Glazer Hopeful For Fewer Blackouts, Night Games

January 11th, 2011

Whoa! Team Glazer just gave a lengthy Bucs interview in January.

How bout those Glazers! Joe loves reading about the owners’ excitement for the their beloved Bucs. 

Bryan Glazer shared some one-on-one time with eye-RAH! Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune. Their chat hit today.

Glazer thinks the Bucs might score some sellouts next year and subsequently have the Coach of the Year and his young squad on local television.

Glazer described the 2009 rebuilding plan as “painful” at the start and said the organization is optimistic blackouts won’t be routine at Raymond James Stadium next season. The Bucs were the only team to have all eight regular-season home games blacked out in 2010.

“We had a process we wanted to take for this community and sometimes that process is a little painful along the way,” Glazer said. “I sense a lot of excitement in the community right now. We know the local economy is very difficult and people are making tough choices. We want our fans to come back and we’ve lowered some prices for next year.

“Winning helps, and we have a very attractive home schedule next year, with the expectation of some prime-time games.”

Wow! Maybe ticket sales have picked up? Getting a few home games on TV would be such a blessing for so many Bucs fans.

And did Glazer say “prime-time games?” Hmmm, BSPN blogger Pat Yasinskas just claimed the Bucs wouldn’t get any night home games next season. …Joe’s going to bank on Glazer’s take.

21 Responses to “Glazer Hopeful For Fewer Blackouts, Night Games”

  1. d-money Says:

    These guy’s don’t just go around speculating in public.

    If he says he expects primetime games and fewer blackouts then you can pretty much bank on it.

  2. Matt Says:

    Yes, this pretty much means that the Glazers have already gotten a nod in agreement from the NFL.

    I do expect some sellouts next year regardless.

  3. George C. Costanza Says:

    Nothing from Mr. Glazer in the SP Times? Why is that? They just didn’t ask?

  4. Brad Says:

    Bryan should have asked the ass Ira why is he still spewing negative commentary on his team. Selling Rah short is the weakest journalism I’ve ever heard. Here’s hoping Rah continues to embarrass him at his news conferences.

  5. Bucc Fan In Hawkeye Country Says:

    I unfortunately wont be able to help out with the home attendance. Buut got confirmation from one of my Viking fan buddies we goin to the Bucc- Vikings game when i told him we playin up there. And quite possibly vs the Packers wit my boy n his girl cuz she from wisconsin. Yeah buddy!! When do the schedules come out?

  6. JennyBuc Says:

    I sure hope to watch home pc is not how I want to watch my bucs forever

  7. DieHard Bob Says:

    @ George: The Tampa Tribune is a “Pewter Partner” with the Bucs (the official newspaper of the Bucs) so if the Glazers want to talk they will usually talk to them first.


    Ron Rivera just took the Carolina job…

  9. gbuc Says:

    They didn’t lower my $99 tickets. Been season ticket holder for 15 years. They did offer to move me from the shade in 218 to the searing heat down on the goal line. No thanks Glazers. How about moving me to the 50 yard line? I’ll be more than happy to endure the heat there. I definitely saw plenty of open seats there this year. Oh, that’s right, those are reserved for the ticket brokers so you can get a piece of the action.

    Bottom line is that the Glazers greed has a usual blinded their common sense. Raising the ticket prices 30% a couple of years ago, priced out the casual Tampa fan. Also, their so called “One of the best stadiums in the league” claim is ten years old. The stadium experience is not what it used to be. The replay board and sound system are crappy compared to most of the stadiums. And that’s including the stadiums that are older than ours.

    And one more thing, STILL NO T.V.’S IN THE BATHROOMS FOR US PEONS!

    Glazers… Come on man!!!

  10. MVPFreeman Says:


    More importantly, did Mr. Glazer say “some picket prices will be lowered”? This must mean pigs can fly and that driveways are use for driving and parkways are used for parking.

  11. MVPFreeman Says:


    The last time I checked, people didn’t go to Bucs games for a nice replay board and sound system, we go to WATCH THE BUCS BEAT ARSE, and that happened this year, so its not much of a suprise that season ticket sales are picking up.

    No, the Glazers are not going to move your seats, cry me a river. You know what? They aren’t moving mine either and frankly, I DONT CARE. When Mr. Glazer says ‘some ticket prices will be lowered’ he is talking about the upper deck, and that is a suprise to noone.

    And one more thing, IM SICK of people saying the Glazers ‘priced out the casual tampa fan’. Fans didn’t stop coming after the Glazers increased ticket prices, fans stopped coming when the Bucs fired the fabulous Jon Gruden, cut Dunn & Brooks, AND started LOSING (not to mention the economy got even worse at that time). Its plain and simple.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    My 3 tickets went from $85 to $79 each. I have complained to them so much about the parking, maybe they are pitching in so now I’ll end up with a net $70 for them instead of $250. I am going to spend the money on beer, but please don’t tell anybody. I would be willing to pitch in for a couple of new pacifiers for Dim Wit & Half Wit to keep them quiet.

    I like Bryan Glazer, he seems like a genuine good guy. I can see now why maybe they got tired of Chucky’s Brash Personality, Constant Cursing, and Antics. Raheem is like the Anti-Chucky, but doing a fine job.

  13. MVPFreeman Says:

    *suck suck*

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Can we get some lipstick for that pig please?

  15. grasshopp427er Says:

    MVP i must disagree.
    i was there during dungy and gruden and was certainly priced out. i watched my ticket price rise from somewhere around $280 a season to somewhere around $630 a season in a period of about 8 years. and this was in the upper deck. every single season my ticket went up. it came to a point i decided enough was enough and that i couldn’t afford it any more. the glazers were greedy..with an “80 thousand” season ticket waiting list the glazers seemed to feel like “hey if you don’t want to pay more then get the hell out, and someone else is waiting in line to pony up a seat deposit and more than you pay now anyway”.. so in my opinion they ran me out..they squeezed me for every dime they could and then i didn’t have anything left and i gave my seat up. it kind of pissed me off. not enough that i would hate on the bucs. i still root like hell at my pc but i don’t feel bad for them that their place is empty. i went to a couple of games this season at $50 a ticket. i had to get crafty on the net to find those tickets but i did it because i love the bucs and felt like the kids deserved my support. but i’ll say this..if the glazers had left my ticket at $450 a season i’d still be sitting there, not to mention that would be more than what they are getting now from new ticket holders who pay 350, but no it went from 450 to 500 to 535 to 580 to 630 and i said uncle..
    i miss the games but i’ll go to a few a year. i go see my usf bulls, just as fun wayyyy cheaper…my season tix are $125 to usf.

    and that stadium will not fill up again until the glazers find a way to endear themselves back to the average fan..i.e. the guy who sits 3rd deck, screams his butt off, loves the bucs, never leaves early, and buys as many overpriced beers as he can myself.
    so here is my suggestion to the glazers: offer anyone who paid you a seat deposit in the last 10 years a $10 food voucher per game if they purchase season tix again. or maybe a parking pass, or both..a friend of mine gets this deal through publix (35 ticket, $10voucher & parking pass), so it can be done for sure. give the guy who feels like he got screwed a little something back to make them feel good about coming back. i think of it like so. there are great beaches and fishing all throughout the bay area but only so many people are going to choose to be there. you ran the people who chose to make that commitment to your team out and obviously the 80k waiting list was you need those people back. there aren’t that many die hard buc fans in tampa that want to spend 10 weekends a season overpaying for beer and football..give a little something back to those guys and maybe they will come back.

  16. Scott Says:

    Hey gbuc, not so loud. If you convince the Glazers that the stadium needs an upgrade we are the ones that will get to pay for it.

  17. Joe Says:


    If won’t be the Glazers who will demand an upgrade, it will be the NFL.

    Goodell has already laid down the law on Miami and Atlanta that unless they upgrade, no more Super Bowls. Stephen Ross upgraded Pro Player. Now Arthur Blank has been making rumblings about needing a new stadium.

    Pro Player Stadium, or Stale Beer Stadium or whatever it’s called now, and the Georgia Dome aren’t that much older than the CITS.

    Joe can see this coming.

  18. gbuc Says:

    MVPFreeman=Glazer Leming.

  19. Dave Says:

    It is either optimistic posturing to sell tickets by saying games are going to be sold out and possibly in prime time
    He knows the tickets sales are looking better and has gotten word that they will have a night game or 2.

    I absolutely HATE playing anything remotely close to the race card… BUT… with a young energetic, engaging black coach, a young black QB that everyone is raving about being on the verge of super stardom, and an exciting young team overall, I can see the NFL wanting to get them on prime time next year.
    Please don’t take that as a bad thing in anyway, I just think it is something the NFL would definately consider, even if it is collectively in their subconscious.

  20. Matt Says:

    @Dave Uhh, what? That would make them more marketable?

  21. McBuc Says:

    WOW…Prices went up over an 8 year period? Have you priced milk since Dungy was here? man, what were we paying for gas in 2000? Damn business people, what are they thinking.

    I sold a condo when the selling was still good. I found out from the condo association that there was a 10 person waiting list to purchase. I IMEDIATLY increased the amount I was selling by $10K. I called the first person on the list, she came right down to take a look. She wanted me to either drop the price by $2000 or replace the flooring and paint the house. I responded by saying “Well, I appreciate you coming out today, but I have 9 more people waiting for one of these condos”. She purchased the unit, and I never had to call any of the other people. In fact, I should have jacked that bad boy up 15K and played the odds. The Glazers are business men, and if you think they suck you must not have been here before they purchased the team. Also, 2009 was their worst rankiong among owners, I think they were number 9. We have it pretty good here.