can do whatever they want with their buddy/boss. He is very excitable which kids like but he is about as qualified to coach that team as most of us.

    They gave him the job b/c he accepted an embarrassingly low salary compared to the other 31 men with the same job.

    Again, no investment, no risk, yet they ask you to make an investment and risk. I miss the Rich McKay days where we had stars: Sapp, Lynch, Brooks, Rice, Keyshawn, Alstott, Warrick Dunn.

    Now we do have some talen with Free (and Williams, Bliunt and Talib) but only Talib over those three was an investment.

    Mccoy is terrible and a waste of a pick when you take price, the same player, maybe better, later.

    When the Glazehouses commit, so will we.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Don’t worry Thomas, as long as you keep investing in Raheem Morris Paraphenalia( shirtless posters, sexy Videos, etc.) to support your crush on The coach, you’ll still be supporting this SuperBowl contender. And we intelligent fans would like to thank you for supporting the team! Sadly, we did feel the need to warn Raheem, that he is your latest object of affection! But dont let that slow you down, Lil buddy!

  11. Jerry Says:

    But look at the Rays last year… I mean some of those games you can get tickets CHEAP and it still would not sell out. I remember you could get playoff tickets off Stubhub for $5. I kid you not! $5 for an MLB playoff game and people still won’t buy it? That’s insane! That’s cheaper than a movie ticket!

    This area doesnt deserve sports franchises. People are too lazy and would rather watch on their HD TV than go to the stadiums.

    I was reading on Yahoo Sports that some tickets in Chicago for the NFC Champ. game are being scalped for $2,000 a seat!

  12. Bucnjim Says:

    Jerry; you must not be from Tampa like the other 3/4 of the population here in the bay area. Chicago first of all has a population of 8 Million people with an average income of almost double that of the Tampa area. Now if you include the fact that 99% of the people who live in Chicago are origionally from there then you have the answer. Look to San Diego, Jacksonville, Oakland or Miami if you want to compare NFL cities.

  13. D-Rome Says:

    There are a few douchebag fans out there I’ve heard on the radio saying you’re not a real fan if you don’t go to the games and that the economy isn’t that bad and such but supporting the Bucs financially, and by extension the Glazers, aren’t on the forefront of most people’s minds.

    I can’t wait till the President of the United States announces he’s going to spend more money to jump start a sagging economy. After all, the recovery and reinvestment act of 2009 worked so well….

  14. bucswin Says:

    Nobody is telling people to support the Bucs instead of paying the mortgage or putting food on the table. But, IMO, there are PLENTY of people in the Tampa Bay area (or within a couple of hours drive) who CAN afford to go to the games but come up with every excuse in the book not to go. They’re bandwagon fans and without them, the stadium will not sell-out. That’s just how Florida is for the most part. There are fans like Thomas (though not as bad) who can afford to go but blame the Glazers for their “cheapness” or make up some other excuse such as Morris not being fit to be DC or coach or other bogus reasons. Screw them.

    Jacksonville sold out all year. And the tarp they put in place still had the attendance being more than a sell-out at Ray Jay.

  15. OB Says:

    I think the reason the Rays don’t sell out is where the field is and how to get there. I am from Los Angeles originally and Dodger stadium is in the heart of the freeways. The Tampa – St Pete area has one and none for Clearwater. They can’t get to the game easilly.

    The Bucs are not selling out for the prices and the lack of the Glazer’s acting like owners who cared. With Malcom sick, it is ruled by committee and it just doesn’t work. If they put the games on TV for pay per view, say five bucks a game, they would get as much money as selling out the stadium with all the fans who want to watch. Lowering the prices at the stadium needs to be done, but pay per view would generate income and excitement.

    If we had a modern transportation system, be it freeways, monorail, or light rail connecting the major malls, stadiums, entertainment venues, and resteraunts, plus the train station and the airports, we would have not only more fans, but more jobs because industry would also come to where people can move about the area.

  16. Joe Says:

    Can;t compare Tampa Bay to any of the rust belt cities. Apples-to-oranges comparison on several levels.

    The Rays have much deeper issues. When a significant chunk of the demographics whines about driving 20 minutes across a bridge to go to a game, you have some very dire problems.

  17. Bucnjim Says:

    With such a large North Eastern Population (NY, Boston, Philly, DC, Baltimore etc….) Most people are happy to watch their home teams on Direct TV. The combination of small market, bad economy and a melting pot population; the sports teams in Tampa are in for a rough road. I can’t emphasize enough that the fact that no one in this area is origionally from here is and always will be a major reason local sports struggles.

  18. thomas Says:


    The bucs dont struggle financially, nor do the rays.

    The bucs sold out every game for 14 years until Rah Rah and the rejects took over and went 3-13.

    The economy crashed in 2008, people felt that and in conjunction the bucs went cheap with roster and coaching. So the public rejected the product. dom has drafted better than forecasted, except for the mccoy / price debacle, so they have acquire some young talent but experience wins super bowls.

    The steelers are the second oldest team in the nfl, patriots fifth, ravens 6th. Of the youngest 10 teams only 2 made the playoffs (philly and indy) both lost their round 1 games.

    This team is like a mediocre hollywood script with no marquee stars – some diehards might appreciate the film but few will ffork ovver the money at the box-office to see the flick. Now if you bring in STARS, the same movie will draw crowds.

    This team has Zero stars (yes Free is on his way) but the country north of orlando doesnt put free in the same category we do.

    Acquire stars via draft and free agency: (Adrian Paterson, Calvin Johnson, Clay Matthews, Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, Julius Peppers, Devin Hester, Greg Jennings etc) and people will come.

  19. Squadoosh1 Says:

    Thomas: “the players like him because they view him as inferior to them and can do whatever they want”……do you ever realize how ridiculous some of the s@#$ you say is. Rah got everything possible out of these players this year en route to posting a 10 and 6 record with the youngest team in the nfl…I guess viewing your coach as inferior makes you play reeeaaaallly hard.
    I think it’s like Chris Thomas always used to say: “people see what they want to see”.
    Thomas..good luck buddy

  20. eric Says:

    Then why did the Jags and Fins sell out every game and avoid blackouts?

    The Glazers bow to fans wishes.

    Total BS!

  21. Jerry Says:

    My point is that everyone complains about ticket prices. But if you can’t sell a Rays playoff game ticket for $5, how low does the Bucs tickets need to go?

    I understand some people are struggling. But I hear on the radio and elsewhere all the time about people saying they CAN afford tickets but are refusing to go. They either complain about the heat, the beer prices, the parking, the quality of the hot dogs, the greedy Glazers, and on and on and on… They just dont want to go. Period. And they look for any excuse.

  22. BuccoBill Says:

    As per thomas: “I miss the Rich McKay days where we had stars: Sapp, Lynch, Brooks, Rice, Keyshawn, Alstott, Warrick Dunn.” C’mon! Really? And by the way thomas, I live north of Orlando.

  23. gitarlvr Says:

    No doubt the economic situation was a primary factor in blackouts. But if the economy was better games still would have been blacked out this year. When I first moved to the area back in 93 the economy wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been the last couple of years but home games were being blacked out. Tickets those first couple years I was here could be had for next to nothing and still the Old Sombrero was half empty at times. The Bucs just didn’t have any fans. I really think the veteran purge, and the following 3-13 season, drove whoever was left after the mediocrity of the chucky years, far away from the bandwagon. After an exciting season, which should result in a good amount of national media hype this offseason, I think enough bandwagoners will find their way back this offseason, even without a serious improvement in the economy. I think there is a good chance that the Bucs home games against popular opponents this coming season will not be blacked out. Im sure there is a good chance that any home games against bum teams will still be blacked out though. It also doesn’t help that every damn northeastern team besides Buffalo is a Super Bowl contender these days. Thats not winning the Bucs any fans from among the transplants.

  24. thomas Says:

    gitarlv: some valid points! I was a season tix holder in 1993 and my 4 tickets cost $600 for the entire season. Attendance started improving in 1996 and sell-outs were constant for more than a decade.

    I gave up my tix after 20 years for the reason you stated. I think the record was okay, but it cant be enough if you dont even get into the playoffs – again.

    I believe that they will take steps backward record wise next season b/c the unbelievable luck (weak schedule, 3rd string qb’s most weeks, bobbled PAT snaps etc) cant continue says Murphy.

    I will not come back and will objectively blog about the crap this ownership group has turned into, either coincidentally or not, starting with the acquisition of Manu.

    We are last in payroll, that deserves last in attendance.

  25. eric Says:

    Can you folks get your noses a little farther up the Glazers rear ends?

    There is still a tiny ray of sunshine.

  26. The D Says:


    The Falcons, Pats, Colts, Ravens, Chiefs, and Packers, among some other teams, all have lower payrolls. Teams at the top of the payroll list are the Raiders, Cowboys, Vikings, Browns, and Saints. Having a big payroll means that there are some big stars on the team, but doesnt necessarily mean wins. What would you rather have, a winning team or star power?

  27. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Thanks for never disappointing Thomas. More reliable than the sun.

  28. gitarlvr Says:

    Look, people hating the Glazers for being last in payroll would be a more valid point if there were proof that they are cheapskates who will never up the payroll. But so far the only PROOF we have is to the contrary. The Glazers did pull out all the stops, including trading away draft picks for Gruden, to win a Super Bowl. Now some people believe that the Glazers have just changed their minds and are only in this for the money now. Well you have to give them a couple more seasons to see what they do with the payroll to make that assumption. Right now some people are just ASSUMING that the Glazers will never again spend money on any big time free agents. And also what does the payroll matter when the team was 10-6. Its not about the payroll its about wins and losses. Would Thomas have paid for Bucs tickets this past season if the Bucs had the same payroll and same record as the Redskins? I’ll take a low payroll and 10-6 over a high payroll and 6-10 any day.

  29. eric Says:

    One and done has been replaced by none and done.

  30. thomas Says:

    first your theory is flawed because the converse is false, i.e., big payrolls and no stars means that you will win. Elway, Montana, Brees, Manning, Brady, Rice, LT etc – all stars, all highly paid, all champions.

    well this team is 13-19 the last two years, no playoffs, arguably 1 star (still on his rookie deal).

    we havent seen much winning in two years, no stars, no payroll.

    If we had the league’s lowest payroll and had made the playoffs in the last 3 seasons you may have an argument.

    Why are you sheep so defensive about the deserving Glazer criticism? I cant understand how anyone wouldnt be disgusted over this new group led by the sons.

    I understand the defensiveness over Rah: most of you hated Gruden and his ego, argued for his head and have an investment in his successor no matter who or what he is or does.
    But the Glazers: they by a soccer club and we go from a top salary team with consistent winning to this. Huh? A bunch of inexpensive kids, including the coach.

    WAKE UP!

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    It’s really sad how much of a parody the two trolls have become(Eric and Thomas)! Both of you have no credibility, as you both have lied so many times that you obviously don’t have any honor. No one believes anything you write. And you both know it. Do you get some sort of strange enjoyment by irritating normal men? Or do you need to be ridiculed? Either way, it seems an inconvience to have to skip over your unintelligible hatefilled post every day. Don’t you have any friends or aquaintences to communicate with. Or is the dislike you receive here the best you to can warrant? Have you ever considered changing your lifestyle, to be less pathetic?

  32. Lucas Jackson Says:

    My guess is Thomas likes (and needs) the attention. No reasonable person would characterize these Bucs as “13 and 19 . . .” He’s just looking for someone to pay attention to him. Like I said, relaible as the sun, just as predictable too.

  33. thomas Says:

    Your insults are as bad as your grammar! Its not a “lie” to say that the glazers have limited the $ made available for talent since about the time manu was acquired and the old man got sick.

    For the last time gitarlvr, hawaiian etc, the Glazer who owned the team and made the decisions in 2002-03 and prior was Malcolm. Sadly, he became very ill from a stroke and as far as was last reported is not involved in ownership decisions, those decisions are made by a group – either entirely or nearly entirely the sons, Joel, Bryan etc.

    Stop saying the ownership decision-making structure hasnt changed, it has. Why – is what we don’t know, we can only speculate. The two probable reasons are Manu and the debt-interest and the economy / real estate bubble bursting which devalued their wealth against which they borrowed which negativeky effects their overall financial picture.

    The unlikely reason: we are going to miss the playoffs for 5 years while we “build through the draft” which is only conveniently cheap.

  34. thomas Says:


    How else would you “characterize” their record under rah rah? Probably better which is why I disregard your contributions.

    You don’t characterize a won-loss record because it is factual, not subject to opinion.

  35. eric Says:

    If no playoffs for three straight seasons is it time for Rah to go?

    Should be, based upon the previous standards applied to TD and JG.

  36. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think we should wait for the third straight season without playoffs to happen before we start calling for his head. This is what really irritates me about “fans”… under the assumption that they won’t get any better or make the playoffs, let’s call for his head now. That’s why guys like Lovie Smith are “on the hot seat” to begin the year, and in the NFC Championship game to end the year.

    Bitch all you want next season when (if) we are eliminated from the playoffs, but until then maybe you should simply get behind the team and hope they do make the playoffs. It’s a good young team with promising talent. We haven’t even had a draft or free agency yet, we don’t know how improved this team will be (tougher schedule or not).

    Of course payroll is low when you have guys like Ruud and Black and Joseph just now becoming free agents. Guys like Williams and Benn starting for the team on rookie 4th and 2nd round contracts. Guys like Larsen and Blount playing for next to nothing. If we had a team that averaged 30+ years of age, we’d probably be near or over a cap limit. It’s young players performing well that lowers payroll.

    Blame the Glazers, blame Morris, blame Dom…. for what? a 10-6 season and signs of life on this team? Yeah, right.

  37. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Thomas — anything can be “charcterized.” You hate the current regime so you lump in the obvious transition year of 2009 as a means to detract from the current success, which was built on a lot of guys playing for the first time in 2010, including Freeman, for practical purposes.

    Thomas, I am not going to waste my time with you. You agenda is crystal clear everytime you type. That is how I knew to summon you. Keep going in my absence though. I am sure everyone appreciates the comic relief.

  38. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Eric — you are like Thomas’s midget cousin when it comes to characterizations. Neither Dungy nor Gruden were fired for the reasons you state. Dungy never developed an offense and Gruden never developed anything after winning the SB (good coach but bad at drafting)

  39. Jerry Says:

    I am cautiously optimistic about the team. I, like many others, are wondering if 2010 had to do with the schedule or if there was such vast improvement. I think the reality is that it was a bit of both. It will be a harder schedule next year. So they will be tested. And the defense needs work before I will say that the Bucs are a legit playoff contender. They still give up too many yards on the ground, miss tackles, and have practically no pass rush. That must be improved for this team to go to the next level. If those things are not fixed next year, the Bucs are a 6-8 win team at best with that schedule.

  40. gitarlvr Says:

    For the last time Thomas. You have no proof the sons will not spend money when they think the time is right. All you have is irrational hatred of them which im sure comes from the same place Buc You’s did. After, all your posts are practically a carbon copy of his and we all know what really motivated him.

  41. eric Says:

    Well if you go three straight years without playoffs isn’t that “bad”.

    TD was fired after a playoff loss. JG one year removed from Division Title(having previously won the SB).

    To be considered a good coach in this league u gotta win in the playoffs, and do do that you have to get to the playoffs. If Rah can’t do that in year three with all the talent everyone mentions, time for a change.

    NFC South is weak. Everybody got sent home in the first round.

  42. thomas Says:

    Well said Jerry! Be careful the sheep (the eternally optimistic organizationally brain-washed young ladies above) might start labeling you a “hater” because you aren’t convinced that we have a “lasting contender.”

    I agree with you BamBam that if this team misses the playoffs again next year and we have 10 more blackouts that Rah should be fired. If they make the playoffs he will have earned another year unless it is a 7-9 seattle type playoff appearance where you no that they arent going anywhere. Otherwise, he will have earned another year.

    BTW – I love (pun intended) Lovie Smith and wish that he was the guy here, he has a very calming (un-rah like) influence and his players love him but also RESPECT him – not just in the way that they say they will but in the way they play.

    Lucas Capt Tim and their kind dont care whether or not the team makes the playoffs so long as gruden isnt the coach. They are entitled to that opinion.

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lmao- Thomas, you’ve never had season tickets. You admitted that in a post last spring! You dishonesty is starting to rival your stupidity, lol

  44. thomas Says:

    Southeast corner of the old sombrero 4 tickets in the first row of the second level (cant recall the section and row). Until 2009 we had two tix in the northwest corner opposite the ship in the second level section 151. Parking pass in lot 9.

    Only missed a handful of games for important events until this year.

    When Rah is fired and/or the team recommits to bringing in a top-notch regime, whether it be through players, coaching staff or all of the above – I will be signing back up.

    Until then, I will listening to Gene and Dave (who I think is great) and blogging my opinions which I am sure that you guys will love.

    Frankly, I wouldnt want a blog that only agreed with me, that is what the other buc sites are for. How boring would it be if it werent for Eric and others who reign in your fandom and enthusiasm. Lets face it – fan is short for fanatic which by definition lacks objectivity yet you glazer/rah lovers fail to admit or acknowledge your bias – yet accuse us of not being fan (fanatical) enough.

    What you really are saying is that we are not buc-biased-enough with our opinions? Curious?

    I think reducing the fanatacism might clear your perspective. Rah is not great, he was in charge of the Defense and it was horrible. Olsen and mangurian and Van Pelt were in charge of the O and it was improved.

    I have no clue how rah rah is responsible for that. If you removed rah rah tomorrow this team wouldnt be effected negatively one iota.

    Except that they would have to

  45. thomas Says:

    play for a boss and not a buddy.

  46. eric Says:

    Well at least we can watch some bucs in the pro bowl. Surely the brilliance has been recognized league wide?


  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    No, you didn’t Thomas. Guys”like you” don’t go to the games. They might try to draw attention on a football team’s post, as another pathetic attempt give validity to your failed life choices, and life.But “guys like you” don’t really support anything. Your never ending stream of lies and misery here are just a cry of disgust at your own repulsiveness . Don’t blame us, pal.both of you chose to be the disgusting parodies you are. There are” guys like you” at post of every kind. Playing the troll for attention. You made the choice not to be normal. Live with it. Quit blaming sucessful people for the failure” guy like you” turn out to be!

  48. Capt.Tim Says:

    D-Rome: that second “jump start” isn’t far off. All the Movers and Shakers think it’s gonna get worse, not better. Sad. I think the NFL needs to anticipate hard times, as should everyone

  49. gitarlvr Says:

    You see Thomas just wants to see Rah fired. Doesnt matter what Rah does he just wants him fired. Just like Buc you and Im sure for the exact same reason as Buc you. Im also sure Joe will censor this post because he doesnt want my accusations to see the light of day for some reason but it doesn’t matter to me i either way as anyone with half a brain sees right through Thomas.

  50. Patrick Says:

    Thomas, I don’t mean to call you out or anything. But why do you want Raheem fired so badly, along with the rest of the regime? They went 10-6 this year, were a playoff caliber team in my opinion even though they didn’t make the playoffs, and appear to have a bright future. Plus, look at the most important thing about this year; the pro bowl caliber play of Freeman.

    Look, I’m not one of those people who blindly love Raheem so much to where I can’t see his flaws. He’s got plenty of them. I was calling for Rah’s head just like you and many others were last offseason. But he performed way beyond many people’s expectations this year, including mine. Am I satisfied completely yet? No not at all. But I still think he did a great job this year considering the lack of talent we had in so many areas and the immense amount of players from the scrap heap we had starting (Larsen, Lee, etc.) Things I would like to see him do next year are beat more teams with winning records, make the playoffs, win a playoff game, etc.

    I was a huge fan of Gruden and was upset when he was fired two years ago. Do I think he made mistakes? Of courseDuring his last year here, I hated it when he foolishly benched Griese in favor of Garcia even though Griese threw at minimum 3 INT’s per game and the fact that Garcia was obviously the better player. That’s one. But I still think he’s a very good coach and is not as bad as many people say he is.

    Anyway my point is, Raheem definitely deserves to be the head coach right now. He did great with what he had to work with this year. How does Raheem being the coach alone keep you from going to any games? That’s ridiculous. If the team is doing good, who cares? If you can afford it, I would go to the games.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Eric and Thomas,

    You two are so fu!king stupid it’s not even funny. Eric, you are back to your same old self. Whatever happened to “we were so wrong” comments after the Seahawks and Saints game? What happened from those games until now to change your tune? I’ve explained to you (as have many others) on several occasions that Gruden wasn’t fired for not making the playoffs, he was fired for disagreements with the Glazers. Are you really that stupid that you can’t comprehend that? I don’t know how to make it simpler for you. Just like you can’t understand that expectations are different with a team with mostly all rookie and second year players versus a team full of veterans. If you are smart enough to be a lawyer, I don’t understand why these simple concepts are too much for your brain?

    As for you, Thomas, go ahead and don’t support the Glazers. That’ll teach ’em! Maybe if you keep it up, they will go out and buy every high priced free agent and bring in Cowher. Maybe they’ll also call you up and ask for your expert scouting advice. Who knows, maybe they’ll even fire Dominik and hire you as the GM, because you have all the answers. Remind me again, exactly how many football teams have you been involved with? So you don’t like the owners, don’t like the coach, don’t like the majority of the players, and don’t even like the majority of the fans (or “sheep” as you call them) – why exactly are you a fan? Since obviously nothing is going to change, why don’t you just go away for a while. We all know you won’t, because you love the attention. More accurately, you seem like the type of person who just loves to b!tch. Did you wife leave you or something? I’ve seriously never heard a man complain about the same thing over and over as much as you. You have never made a positive post, what does that say about you???

  52. Bubashep Says:

    I’m a huge football fan – love going to games – especially college… I don’t think going to bucs games are as much fun for the most part. The last time I went to see the bucs was the ’97 playoff game against the giants… the bucs were going for it on 4th and 1, so of course I stood up to see maybe the most pivotal point in the game, when the person behind me asked me to sit down so he and his wife could see.

  53. eric Says:

    I got a whole new season to be wrong about!