Injuries Mean Bucs Aren’t A Contender?

December 17th, 2010

No Super Bowl for you Bucs fan, says Pat Kirwan.

The and Sirius NFL Radio guru, also a maven for and a former player personnel executive, says Tampa Bay has too many injuries to be a postseason factor.

Kirwan’s been a fan of the Bucs’ operation all season, but he thinks their train is going nowhere.

“I don’t think they have enough bodies to get to the playoff finish line, but I think they have enough bodies to get past Detroit,” Kirwan said yesterday on 770 AM in Fort Myers.

“Josh Freeman can break contain and make plays outside the pocket. … They’ve got two beautiful young receivers [Benn and Williams] so they can play pitch and catch with those two guys, and they still have enough running backs. … The injuries in my mind will eliminate them in my mind from making the playoffs or ever doing anything in the playoffs. But they’ll beat Detroit by a touchdown at home.”

Of course, the Bucs are decimated on defense, but Joe knows they’ve got enough to beat heinous road teams Detroit and Seattle and get to 10-5. And at that point, there’s no reason why the season of miracles can’t snatch one more in New Orleans in Week 17.

The fantasy scenario then takes the Bucs to the house of the putrid NFC West winner, a game the Bucs would be favored to win. And then Team Dream would march to Atlanta for another crack at the Falcons.

If that actually happens, Joe might expect Rachel Watson to really knock on his door, not just show up above on his blog.

6 Responses to “Injuries Mean Bucs Aren’t A Contender?”

  1. Derf Says:

    Ahhh tis the season to dream the dreams isn’t it Joe?

    Please, please, please let the Bucs FOCUS on one game at a time.

    Don’t overlook ANYTHING!

    We don’t want what happened to Green Bay happening to Tampa Bay do we?

  2. csidedave Says:

    Yeah we heard that all year, but overcoming all that is the magic of Raheem and this team. More importantly, what an awesome photo. I really miss those cheerleader outfits……Please bring them back.

  3. simeon Says:

    Saints aren’t going to lose out, so we would be 6th seed, which would mean we wouldnt play the NFC west winner, we’d most likely play Bears or Giants/Eagles, which means we would be playing in January outdoors. Which we will def not be favored in.

  4. d-money Says:

    Simeon is right.

    We may get in the playoffs but most likely as the 6th seed. In which case we would play the 3rd seed from either the North or the East. The NFC West team will be the 4th seed and they would play the 5th most likely the Saints.

  5. OB Says:

    We would not be favored in any game in the playoffs. As to our chances, the “who are these guy” seem to play better than anyone expected. Maybe it is the position coaches that are teaching them what to do and since almost all of them are new they are not afraid of asking questions. Regardless of what happens, I am proud of all of them and am eagerly looking forward to the remaining games and what is going to happen next year.

  6. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Well it’s a good thing that we play the games on the field and not in Kirwin’s dually-aforementioned “mind”…