Five Plays That Killed The Bucs Playoff Hopes

January 1st, 2011

Kellen Winslow 1111

Sure, Joe knows the Bucs still have a shot at the playoffs. But the stars must align correctly.

Good guy Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times knows this all too well. In fact, if the Bucs miss the playoffs, Holder has the five plays that doomed the Bucs.

One of the plays is the play that Joe has written that is the play that ruined the Bucs playoff chances: When Kellen Winslow was held and interfered with so blatantly on a touchdown pass against the rebuilding since 1957 Detroit Lions that a drunk TSA agent would have been ashamed.

That play took away a touchdown, which would have been the winning score in what turned into an ugly loss.

Update 11:22 a.m. – Joe realizes Holder didn’t let Maurice Stovall off the hook for his choke job in kickoff coverage after all.

5 Responses to “Five Plays That Killed The Bucs Playoff Hopes”

  1. MVPFreeman Says:



  2. Pete 422 Says:

    Joe, the link to the article is broken.

  3. Theodore Says:

    Hey Joe – Stovall is in fact called out for that kick return. Too happy a new year for you I suppose 😉

    Here’s the right link:

    “On the ensuing kickoff, a series of poor tackling efforts, specifically from receiver Maurice Stovall, allowed Weems to wiggle his way loose for a 102-yard touchdown return. The play sparked what would become a successful rally for the Falcons in a 28-24 victory.”

  4. Guest#27 Says:

    I wonder if Greg Olson will get a Head Coaching job next year?

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts… This is silly. What about the horrible int that Carson Palmer threw to Piscitellie to enable the Bucs to win. It all evens out.