Mike Williams And His Mom

December 2nd, 2010

BSPN has a really cool video about where Bucs receiver Mike Williams got all his football smarts and skills from: his mom.

You know, BSPN, when it wants to, can really put out quality stuff. Then Joe turns on SportsCenter and that concept is blown all to hell.

19 Responses to “Mike Williams And His Mom”

  1. gitarlvr Says:

    Joe your hatred for ESPN seems kind of hypocritical for someone who relies SO MUCH on embedded ESPN videos to run their site.

  2. Gavster Says:

    Joe posts videos about anything relevant to the bucs. Like someone running a bucs blog is supposed to.

  3. Joe Says:


    As Gavster points out, Joe posts videos about the Bucs from any source, so long as the videos have embed codes. Look, Joe actually gave BSPN a compliment. Please read the first paragraph.

    Joe can’t stand how much CBS pimps golf. Doesn’t and won’t stop Joe from posting Pat Kirwan’s videos.

    Joe can’t stand the way FOX pimps the Cowgirls and shoves Joe Schmuck (who is living off of his old man’s name, Jack Buck). Won’t stop Joe from posting Cosmic Schein.

    Joe loathes mousse-brain Dull Patrick. Doesn’t stop Joe from posting NBCSports.com videos.

    If it’s Bucs related and has embed codes, Joe’s posting it.

    Not Joe’s fault if John Clayton and Jenny Dell work for the devil incarnate.

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Too bad according to Tampa 2, Mike Williams is a thug, as is the rest of the team. Sure doesn’t seem like it to me.

  5. Pete 422 Says:

    That was a really well done piece. I grew up in the Buffalo, NY area, moved here when I was 31. Mike Williams is special to me because he is from the same area and is a Buccaneer.

  6. SadTruth Says:

    His mom has a beard.

    Joe, you new adds are annoying. Need some tweeking to be less intrusive.

  7. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    The Kid is alright!!! keep on showing and proving Brother… we need touchdowns to win games

  8. Joe Says:


    What “adds” (sic)?


    The SadTruth is that so many people are idiots and can’t spell.

    ads vs. adds

    Think about it, low life.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Outstanding Joe! 10!

    I love this kid and way to go Mom. Dominick hit a home run with this one. We’re going to win on Sunday. Redemption time.

  11. Pete 422 Says:

    @ SadTruth,

    Don’t disrespect Mike’s mom. She seems like quite the lady.

  12. bob Says:

    have we really rezorted to sumone’s spelling as a legitimite cumback?

    goe: can you get me Fran M. Haasch’s phone #? oh wait…………never mind

  13. bob Says:

    and to be serious for a minute………… 4th round? are you kidding me? nobody wanted to take a chance on this kid before then? thank you 31 morons

  14. bob Says:

    and dom

  15. Tristan Berry Says:

    You can tell good people when you give them a chance to show how they are. As soon as I heard about Mike Williams, even before we drafted him, I thought he was a really good guy. Now we all can see where it comes from. Mike’s Mom is a genuine, down-to-earth, class act.

    @ SadTruth: How ‘Sad’ must you be to look that hard to find a ‘flaw’ in a wonderful woman who obviously did a fantastic job raising a son she gave birth to in high school? That’s one of the lowest things I’ve ever seen on any message board anywhere. If your mother did half as good a job raising you as Mike’s mother did raising Mike, then I’m sure you feel deeply ashamed right now. If not, then we know what kind of person you are, too.

  16. CanadaBuc Says:

    Kind of an off topic subject and not trying to be mean.
    I wonder if Mike’s dad was a football player in HS.
    LOL Can’t join them….might as well sleep with them.

  17. safety Says:

    Awesome piece.
    Moms and grandmas are the glue that keeps life happy and real.
    Mike Williams is absolutely the real deal, and his mom seems like a great lady.
    Thanks Joe!

  18. Buc You Says:

    Look at the size of those……………… eyes.


    @buc you….
    youre a dick!!!!!!