Blount Disgustingly Hosed For Rookie Of The Year

January 7th, 2011

The NFL gets a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct and the middle finger on this one.

Joe is flat out stunned that LeGarrette Blount, who should be a favorite for NFL Rookie of the Year, is not among the five finalists for the league honor sponsored by Pepsi.

Fans can start voting today on for Mike Williams, Sam Bradford, Joe Haden, Devin McCourty or Ndamukong Suh.

Sticking Haden in over Blount is just shameful. Here’s Haden’s accomplishments per

Joe Haden, CB, Browns — Haden finished the year with 64 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble and six interceptions, which tied for fifth in the NFL and was second among rookies. He led the Browns with 18 pass break-ups and added 57 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble and eight special teams stops. His six picks were the most by a Brown since 2007 and the most by a Browns rookie since 2001. In Weeks 10-13, he became the first Brown to record an interception in four straight games since Ernie Kellermann in 1968. Haden, who attended the University of Florida, was nominated for three Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week awards.

This is all very nice, but Haden and McCourty play the same position and McCourty had better numbers all around.

Blount racked up 1,007 yards and five yards a carry in 13 games. For him be ignored as a finalist with those numbers is the most heinhous screw job Joe’s seen in a long time.

The guy just won Rookie of the Month for December for goodness sakes. There are only four months in the NFL season.

Update 2:54 p.m.: Joe realizes this is a separate award from the offensive and defensive rookie of the year awards awarded in the spring by the media. Regardless, this is a screw job and surely doesn’t bode well for Blount getting a fair shake later.

27 Responses to “Blount Disgustingly Hosed For Rookie Of The Year”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:


  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    He’s still famous for “the punch” because the media CONSTANTLY brings it EVERY game…maybe that’s why he got bent over.

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    Why am I not surprised. I love the NFL, but the politics involved in some of this sh!t is outragous. He damn well better be on the ballot for Offensive Rookie of the year.

  4. feel Says:

    This is the Pepsi “award.” It is voted on by fans, so that they can look at the Pepsi logo every time they vote. This is not the official NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the year awards, which are given out separately (notice how this award has both offensive and defensive players.) this is not a big deal.

  5. Ian Says:

    You know things are really looking up for this franchise when we’re all pissed because ROY voting -only- includes ONE of our guys.

  6. feel Says:

    Also, since this is fan voted, I think it is actually beneficial that there are not two Bucs. Our own fans would be split, and that would ensure neither had a shot (which they dont anyhow, since Suh is on the list)

  7. Snook Says:

    Why should Bradford or Suh win it? Their teams had losing records.

    I don’t ever see the MVP award going to guys on losing teams. The ROY shouldn’t either.

  8. Derf Says:

    After reading about Joe Hayden I wonder if Dominik could convince Cleveland to trade Ruud for Hayden and a 7th rounder?


  9. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    being that this is a Pepsi award, my guess is that they only considered taking one player per team

    this isn’t a big deal, doesn’t bother me at all

  10. Derf Says:

    Wow when you read the details about how Pepsi decided to get to their final 5 it’s a load of crap.

    During the season Sam Bradford won the weekly award twice. Tim Tebow won the award twice – didn’t make the final five. Rob Gronkowski won the weekly award twice -didn’t make the final five.

    Haden, McCoutrney and Williams never won a weekly award but make the final 5?

    Blount isn’t there either?

    Smells like a big pile of Shasta to me!

  11. Dew Says:

    @Joe. The truth is blame Rah for this. I know we’ve been giving Rah a lot of credit and rightfully so. But I also remember us fans screaming for Rah to play Blount more early in the season and to little avail. If he would have played more early he would have won going away IMO.

  12. oar Says:

    Cheezburger, cheezburger! No coke…pepsi!

  13. SamsonSneed Says:

    Not only did Blount have all the stats to earn a spot in the top 5, but he might have been the most exciting player to watch in the entire NFL. Plus he has a good come back story. I can see Mike Williams, Suh, and Bradford….but two CBs? Really?

  14. gitarlvr Says:

    You guys are aware this is not the AP rookie of the year award. Make no mistake that Blount will be nominated for AP offensive rookie of the year.

  15. gitarlvr Says:

    As far as Haden goes, if you believe the way the stat geeks at PFF crunch the numbers, he is already one of the top 5 CB’s in the league. Not rookie CB’s. Top 5 CB’s period.

  16. SamsonSneed Says:

    Well if you look at ALL running backs with at least 200 carries, Blount had the 4th highest yards per carry average at 5.0 So he’s top five in the entire league as well.

  17. OB Says:

    This is like who is the most beautiful woman in the world, everyone has an opinion that is different. Yes we have two that should be in the race and I believe that Cody Grimm would also have been if he had not been injured and who know what McCoy would have done if he had not been hurt also. All I know is that next year, whenever next year is, we will be looking at a lot of Pro Bowl personnel and saying others should have been. The team want the Super Bowl ring and of course new contracts.

    To leave Blount off maybe because he did not play every game of the season. Stupid, yes valid reason no. Just think of our thoughts at the end of last year.

  18. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    It makes me smile to think that Blount knocked Malcolm Jenkins out of the playoffs.

    Remember that late hit on Freeman in the game at Ray Jay?

    Karma’s a b*tch, Malcolm…

    Oh I almost forgot: Ohio State Sucks.

  19. Posey99 Says:

    Agreed Joe. However this isn’t the ‘real’ ROY award. It’s funded by Pepsi and Pepsi funds this for marketing purposes… So even tho the finalist is a bunch of BS it just goes to show that this isn’t anything more than a marketing stunt by Pepsi. I’ll bet a dollar Blount makes the associated press Roy finalist ballet

  20. Dew Says:

    @Hire Greg Olsen. Blount Force. Love it.

  21. Will the Beast Says:

    Thats alright stuff that award up your backside He’s going to be alright in the long run The Object is showing and proving and making knowledge born. He’ll get his award on payday

  22. Tommy Boy Says:

    Hire Greg Olsen! That is one if my favorite plays of this season. Jenkins was their star DB who replaced the immortal Darren Sharper as the starter. Then Blount posterized him on his first run and it took the fight right out of them. Who Dat? Blount Dat!!!

  23. gotbbucs Says:

    i never even noticed that this was just some pepsi bs award. in that case who cares. thanks for getting me all worked up over nothing joe, lol.

  24. SamsonSneed Says:

    The rookie of the week during the season is sponsored by Pepsi as well. Every thing has a sponsor nowadays. Last year I think it was Snickers. Don’t see how that matters.

  25. leroybuttermilk Says:

    I’ll give you something to snicker about rimjob this whole thing is a hornswagle. The Object was the best offencive rookie hands down without Blount Williams’ numbers wouldnt what they were. That nitwit from the rams Bradford didn’t throw a pass beyond 20 yards from the line of scrimmage. I want to see another Lombardi in the trophy case stick that rookie award up The comp committee’s ass of the ref that made that call on Sgt Winslow that cost the game agains Detroit

  26. espo Says:

    There should be a sophomore of the year, just so they can pick their media darling Sancheezy up north. We all know Josh deserves it but we also know who they’ll pick.

  27. FlBoy84 Says:

    Hope Blount just adds that feeling of lack of respect to the rejection of not making the playoffs and comes back next year as an even MORE punishing runner. Hope all the offense feeds off of that as well.