Ronde Barber Already Jumping Into TV?

January 6th, 2011

Joe finds it unsettling that Ronde Barber has already taped a guest TV spot for Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central, which airs on Tuesday. When did he find time for that?

In this video below, Ronde can be seen on the set wearing a suit worth more than Joe’s car and trying to pull off some comedy. Joe’s getting sick to his stomach wondering whether Ronde is making a fast play to join Joe in the media and bail on the Bucs.

Say it ain’t so, Ronde. Tampa Tribune TV maven Walt Belcher informed his readers yesterday.

Joe sure hopes Barber is just testing the waters. Here’s a snippet of his appearance: (Warning: unfunny video.)

  • 5 Responses to “Ronde Barber Already Jumping Into TV?”

    1. Scott Says:

      As much as Ronde has been on the radio it’s no surprise. But he could just be trying to get the connections going, it doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to make the jump right now.

    2. bucfanjeff Says:


    3. jvato24 Says:

      I wouldnt sweat it .. Obviously he will be finished in Tampa soon .. whether its now or 1 to 2 years … Ronde was pretty clear right now he would come back and as long as the hunger is there in March he will be back . .

      Everyone thought Jason Taylor was going to Hollywood .. He has played 3 years since then..

    4. Patrick Says:

      It’s kind of weird how he does this just 4 days after they were eliminated from the playoffs in such a heartbreaking way.

    5. Cave Spring Knight Alum Says:

      I know for a fact he is done. He told me