Warren Sapp: Chucky Got Randy Shannon Fired

December 17th, 2010

There’s no question that former Bucs great defensive tackle and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp can be blunt.

But in an explosive interview with 790 the Ticket in Miami yesterday, Sapp claims that Chucky called the University of Miami to say he was interesting in coaching.

Soon thereafter, Canes coach Randy Shannon was fired but Chucky never took the bait after meeting with Canes officials.

Now we all know here in the Tampa Bay area that Chucky not only wasn’t that great of a person, but he simply couldn’t be trusted. To this day John Lynch winces when Chucky’s name is mentioned and the two have a frosty relationship, to be kind.

Sapp has said on a few occasions how Chucky told Sapp in a phone conversation that Chucky would re-sign Sapp and Chucky told Sapp he had to go but would call right back.

As Sapp is known to say, “I’m still waiting for that call.”

It’s difficult to believe that Sapp would concoct such a story out of thin air. Consider he played for the Canes so it’s likely he has some inside sources down there.

If Chucky actually saw to it that a school removed a coach so he could get the job, only to back out, there shouldn’t be a college much less an NFL team that should give Chucky the time of day. That’s beyond the pale!

12 Responses to “Warren Sapp: Chucky Got Randy Shannon Fired”

  1. oar Says:

    Wonder if Cohwer called the Bucs and said he was interested, if Raheem would be canned? Does that mean blame Cohwer or the organization?
    Look, a 28-22 record, 0-2 in Bowls, and USF beat them, I’m sure Randy was on the way out. Besides hasn’t Gruden come out long before this and said he was happy right now with MNF? What does Gruden gain to get him fired? It doesn’t make sense, but I guess nothing does in the world of sports anymore.

  2. McBuc Says:

    OAR…No, Cowher could call and that would not change things in Tampa. I agree on the rest of your post. I also think Gruden is a smart shroud man, and wants to keep his name relevant. he also will not take a job until the Bucs contract is up.

  3. Mgrad92 Says:

    If Cowher called, the Bucs would jump. Don’t kid yourself.

  4. oar Says:

    You’ve got me wrong. Believe me, I’m not one for Cowher! I was using that as an example to my point, is all. I guess, I could have said, if Cowher called the Panthers and was intersted would Fox get fired? Probablly, cause his teams have been declining. Actually, come to think of it, that would have been a better example. Almost the same senario. My bad on the Bucs comparison.

  5. McBuc Says:

    Gotcha OAR.

    MGRAD…No kidding here. I just understand business. Chucky has one more year on his contract, and they are winning with Morris. The people that claim a coach brings in fans is wrong. A winning team brings the fans back. When the economy perks up we will see more and more fans returning to RayJay. Why would they fork over the money for Chucky and Cowher when they are having great results with Morris? This really is a moot argument though. Don’t get me wrong either, I am a fan of Cowher…just not to come in and start a rebuild over when we are seeing great results.

  6. New Era Buc Says:

    Don’t kid yourself. The overrated Cowher will not be coming to the Bucs. Morris is here to stay. Not to often teams fire potential coach of the year nominee’s.

  7. d-money Says:

    Warren Sapp calling someone a bad person?

    That’s rich.

  8. d-money Says:

    Ring Ring Riiinnnng…..


    Yes hello can i speak to the kettle?

    Um yeah this is the kettle. How can I help you?

    Oh hey Kettle this is the Pot….what’s up?

    Oh not much.

    Anyway Kettle I just wanted to call and let you know that you’re black.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    Awesome D$$$

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    I believe Sapp’s version of this story to be true. While Shannon was probably getting fired anyway, this is a another example of Lil Chucky’s” all about me Universe!”. Any Man who could make a class act like John Lynch despise him, Is one sorry excuse for a human being! Still glad we fired his Lil ads. And if any of you ever get to talk to any former Bucs, you’ll understand why they all wanted him gone!

  11. Buc You Says:

    Randy was on his way out regardless.

    Gruden sure sounds like a lovable guy on MNF. 🙂

    Why isn’t Sapp on MNF? Too dumb?

    The Bucs are still paying Gruden, are they still paying Sapp?

    The statues at 1 Buc has Gruden front and center Warren… nice teeth job on yours! 🙂

    By the way, Jon Gruden got done in Tampa what Tony Dungy couldn’t. He coached the paper champions full of pro bowl prima donnas to a Super Bowl.

    Thanks Jon! You will never be forgotten!!!

    Now, can you make a phone call to the Glazers, tell them you will donate your salary so long as they fire Raheem?

  12. NorCalBucFan Says:

    Seriously the love fest for Gruden is hilarious…..

    In 2 years Rah has given us the most important thing in football, a franchise QB….something Gruden knows nothing about !!

    I am so tired of hearing Gruden on MNF talking about all the player HE passed on in the draft and saying “I would love to coach a guy like that, if I had him I’d still have a job”

    Yeah you would, but we all know the truth….you are the worst drafter in the history of football….must have learned that from Al Davis !!!!

    Super Bowl or not Gruden is a worthless pile !!!
    Happiest day of my Buc Fan life was him getting fired !!!