Keep The Streak Alive

December 16th, 2010

Ndamukong Suh hasn't made the Lions a winner. Nobody's that strong.

Joe’s getting worn out by those who say the Lions are a dangerous team.

Reality says the Lions have lost 26 consecutive road games — 26! —  have no starting quarterback and are at the end of another lost season. But they did beat a team with a winning record last week, tripping up the Packers 7-3.

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz admitted it was ugly but praised his defense and running game, per quotes the Detroit Free Press snatched from his radio show.

On beating the Packers, 7-3: “The object’s not to play pretty, the object’s really not even to play good. The object’s to win. We’ve played well at times this year and haven’t won, so we’ll take any way we can get a win. I think overlooked in the fact that our offense didn’t play well until the fourth quarter and really didn’t get any momentum going was the fact that our defense kept us in the game. And that includes when Aaron Rodgers was in there basically the entire first half. Our defense had shut them out, and we couldn’t have sort of stuck with it on offense and continued to run the ball – we ran the ball for 190 yards – we couldn’t have done that if our defense had given up two or three quick scores to Aaron Rodgers.”

Joe, of course, is fearful that the Bucs find a way to turn Jahvid Best into Barry Sanders and Maurice Morris into Mercury Morris.

Outside of that, it would be a major upset if the Lions win this game. And, to rub salt in the wound, BSPN surely would make a massive deal out of Detroit breaking the streak.

24 Responses to “Keep The Streak Alive”

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    That’s the key to this game imo…..put together some long sustained drives that are capped off with TD’s and force the Lions to have to try and win the game with Stanton’s arm. I fully expect a heavy dose of Blount and Caddy with plenty of play action from Free.

  2. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    The sheep are calling the liedowns “dangerous” to prospectively build in an excuse if Rah pulls a Pittsburgh or New Orleans stinker but this time to a horrible team with their third string QB – again.

    I know most people know that the Bucs should win this game at home easily or “they may not be who (the sheep) thought they were.”

    I believe the Bucs win comfortably and even play better against the run due to the removal of roller-skates McCoy.

  3. Cannon Says:

    Every team is dangerous…

  4. jvato24 Says:

    Thomas 2.1 … You must be a fool if you think McCoy completely sucks in run defense .. He is Decent .. and should be a Senior in college

    He is not Gilbert Brown (Remember Him from the Packers?) .. but he played better than I expected against the Run

    Thomas 2.1 .. Dude bring your football talk to Steve White and have a debate … Or will you just keep repeating .. McCoy wears Roller Skates .. McCoy is no good .. McCoy wears roller skates .. to prove your point?

  5. TrueBlue Says:

    That’s what the Saints were saying about the Bucs last year and we know how that turned out.

  6. Justin Says:

    The lions without stafford do not scare me… But the rams with bradford next week do scare me

  7. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Seattle next week Justin.

  8. d-money Says:


    We already played the Rams.

    Next week is the Seahawaks.

  9. d-money Says:

    THe Lions have Calvin Johnson therefore they are always dangerous.

  10. Tye Says:

    Looking back on the Lions season they put up 32 points against the Eagles, 26 against the packers, 44 against the Rams, 20 against Giants, 37 Against the Redskins which the Lions beat far easier than the Bucs (we barely won do to all their missed feild goals), took the Jets to overtime with 20 points, 24 against the Patriots and 20 against the Bears.

    They have played well though their record doesn’t show it so I wouldn’t suggest for the Bucs to just show up and assume that is all it will take to get a win. The Lions got the W against the Rams, Redskins and Packers who also likely thought they should have won! What little respect, IF ANY, the Bucs have earned will all likely be lost if they lose this one!

  11. Thomas 2.1 Says:


    The lambs are starting Drew Stanton at qb, their third stringer, and he is awful. Somewhere along the lines of Max Hall, Derek Anderson, Matt Moore, Jimmy Clausen and Troy Smith. After last week, I may start including D McNabb in that category, he was awful.

  12. McBuc Says:

    Tye…Great point. No one should take any NFL team as an auto win. Now, as far as us having a harder time beating Washington…Was the other game in WA during a downpoor in 40 degree weather? I do agree with not taking them lightly.

  13. flmike Says:

    The only two we need to fear on the Lions is Suh and Best, Megatron is useless unless Stanton can get him the ball, they do not use him in the run game, no end arounds etc. So we need to keep Suh on the otherside of the line and away from Josh, and we need to stop Best in his tracks.

  14. leningan Says:

    I thought Shaun hill was back for this one… either way. Shut down Best (running and receiving), and the rest will take care of itself. Megatron may get us once, but we should be able to exploit their secondary as well. The threat of Blount (and the need for multiple people to bring him down) will keep their d-line from being able to ‘pin their ears back” and come after Free.

  15. jesse j Says:

    Maurice Morris is not even close, he’s not even in my neighborhood, call me when he’s on my block” -mercury morris

  16. gitarlvr Says:

    Blowout win for the Bucs. I guarantee it. The Bucs will run right at Ndamukong Suh and down his throat. Thats what every team that plays the lions has been doing because the rookie d tackle who really sucks at playing the run is Suh. This has been well established this year. Also Suh may get a sack or two of Josh Freeman but it won’t stop the Bucs passing game as its also been established that Suh gets very few QB pressures or hits outside of his actual sacks. Suh is completely overhyped at this point. Why does a guy who has played THE MOST snaps of any defensive tackle in football this year only rank 20th in QB pressures among tackles? He is a great finisher when he does get a good rush but nowhere near a consistent pass rushing threat at this point. The sack numbers are causing the average fan to think this guy is pro-bowl material already when a little research of the guy shows this is not nearly the case yet.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Hey Thomas, how do you feel about Gerald McCoy? You haven’t mentioned it in almost 24 hours. Without your constant negative repetition, you might actually lead us to believe you are beginning to like the Bucs. Would you be in favor of us bringing in Cowher? Do you think it would increase ticket sales? I just can’t remember where you stand on these pressing issues.

  18. gitarlvr Says:


  19. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I cannot believe I have to post on a library computer because my local Internet has been down to @ WEEKS!!!!! Grrrrr@ Brighthouse!

    Anyway, I think the Lions are last against the run…so this would be an awesome week to cut loose with Blount. Not that I expect that to actually happen with a gunslinging QB on the team (hehe)!

    And btw, if Suh is so good, why are the Lions so bad against the run? Something to think about. The irony is that the Bucs are not last against the run, so that means we’re better against it then the Lions! Woot!

    Sorry, in a weird mood after writing all day at home. 😉 One week till my novel deadline and I’m only 3/4 done…sigh…

  20. oar Says:

    Good points and question. Good luck with the novel and dreaded deadline.

  21. gitarlvr Says:

    As i said in my previous post Pete part of the reason that the Lions suck against the run is that Suh is one dimensional right now and sucks against the run.

  22. thomas 2.1 Says:

    detroit is 22 against the run. tampa is 27th. who is so bad against the run?

  23. thomas 2.1 Says:

    Pete I hope that your novel fact research is better than your football blog research.

  24. McBuc Says:

    Thomas…he did say he “thinks”…There is that reading comprehension again.