O-Line Coach Mangurian Is Fired

January 21st, 2011

After the Bucs’ stunning season ended, Joe repeatedly heard Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik praise their position coaches for having the roster ready to play from top to bottom all season long.

They gave major kudos to coaches for having rookies ready and prepared to make the “next-man-up” philosophy more than just talk. And Joe heard the Bucs’ dynamic duo talk about wanting to keep continuity among the coaching staff.

Now, offensive line coach Pete Mangurian has been fired, per eye-RAH! Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune, which comes on the heels of defensive line coach Todd Wash parting ways and special teams coach Rich Bisaccia bolting for the same job in San Diego.

Without casting blame, Joe has to assume there’s a problem somewhere. One could argue that Mangurian worked miracles by having Ted Larsen, Derek Hardman and James Lee playing major roles on a line that protected the quarterback well and was in front of a 1,000-yard rusher.

Something stinks. Joe’s not sure what or why.

Mangurian worked with Raheem in the 1990s at Cornell University and he had a contract for 2011.  Ironically, Raheem has spoken about his admiration of Bill Belicheat and the Patriots way. Mangurian came to the Bucs from the Pats.

Joe has heard complaints about Mangurian’s abrasive personality from some in the Bucs organization (Abrasive? Sounds like a football coach). Jeff Faine shared stories on his radio show about how incredibly foul-mouthed and tough Mangurian was.

Joe can only hope the Bucs have someone better lined up.

41 Responses to “O-Line Coach Mangurian Is Fired”

  1. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    This is weird, I was under the impression that he was doing a great job. I could be wrong though, Raheem and Dominick know better than me.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe he texted pics of his little Brett to interns or Cheerleaders. I doubt this is football related. Maybe he got snagged on “To catch a predator”.

  3. aldo Says:

    i dont think mangurian was succesful at all, look this way joe, if the bucs doesnt land blount, the OLine would look awful…and is not like all guys protect preety well free, at least not all times, sure he did great stuffs, but i think we can get something better, at least an upgrade, just my humble opinion 😉

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Wasn’t Pete originally brought in to implement zone blocking schemes??? And wasn’t that a complete failure???

  5. sunrisejeff Says:

    You are correct BigMac. Honestly I thought Free and Blount made the line look a lot better than it actually was.

  6. aldo Says:



  7. aldo Says:

    if u ask me, we are a OG to be an elite OL, i think dom need to offer for logan mankins, and we are preety fine with larsen, hardman and carter as back ups for OG and zuttah as C (im supusing we retain davin joseph and a healthy jeff faine)

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    This is totally unrelated, but if you want to see a good Favre spoof..try this:

  9. D-Rome Says:

    Mangurian kinda looked like Christopher Walken in that picture.


  10. Guest#27 Says:

    Joe, I agree with every word you just said. I was lloking to quote you and comment, but I agree with it all. 100%.

  11. Guest#27 Says:

    And my take away is, “Something stinks.”

    Something is not right.

    The guy did an AMAZING job with the replacements and getting them ready.

    Wonder if the vets on the line who are afraid to lose their jobs, blamed the coach for their failures?

  12. nick Says:

    Maybe Rah didn’t like Pete’s Man-boobs

  13. Guest#27 Says:

    So we have now lost 3 coaches.

    And replaced one from within and are down two HUGE coaches. The Offensive Line and Defensive line coach. Those are CRITICAL guys. Jeez, we don’t need more inconsistency in the trenches.

    Maybe Pete blew a gasket when he found out that the Bucs were gonna draft a CB or TE with the first round draft pick, and no o-linemen until day 3. 🙂

  14. MVPFreeman Says:

    Dont need him.

    Ian Beckles said it the best on one of his morning show segments, “You just don’t ‘coach a guy up’ in four days and vuala hes a starting lineman in the NFL, it just dosent work that way. These young players are having sucess because Raheem has them playing in a GOOD SYSTEM. Its the system that makes it work.”

    Couple the system that coach Morris has these guys playing in and Dominik’s drafting/practice-squad-roster-plucking skills and you have yourself a winner.

  15. MVPFreeman Says:

    ^^WR & QB are totally diffrent stories though.

    Coach Yarber and AVP are assets to the Bucs. They will surley be with our team for years to come.

  16. TrueBlue Says:

    If he was that foul mouthed and abrasive to players it demonstrates a lack of leadership. Colorful language is alright if it makes a clear point, but if it used as a club enforce standards it will only be effective for so long. It will then tend to demoralize players. Morris is the type of coach that that makes players want to play their best for him. He inspires rather than berates. I think Morris wants his assistants to coach in that same mold. And I agree.

  17. aldo Says:

    @Stephen Holder via twitter

    Have gotten clear indications Bucs firing Mangurian had to do with differences with Greg Olson. Seems there was a disconnect there.

    if this is true, im fine with that move, look, we can blame ollie for much things that happened last season, but its fair enough to say we just lived the best offensive season ever in bucs history, and ollie was the man behind that, he give us a game and look how works, and look what he had on field, a 4th rounder WR, an undrafted rookie RB, a QB who begins last season with lots of doubts in bucs fans, olson worked fine for us, freeman is what it is thanks to him, we can get another OL coach, is not like mangurian was doing the best work, we can a better coach

  18. eric Says:

    Seems like a high level of coaching turnover for a team entering the dynasty stage.

    These guys have a scape goat mentality.

  19. Ash Says:

    Guy was brought in for the zone blocking scheme which were not running. Sounds pretty simple to me.

  20. oar Says:

    “but its fair enough to say we just lived the best offensive season ever in bucs history,”?
    While Im impressed with the offense, both 2007(ranked #18 in pts & #18 in yds) and 2008(ranked #19 in pts & #14 in yds) were better years than 2010’s rankings of #20 in pts & #19 in yds.
    They are going in the right direction though, and hopefully WILL be the best offense we will ever see.

  21. Coburn Says:

    The young guys may have stepped in admirably. I think as someone mentioned you don’t exactly work that much on technique and that in the middle of the season for 2 weeks so it likely had more to do with talent. Also can we look at the other side of the coin? Didn’t all of our vets seem to regress? Some more than others, but at different points of the season I remember people saying about each opening day starter that they weren’t looking as good as in the past.

  22. Coburn Says:

    Davin Joseph is exhibit A.

  23. oar Says:

    I thought they should have ditched him after 2009 or when Jagz was fired. Pete’s forte is zone-blocking and was brought in for Jagz’s offense. No wonder, he and Olsen aren’t on the same page or butted heads!

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    So I wonder when Dom is going to give Steve White an interview for the D…

    Wait, I know… Dom should hire Ian (bigmouth) Beckles to coach the O line. He knows everything…and dim sum.

    C’mon Man!

  25. aldo Says:


    statisticlly maybe, but we finally have (well i guess) all the weapons, in that seasons, we have just on WR or maybe a RB but not all this weapons, and of course, we FINALLY have a QB!!!! and think is just about their first season together.

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I smell DRAMA on this coaching change. I am quite sure when Pete lands another NFL Job, we will know what REALLY happened in Tampa! We WERE a 10 and 6 team, and now we are dismantling the coaches that GOT us there ? Look what happened to Tampa when Tony Dungy’s coaching staff got raided ? Please stay on top of this for us Joe. People w/o a life outside of Tampa Bay Football want to know.

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sounds like coaching Style had alot to do with it. Raheem/Olsen are teacher/ motivators. Pete was a screamer. Plus I said all last season that our talented line never played well as a unit. A change is a good idea. Coach Morris has shown he is the Man. If he is still fine tuning his staff, I’ll bet it turns out for the best. Both of our lines could use improvement. This much is for certain- if you bring in undrafted rookie free agents, and they perform better than high round draft picks who have been coached here for years, then you need a new O-line coach.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    I really thought the best production from a lineup was Penn and Lee at Tackle, Larson and Hardman at Guard, and Zuttah at center. That tells ya that Lots of time with Pete doesn’t make you better, and might make ya worse. A change gonna do us good!

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like what Steve Yzerman did with Guy Boucher, bringing him up from the AHL. I believe this gave Steve an opportunity to help mold a guy into his system without a lot of baggage and bad habits. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rah/Dom maybe do the same thing with a couple college coaches getting an opportunity for maybe the first time.

  30. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Another assistant coach departs this time involuntarily I guess, what is that 5 or more in two years, 3 in two weeks. There goes the argument that this is an attractive staff to be a part of.

    This is depletion in near record numbers. Well I guess it is okay, we will can bring in another “real cheap” and/or “real inexperienced” replacement.

    This is just getting more and more amateurish. Why has Biassacia not been retained and Mangurian canned, along with Wash, Jags, Bates? My guess, insecurity on the part of the child HC.

    If the HC has virtually no experience, and the assistants have decades of experience in some cases, it would be difficult and problematic for the assistant to defer to the teenage HC. That causes insecurity in the pre-pubescent HC.

    Before Long, the entire staff will be young, inexperienced and inexpensive – perfect for the Glazers and the Sheep!

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas2.whatever. You are really starting to fall for Raheem, aren’t ya. I didn’t think anyone could replace your affection for Lil Chucky, but it looks like it’s happening. I’m really happy for you, as I think Raheem will end up having a much more successful career! Congrats! 🙂

  32. grasshopp427er Says:

    one thing i like the most about raheem/dominik is that if you don’t get the job done you are out of here. examples include: gaines adams, sabby piscatelli, jagodzinksi, jim bates, mike “skillet” clayton, WR dexter jackson, derrick ward, reggie brown, leftwich, todd wash, the 2 punters we cut this year and cadillac and trueblood both lost starting jobs.
    and i expect we can soon add ruud and stylez white to that list.

    after everyone’s expectations were trumped this year, i’d say these 2 guys have earned the right to be trusted to do what’s best for this team. so mangurian is out. hopefully they find someone better to replace him as they have done in most of the cases above.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It’s nice to see that Eric is back to his normal self. I love it how some people blame Raheem or the organization for something they know nothing about. Unless you are within the walls of One Buc Place, you are speaking without knowing the facts. Where I come from, that’s called being ignorant. These are the same people who were screaming to suspend Mike Williams before they knew the details.

    Coaches leave every year from every staff. Do you know what the NFL stands for (not for long)? I don’t understand why you consider it a scapegoat mentality. If something is not working, fix it. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a lawyer) to figure that out. Would you prefer them keep people that are not good for the team? Maybe they should call up Thomas the pro scout and get his take on it before they hire or fire anyone.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    By the way Thomas the pro scout, you should maybe stop saying Raheem has no experience, since he’s now been an NFL coach for 2 years. That’s another one of your lame arguments for not liking him. However, like Captain Tim said, I think you are secretly falling for him. That’s why you are so concerned about how he wears his pants. My wife is always very concerned with how I dress too.

  35. oar Says:

    I let my wife dress me! Afterall, she undresses me too!

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Good call, I never thought of it that way. LoL!

  37. eric Says:

    Well when you hire and fire both OC and DC in year one, then Dl and Ol coach the following year, it is a scapegoat mentality.

    Where would Rah and Dom have been after the 09 season if they had applied that same standard to themselves?

    Isn’t the DC as responsible for Dl play as his Dl coach?

    Naturally, nuttin can ever be Rah’s fault in any way, only coaches under Rah. Which is also likely the reason the excellent special teams coach we had hauled ass at the first opportunity.

  38. gitarlvr Says:

    I like how Thomas used about every synonym for “boy” that he could think of when referring to Raheem in that post. Whats the over/under on how many more posts before Buc You 2.2… I mean Thomas 2.2 gets himself banned?

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First of all, from reports that I have heard, Raheem was not the one who hired Jagz and Bates. They were hires by the Glazers. Even if he did, it’s not scapegoat if it is justified. For God’s sake, Jagz got fired from the UFL!!! That should tell you something. And where exactly is Bates now?

    And yes, the coach is ultimately responsible for ALL aspects of the team. That’s why it is within his right to bring in the best coaches possible, because it all eventually falls on his shoulders. There is nothing wrong with that. And no, you don’t fire yourself. Although our defense isn’t great by any means, we are 100 times better this year than last year.

    Again, Eric, you show support after the Saints game, then you disappear, only to reappear to complain some more. You will never be happy with Raheem. You know it, I know it, we all know it. That’s sad, but that’s your problem.

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    By the way, Bisaccia was going to haul a$$ no matter what. He’s Gruden’s guy, and he was supposedly upset about not getting interviewed for the HC job. I don’t blame him, in fact I understand exactly where he is coming from. However, that means nothing in relevance to Raheem and the rest of the organization. Raheem has NEVER placed the blame on anyone else, but he does act swiftly to fix what needs to be fixed. A 7 game turnaround proves to me that he knows more than you.

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    Uh oh! I think Eric is jelous of Thomas and Raheem! Cat fight brewing! Lol