It Was Raheem Morris’ Worst Loss

December 6th, 2010

The Bucs had the game. The crowd was giddy. Players dreams danced below the John McKay floppy hats. All was good amid the creamsicle yesterday at the CITS.

But then it quickly unraveled. The Bucs forgot to tackle on a kickoff. Forgot to pressure one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL allowing the Dixie Chicks not only to wiggle off the hook, but to rally and win the damned game.

In just a few minutes, the Bucs went from playoffs to desperation, from postseason to worrying about the draft.

Tampa Tribune Martin Fennelly believes that in a handful of minutes, Raheem Morris went from his greatest victory as Bucs coach to perhaps his worst loss.

When this Bucs season is over, there will be talk of improvement, of talent on the rise — but not this morning.

This morning is for how do you allow that return guy, trapped on the sideline, escape for the one thing that you couldn’t let happen, a 102-yard touchdown, a 21-second gut punch that instantly sucked out every bit of your momentum and turned this game upside down?

This morning is for how do you give up a first down on third-and-20? Or throw in a pass interference penalty and personal foul to help Atlanta, which seems to specialize in ripping the Bucs’ hearts out, on its way to 10-2 while sending you reeling to 7-5?

Now the Bucs, still with a real possibility of finishing that race to 10, could be on the outside watching the postseason party through a picture window shivering outside.

This is what happens when a team isn’t aggressive throughout a game.

23 Responses to “It Was Raheem Morris’ Worst Loss”

  1. mikeck Says:

    Worst loss? Yes…why? because the Bucs are actually playing games that mean something. You cannot really have a “bad” loss when your 1-9…you can when you’re 7-4. Remember guys, Raheem is young too and in this game, he got intimidated a bit. Why he wont QB sneak on 4th and short is beyond me though. The biggest problem the Bucs have is lack of veteran leadership on the field and on the sidelines. They are just going to have to learn to win by paying their dues.

    On the other hand, its not Raheem’s play calling that gave up a 102 yard return…which – lets face it- was what broke their backs.

  2. Buc You Says:

    Although I don’t like raheem as a head coach and although I doubt he will even be the coach that is with this team in a few years, I do think that expecting more than has already happened is unrealistic.

    The Bucs have a lot of young potential on offense and a few decent backups on defense. But for the 2010 season, they have already overachieved. So its no big deal, even if they finish 8-8. Seriously.

    Now, again, I have many doubts that raheem has what it takes this time around with the Buccaneers as a head coach, unless he gets a defensive coordinator… but even still his decision making is raw at best.

    What does that mean? It means that after Raheem moves on, he will have to coach as a coordinator for a few years all the while succeeding and learning and growing under a good HC regarding the HC craft. Then, when he is approaching his 40’s or later will he be ready. So yeah, his future is bright I say. Just not with the Bucs this time around.

  3. flmike Says:

    Man, how do the officials miss at least two blocking in the back penalties on the Atl run back, and how does Gonzalez running into Barber and knocking him down while he has position, turn into defensive pass interference. This is looking more and more like the 2005/6 season where the NFL was “Praying” (helping) the Steelers win the SB, except now it’s the Falcons. I would not be shocked to see the Falcons in the SB, they are a good team, maybe the best in the NFC, I would also not be shocked to see them win the SB on some blown call by the officials, who IMHO have been more than horrible this season, which is saying something after how bad the officiating was last year. This is a trend in the NFL, and until they hire these guys fulltime and make it their ONLY job, we will continue to see the officiating get worse and worse.

  4. LaughingCat Says:

    Agreed. We are fantastically overachieving because the players believe in themselves. They also like that once you get signed, your previous status is muted. What you do today is what gets you a spot.

    These guys are believing they are a playoff team. Even if we don’t make it, they are so young and ready for success. They are not a bunch of retreads who will buckle after failing in their last attempt.

    I’m glad we have Raheem, Freeman and the Glazers. I’m glad we are under the radar and overachieving. That’s how the Bucs play best.

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I was at Tampa Stadium, and us fans were in shock that we lost. We HAD them 2 scores down with little time remaining. I saw 2 illegal blocks on the run back, the officials did not.
    This was a heartbreaking loss, especially for the fans at Tampa Stadium. I have been to every home game this year, and this was by FAR the most attended. It is a shame all those people had to watch us lose a game we should have won.

  6. jvato24 Says:

    Bottom line .. The youngest Team in the League just gave one of the NFL’s best a run for their money .. and came close to taking them out. Grimm goes out .. Joseph goes out .. Faine goes out … Talib goes out .. and yet we were still right there and trading blows ..

    As sick as I feel right now about the loss .. Still proud of the team and the coach

    Win out and the Bucs are in the playoffs .. 1 team at a time starting with the Skins next Sunday.

  7. leningan Says:

    The return was a stomach punch for sure… what a game, though! I thought the officials did a pretty good job, overall. The interference call on Rhonde was a bit harsh, looked like he and gonzalez just got tangled up.
    All of the challenges appeared to be correct. (no replays in the stadium… what’s up with that?) I thought Rah should’ve challenged the spot on winslow’s near-first down, but he made a great decision getting the early INT overturned. All in all, it was gutwrenching watching us crumble after the kickoff return. That play and the 3rd and 20 sealed our fate. Although, you gotta give the boys some props for still believing on that final drive. Sammie’s snag was unbelievable! Josh didn’t need to force that last throw, we still had plenty of time and it was first down… But it was great to see him absolutely de-cleat that dude. You have to love this team. and RayJay was bouncing just like old times.. if only we could’ve held on…

  8. eric Says:

    overachieving at 7-5. Incredible success at 7-5.

    Amazing how expectations and standards have changed around here.

  9. eric Says:

    carolina 1-11
    Cinci 2-10
    Cards 3-9
    49ers 4-8
    Browns 5-7
    Rams 6-6

    THis are the teams the bucs have managed this spectacular success. Could have easily lost the Cinci, Cards, Browns, and Rams games also.

    Reality can be a bitter pill.

  10. justin f Says:

    not to mention all 7 wins were against pathetic teams

  11. jvato24 Says:

    Eric and Justin … you two geniuses are right … The Bucs should forfeit all those wins because the teams werent so good

    But on the other hand maybe the Saints and Falcons should do the same … since they play all of the same teams

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yes eric, those records are pretty bad. Let’s ask the Saints just how bad they are…..

    Carolina – week 4 required a 4th qtr FG to win 16-14.
    Cinci – This week, required an encroachment call and a late 4th qtr TD to win 34-30
    Cards – Whoops, this “easy” team beat the Saints 30-20. Yep, not a close win, the Cards took it to them.
    49ers – Pulled this one out with a FG with under 2 minutes left to win by 3 25-22
    Browns – Wow, another loss to an “easy” team. If not for beating the Saints, these teams would be REALLY bad. 30-17 and another whooping by a bad team.
    Rams – Well, they haven’t played the Rams yet, so let’s see…. Barely beat the Vikings 14-9, and barely beat the Cowboys 30-27.

    Of course, the Saints beat Pittsburgh, so one win against a good team makes them so much better, even though they lost to 2 really bad teams, and were just as close as the Bucs winning against the rest of the bad teams.

  13. BamBamBuc Says:

    jvato – exactly, and yet the Falcons are the “Best team in the NFC”. It’s not like the Falcons have beaten every good team they’ve faced. They lost to Pittsburgh and Philly. Sure, they’ve played well lately, beating the Ravens and Packers (and the Bucs twice). Thing is, we’ve played them as well as the Ravens and Packers.

    Even if the team started out slow this year (although winning), they’re currently playing about as well as the Ravens and packers. That’s pretty damned good.

  14. McBuc Says:

    A win on Sunday will silence Eric for another week.

  15. New Era Buc Says:

    Troll Alert. Hide the kids. Brandon
    Marshall’s band wagon is here.

  16. Horice Says:

    One thing is for sure; The Bucs are over-achieving and they are very exciting to watch. As a fan I am very thankful for this team and I’m very optomistic about the future. There were tons of things to be bitter about in that game. I just don’t like us giving up that big of a kick return. Thats not Rah’s fault either, he idn’t tackle anyone yesterday. Stoval is a vet on this team and normally a good S.T. player, they just picked the wrong play to have a vacation on. For the guy who thinks Raheem won’t be around in two years; Have another one for me, but I like mine “shaken, not stirred” LMAO.. Oh yeah, the two other rejects who say we haven’t beaten anyone, when is the last time YOU played anything outside of a video game? Do you know what “competition” is? Have you EVER competed for anything outside of a donut? Jeeez!

  17. d-money Says:


    “Could have easily lost the Cinci, Cards, Browns, and Rams games also.”

    Yeah and???

    Based on the same logic. they could have easily beaten the Ravens and the Falcons twice.

  18. Buc you all Says:

    Shame on whoever decided to Post that this is his worst loss. How about those 6 or 7 blowouts last year. Something I learned is Rah does not make excuses. He could say Talib was hurt faine was hurt the field sucked. But bottom line we loss to a good team. Raheem is working with inferior talenet on Defense he is playing with his 3rd saftey a 7 round CB that is playing pretty good .De’s that would not start anywhere else inthe NFL quincy Black who is just not that good. There is not that much talent on Defense and he is just working with what he got wait until he gets a few more toys. DE OLB and a saftey

  19. McBuc Says:

    LOL…Buc You All fooled me. I thought Buc You was changing his tune.

  20. Dave Says:

    ERIC… you are pointing out the obvious.

    Are this miserable in all of life? Seriously, you must be a sad, angry little man.

    The point is NO ONE thought they would win more than 6 and most thought 4 or 5.

    You say they beat teams they are supposed to……. really? At the beginning of the season you and many others didn’t think they should beat alot of those teams.

    For a team this young to be beating the bad teams, beating decent but below average teams, and improving throught the year against the best teams with chances to win those games….

    I’d say they are doing something right.

    But ignore that and go back to being miserable

  21. Squadoosh1 Says:

    Buc you….how is rah a bad coach if he has inferior talent to work with and has the 15 th ranked defense????? …….duh?

  22. Squadoosh1 Says:

    Fooled me too…

  23. eric Says:

    I just refuse to fall for “we are a lot better than the horrendous 2009 team” method of measuring success.