Glazers Don’t Want To Wed Dominik And Raheem?

January 14th, 2011

Joe is bumping this post up due to popular demand judging from the crush of e-mails he’s received about it.

Taking a break from his beat writer duties at the St. Pete Times, guest spots on NFL Network, and Twittering news unworthy of a newspaper, Rick Stroud tossed out some Team Glazer speculation during an interview with the Tampa Bay electronic sports media czar, J.P. Peterson on WQYK-AM 1010 AM yesterday during the Happy Hour with J.P. Show.

Stroud said he thinks Team Glazer is gun-shy about giving Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris longer contract extensions because the owners don’t want to go back to marrying a general manager and head coach together like they did Chucky and Bruce Allen.

That was a costly union and Stroud said he beleives Team Glazer just isn’t interested in going that route again.

Stroud said flushed money to Jeff Jagodzinski and Jim Bates also could be a factor in Dominik and Raheem getting one- and two-year extensions, respectively.

Of course, Team Glazer may have none of these motives ascribed to them by Stroud, and they just simply exercised options on Raheem and Dominik yet are working behind the scenes on longer deals.

For Joe, the one-year deal for Dominik seems perilous. One more well-graded draft and the guy’s options to jump ship likely would be quite numerous and lucrative.

31 Responses to “Glazers Don’t Want To Wed Dominik And Raheem?”

  1. Sander Says:

    Stroud’s speculation sounds unfounded. The team exercised options they built into contracts long before Bates and Jagodzinski were fired. Maybe they weren’t ready to ‘marry’ a GM and coach like they did before, but they certainly should be now. Besides, what else would they want to do? Fire one of them just because they’ve been working together or something?

  2. The White Tiger Says:

    Ya’ know, of the two of them, the fact that the Glazers only picked up the remaining option year on Dominik was downright puzzling to most of us rational Buc fans!?

    Not siding with Dr Stroud, but one GLARING fact: the idea that the guy that just pulled off the biggest coup in NFL history – maintaining the LOWEST PAYROLL in the league, while fielding a talent pool that turned in a 10-6 season – should not JUST have his option year picked-up, but should rather be renegotiated/extended for as long as possible!

    I get Dr Stroud’s point alleging team Glazer not wanting to wed the two – but for crying out loud here – it seems to me there is a MUCH bigger story lurking…doesn’t it?

    Dominik didn’t just turn in a one-time/beginners-luck type performance, if the local media is to be believed at all – and trust me, many of us are dubious regarding THAT concept – Dominik has been embedded in a staff that has conssistently identifying talent for others to pursue for a very long time. In fact, that was the reasoning behind team Glazer promoting these guys from within, rather than pursuing more well known names.

    So why did Dominik only get his option year picked up? Many of us known by the collective “the masses” are not pleased with the obvious story that no one is talking about – something is amiss here…

    Don’t you think?

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    this will get resolved as soon as the new cba does. morris and domink arent going anywhere any time soon, dominik for sure.

  4. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    what gotbbucs said…

  5. MJayBuc Says:

    I sure hope you’re right gotbbucs because if we lose Dominik anytime in the near future with the way he is drafting and signing etc. etc. I will be, along with most others, one highly pissed off Buc Fan. As soon as the new CBA is resolved and complete the Glazers need to quickly realize (if not already) that Mark Dominik is gold and lock him up.

  6. Troxell8t8 Says:

    I believe the Glazers are still paying $5 million at least this year to Gruden. Once Gruden comes off the books, my assumption Raheem’s contract will be adjusted accorndingly.

  7. Bigboi Says:

    I dont think thats the case. …Mark D…will be sign ling term

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    believe it or not, the bucs arent the only team in the league that are standing fast until the cba is resolved. really, the only teams doing anything are the ones with coaching vacancies.

  9. gitarlvr Says:

    What are you implying White Tiger? That the Glazers are too broke to raise Dominik’s salary at all? That Dominik is doing too good and the Glazers don’t want the pressure of resigning too many star players down the road? I’d like to hear you theory as to whats amiss. If I had to wager a guess the picking up of the options for Raheem and Dominik was just a way to lock these guys down for the near term and give the Glazers time to hash out long term deals. I don’t think they will wait too long. I imagine that the Glazers don’t let these guys get even halfway through next season without new deals if it continues to look like the train is on the track. If the draft is a total bust and the team regresses and opens the season 0-5, then the Glazers will look oh so smart for not jumping the gun. I think the Glazers are looking for just a smidge more proof before pulling the trigger. As good as Rahminik was last year I don’t blame them. I have seen too many one year wonders in the NFL to be mad at the Glazers for simply exercising their right to pick up options.

  10. gitarlvr Says:

    Also have to +1 on the theory that its nothing more than a stalling tactic until the CBA is done and new deals are handed out.

  11. Buc You Says:

    gitarlvr are you part of the Glazer apologist committee?

  12. gitarlvr Says:

    Is there a contest going on for internets most annoying troll that I’m not aware of? It must pay big bucks for one (man?) to try so incredibly hard to win it.

  13. Buckeyebob Says:

    The CBA does not have a thing to do with your key front office folks. Players are the only folks that the CBA covers. This guy has been there a long time, out lasted several GM, HC and they hand picked him to do this job. Just give him what they gave Rah…an added year and pay him like the CEO he is.

  14. gitarlvr Says:

    @Buckeyebob- The CBA absolutely does have everything to do with all aspects of running the Glazers football team. It might not have a direct effect on the GM’s salary but its going to change the general landscape of finances for the team and so its not out of the question that the Glazers would want to delay most financial decisions until they know the lay of the land.

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    This is simply the Glazers being prudent. These two are now under contract for the 2011 season at a very reasonable price. This means no other team can pilfer them from us this offseason while the CBA is being worked out. If there is a lockout, we have both guys getting a minimal amount while there is no football. Once the CBA is worked out and there is football again, I fully expect there to be negotiations in place to lock both of them up long term with fairly lucrative contracts.

    Simple. No football, minimal salaries and keep these two. If there is football, they will be renegotiated at that time (probably even before the season starts).

    It’s not really any different than why there are so many players hitting free agency this year. Those contracts were worked out specifically to end the final year of the CBA. If there is no football there is no free agency, and guys are getting paid nothing while the whole things gets worked out. Once there is football, there will be a re-signing period before free agency begins and teams will sign back as many players as they can at that time. Again, no football, no contracts, no payroll. When football starts teams will pay to keep players.

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    Buckeyebob, look at it this way once. Lets say the Glazers give Morris and Dominik both new contracts right now and then the CBA doesn’t get worked out for one reason or another and there’s no season next year. In that case both guys just used up one full year of their new contract and proved nothing and accomplished nothing as far as progressing this team. In my opinion, that would really only hurt Morris and Dominik.

    I honestly think that both Morris/Dominik and the Glazers have an understanding that they will all wait and see how this CBA plays out, and if God forbid, theres no season next year, then Morris/Dominik are still getting paid off of these picked up options and if there is a season well then they’ll get new contracts.

    But then again, I’m an optomist, so maybe I’m way off.

  17. JD Says:

    Gruden and Schmuckstein Allen were wedded well before the Glazers got involved. Their lovefest began in Oakland and festered until Gruden brought him in as his personal lapdog after winning the Superbowl with McKay’s team. As long as the Glazers don’t give Raheem veto power over Dominik, they should be fine.

    I was a big fan of Gruden, never liked Allen. But not that Bassacia left and talks about his love for those two, I just want to slaughter the Chargers when we can. Maybe we’ll get some 6 point kick-off returns in the same stadium we won the Superbowl while Bassacia watches. It’d be fitting.

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    Exactly right BamBam. Guess I should learn to type faster so I can get my thoughts up there before you.

  19. bucfanjeff Says:

    Glazers are only waiting until a new CBA. There is no reason not to “marry” these two. Gruden AND Allen were collectively poor in the Glazer vision so they both got canned. There is no rule that says they have to fire both people at the same time. Job performance is individual, so too would be your dismissal reasonings.

  20. BuccoBill Says:

    JD Said:
    January 14th, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    “I just want to slaughter the Chargers when we can. Maybe we’ll get some 6 point kick-off returns in the same stadium we won the Superbowl while Bassacia watches. It’d be fitting.”

    Not if we don’t get Spurlock locked up with a contract. Bisaccia would love to steal him from our roster.

  21. gitarlvr Says:

    Also, is it just me or has Rick Stroud been consistently wrong lately? With sportswriters like Stroud and Kaufmann what team needs enemies?

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Has Stroud or Kaufman ever been right?? I’m telling ya, this town deserves better sports journalist than the bottom of the barrel boys we are stuck with. We have a good team now, meybe we can attract some talented writers and Radio host!

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    BamBam is right. No need for a huge new contract if we aren’t playing football. The Glazers are a proven commodity when it comes to taking care of business. Raheem and Dominick are both happy right now. It’ll get down when the timing Is right, I think.

  24. Buc You Says:

    Raheem doesn’t deserve a penny more than he’s got.

    Mark needs to prove himself too… see Michael Clayton, Derrick Ward, the attempt to get Haynesworth, the trade for Reggie Brown, the drafting of that punter in the fifth round only to just release him, jags the 2009 OC, Bates the 2009 DC… and so on.

    Drafts aren’t successful until 3 years later, so quit saying he had a good draft.

    Those two should be lucky they even have jobs in the NFL, kissing the Glaziers penny pinching rickety old fingers.

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lmao at buc yourself! Raheem and Dominick will be in the top selections of Coach/executive of the year! Not much luck involved there! Of course, they aren’t the lock that you are! You have had”Town fool of the Year” wrapped up since March! Congrats on your achievement! I heard you are also in the lead for” Dork of the year” I am really glad about that one, as I personally nominated you! Could turn out to be a great you fou you AND Your heroes Raheem and Dominick!

  26. The White Tiger Says:

    gtrlvr – don’t look here for someone making negative allegations regarding these owners – I think we’re fortunate to have them.

    I asked the question about not renegotiating/extending Dom because: A) as a few others have already noted – the CBA has NOTHING to do with signing a non-player. Dominik has set himself apart from EVERY talent evaluator in the league – something that has already gotten the attention of several owners. Think about that; Dom acquired and assembled a heavily-rookie laden roster that was so attuned to the second-year head coach’s plan for both sides of the ball – the head coach was able to direct them to a very competitive 10-6 record!

    This was nothing short of incredible! Dom worked miracles landing top level talent, at bargain basement costs. Dom’s payroll came in at $58.5 mil – the majority of Buc opponents DOUBLED that expenditure – and only a few of them were even able to obtain a record where they won more games than they lost!!!

    I have NOT done the reearch as to how often in the past 30 years that a GM has acquired the talent to go 10-6 while also having the LOWEST team salary in the league, but I’d wager to say you could count the similar scenarios on one hand!

    Now, set THAT (^^^) scenario against the idea that the owners did NOT extend/renegotiate to reward Dominik’s performance and two things spring to mind: A) the Glazers didn’t desire to extend Dominik, or B) Dominik did not desire to extend/renegotiate with the Glazers.

    The one thing the Glazers COULD do without even stopping to ask Dominik’s agent and avoid beginning any negotiation process – was to pick up the option year on the CURRENT contract (which probably has a relatively small escalation clause built-in if the option is taken.

    Why else would team Glazer NOT lock this proven, exemplary GM that not only performed but also did it at a tremendous savings to team Glazer?

  27. McBuc Says:

    If you do not think labor cost effects management, than you are naive. This is a business people. BamBam and gtrlvr hit the nail on the head.

    Buc You…Understanding business decisions does not make someone an “apologist”, but I have low expectations for you anyway.

  28. buckeyebob Says:

    The day of marrying HC/GM @ 1 Buck are over. Too much $$$ given to the last 2. Where they are going now is each guy must stand on his own and prove his worth. Owners will judge each on his own merits. My point all along is give Dom what they gave Rah. If he gets Exc of Yr no matter what takes place with the CBA OUR ROCK STAR will be on a lot of folks next year with no option in place to keep him.

  29. The White Tiger Says:

    Sorry, there is no correlation between the collective bargaining agreement owners and teams – and Mark Dominiks situation (just as there is NO correlation between ACTUAL business decisions – like signing the guy that brought the talent to go 10-6 without paying for it – and someone SHOUTING the word “business” on a sports message baord to people who mostly didn’t like math).

    How could it? Especially since nearly EVERYONE has already pointed out that Dominik identified and acquired the talent in the draft and (mostly) rookie FA’s to win 10 games – and he did it with the lowest payroll in the NFL!

    You cannot make ANY case that illustrates your point that the CBA is causing a delay in extending/renegotiating THE GENERAL MANAGER…whose contract was nearly complete.

    I’ll repeat it for you since you keep repeating your claim that this is a “business decision” – without providing ANY facts to back up your oft repeated claim: the CBA has NOTHING to do with extending/renegotiating the star general manager YOU ALREADY HAVE!

    Like I said – either the Bucs didn’t want to extend, or Dominik didn’t – CBA isn’t even an afterthought.

  30. buckeyebob Says:

    Thank you White Tiger for saying what I have been saying all along….the CBA is only about the players. This is all about the owners and MD. He gave them the tools to go 10/6 on a low cost budget, so he needs to get paid for this success @ running the “business plan” the owners set forth !!!!
    Or he can wait this out and see what else might come his way.

  31. The White Tiger Says:

    @buckeyebob – just call it common sense from a fellow Buckeye…