Mike Shanahan Talks About Loss To Bucs

December 12th, 2010

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan talks about the Bucs win and the mysterious fifth down in this CSNWashington.com video.

24 Responses to “Mike Shanahan Talks About Loss To Bucs”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Is it just me, but is Mike Shanahan hard to love, or even like ?

  2. Tuggz Says:

    lol his sjprt response to the 5th down question translates into he really doesn’t care.


    “They were who we thought they were and we let ’em off the hook…” – Shanahan

  4. bill Says:

    he new that they got 5 downs, hell he paid for the 5th…lmao! basically bucs won despite the refs trying to give the game away! GO BUCS

  5. Mj Says:

    Agreed, I don’t see how the fans in dc could be happy with him at this point.

  6. Pete 422 Says:

    I just got home & didn’t get a chance to watch the game. That 5th down thing is inexcusable. Some official either on the filed or in the booth needed to call a time out and get it straight. Man, that could have lost the game!!

  7. Gavster Says:

    from what ive heard people say it wasnt a 5 down thing. apparently the yellow line was a yard off. and they had gotten the 1st.

  8. Pete 422 Says:

    Ahhhh, thanks Gavster. That makes me feel better. So it was the network that messed up.

  9. sensiblebuc Says:

    Deer in the Headlights > Mike Shannahan

  10. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Yeah, Fox bungled that whole sequence. The yellow line was about a yard off (on the 2) and the marker is on the 3. The marker was flipped to 1st and goal after the Moss catch. Kenny Albert and the graphics tech screwed it up.

  11. bucx01 Says:

    No fox had it right it was 1st and 10 from the 12 yard line. He got 9 yards to the 3. That makes it 2 and 1. They shouldn’t have scored the last touchdown that caused the bucs not to cover the -3!

  12. bucx01 Says:

    Watch the video as you will see the ball is on the 12. Yet after the catch the ball is at the 3 maybe 2.5 at the most still not ten yards. Judge for yourself.


  13. Gavster Says:

    if it is 5 downs the nfl owes us something. an extra roster spot idk. 😛

  14. Gavster Says:

    and btw are we the most hurt team in the nfl in terms of starters at this point?

  15. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    You’re all looking at the YELLOW LINE. The first down marker is on the 3 yard line. The yellow line is on the 2.

    You said yourself that the ball is on the 3 to 2.5. The first down was on the 3. Look at the yard marker on the far side of the field.

  16. Joe Says:

    Remember the yellow line is unofficial.

  17. Owl Jolson Says:

    Forget the yellow line and do the math. 1st and 10 from the 12 meant they needed to get to the 2. The chain gang only marked off 9 yards on first down and marked the first down at the 3.

  18. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    After that play, you can clearly see the “1” on yard marker, when McNabb throws to Roydell WIlliams in the corner against Biggers. Fox continues to have 2nd and 1 on the graphic but the marker clearly has it as First and goal.

    Now, if you want to argue and say that the Armstrong catch wasn’t a first down, then you may have a point. But, the refs appear to have ruled it a first down. Although I never saw a ref indicate that or see a well-deserved measurement, seeing as how close it was…

  19. @eric Says:

    Man he is clueless, “I dont know about that” really? how many times are you going to say that Mike? “When you score 17 points?”….Uhhh Mike you didnt score 17 points, the Bucs did………….
    This guy is the leader of the Rat family, ever see Coach K and Shanahan at the same party? pretty clear why Denver toss him aside, either today’s football has passed him by or its the Washington Snyder curse…either way I am sure glad he isnt coaching our team….
    GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!

  20. BamBamBuc Says:

    Look at the play before the “1st down”. The 1st and 10 from the 12. The ball is spotted at the 12, not the 13. Then look at the first down marker (at the 3, not the 2). The spot was right, the first down marker was NOT in the right place. They gave the Skins a 1st down on a gain of 9 yards because the marker was in the wrong spot. The reason the yellow line was at the 2 is because the network put it 10 yards from the original line of scrimmage. The network had it right.

  21. Mikeck Says:

    Thats what he is saying …it wasnt a 10 yard catch on 1st down…only a 9 yard catch. 2nd and 1.

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    It’s clear if you look at the video and pause it just as it begins. The ball is CLEARLY on the 12, but the first down marker is clearly on the 3. The chain crew screwed up and the officials went with it. I can’t blame the officials here, as it was the chain crew’s fault. Although there is usually an official chain and an unofficial one. They went with what they saw, I’m assuming, on the unofficial one.

    I wonder if the chain crews are locals?

  23. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    @ BamBam

    Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I think you’re idea about the chain gang is probably the most accurate theory.

  24. Joe C Says:

    The other interesting thing is that it wasn’t just Fox that screwed up — it was also the live text play-by-play on NFL.com. I don’t get the Bucs games where I live, so I was following that (along with NFL RedZone on TV, which spent a good amount of time on the game).

    Anyway, the text play-by-play had the sequence as 1st & 10 from the 12, 2nd & 1 from the 3, 3rd & 1 from the 3, 4th & 4 from the 6, and then 4th & 4 again — just like Fox did. (I was confused as all get-out on that last one.)

    They have since corrected the play-by-play on NFL.com, but it was most definitely different before.
    Now maybe that information gets supplied by the TV guys, in which case I was just seeing Fox’s mistake being rebroadcast in another format on NFL.com. But I had always assumed there was an NFL official scorer or somethng in the booth who would track the play-by-play. If so, he was just as confused as the TV guys.