No Banking On Benn

December 28th, 2010

Yes, Arrelious Benn is a strong, young workout warrior type.

And maybe he’ll be 100 percent ready after surgery for his torn ACL come the start of training camp in July — just seven months away. But surely the Bucs can’t count on the Benn of the past two months showing up on opening day for of 2011?

This next man up stuff is a great, and it’s been working miraculously — hopefully again on Sunday — but Joe thinks the Bucs have to look to free agency for the right versatile guy to sign in case Benn isn’t 100 percent.

One could even make a case that it’s a major priority in the offseason. They need plenty of weapons for Josh Freeman. Depriving him would be criminal.

20 Responses to “No Banking On Benn”

  1. Ash Says:

    DE, MLB, OL WAY before another WR

  2. Alex Says:

    Wes Welker was able to come back very quickly from a serious knee injury late last year… but as you said, Benn is missing valuable development time with Freeman and Olson.

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with ASH, maybe free agency for a WR, but spend draft picks elsewhere.

  4. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    we have Dez Briscoe and Preston Parker

  5. Johnny Deejay Says:

    Benn can probably play on a repaired ACL in 6-8 months, but most NFL players say that it takes 12-18 months before it’s 100% and (more importantly) out of the back of their minds. I agree with Joe, the Bucs need to add some high-quality WR depth in the offseason. No disrespect to Parker and Driscoe, but they are probably not the answer.

  6. d-money Says:

    I have a feeling there will be some sort of lockout that will probably lead all the way up to right before training camp. There probably won’t be much of a organized offseason program him to miss.

    I wonder, if there is a lockout, will all of these players that are on IR be left to Rehab on their own or will they be aloud to see the team doctors and training staff?

  7. eric Says:

    Once the CBA is resolved the Glazers will be way under whatever salary floor will be put in place.

    A good solid third down possession receiver like a Laurence Dawsey or Ike Hilliard type would be a nice addition, IMO.

  8. Derf Says:

    Hey did everyone forget about Mo?

    This is the week to find out if he’s ‘the man’ or will it be his last season with the Bucs?

    Throw to Mo!

  9. Derf Says:

    I think that Benn should go to the physicans who did Caddy’s knee’s and work out with Williams…Caddy HAS to be the best comeback story in the NFL.

  10. No koolaid Says:

    Is this comparable to Caddy’s knee injuries? I remember the first one took at least a year and a half while the second only took a few months. Let’s hope it’s as short as possible.

  11. Joe Says:

    Hey did everyone forget about Mo?

    This is the week to find out if he’s ‘the man’ or will it be his last season with the Bucs?

    There’s a reason people have forgotten about Mo.

    Mo has had more than enough chances to prove he’s “the man.” How many years now? There’s a reason two rookies, a second-year seventh round pick and a guy off the scrap heap are starting over Mo.

    Joe would be surprised if Mo is on the Bucs roster next year. Clearly both through the Chucky and Raheem regimes, Mo has had more than ample opportunities to show himself as a receiver. The main reason he’s been on the roster, aside from being a training camp warrior, is that he’s supposed to be such a stud on special teams.

    Well, that label got blown up in the last Atlanta game, didn’t it?

    Dude’s living on borrowed time.

  12. Dew Says:

    Briscoe may already be our second best receiver. Just wait.

  13. MVPFreeman Says:

    I like how Briscoe was wearing Antonikn Bryant’s # ON Sunday

  14. MVPFreeman Says:


  15. Derf Says:

    Joe I’m not saying Mo is the answer for 2011 but for this Sunday, maybe – just maybe Mo can have his once a year outstanding game?

    Maybe Mo can do his Michael Clayton training camp immitation against the Saints?

  16. The White Tiger Says:

    I hate that Benn had such a devastating injury this late in the season – I hope he is a fast healer. The idea that he MIGHT be…and the condition of the CBO…may preclude us from signing any free-agent guys. My bet is we see if Dezmon Briscoe is the “next man up” and whether or not there is any MO(mentum) in MoSto…

    I agree with the tone of the story, although…wouldn’t it be something if Dezmon Briscoe came on like gangbusters…?

    …I almost expect it…Dominik and his staff really deserve an award for the talent they were able to bring on over the past two years!

  17. Dave Says:

    I don’t think they need a WR. They have Williams, Stroughter, Spurlock, Stovall, Parker, & Briscoe.

    I think they will be fine. Besides, Benn should be fine by the season. What slowed him down was the playbook and now he has another year to get that perfected.

    They will be going after a DE (or 2), a LB (or 2), another DB and O-Line help.

    In the later rounds, unless there is someone they just can not pass up, I can see them going after a change of pace RB. Depends on how Huggins comes back and how confident they are in him staying healthy.

    If Benn is not back at the beginning of the season, I think they are happy with Williams and Spurlock on the outside, Stroughter in the slot and Parker, Briscoe, & Stovall coming off the bench.

  18. tha truth is... Says:

    Briscoe up next. I slowly see him beating out Stroughter come next season. All tha new guys are 6ft+ and weigh at least 200. Get well ASAP Benn

    @ Joe
    Tha way tha offense is set up and our talents we don’t need a free agent WR. If we were 2 sign one I’m pretty sure Kellen & M.Williams wouldn’t be happy.

  19. gitarlvr Says:

    Have to agree with people expecting Briscoe to step up. He was a 2nd round type talent, just like Benn, that fell for some reason. Receviers develop at different speeds as you have said many times Joe. Mike Will was day one. Benn came weeks later. Briscoe obviously was not ready for primetime this year but not due to any deficit in his size, athleticism or hands. If I had to wager a guess it was probably learning to run NFL routes properly that held him back at first as it does many recievers that go on to become good players. the fact that he made it to the active roster and onto the field before the end of the season tells me the light must be starting to come on for him and a good offseason and training camp should hopefully have him ready to step up and be worthy of the #2 spot by next season. If not, the platoon of Stroughter, Spurlock, Stovall and parker should be serviceable until Benn is back. I just think there are too many talented young receivers on this team to bother with bringing in some mediocre free agent WR. And if they were to bring in a big money WR, then what happens when Benn is ready to come back? You hamper the development of your WR of the future by letting the free agent keep the starting spot? Or you give Benn back his starting spot and your sitting there with a way overpaid slot reciever when the other youngsters are capable of filling that role for way cheaper?

  20. gitarlvr Says:

    And to the guy asking if this is comparable to Caddy’s knee injury- I don’t how comparable it is as far as rehab time but once he is back there is no comparison. Wide recievers take FAR less contact and punishment than running backs and there will be much less chance of reinjury ala caddy. They don’t have to worry about constantly being gang tackled and having guys roll up on their legs all the time.