If The Lions Can Run The Football …

December 16th, 2010

The Lions haven’t had back-to-back wins in three years.

They’ve lost 26 straight on the road.

But in this excellent Grand Rapids Free Press video, two Detroit talking heads go deep into the Lions, and one explains why this is the week the Lions turn the corner. The other explains why the Lions won’t score a touchdown against the Bucs.

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    1. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

      Okay, even the guys, whose team has a losing record, are using the “Bucs haven’t beat a team with a winning record” angle???


    2. Travis Says:

      “They only beat losing teams”

      HELLO?! Doesn’t that kind of mean your screwed Detroit?

    3. dean Says:

      I live in Michigan(bucs fan since ’76) every time the Lions win a game,every one thinks they “turned the corner” well they’ve been” turning the corner” for about a decade now. They aren’t as bad as their record, but the Bucs should win GO BUCS! GO FREE LIGHTEM’ UP!!!!!!

    4. sunrisejeff Says:

      K got it. IF the Lions can rush for over 150yds and IF Stanton can get the ball downfield and not turn it over and IF the Lions D can produce turnovers and sacks they have a CHANCE to upset…….great analysis! All kidding aside even though I don’t think the Lions are the powerhouse the guy in the hat believes they are they can still be a dangerous team. However if the Bucs just play smart, sound ball I think they win handily.

    5. KJ Says:


      I beg you to find these guys’ podcast next week after the Bucs (even without a bunch of key starters) pound this Lions team. Barely any mention of Josh Freeman. No mention of Blount, or Benn, or Williams, or Cadillac, or Winslow… Come on now. 8-3 final score? Yeah… Good luck amazing Detroit defense. By the way, dude who said we “aren’t as good as our record shows,” what the hell does that mean? We’re 8-5. Period. The Lions are 3-10! Are they better than their record shows?! What a joke.

    6. gitarlvr Says:

      IF….the lions could do a lot of things they would have a better record than they do. Too bad they CAN’T do those things. It really pisses me off that GMC won’t have a chance to put up some sacks in this game and show he can play head to head with Suh. I find it funny how the pundits of every bad team think that if there back goes for 100 yards they will beat the Bucs. I think the bucs have proven they don’t lose to awful QB’s no matter how many yards the back goes for. The injuries are the one valid point these guys have. But the Bucs skill players on offense aren’t injured and I have to believe they will be the difference in this game.

    7. gitarlvr Says:

      I do hope the coaching staff finds a better option than Derek Hardman at right guard for this game though. That is the one thing that does worry me. He was killing us last week. I really hope see a move inside by either Trueblood or Lee. Or even Brandon Carter at guard. I’m sure he can’t run block much yet coming from pass on every down Texas Tech, but pass pro is his specialty and Hardman hasn’t run blocked worth a crap yet either so….

    8. Pete 422 Says:

      The guy with the hat probably grew up in the Detroit area. He is not an optimist, he is a dreamer. I think These guys have forgotten that the Bucs offense is actually going to take the field.

      “The game plan worried great…especially when Rodgers went out.”

      “The Lions are 0-26 on the road. I like the Lion’s chances this week.”

      IF 20 ifs come true, “the Lions can win.”

      “The Lions would win by a score of 6-2 if the game was in Detroit, but since they are playing in Tampa, 8-3 Bucs.” Were the Red Wings analysts filling in?

    9. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

      This post should be re-titled: “If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle…”

    10. simeon Says:

      its great how the dude on our right knows whats up, most local guys always find ways to make an argument for the their team to have a solid chance to win, and the dude picks the bucs.